Author photo. Pearl S. Buck at the time of her winning the Nobel Prize

Pearl S. Buck at the time of her winning the Nobel Prize

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TitleCopiesReviewsRatingsAverageMedianStd. dev.
The Good Earth9,6111962,5114.054.000.93
Pavillion of Women827121333.884.000.87
Imperial Woman801171294.064.000.84
East Wind, West Wind4549863.964.000.91
Dragon Seed5459703.904.000.98
A House Divided [Audiobook]3566623.704.001.01
The Big Wave1,05113543.724.001.12
The Three Daughters of Madam Liang3714463.844.000.87
The Living Reed37312453.924.000.87
The Mother2875414.014.000.81
Christmas Day in the Morning1653244.585.000.59
The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century273
The Exile1823213.954.000.71
Letter from Peking1982193.163.001.05
My Several Worlds1801174.034.000.88
The Good Earth / Sons / A House Divided125
Fighting Angel1434163.633.001.07
Portrait of a marriage1272143.323.000.96
The Hidden Flower1471143.293.000.70
The Child Who Never Grew704124.044.000.99
The Patriot1401113.363.000.53
The Time is Noon981113.644.001.23
The Eternal Wonder: A Novel89583.063.000.88
The Goddess Abides63172.713.000.88
Come, my beloved104373.714.000.45
An American Album: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Harper's Magazine111 74.364.500.69
This Proud Heart73
The promise100373.643.500.69
The New Year108
Death in the Castle88473.363.000.44
The Story Bible180173.143.001.25
God's men74463.753.751.07
Best Loved Books for Young Readers 0297154.404.000.49
All Under Heaven47 53.804.000.40
A bridge for passing80153.604.000.49
China Sky42 43.253.500.83
The Angry Wife58144.004.001.00
The first wife and other stories28
China Flight35143.133.000.54
The Young Folks' Shelf of Books, Volume 04: Just Around the Corner62 44.384.250.41
Hearts Come Home and Other Stories39243.884.251.14
Great Tales of Mystery and Suspense42 33.333.000.47
Pearl S. Buck's Oriental Cookbook38334.675.000.47
14 Stories50 33.834.000.24
Command the Morning65234.174.000.62
Satan Never Sleeps20 32.833.000.24
Arbor House Treasury of Mystery and Suspense39 24.504.500.50
Today and Forever - Stories of China8123.753.750.25
All Men Are Brothers (Shui Hu Chuan)46 24.504.500.50
The Man Who Changed China: The Story of Sun Yat-sen70 23.003.00 
Story Bible, Old Testament30 25.005.00 
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1955 v0114123.503.500.50
De goede daad en andere verhalen19 21.501.500.50
The townsman59 23.503.500.50
American triptych40 23.003.00 
The long love53223.003.00 
The Rainbow42 22.502.500.50
East and West: Stories17123.253.251.25
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1969 v0323 23.503.500.50
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John22122.502.500.50
The Water-Buffalo Children and the Dragon Fish21 22.752.750.25
The water-buffalo children9123.503.500.50
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1957 v0312 23.503.500.50
Fairy Tales of the Orient34
The woman who was changed and other stories14124.004.001.00
China as I see it5 13.003.00 
Yu Lan, flying boy of China3113.003.00 
La Buena tierra, Viento del este, viento del oeste, La estirpe del dragón1 13.003.00 
De Annapurna-expeditie; De leeuw; Brief uit Peking; De grote x1115.005.00 
Set of 5 Books By Pearl S. Buck1 15.005.00 
The Kennedy women; a personal appraisal16114.504.50 
Nobel Prize Library: Beckett, Björnson, Buck, Bunin20 15.005.00 
Far and near: Stories of Japan, China, and America10112.002.00 
The Good Earth [1937 film]5 15.005.00 
Nobel Writers on Writing8 13.003.00 
Die beiden Schwestern. Roman.5 14.004.00 
Det nya året1113.503.50 
قصص من الصين1 13.003.00 
The Chinese children next door8 15.005.00 
Great American Short Stories: O. Henry Memorial Prize Winning Stories, 1919-1934.6114.004.00 
6 Rare Books by Pearl S. Buck (The time is noon; Peony; Imperial Woman; Dragon Seed; The Exile; Fighting Angel) (Harlequin Presents #1551: Tempestuous Reunion, The Stephanides Pregnancy, Married by Arrangement, The Banker's Convenient Wife, Mistress Bought and Paid for, Married to a Mistress)1 15.005.00 
The Dragon Fish12 15.005.00 
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1968 v0230 14.004.00 
The Chinese story teller5 14.004.00 
Pearl S. Buck's Book of Christmas24112.002.00 
Le opere: La buona terra: Stirpe di drago1 12.502.50 
Tell the People; Talks with James Yen About the Mass Education Movement3 13.003.00 
China-trilogie5 14.004.00 
The Enemy2 13.003.00 
Good Earth1 14.004.00 
Voices in the house31113.003.00 
Once Upon a Christmas21 13.003.00 
Obras escogidas1 14.004.00 
Story Bible, New Testament (Story Bible)25 15.005.00 
The lovers and other stories7 14.004.00 
Pearl S. Buck: the complete woman: Selections from the writings of Pearl S. Buck (Hallmark editions)14 12.002.00 
China in Black & White: An Album of Chinese Woodcuts5 15.005.00 
Other Gods22114.004.00 
Het Beste Boek 44: Het nieuwe jaar / De wortels van het kwaad / Scotts laatste expeditie / De zondebok / Broeders van de zee1115.005.00 
Secrets of the Heart: Stories12 13.503.50 
Het Beste Boek 55: Het kind van de rekening / De zomer van de rode wolf / De drie dochters van Madame Liang / Geen leven zonder droom1115.005.00 
Carta de Pequín - El hombre que cambió a China1     
Pearl Buck. Le Patriote : . Traduction de Germaine Delamain1     
Un solo amor2     
The Story Bible Volume 2: The New Testament1     
ˆI ‰parenti: Volume I. Trad. di Stanis La Bruna1     
Kjejserlig kvinna1     
Ten Great Stories: A New Anthology2     
De jonge opstandeling1     
Tigeren og leoparden (The Big Fight)3     
ˆI ‰parenti1     
Den goda gärningen och andra berättelser om ett Asien förr och nu1     
Livets middagshöjd : roman1     
Keleti szél, nyugati szél1     
Die Goldene Blume2     
Bondmaid, Pavillions of women1     
Novelas : IV2     
Børnene og Verden2     
Stories of China1     
Un jour de bonheur1     
Obras escogidas. Tomo I, La buena tierra ; La madre ; El espíritu y la carne (El ángel luchador) ; La exilada ; Peonía ; La novela en China1     
Reader's Digest Best Sellers: Death Committee | Three Daughters of Madame Liang | Once Upon an Island | Wine and the Music11     
Vies de femmes : Pavillon de femmes - Impératrice de Chine - Pivoine - L'Exilée1     
Obras selectas de Premios Nobel - 19381     
Reader's Digest Condensed Books: The China I Knew • The Law of the Jungle • The Actor • Annapurna • The Captive City1     
The Chinese novel2     
Viento del Este, viento del Oeste - El ángel luchador1     
Novelas de Pearl S. Buck II1     
Die Frau, die sich wandelt1     
Six Volume Set of Pearl S. Buck: The Good Earth / Sons / A House Divided / The Exile / Fighting Angel / The Patriot1     
El Dragón Mágico Y Otros Relatos4     
Genug für ein Leben4     
Novelas de Pearl S. Buck V1     
Novelas de Pearl S. Buck IV1     
Novelas 1 Pearl S Buck1     
Novelas III. Retrato de un Matrimonio; Cerca y Lejos; La Primera Mujer de Se Yuan; Asia; América; Yu Lan; Los Chinitos de la Casa de al Lado; Mujeres sin Cielo; El Pez Dragón; La Gran Ola2     
Novelas de Pearl S. Buck I1     
Mrs. Stoner and the Sea1     
Der Regenbogen1     
El eterno asombro (Spanish Edition)1     
La Vie n'attend pas (J'ai lu)1     
Reader's Digest Condensed Books Winter 1955 Selections Vol. 20: The Reason Why / The China I knew / My Brothers Keeper / Good Morning, Miss Dove / The Darby Trail1     
HOUSE Of EARTH. Including: The Good Earth, Sons, A House Divided.1     
Hearts Come Home (Cardinal Edition #GC-151)1     
Lettera da Pechino: romanzo1     
A flor oculta1     
La Famille dispersée: roman1     
Les Fils de Wang Lung1     
Orgullo de Corazon1     
El angel luchador2     
Casa dividida1     
A boa terra: terra bendita1     
American Triptych - Three "John Sedges" Novels: The Townsman; Voices in the House; The Long Love1     
The story Bible1     
Fighting Angel by Pearl S Buck1     
China Sky1     
Otros dioses1     
The Story Bible (HB/DJ)1     
Det bästas bokval. Brevet från Peking1     
My Several World: A Personal Record (HB)1     
God's Men: A Novel1     
My several worlds1     
La Mère1     
La Mere de Pearl Buck1     
Und fänden die Liebe nicht. Roman.1     
Veiene skilles1     
Kjærlighetens offer1     
Novelas III1     
Lettere da Pechino1     
A grande travessia (Mestres da Literatura Contemporânea Vol 53)1     
Kirje Pekingistä romaani1     
Die erste Frau1     
THE GOOD EARTH (Readers Digest)1     
The House of Earth1     
How it happens : Talk about the German people 1914-1933 with Erna von Pustau1     
The Good Deed1     
Secrets of the Heart1     
The missionary's wife1     
My mother's house1     
Döden på slottet : roman1     
The Big Wave and Other Stories17     
Kvindernes Pavillon1     
Novelas de Pearl S. Buck Tomo II1     
Un monde mal en point (Entretiens sur l'Allemagne avec Erna von Pustau)4     
Illustrated Story Bible4     
Eine kleine Weihnachtsgeschichte : und andere Erzählungen um die Heilige Nacht4     
Pearl S. Buck, 19381     
Old Demon (Creative Classic Series)5     
A Pearl Buck Reader, Vol. 210     
The joy of children4     
The good earth : (abridged)6     
The Big Wave [1961 film]2     
Senosios pilies vaiduoklis: romanas1     
My Several Worlds - Abridged for Younger Readers2     
Stories for Little Children3     
One Bright Day5     
Johnny Jack and his beginnings1     
Nächsten Samstag und auf ewig. Erzählungen.1     
RDCBLP The Beauty | Eye of the Needle | The Best of Bombeck | Jug of Silver1     
The Good Earth, The Patriot, The Exile, Sons, A House Divided, Fighting Angel (PEARL S. BUCK SET)1     
To My Daughters, With Love15     
A Pearl Buck Reader, Vol. 1201    
Miniatura di Natale5     
Mrs. Stoner and the sea: And other works5     
Home for Christmas: Stories for Young and Old28     
Garden to order13     
The Bondmaid13     
Of men and women8     
The beech tree: And Johnny Jack and his beginnings (Yearling books)16     
The Christmas mouse1     
Pearl Buck's America9     
Children for adoption3     
China Past and Present9     
With a delicate air8     
The Christmas ghost4     
... The spirit and the flesh6     
Nu en altijd ; Het meisje dat niet groeien kon ; De Chinese roman11     
Das Mädchen von Kwangtung / Die beiden Schwestern1     
American Unity and Asia (Essay Index Reprint Series)3     
A Pearl Buck Reader, 2 Vol. Set181    
RDCBLP v048 Polsinney Harbour | Christmas Day in the Morning | The Whale of the Victoria Cross | Winter Night1     
Idatuul, läänetuul ; Draakoni seeme : [romaanid]1     
The Young Revolutionist9     
Twenty-seven stories,3     
Bright Procession8     
For spacious skies; journey in dialogue9     
A gift for the children6     
Words of love101    
Reader's Digest Auswahlbucher 172 : Der Unterhändler. Ostwind-Westwind. Gefährliches Erbe. Manchmal geschehen noch Wunder5     
Het goud van China2     
The Good Earth (Heinemann Guided Readers: Intermediate Level)10     
Reader's Digest Auswahlbücher 57 - Das neue Jahr. Abgekartetes Spiel. Dr. Moores Krankenhaus. Die Brücke am Kwai1     
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1952 v033     
Pearl S. Buck's beste b5 : Kvinnepaviljongen del 21     
Imperial Woman & Pavilion of Women ( Set of 2 Books )4     
Friend to friend; a candid exchange between Pearl S. Buck and Carlos P. Romulo1     
Welcome child1     
My Chinese childhood1     
The Adventures of Marco Polo15     
Talk About Russia with Masha Scott2     
Eine Liebesehe & Das Gelöbnis2     
A Silk Road Journey4     
The Terrible Choice: The Abortion Dilemma2     
Pearl S. Buck's beste b4 : Kvinnepaviljongen del 11     
Pearl S. Buck's beste b8 : Den siste keiserinne del 11     
Von Morgen bis Mitternacht. Die Geschichte meines Lebens.3     
La buona terra - Volume I1     
The people of Japan6     
American argument1     
Pearl S. Buck's beste b 9 : Den siste keiserinne del 21     
Jubiläumsband: 20 Jahre Heyne-Taschenbücher2     
A Velha Árvore1     
Die chinesische Heirat. Erzählungen.1     
Mrs. Starling's problem1     
Чужие края [Сборник] : Пер. с англ2     
De moeder / Oostenwind-westenwind1     
Terre coreenne1     
Wo die Sonne aufgeht / Die verborgene Blume. Zwei Romane.1     
The Hidden Flower [abridged]1     
La buona terra - Volume II1     

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