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Save, Print or Email

You may print, save, or email authority records one record at a time. The formats for printing, saving and emailing are based on the MARC and Labelled displays.

Authority records saved in the MARC 21 format require special software for viewing and manipulation and may be imported into any MARC-based cataloging system. Library of Congress Authorities offers two versions of MARC records: Unicode/UTF-8 and non-Unicode/MARC-8.

Important Information about MARC Records
In Library of Congress Authorities, you may only SAVE authority records in the MARC format. It is not possible to email MARC records.

When viewing an individual authority record, the following box appears at the bottom of each authority record display:

Image of Save, Print, Email box

To Print or Save the Labelled Display of an Authority Record:

  1. Select the Text (Labelled Display) option from "Select Download Format"
  2. Click the Press to SAVE or PRINT button
  3. Your browser will display a printable/saveable version of the record
  4. Use your browser's Print function or Save the labelled display using your browser's Save page function (supply a new filename when prompted).

To Email the Labelled Display of an Authority Record:

  1. Select the Text (Labelled Display) option from "Select Download Format"
  2. Enter a valid Email address in the blank box provided (if this box is left blank or an invalid email address is entered, an error message will appear)
  3. Click the Press to SAVE or PRINT button
  4. A message will appear on your screen confirming the authority record has been mailed
  5. Check your email to confirm that you received the record. Note: If the record contains non-Roman characters, please make sure your email application can handle Unicode characters.

Any display from Library of Congress Authorities may be printed using your browser's screen print function. Note: Graphics, navigation buttons, and other web display information will be included in the printout. However, this is the only way to print a Headings List and References/Scope Notes.

To Save an Authority Record in MARC 21 Format

  1. Select either MARC (non-Unicode/MARC-8) or MARC (Unicode/UTF-8) from "Select Download Format"
  2. Click the Press to SAVE or PRINT button
  3. A new screen will display the MARC version of the record
  4. Save the MARC record using the browser's Save As function (supply a new filename for the record)

To Retrieve an Authority Record in MARC21 Format, MARCXML, MADS, or RDF

LCCN Permalinks and LC Linked Data Service

Every authority record in Library of Congress Authorities has an LCCN Permalink. These persistent URLs are constructed using the record's LCCN (or Library of Congress Control Number). LCCN Permalink uses info:lccn to normalize LCCN prefixes, closing up spaces between the prefix and the LCCN serial number.

From LCCN Permlink displays, you may use your browser to print or save an authority record in MARCXML or MADS. Permalink displays also link you from the authority heading to the LC Online Catalog and to LC's Linked Data Service at, which offers authority records in MADS/RDF and SKOS/RDF.

Z39.50 for Authorities

Authority records can also be searched and retrieved using Z39.50/SRU. Z39.50 access to authority records is available through a separate database that is updated weekly. Information on configuring Z39.50 access to the Name Authority File and the Subject Authority File is available from the LC Z39.50 Server Configuration Guidelines.

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