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The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe13,1751872,2753.594.001.00
Moll Flanders4,916747813.503.500.97
A Journal of the Plague Year1,948352443.684.000.83
Roxana; or The Fortunate Mistress7847973.363.001.06
Robinson Crusoe [Norton Critical Edition]4963893.533.501.02
Moll Flanders (Norton Critical Edition)3596713.503.000.98
A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates4006493.984.000.65
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe [adapted - Great Illustrated Classics]2712214.054.000.79
Captain Singleton1712153.073.000.85
A tour through the whole island of Great Britain2081133.854.001.01
English Essays: From Sir Philip Sidney to Macaulay2792123.794.000.69
The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe1232113.233.001.07
Robinson Crusoe [Abridged]121293.674.000.91
A Journal of the Plague Year (Norton Critical Editions)80 93.673.500.97
A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain : Abridged Edition (Penguin Classics)83182.883.000.78
The art of fact : a historical anthology of literary journalism146 83.634.001.22
Robinson Crusoe [adapted - Classic Starts]79183.813.750.79
Robinson Crusoe (Penguin Readers, Level 2)21973.434.000.73
The Storm (Penguin Classics)64463.503.500.96
The history and remarkable life of the truly honourable Col. Jacque commonly call'd Col. Jack who was born a gentleman, put 'prentice to a pick-pocket, was six and twenty years a thief, and then kidnapp'd to Virginia. Came back a merchant, married four wives, and five of them prov'd whores; went into the wars, behav'd bravely, got preferment, was made Colonel of a regiment, came over, and fled with the Chevalier, and is now abroad compleating a life of wonders, and resolves to dye a General.86163.083.000.93
The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories46 53.303.500.75
The King of Pirates54153.503.500.45
Eyewitness Classics: Robinson Crusoe72143.634.000.65
Robinson Crusoe, and A Journal of the Plague Year34
Three 18th-Century Novels (Signet Books)7
Famous Ghost Stories (A Watermill Classic)42 33.333.000.47
Best Loved Books for Young Readers 0543134.004.000.82
Daniel Defoe: Complete and Unabridged: Five Novels65134.174.000.62
The Consolidator8222.002.00 
Defoe : Romans, tome 13 23.503.500.50
Moll Flanders (Z-Moll Flanders Companion to)10 24.504.500.50
A Visitation of the Plague (Classic, 60s)84 24.504.500.50
La vera storia di Jonathan Wild13 23.753.750.25
Robinson Crusoe [adapted - Treasury of Illustrated Classics]87 22.502.501.50
Contos de Fantasmas11124.504.500.50
Great Ghost Stories30
Memoirs of a Cavalier or a military journal of the wars in Germany, and the wars in England; from the year 1632, to the year 1648. Written threescore years ago by an English gentleman, who served first in the army of Gustavus Adolphus, the glorious King of Sweden, till his death; and after that, in the Royal army of King Charles the First, from the beginning of the Rebellion, to the end of that war72 23.503.500.50
Tales by moonlight II30
The world's greatest ghost stories16 22.752.750.75
The eerie adventures of the lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe11 23.503.500.50
The Political History of the Devil, as well ancient as modern26 23.003.00 
Het leven en de avonturen van Robinson Crusoë : bevattende een relaas van zijn verblijf op een onbewoond eiland, door h4
Companion Library: Robinson Crusoe / The Swiss Family Robinson43 22.502.500.50
The Story of Robinson Crusoe ... Told in pictures. Drawings by Dudley D. Watkins3 15.005.00 
A true relation of the apparition of one Mrs. Veal, the next day after her death, to one Mrs. Bargrave, at Canterbury, the 8th of September, 1705. Which apparition recommends the perusal of Drelincourt's book of Consolations against the fears of death7 14.004.00 
Children's Classics - Robinson Crusoe17 13.503.50 
Robinson Crusoe5 13.003.00 
Robinson Crusoe. Bd 11 14.004.00 
The Compleat English Gentleman2 11.001.00 
Robinson Crusoe, and Other Writings.2 14.004.00 
La vie et les aventures de Robinson Crusoé Éditon abrégée à l'usage des enfants1 15.005.00 
Moll Flanders (audio- abridged)1 14.504.50 
Robinson Crusoe [adapted - Blaisdell]55 14.004.00 
The Short Stories Of Daniel Defoe1112.002.00 
Adventure Classics for Boys: Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, Kidnapped!5114.004.00 
Robinson Kruso : roman1 12.002.00 
Nuevas aventuras de Robinson Crusoe2 15.005.00 
Robinson Kruzo1 15.005.00 
Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 16: TreeTops Classics: Robinson Crusoe: Robinson Crusoe3114.004.00 
Robinson Crusoé (Coleção: Alegria)1 15.005.00 
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe [adapted - Moby Illustrated Classics]26 14.004.00 
Mother Ross: the Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies, Commonly Called Mother Ross, on Campaign with the Duke of Marlborough1 12.002.00 
Read it Yourself: Robinson Crusoe21112.002.00 
West Country Short Stories2 13.503.50 
An account of the conduct and proceedings of the late Gow alias Smith, Captain of the late pirates, executed for murther & piracy committed on board the George gally, afterwards call'd the Revenge; with a relation of all the horrid murthers they committed in cold blood; as also of their being taken at Islands of Orkney, and sent up prisoners to London7 13.003.00 
Robinson Crusoe podle románu Danila Defoe volně vypravuje J.V.Pleva2 14.004.00 
Robinson Crusoe (adapted ∙ Macmillan Readers)4113.003.00 
Robinson Crusoe (adapted ∙ Oxford progressive English readers)7 15.005.00 
Moll Flanders, and, The fortunate mistress4213.003.00 
Libertalia6 12.002.00 
Satire, fantasy, and writings on the supernatural1 14.004.00 
The Ghost of Dorothy Dingley1112.002.00 
The True-Born Englishman & Other Writings38 15.005.00 
Freebooters and Buccaneers7113.003.00 
Grolier Classics: Robinson Crusoe, Walden, Mediations of Marcus Aurelius, Oedipus the King6 14.504.50 
Tour through the Eastern Counties of England21 12.002.00 
The Best Known Works of Daniel Defoe31 14.004.00 
A Vindication of the Press6 13.503.50 
ロビンソン・クルーソー1 13.003.00 
A Tour through England and Wales10 13.503.50 
Vida y extrañas y sorprendentes aventuras de Robinson Crusoe, escritas por él mismo : vol. 2 : XVII-XXX1     
Seikkailu afrikassa1     
Robinson Crusoe Teil 2 Die weiteren Abenteuer des Robinson Crusoe, die den zweiten und letzten Teil seines Lebens bilden, sowie die höchst erstaunlichen Berichte von seinen Reisen um drei Viertel der Erde1     
Robinson Crusoe Erster und zweiter Teil Kapitän Singleton (Romane Erster Band)1     
Robinson Crusoe Teil 1 Das Leben und die höchst merkwürdigen Abenteuer des Robinson Crusoe aus York, eines Seemanns, der achtundzwanzig Jahre lang ganz allein1     
Later Stuart tracts, with an introduction by George A. Aitken1     
Works. Carefully selected from the most authentic sources. With Chalmers life of the author, annotated. Ed. by J.S. Keltie1     
"Party Tyranny by Daniel Defoe, 1705,"1     
Best Loved Books for Young Readers~Complete 16 Volume set (Readers Digest, 16 volumes)1     
Robinsono Kruso: Lia Vivo Kaj Strangaj, Mirindegaj Aventuroj (Esperanto Edition)1     
Brockhaus Literaturcomics - Weltliteratur im Comic-Format: Robinson Crusoe4     
Robinson Crusoe vol.11     
Robinson Crusoe vol.21     
The best of Defoe's Review : an anthology1     
Everybody's Business Is Nobody's Business10     
Dickory Cronke9     
Robinson Crusoe cd (Reading & Training) (French Edition)2     
Una accademia per le donne (in Opere)1     
The History of the Remarkable Life of John Sheppard - Containing a Particular Account of His Many Robberies and Escapes2     
Of Captain Mission3     
Daniel Defoe: Die späteren Fahrten des Robinson Crusoe zu seiner Insel und rund um die Welt3     
Robinson Crusoé II1     
GroÃ?er Lernwortschatz Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Deutsch-Spanisch1     
The novels and selected writings of Daniel Defoe1     
Robinson Crusoe; opnieuw aan de jeugd verteld door H. Magnin1     
Crusoe, Robinson1     
Harvard Classics Volume 27: English Essays2     
The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York. Mariner1     
An elegy on the author of The true-born-English-man. With an essay on the late storm. By the author of the Hymn to the pillory.1     
Robinson Crusoé I1     
The Life and Adventure of Robinson Crusoe. Including a Memoir of the Author, and An Essay His Writings1     
Tales of Adventure (Delphi Anthologies)2     
Libertalia : une utopie pirate1     
Daniel Defoe Five Novels Complete and Unabridged: Robinson Crusoe, The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Captain Singleton, Moll Flanders, A Journal of the Plague Year1     
Les Incontournables de la Littérature en BD, tome 3 : Robinson Crusoé1     
Robinson Crusoe and Other Writings3     
Diario dell'anno della peste (in Opere)1     
Romane Band II: Moll Flanders, Roxana, John Sheppard, Jonathan Wild2     
Robinson Crusoe (Penguin Classics) (Penguin Classics) Defoe, Daniel ( Author ) Apr-29-2003 Paperback1     
The Life & Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Including a Memoir of the Author & an Essay on His Writings)1     
Ein Bericht vom Pestjahr London 16651     
Captain Blood1     
Robinson Crusoe. Caxton edition1     
The Military Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton1     
Street-robberies, consider'd: The reason of their being so frequent1     
The Shortest Way with Dissenters, and Other Pamphlets3     
Robinson Crusoe ... Edited by Lora B. Peck. Illustrated by Frank Godwin1     
Robinson Crusoe. Für die Jugend neu bearbeitet. Mit Illustrationen von Gertrude Purtscher-Kallab.1     
The true-born English-man A satyr5     
Robinson Crusoe (adapted ∙ Longman Classics series)5     
He kōrero tipuna pākeha no mua ko Ropitini Kuruho1     
Complete works of Daniel Defoe11     
The Life, Adventures, And Piracies Of Captain Singleton2     
A plan of the English commerce : being a compleat prospect of the trade of this nation, as well the home trade as the foreign : in three parts... : humbly offered to the consideration of the King and Parliament1     
The Daughter Of The Great Mogul1     
The Complete Daniel Defoe Collection (20 books) [Illustrated]1     
Robinson Crusoe1     
Defoe's Robinson Crusoe2     
Robinson Crusoé : collection : Bibliothèque verte cartonnée & illustrée1     
The Family Instructor1     
The Works of Daniel Defoe; Due Preparations for the Plague, as Well for Soul as Body1     
The History of the Plague of London, together with Religious Courtship. Complete in One Volume.1     
Robinson Crusoe. Der Bücherbär: Klassiker für Erstleser1     
The plague in London1     
Robinson Crusoe (New Method Supplementary Readers)5     
Robinson Crusoe and the Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe9     
The history of the devil, ancient and modern : in two parts ... in which is included a description of the devil's dwelling1     
Vida y aventuras de Robinsón Crusoé (Spanish Edition)1     
Robinson Crusoé - Tome I (French Edition)1     
Robinson Crusoe,: And other writings (Riverside editions, B103)5     
Essay Upon Projects5     
From London to Land's End15     
Robinson Crusoe (Classics for Young Readers) (Classics for Young Readers)21     
Robinson Crusoe [adapted - graphic novel - Pocket Classics]10     
Memoirs of an English Officer and Other Short Stories (Gollancz classics)2     
The Earlier Life and the Chief Earlier Works of Daniel Defoe: Edited by Henry Morley [ 1889 ]1     
First Classics Illustrated: Robinson Crusoe8     
Historia del diablo1     
Robinson Crusoe Bahané1     
The Complete English Tradesman24     
Robinson Crusoe (Illustrated Classics)5     
Defoe : Romans, tome 211    
Bedtime Reading: Moll Flanders1     
Robinson Crusoe : Jane Carruthin kertomana1     
Vite di pirati2     
The four years voyages of Captain George Roberts2     
Reader's Digest Best Loved Books for Young Readers: The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe27     
The History of the Devil As Well Ancient as Modern: In Two Parts1     
Van Gool's Robinson Crusoe (Van Gool Adventure Series)1     
Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Written by Himself1     
Robinson Crusoe (Signet Classics) by Defoe, Daniel published by Signet Classics (2008) [Mass Market Paperback]1     
LIFE OF COLONEL JACK Another Robinson Crusoe1     
The master mercury2     
An humble proposal to the people of England, for the encrease of their trade, and encouragement of their manufactures; whether the present uncertainty ... war. By the author of The compleat tradesman.1     
Focus on the Family - Great Stories - Robinson Crusoe1     
ROBINSON CRUSOE. Adapted under supervision of Josette Frank and Illustrated by Jay Hyde Barnum.1     
Treasure Island1     
Robinson Kruse : läsebok i skola och hem1     
The Novels and Miscellaneous Works of Daniel De Foe. Vol. III. Moll Flanders and History of the Devil1     
Robinson Crusoe Bahane' (1946)1     
Робинзон Крузо; История полковника Джека Пер. с англ1     
The anatomy of Exchange-Alley, or, A system of stock-jobbing : proving that scandalous trade, as it is now carry'd on, to be knavish in its private practice and treason in its publick ... : to which is added some characters of the most eminent persons concern'd now, and for some years past, in carrying on this pernicious trade1     
Robinson Crusoe [LARGE PRINT EDITION]1     
Dickory Cronke [with Biographical Introduction]1     
The Giant Golden Robinson Crusoe2     
Daniel Defoë. Robinson Crusoé : . Adaptation de Joseph Groussin1     
The Novels and Miscellaneous Works of Daniel De Foe Vol. V: History of the Plague in London; The Storm; The True-Born Englishman2     
A brief history of the poor Palatine refugees (1709) (Augustan Reprint Society. Publication)1     
Robinson Crusoe with Alice Cover2     
Robinson Kruso na kisiwa chake1     
Robinson Crusoe, Modernized Edition (Broadview Editions)1     
Diary of Moll Flanders1     
El espectro y el salteador de caminos1     
"El fantasma acusador"2     
Vie et aventures de Robinson Crusoé Réflexions sérieuses de Robinson Crusoé Journal de l'année de la peste Les Aventures du capitaine Jean Gow Vie et actes de Jonathan Wild Récit de la vie remarquable de Jean Sheppard Relation de tous les vols, évasions, etc., de Jean Sheppard (Bibliothèque de la Pléiade)1     
Robinson Crusoe, Children's Classics by Daniel Defoe Retold by Mary Calvert1     
Robinson Crusoe, American Classics Volumn 61     
"La aparición de Mrs. Veal"1     
The Fortunate Mistree or Roxana1     
Robinson Crusoe. Ediz. integrale1     
A short narrative of the life and actions of His Grace John, D. of Marlborough2     
Robinson Crusoe, med en levnadsteckning över författaren1     
Robinson Crusoe; The Coral island; Treasure Island1     
The history and reality of apparitions1     
A Tour Through England and Wales, 2 vols1     
A Journal of the Plague Year, reissue of 1960 edition1     
Atalantis Major5     
The Life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe1     
Roxana, or the Fortunate Mistress, A History of the Life and Vast Variety of Fortunes of Mademoiselle de Beleau, Afterwards call'd the Countess de Wintelsheim in Germany. Being the Person known by the Name of the Lady Roxana in the time of Charles II, Everyman paperback1     
Leben und Abenteuer des Robinson Crusoe2     
Robinson Crusoe2     
The memoirs of Captain George Carleton: and The life and adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies1     
La vita e le strane e sorprendenti avventure di Robinson Crusoe1     
Robinson Crusoe Classique Juniors1     
Memorias de un caballero1     
Cuentos de crímenes, fantasmas y piratas4     
History of the Plague in London9     
A pathetic history of the plague in London in the year 1665: To which is here added, an account of the surprising revivals of religion in a number of towns ... in London to his friend in Massachusetts1     
The Works of Daniel Defoe3     
DUE PREPARATIONS FOR THE PLAGUE, AS WELL FOR SOUL AS BODY. With the Author's preface, and an Introduction by G. H. Mayna1     
The history of the Plague of London : together with, Religious courtship / by Daniel De Foe ; complete in one volume1     
Due preparations for the plague as well for soul as body: The king of pirates being an account of the famous enterprises1     
Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 16A: TreeTops Classics: Robinson Crusoe1     
Robinson Crusoe -- A Norton Critical Edition, Edited By Michael Shinagel -- Second 2nd Edition1     
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe [young children's edition]1     
Robinson Crusoe (Pocket Classic Comic)1     
The two apprentices; or, The importance of family religion. From The family instructor [by D. Defoe]1     
The Fortunate Mistress Part l1     
Defoe - A Visitation of the Plague1     
Romances and Narratives by Daniel Defoe. Edited by George A. Aitken. (With illustrations by J. B. Yeats.). vol. 16. The King of Pirates, etc. [With “An Account of the Cartoucheans in France,” “The History of the Reamarkable Life of John Sheppard”, “A Narrative of all the Robberies ... of John Sheppard,” “The Life and Actions of Jonathan Wild,” “The Adventures of Captain John Gow,” and “Lives of Six Notorious Street-Robbers.”] pp. xix. 3813     
A Seasonable Warning and Caution against the Insinuations of Papists and Jacobites in favour of the Pretender Being a Letter from an Englishman at the Court of Hanover1     
A New Voyage Round the World, By a Course Never Sailed Before. Being a Voyage Undertaken by Some Merchants, Who Afterwards Proposed the Setting up an East-India Company in Flanders5     
Robinson Crusoe New York Post Family Classic Library1     
Robinson Crusoe. His Life and Strange, Surprising Adventures. Includes Flower Fables by LM Alcott.2     
Робинзон Крузо ; История полковника Джека1     
Жизнь и удивительные приключения Робинзона Крузо, моряка из Йорка, написанные им самим1     
Молль Флендерс1     
Women in the Eighteenth Century: Constructions of Femininity (World and Word Series)19     
Robinson Crusoe - Grade 1 - (Spanish Edition)1     
Robinson Crusoe [Easton Press]3     
ROBINSON CRUSOE Whitman #16112     
Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe (Paperback) (Traditional Chinese Edition)1     
Robinson Crusoe - Classic Collections1     
Vida, aventuras y piraterías del famoso capitán Singleton : novela / Daniel De Foe ; pórtico de P.E.1     
Robinson Crusoe Level 4 Intermediate American English (Cambridge Discovery Readers)2     
Robinson Crusoé Tome 21     
Robson Crusoe1     
Robinson Crusoé Tome 11     
Moll Flanders, précédé de Mme Veal1     
Robinson Crusoe. Penguin Illustrated Classics No C6 .The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of Yorks Mariner. Volume 1 only1     
The Works of Daniel Defoe, vol. VIII1     
The dyet of Poland, a satyr2     
Memoirs of the Church of Scotland, in four periods. ... With an appendix, of some transactions since the Union1     
A hymn to peace. Occasion'd, by the two Houses joining in one address to the Queen. By the author of The true-born English-man1     
A hymn to the pillory1     
Jure divino: a satyr. : In twelve books.2     
A collection of the writings of the author of The true-born English-man2     
Robinson Crusoe (Part 1)1     
Robinson Crusoé, tome 21     
Robinson Crusoe (Part 2)1     
A Supplement to the Advice from the Scandal club1     
The history of the union between England and Scotland, with a collection of original papers relating thereto. By Daniel De Foe. And an introduction, in which the consequences and probability of a like union between this country and Ireland are considered. By John Lewis de Lolme, adv. To which is prefixed, a life of Daniel De Foe, by George Chalmers4     
Serious Reflections During the Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe7     
Minutes of the negotiations of Monsr. Mesnager at the court of England, towards the close of the last reign. Wherein some of the most secret transactions of that time, relating to the interest of the Pretender, and a clandestine separate peace, are detected and laid open1     
Robinson Crusoe. 4 CDs1     
A brief reply to the History of standing armies in England with some account of the authors1     
Robinson Crusoe, vol I1     
The Highland visions or the Scots new prophecy: declaring in twelve visions what strange things shall come to pass in the year 17121     
Peace without union : by way of reply, to Sir H--- M---'s [Humphrey Mackworth's] Peace at home1     
Reflections upon the late great revolution2     
The mock mourners: a satyr, by way of elegy on King William2     
A letter to a dissenter from his friend at the Hague, concerning the penal laws and the test : shevving that the popular plea for liberty of conscience is not concerned in that question1     
The Novels and Miscellaneous Works of Daniel Defoe: Volume II1     
Treatise concerning the Use and Abuse of the Marriage Bed2     
Religious Courtship4     
The Spanish descent. A poem. By the author of The true-born Englishman1     
An essay on the history and reality of apparitions4     
The history of the life and adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell : a gentleman, who, tho' deaf and dumb, writes down any stranger's name at first sight, with their future contingencies of fortune : now living in Exeter Court over-against the Savoy in the Strand7     
Mars stript of his armour1     
A Hymn to Tyburn. Being a sequel of the Hymn to the Pillory [of D. Defoe]1     
Histoire générale des plus fameux pyrates, tome 2 : Le Grand Rêve flibustier4     
The modern library of the world's best books1     
Robinson Crusoe II2     
The Devil Frolics With A Butler1     
Histoire générale des plus fameux pyrates, tome 1 : Les Chemins de fortune6     
Works of Daniel Defoe3     
The Robinson Crusoe reader,2     
The family-instructor In three parts; I. Relating to fathers and children. II. To masters and servants. III. To husbands1     
The advantages of the present settlement : and the great danger of a relapse1     
Histoire des principales découvertes faites dans les arts et les sciences : sur-tout dans les branches importantes ...1     
An account of the late horrid conspiracy to depose Their present Majesties, K. William and Q. Mary, to bring in the ...1     
Collected Works of Daniel Defoe2     
The Political Imagination in History: Essays concerning J.G.A. Pocock10     
Robinson Crusoe : 1. und 2. Teil. Kapitän Singleton1     
A letter from a dissenter in the city to a dissenter in the country: advising him to a quiet and peaceable ...1     
Reformation of manners, a satyr2     
No Queen! or, No General. An argument, proving the necessity her Majesty was in, as well for the safety of her person as1     
La vita e le imprese di Sir Walter Raleigh2     
Selected Writings of Daniel Defoe3     
Reflections upon some scandalous and malicious pamphlets viz.I. The shortest way with the dissenters; or proposals ...1     
Robinson Crusoe Part 12     
The life and adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell: In one volume. To which are added, The dumb philosopher; and Everybody's business is nobody's business2     
Robinson Crusoe, RD condensed classics series1     
Defoe's Minor Works1     
Robinson Crusoe / Moll Flanders3     
Robinson Crusoe (Children's Classics)1     
Defoe's Robinson Crusoe Part I with a memoir of the author1     
The history of the wars, of His present Majesty Charles XII. King of Sweden, from his first landing in Denmark, to ...1     
A Review of the state of the British nation1     
A Tour through England & Wales, vol. II5     
Pestens år : iakttagelser och hågkomster rörande de märkliga händelser, såväl offentliga som enskilda, vilka intr1     
The representation examined: being remarks on the state of religion in England1     
Robinson Crusoe: Written Anew for Children With Apoligies to Daniel Defoe40     
Robinson Crusoe Part lll1     
Dziennik roku zarazy1     
A Journey Through the Whole Island of Great Britain1     
Robinson Crusoë. Deel 11     
Moll Flanders. 1 osa1     
Robinson Crusoe Illustrated Junior Library9     
Robinson Kruzo (audiokniga MP3) (audiobook in Russian Mp3)1     
The memoirs of Cap. George Carleton, an English officer : who served in the two last wars against France and Spain ... containing an account of the conduct of the Earl of Peterborough, and other general officers, admirals, &c. ... together with a description of many of their cities, towns, &c11    
A new family instructor; containing, a brief and clear defence of the Christian religion in general, against the errors of the atheists, Jews, deists & sceptics: and ... the Church of Rome. In familiar discourses between a father and his children. in two parts. ... By the author of the Family instructor1     
The versatile Defoe: An anthology of uncollected writings2     
The pleasant and surprizing adventures of Mr. Robert Drury, during his fifteen years captivity on the island of ...2     
The life and adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies commonly called Mother Ross; who, in several campaigns under King William and the late Duke of Marlborough, in the quality of a foot-soldier and dragoon, gave many signal proofs of an unparallelled courage and personal bravery. Taken from her own mouth when a pensioner of Chelsea-Hospital,1     
Robinson Crusoe Retold By James Baldwin8     
Collected Works of Daniel Defoe: Including Robinson Crusoe and A Journal of the Plague Year4     
A Trilogy of Island Adventures1     
Robinson Crusoe: Daniel Defoe's Adventure Story of a Lone Man Shipwrecked on a Cannibal Island: 48 Full-Color Stamps and Drawings to Color (A Golden Stamp Classic)1     
The works of Daniel Defoe carefully selected from the most authentic sources1     
The Secrets of the Invisible World Disclosed (An Essay on the History and Reality of Apparitions), Limited Edition1     
A true collection of the writings ofthe author of the true born Englishman2     
Robinson Crusoe. Nach der ältesten deutschen Übersetzung neu erzählt von Carl Peter Rauhof. Zeichnungen von Kurt Nilston. 3. Auflage. OHLnbd 19,5cm, Namenseintrag vorn. - 228 S. (pages)1     
Conjugal Lewdness, or Matrimonial Whoredom3     
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe [Motion picture]2     
Robinson Crusoe. Retold for little folk by Edith Robarts. Illustrated by John Hassall1     
The Complete Daniel Defoe Collection. (30 Works). Includes Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders, Roxana, A Journal of the Plague Year, Dickory Cronke, and more.4     
Robinson Crusoé. Préface de Philippe Schwed. 1967. Reliure de l'éditeur. 669 pages. (Littérature anglaise)11    
A hymn to victory1     
The Secret History of The White Staff11    
Moll Flanders Part ll1     
A general history of discoveries and improvements, in useful arts, particularly in the great branches of commerce, navigation, and plantation, in all parts of the known world. A work which may entertain the curious with the view of their present state; prompt the indolent to retrieve those inventions that are neglected, and animate the diligent to advance and perfect what may be thought wanting1     
Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, Rip Van Winkle, Kidnapped, The White Company, The Black Arrow, The Deerslayer, The Mysterious Island, Drums, The Scottish Chiefs, Westward Ho!, The Last of the Mohicans (12-Volume Leatherbound N.C. Wyeth Set)1     
The Fortunate Mistress Part ll1     
Moll Flanders Part l1     
A letter from a gentleman at the Court of St. Germains, to one of his friends in England containing a memorial about methods for setting the Pretender on the throne of Great Britain1     
Robinson Crusoe. Bd 31     
Robinson Crusoe. Bd 41     
Robinson Crusoe. Bd 21     
Daniel Defoe (Texts in English Literature)1     
A view of the invisible world or, general history of apparitions. Collected from the best authorities, both antient and modern; ... Illustrated with suitable cuts1     
From London to Land's End / Letters from Journey through England by a Gentleman3     
Robinson Crusoe. Bd 51     
Robinson Crusoe (Young Reader's Christian Library)33     
The Amorous adventures of Moll Flanders [Motion picture]1     
Robinson Crusoe [adapted - Bring the Classics to Life]7     
Works of Daniel Defoe. (30 Works). Includes Robinson Crusoe, Dickory Cronke, Moll Flanders, Roxana, A Journal of the Plague Year, The Life Adventures ... more. Published by MobileReference (mobi)2     
The novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel De Foe13     
Robinson Crusoe I (Penguin Illustrated Classics)2     
The judgment of whole kingdoms and nations, concerning the rights, power and prerogative of kings, and the rights, privileges and properties of the people: shewing the nature of government in general, both from God and man2     
A vindication of the honour and justice of His Majesty's government. : Being some remarks upon two treasonable papers, of late privately dispers'd, viz. A letter to Mr. Walpole; and another, To the army and people of England. Wherein is discover'd the present endeavours of the Jacobites, to create fresh disturbances, and raise a new rebellion1     
A New Voyage Round the World In Two Volumes: Volume I1     
A review of the affairs of France: and of all Europe, as influenc'd by that nation. Being historical observations, on the publick transactions of the world; purg'd from the errors and partiality of news-writers, and petty-statesmen of all sides. With an entertaining part in every sheet, being advice from the Scandal Club, to the curious enquirers; in answer to letters sent them for that purpose1     
A plan of the English commerce. : Being a compleat prospect of the trade of this nation, as well the home trade as the foreign. In three parts. Part I. Containing a view of the present magnitude of the English trade, as it respects, 1. The exportation of our own growth and manufacture. 2. The importation of merchants goods from abroad. 3. The prodigious consumption of both at home. Part II. Containing an answer to that great and important question now depending, whether our trade, and especially our manufac4     
Classic Starts: Robinson Crusoe (Classic Starts Series)1     
La vie et les aventures de robinson crusoé. traduites de l'anglais. édition abrégée à l'usage des enfants.1     
Robinson Crusoe; The Raft; The Rime of the Ancient Mariner1     
Reasons against the succession of the House of Hanover : with an enquiry how far the abdication of King James, supposing it to be legal, ought to affect the person of the Pretender1     
The ballance of Europe or, an enquiry into the respective dangers of giving the Spanish monarchy to the Emperour as well as to King Philip,1     
History of the plague in London, 1665: to which is added the Great Fire of London, 1666, by an anonymous writer. The storm, 1703. With the essay, in verse. The true-born Englishman: a satire.1     
Robinson Crusoe: stirring adventures on a lonely island. Retold by A.Scott.1     
The Friendly demon [short story]1     
Robinson Crusoe : Élete éa Viszontagságai1     
Дальнейшие приключения Робинзона Крузо... [Перевод]2     
Selected Poetry and Prose of Daniel Defoe4     
Robinson Crusoe for young folks5     
Robinson Crusoe An Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism Second edition1     
I Go to Sea (Robinson Crusoe Tales)2     
A Tour through England & Wales, vol. I5     
More reformation. A satyr upon himself. By the author of The true born English-man3     
A continuation of letters written by a Turkish spy at Paris : giving an impartial account to the Divan at Constantinople of the most remarkable transactions of Europe, and discovering several intrigues and secrets of the Christian courts, especially of that of France : continued from the year 1687, to the year 1693 : written originally in Arabick, translated into Italian, and from thence into English1     
Zu Fuss durch Afrika1     
A System of Magick, or A History of the Black Art; being an historical Account of Mankind's most early Dealings with the Devil; and how the Acquaintance on both sides first began6     
Madagascar; or, Robert Drury's journal ;: During fifteen years' captivity on that island (The Adventure series)1     
Best in Children's Books 2726     
Novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel Defoe2     
Vida y extrañas y sorprendentes aventuras de Robinson Crusoe, escritas por él mismo : vol. 1 : I-XVI1     
Family Instructor In Five Parts2     
De voor- en tegenspoeden van de befaamde Moll Flanders die in Newgate werd geboren en tijdens een leven van voortdurende1     

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