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Wild About Books948891634.304.000.73
The 20th-Century Children's Book Treasury: Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud84412764.465.000.79
Arthur's Halloween88114423.734.001.08
Born to Read20516413.804.001.02
Arthur's Eyes75720393.914.000.90
Arthur Writes a Story87716393.994.000.92
Arthur's New Puppy92724343.854.000.98
Arthur's Tooth78227323.834.000.86
Arthur Meets the President1,01316323.644.000.86
Arthur's Birthday1,06115323.483.250.81
Arthur's Valentine74315293.533.500.98
Arthur's Teacher Trouble96217283.463.500.84
Arthur's Reading Race1,10117283.754.001.22
Arthur's Chicken Pox71119243.734.001.00
Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young3966233.984.000.76
Arthur's Nose55913233.543.500.97
Arthur's Pet Business (An Arthur Adventure)8109223.894.000.98
Arthur's Family Vacation68917213.403.000.95
Arthur's Computer Disaster63414213.333.000.70
Arthur's Baby77615193.684.000.96
Arthur's Thanksgiving83012183.643.500.91
Arthur's Teacher Moves In (An Arthur Adventure)4128173.594.000.86
D.W.'s Library Card18319173.623.500.88
Arthur Goes to Camp7449173.854.000.80
Arthur's April Fool63410173.653.500.92
Arthur's First Sleepover7246163.593.500.71
D.W. the Picky Eater3529163.814.001.01
Arthur's Christmas8277163.663.500.93
Arthur's Underwear6268153.434.000.75
Glasses for D.W.7257133.463.001.08
Pickle Things1195134.234.000.58
D.W. Flips3198133.423.501.38
Arthur Lost and Found4627123.714.000.88
Arthur's Mystery Envelope4164123.213.000.69
Wings on Things (Bright & Early Books(R))2866123.543.500.95
Arthur and the True Francine4603124.174.750.96
D.W. All Wet3139113.593.501.04
Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families25313113.954.001.10
Hand Rhymes (Picture Puffins)3466113.504.000.88
In New York32593.834.001.11
D.W.'s Guide to Preschool175493.503.500.71
D.W.'s Guide to Perfect Manners115283.883.750.74
Arthur Babysits (An Arthur Adventure)659783.753.500.83
Oh Kojo! How Could You!: An Ashanti Tale82382.753.251.03
The Banza: A Haitian Story84183.944.000.73
Arthur's TV Trouble (An Arthur Adventure)544573.934.001.02
Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy509473.363.000.87
What's So Funny, Ketu?: A Nuer Tale34273.293.000.45
Happy Birthday, Little Witch135172.863.000.58
Arthur, Clean Your Room!307163.833.750.75
Arthur's First Kiss86363.583.750.93
Rabbit's New Rug67
Arthur and the Race to Read (Arthur Good Sports #1)95163.083.000.61
Play Rhymes121
Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 4263363.173.500.90
Witches Four85253.604.000.49
D.W. Rides Again210153.804.000.75
Arthur and the Lost Diary298454.404.000.49
D.W. Thinks Big204254.104.000.80
Arthur and the Mystery of the Stolen Bike213153.704.000.98
Buster's Dino Dilemma: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 7149 44.505.000.87
Arthur's Birthday Surprise: An Arthur Adventure32343.883.750.89
Perfect Pigs137445.005.00 
Arthur's Fire Drill177144.134.000.54
Postcards From Buster: Buster's Sugartime (L2)21343.383.250.41
D.W. the Big Boss (Arthur)17243.133.250.74
Arthur Makes the Team: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 3259243.884.001.14
Locked in the Library!: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 6211242.633.001.29
Arthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club (Arthur Adventure)374143.133.250.74
The Family Read-Aloud Christmas Treasury111 43.753.500.83
Why the tides ebb and flow53144.134.250.89
Arthur's Lost Puppy212243.253.501.79
Arthur Turns Green (Arthur Adventure Series)30243.753.750.56
Arthur Decks the Hall76144.004.000.71
The Bionic Bunny Show98134.174.000.62
Arthur Loses a Friend22234.004.000.82
Arthur Lost in the Museum91 32.832.001.18
Try It, You'll Like It!64233.674.001.25
Arthur and the Seventh Inning Stretcher (Arthur Good Sports #2)88133.674.000.47
Swamp Monsters98133.333.001.25
Arthur's Back to School Surprise102 34.004.00 
Arthur Jumps into Fall21432.502.500.41
The Truth Pops Out72133.504.501.78
Arthur and the Dog Show17133.333.000.47
Arthur and the Baby: A Classic Arthur Adventure47233.674.001.25
D.W., Go to Your Room!121333.333.000.47
Arthur Goes to School144133.834.000.62
Dinosaurs to the Rescue153134.675.000.47
Kiss Hello, Kiss Good-Bye (Marc Brown's Arthur Mini Play Book)29 23.003.00 
Marc Brown's Favorite Finger Rhymes9 23.753.750.25
Arthur's New Baby Book40124.004.001.00
Arthur and the Big Snow26223.003.00 
Arthur and the Cootie-Catcher164 23.503.500.50
Arthur's Valentine Countdown79 24.504.500.50
Arthur Helps Out28224.254.250.25
Arthur's Family Treasury28 22.502.500.50
Manners Matter126223.503.500.50
Finger Rhymes (Picture Puffins)79 24.004.00 
Arthur and the Big Blow-Up: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 20160223.003.001.00
Your First Garden Book70 25.005.00 
Marc Brown's Playtime Rhymes: A Treasury for Families to Learn and Play Together25124.004.00 
Postcards From Buster: Buster Changes His Luck (L3)10
Arthur Locked in the Library!46124.504.500.50
Arthur Loses His Patience42 24.004.00 
D.W. saves the day (Being respectful)34 24.504.500.50
The Silly Tail Book (A Parents Magazine Read Aloud and Easy Reading Program Original)81423.503.500.50
Postcards From Buster: Buster Hunts for Dinosaurs (L1)4
Arthur in New York32223.253.250.75
Arthur and the Recess Rookie (Arthur Good Sports #3)94 24.504.500.50
There's No Place Like Home (Parents Magazine Read Aloud and Easy Reading Program Origina)85323.753.750.25
Spooky Riddles (Beginner Books(R))91123.003.00 
Arthur on the Farm13122.502.501.50
Monkey: Not Ready for Kindergarten13223.253.250.25
Muffy's Secret Admirer: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 1772 23.003.00 
D.W.'s Lost Blankie100 22.502.501.50
Buster Baxter, Cat Saver: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 1975324.504.500.50
Arthur, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll123122.502.500.50
Arthur and the Poetry Contest156324.004.00 
Queen for a Day83113.003.00 
Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Books # 1 -3 (Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Books)14114.004.00 
Marc Brown's Arthur Chapter Books: Volume 3: Buster's Dino Dilemma; The Mystery of the Stolen Bike; Arthur and the Lost Diary3113.003.00 
Arthur and the Pen-Pal Playoff: Arthur Good Sports Chapter Book 642 13.003.00 
Scared Silly! a Book for the Brave5 14.004.00 
Arthur and the No-Brainer: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 2679115.005.00 
Arthur's Promise205213.503.50 
Francine, Believe It or Not!: A Mark Brown Arthur Chapter Book 1489 14.004.00 
Arthur's Family Values Series #1 Arthur's Promise (Keeping A Promise) , #2 Manners Matter (Being Polite), #3 Queen For A Day (Everyone's Special)2 14.504.50 
Arthur to the Rescue17214.004.00 
Arthur's best school days [DVD]1 13.003.00 
Arthur gets spooked1 14.004.00 
Pet Stories: You Don't Have to Walk53 15.005.00 
Arthur Loses His Marbles: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 31 (Arthur Chapter Books)20215.005.00 
Arthur Rocks with BINKY (A Mark Brown Arthur Chapter Book 11 )110 13.503.50 
Arthur's Family Values Set, 13 Books with Tote Bag (13 volumes)1 15.005.00 
Postcards from Buster: Buster Hits the Trail (L3)5113.003.00 
Arthur's Really Helpful Bedtime Stories74115.005.00 
Arthur and the Bad-Luck Brain15115.005.00 
Arthur the Brave (Arthur's Family Values Series, Volume 10)40 13.003.00 
Arthur and the New Kid25115.005.00 
Arthur's Jelly Beans43213.003.00 
Arthur's Off to School61515.005.00 
Arthur and the World Record (33)13 11.001.00 
What a Mess (Arthur's Family Value Series, Volume 12)40 13.003.00 
Party Rhymes (Picture Puffins)25 15.005.00 
Visiting the Art Museum (Reading Rainbow Book)70213.003.00 
Arthur Breaks the Bank14 13.003.00 
Arthur: That's a Baby Show!1115.005.00 
Arthur and the Comet Crisis: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 2755113.003.00 
Dinosaurs Alive and Well!: A Guide to Good Health (Dino Life Guides for Families)115214.004.00 
Arthur and the Best Coach Ever (Arthur Good Sports #4)73 15.005.00 
Arthur's Boo-Boo Book (Nifty Lift-and-Look)56 12.002.00 
The Good Sport (Arthur's family values)27113.003.00 
Arthur's Perfect Christmas189115.005.00 
Authur's Thanksgiving1 15.005.00 
Francine the Superstar: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 2281 12.002.00 
Who's in Love with Arthur?220213.503.50 
Arthur and the Popularity Test: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 12129 14.004.00 
Good Night, D.W. (Arthur)36113.003.00 
Arthur and the Perfect Brother: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 21124 15.005.00 
Arthur Accused: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 5271114.004.00 
Arthur and the Goalie Ghost (Arthur Good Sports Chapter Books, 5)67113.003.00 
Scared Silly! A Book for the Brave82215.005.00 
Marc Brown's Arthur: Volume II: Chapter Books (Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Books (Listening Library))2113.503.50 
Dinosaurs Beware!: A Safety Guide95 14.004.00 
Arthur's Science Fair Trouble47114.004.00 
Arthur Counts! (A Chunky Book(R)) by Brown, Marc (1998) Board book1     
Arthur Acts Up2     
One, Two, Three: An Animal Counting Book1     
Will You Go? (Houghton Mifflin Reading Ser.)1     
Arthurs Dino Dilemma1     
Marc Brown's Arthur: Books 3 and 4: Arthur Makes the Team; Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest1     
Arthur's April Fool (Arthur Adventure Series) by Brown, Marc (1985) Paperback1     
D.W. Says Please and Thank You3     
Marc Brown Arthur Books (12) : Arthur's Nose; Arthur's Thanksgiving; Arthur's Christmas; Arthur's Halloween; Arthur & the True Francine; Arthur's Valentine; Arthur Writes a Story; Arthur's Chicken Pox; April Fools; Arthur's Teacher Trouble (Popular Children Series: Arthur by Marc Brown)1     
A Big Day for Frog1     
Arthur's Chicken Pox: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series) by Brown, Marc (1996) Paperback1     
Locked in the Library! (Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Books)1     
Grade 2 Math: Arthur's Magic Math Glasses (Learn Along With Arthur)2     
Reading: Arthur's Lost Puppy (LeapPad Spiral Book)2     
Marc Brown's Arthur Chapter Books: Volume 4: Who's in Love with Arthur?; Arthur Rocks with Binky; Arthur and the Popularity Test4     
Arthur's Trip To The Grocery Store1     
Arthur's Halloween: An Arthur Adventure by Brown, Marc (1983) Paperback1     
Arthur's Family Values 5-Book Set ("Arthur's Promise", "Manners Matter", "Queen For a Day", "Try It, You'll Like It!", and "The Truth Pops Out"2     
Arthurs Reading Race Sticker Book1     
A Video visit with Marc Brown creator of Arthur1     
Arturo y su estricto profesor [CD]1     
Chicka chicka boom boom and more fun with letters and numbers!3     
Arthur's Audio Favorites, Volume 21     
[(Arthur's Valentine )] [Author: Marc Tolon Brown] [Jan-1988]1     
Arthur's Audio Favorites, Volume 1 (v. 1)1     
the true francine2     
Marc Brown authur set 1-12 Arthur's Promise, Manners Matter, Queen 4 a day, try it youl like it, truth pops out, sir arthur to the rescue, volunteer of the year, buried treasure, science project, arth the brave, arth loses his patience, what a mess!1     
Arthur's Reading Trick14     
Playtime Rhymes A Treasury for Families to Learn and Play Together3     
Meet the Authors Volume II,1     
Arthur's travel adventures [DVD]1     
Postcards From Buster: Buster and the Great Swamp (L2)9     
Arthur's Fire Drill [With Two Full Pages of Peel-Off Stickers]ARTHUR'S FIRE DRILL [WITH TWO FULL PAGES OF PEEL-OFF STICKERS] by Brown, Marc Tolon (Author) on Mar-28-2000 Paperback1     
Arthur's Chicken Pox, An Arthur Adventure - Paperback - First Edition, 1st Printing 19941     
Arthur et les extraterrestres 42     
Arthur. Volumes 1-10. Arthur's Promise, Manners Matter, The Truth Pops Out, Try It, You'll Like It!, Queen for a Day, Arthur the Brave, Arthur's Science Project, Buried Treasure, Volunteer of the Year, Sir Arthur to the Rescue (Arthur's Family Values)1     
Arthur's Adventures Four-Book Set [Arthur's Computer Disaster, Arthur's TV Troubles, Arthur's Teacher Troubles, Arthur's New Puppy]1     
Arthur's music jamboree [DVD]1     
Arthur 25 Arthur & the Double Dare2     
Arthur, Volumes 12 to 15. What a Mess!, Arthur's in Charge, Arthur Flips!, D.W. Saves the Day (Arthur's Family Values)1     
Arthur's Activity Tablet1     
Arthur stands up to bullying1     
Arthur. Hooray for health [DVD]1     
Postcards From Buster - Buster's Outdoor Journeys (2004)11    
Math Arthur Goes Shopping (Learn Along with Arthur)1     
Arthur's Tooth, [DVD]1     
King Arthur: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 13 (Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Books)8     
Arthur's Eyes, [DVD]1     
Arthur's Sleepover, Sports and More [DVD 5 Disc Set]2     
Postcards from Buster: Buster Plays Along (L3)15     
Postcards from Buster: Buster and the Giant Pumpkin (L1)13     
Arthur's Teacher Moves In [800's EASY-CHI / BRO / Art]1     
Arthur's Birthday [800's EASY-CHI / BRO / Art]1     
Postcards From Buster: Buster Catches a Wave (L1)5     
I Can Read All By Myself: Richard Scarry: The Best Mistake Ever! (And Other Stories) Arthur's Reading Race, Glasses for D.W. (I Can Read All By Myself Beginner Book)1     
Arthur Tells a Story18     
Binky Rules: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 24501    
Arthur's Mystery Babysitter (Arthur (8x8))221    
Arthur's Volunteer of the Year46     
Arthur's lost duckling (Arthur's family values)292    
The World of Arthur and Friends191    
Arthur Chapter Books #4-66     
Marc Brown's Arthur Anniversary Collection2     
Marc Brown's Arthur Chapter Books: Volume 5: King Arthur; Francine, Believe it or Not; Arthur and the Cootie-Catcher1     
Say cheese (Arthur's family values)25     
Arthur and the Double Dare34     
Arthur Plays the Blues: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 2916     
Arthur's Spookiest Halloween (Nifty Lift-and-Look)15     
Reading. Grade 1 : Arthur at school4     
Arthur's Science Project50     
Arthur's Holiday Fun Coloring Book1     
Arthur's Classroom Fib22     
Arthur and the Nerves of Steal: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 32141    
Sir Arthur to the Rescue50     
Arthur's Easter Activity Book : With Reuseable Stickers!2     
The little banjo30     
The Arthur and Friends Collection: Buster's Dino Dilemma; Who's in Love with Arthur; Arthur Rocks with Binky; Francine, Believe it or Not4     
Arthur's Truck Adventure (Nifty Lift-and-Look)45     
Go West, Swamp Monsters!46     
Arthur Counts!14     
Say the Magic Word (Mini Play Book)29     
Buster Makes the Grade (Arthur Chapter Book, No. 16)93     
Arthur flips (Arthur's family values)331    
What Do You Call a Dumb Bunny?: And Other Rabbit Riddles, Games, Jokes, and Cartoons26     
King Arthur ( A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 13)153     
D. W.'S Color Book20     
Arthur in a Pickle232     
Where's Arthur's gerbil? (Arthur's early learning library)23     
Arthur's in charge (Arthur's family values)29     
Postcards from Buster: Buster on the Farm (L2)20     
Arthur's Neighborhood (Great Big Board Book)40     
Arthur and the School Pet77     
Buster's New Friend: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 2369     
Monster's Lunch Box19     
Two Little Monkeys5     
Arthur's Really Helpful Word Book99     
Teaching with Favorite Marc Brown Books (Grades K-2)1     
Arthur's Homework29     
Arthur After School Activites2     
Arthur's Tree House182    
Arthur's Halloween: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series)1     
Arthur and the 1,001 Dads: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 2819     
Story Writing with Arthur: A teacher's guide with reading comprehensiona nd writing activities1     
Postcards From Buster: Buster Climbs the Walls (L3)8     
Marc Brown's Arthur Chapter Books (Volume 1)1     
Moose and goose (A Unicorn book)3     
Arthur's Family Values Books, 5.Truth Pops Out, 6. Rescue, 7.volunter, 8. Buried Treasure, 9.science Project, 11. Patience, 13. In Charge, 14. Flips11    
Arthur's Friendship Treasury2     
Family Stories You Can Relate to18     
Can You Jump Like a Frog3     
One, Two Buckle My Shoe: Marc Brown's Play-Pops: A Pop Up Book2     
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear: 2Play Pop-Up (Marc Brown's Play Pops)3     
Arthur's Heart Mix-Up28     
Buried Treasure50     
Visiting an Exhibition2     
Marc Brown's Arthur: Books 1 and 2: Arthur's Mystery Envelope; Arthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club (A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book)3     
Lenny and Lola4     
Arthur's Birthday Activity Book : With Reusable Vinyl Stickers!2     
D.W.'s Perfect Present16     
Arthur Celebrity CD3     
Arthur's Animal Adventure (Nifty Lift-and-Look)11     
Postcards from Buster: Buster and the Dance Contest (L2)5     
Postcards from Buster: Buster on the Town (L1)8     
Arthur's Playtime1     
Marc Brown's Favorite Hand Rhymes9     
Marc Brown's More Favorite Hand Rhymes1     

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