Author photo. Etching of Joseph O. Eaton's portrait of Herman Melville Published c. 1944, painting created before 1891

Etching of Joseph O. Eaton's portrait of Herman Melville Published c. 1944, painting created before 1891

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Moby Dick19,6093023,5983.854.001.16
Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street1,280423933.924.000.95
Billy Budd, Sailor1,581232553.333.501.15
Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life1,280191563.634.000.97
Moby-Dick (Norton Critical Edition)91851504.215.001.08
Billy Budd and Other Stories1,31791433.624.001.02
Bartleby / Benito Cereno61211943.654.001.08
The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade69310893.564.001.14
Moby-Dick (Penguin Classics) [abridged audiobook]2233763.744.001.17
Billy Budd and Other Tales6374733.404.001.18
The Best Poems of the English Language: From Chaucer Through Robert Frost5743644.094.000.93
Benito Cereno27012573.343.500.92
Redburn, Whitejacket, Moby Dick4426504.355.000.96
Pierre, Or, The Ambiguities5414493.744.001.24
Redburn: His First Voyage, Being the Sailor-Boy, Confessions and Reminiscences of the Son-of-a-Gentleman, In the Merchant Service3646423.764.000.83
Typee, Omoo, Mardi3954364.064.000.98
White Jacket3772303.804.000.89
Great Short Works of Herman Melville3782293.974.000.82
The Oxford Book of American Short Stories4881254.004.000.98
Melville's Short Novels (Norton Critical Edition)1821254.364.000.69
The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade [Norton Critical Edition, 2nd ed.]1401243.583.500.95
Moby-Dick: A Longman Critical Edition993214.174.000.89
Herman Melville : Pierre, Israel Potter, The Piazza Tales, The Confidence-Man, Tales, Billy Budd (Library of America)3312204.485.000.66
Life in the Iron-Mills852193.633.500.79
Billy Budd, Sailor and Selected Tales (Oxford World Classics)1074174.094.000.96
Bartleby / Benito Cereno / Billy Budd130
The Piazza Tales992144.004.000.78
Bartleby ; and, The lightning-rod man1431144.324.500.75
Mardi and a voyage thither1372134.084.000.62
Israel Potter: His Fifty Years of Exile1601133.623.500.94
First Classics Illustrated: Moby Dick672124.044.501.23
The World's Greatest Short Stories92 123.423.500.64
The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade [Norton Critical Edition, 1st ed.]861114.235.000.99
Battle Pieces: The Civil War Poems of Herman Melville98 113.273.501.16
Writing New York1973113.864.000.74
Tales, Poems, and Other Writings881103.604.001.18
Billy Budd / Benito Cereno1092103.653.750.90
Moby Dick 2e (NCE) (Norton Critical Editions)96293.613.501.15
Pages Passed from Hand to Hand: The Hidden Tradition of Homosexual Literature in English from 1748 to 1914118193.563.000.68
Complete Shorter Fiction (Everyman's Library (Cloth))112
Six Great Modern Short Novels183284.755.000.43
The Frankenstein Omnibus66283.753.750.71
Billy Budd and The Piazza Tales83 83.814.000.61
Herman Melville: Moby Dick, Billy Budd and Other Writings (Library of America College Editions)67 84.635.000.70
Four Classic American Novels140 83.634.000.54
The Enchanted Isles60
An American Album: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Harper's Magazine109 74.364.500.69
Penguin Readers Level 2: Moby Dick25773.143.000.69
Bartleby The Scrivener and Other Stories18174.294.000.65
Billy Budd: Beginner (Macmillan Readers)13872.572.000.73
Selected Tales and Poems158
Four Short Novels104264.835.000.37
Moby Dick (Graphic Classics)20262.922.751.30
Benito Cereno, Bartleby: The Scrivener, and The Encantadas28 54.404.500.58
Herman Melville's Moby Dick [abridged audio]34154.104.000.66
Herman Melville (World's Greatest Writers Series)54253.704.000.40
Selected Poems of Herman Melville99254.304.000.60
The Portable Melville94143.503.500.50
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick19 43.753.500.83
Moby Dick, Billy Budd44143.253.751.68
The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature96143.633.750.41
Selected Writings of Herman Melville : Complete Short Stories, Typee--And--Billy Budd, Foretopman (Modern Library Giant G57)55 44.505.000.87
Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land48243.133.000.96
Classic Starts: Moby-Dick (Classic Starts Series)21133.174.001.55
Benito Cereno en andere verhalen9
Four Great American Classics29
The Paradise of Bachelors and The Tartarus of Maids6123.503.500.50
Moby Dick [adapted - Treasury of Illustrated Classics]94223.503.500.50
Moby-Dick: An authoritative text; Reviews and letters by Melville; Analogues and sources; Criticism. Edited by Harrison6 24.504.500.50
The Encantadas and Other Stories (Thrift Edition)22 23.753.750.25
Great Masters Library: Herman Melville5125.005.00 
Billy Budd & Typee72
On the Slain Collegians18 23.503.500.50
Romances of Herman Melville: Typee, Omoo, Mardi, Moby-Dick, White-Jacket, Israel Potter & Redburn22125.005.00 
The Shorter Novels of Herman Melville103 23.503.500.50
Moby Dick [adaptation - Pocket Classics - comic strip/graphic novel]11 23.503.501.50
Moby Dick and Other Works2 25.005.00 
The Civil War: The Second Year Told By Those Who Lived It61125.005.00 
Moby Dick (Great Classics for Children)30123.003.001.50
Works of Herman Melville35
The Poems of Herman Melville9
The Blithedale Romance [Norton Critical Edition, 2nd ed.]21124.504.500.50
American Religious Poems: An Anthology by Harold Bloom84 24.504.500.50
I and my Chimney, Berkshire History, Vol. VIII, No. 1, Fall 19881 13.503.50 
Hunilla, die Chola-Witwe: Briefe an Nathaniel Hawthorne und eine Erzählung2 14.004.00 
Norfolk Isle and the Chola Widow2114.004.00 
Published Poems: The Writings of Herman Melville Vol. 114114.004.00 
Moby Dick [adapted - Campfire Graphic Novel]31 12.002.00 
Moby Dick: The Young Collectors Illustrated Classics/Ages 8-1220 14.004.00 
Moby Dick (Troll Illustrated Classics)9 14.004.00 
Moby Dick: In Half the Time (Compact Editions)3 15.005.00 
Benito Cereno - Daniel Orme - Billy Budd, sailor3 14.004.00 
Moby Dick, or The Whale: Volume 6, Scholarly Edition (Melville)9 14.004.00 
Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography [Norton Critical Edition, 2nd ed.]8 14.004.00 
Classics Illustrated: Moby Dick6 14.004.00 
Billy Budd : marin ; Daniel Orme4 14.004.00 
Mardi and A Voyage Thither, Volume II7 13.003.00 
Moby-Dick: A Picture Voyage : An Abridged and Illustrated Edition of the Original Classic6 14.004.00 
Bartleby, lo scrivano-Chicchirichì-Billy Budd, marinaio. Edizioni integrali3 14.004.00 
Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. I (of 2)6113.003.00 
Billy Budd [adapted - graphic novel - Pocket Classics]16 14.004.00 
Herman Melville: Representative selections, with introduction, bibliography, and notes3 14.004.00 
Correspondence: Volume Fourteen, Scholarly Edition (Melville)8 15.005.00 
The Second Omnibus Of Crime- The World's Great Crime Stories16 15.005.00 
Writing New York: A Literary Anthology {Expanded 10th-Anniversary Edition}56 14.004.00 
Herman Melville: voyages;6 13.003.00 
Redburn, Vareuse-Blanche : Oeuvres, II4 15.005.00 
Moby Dick (Dalmatian Press Adapted Classic)36 14.004.00 
Moby Dick New ed (Clothbound Classics)20 15.005.00 
A Treasury of Civil War Stories38 13.003.00 
Moby Dick Big Read (Audiobook)1 14.004.00 
The Indispensable Melville1 14.504.50 
Bartleby lo scrivano e altri racconti americani4115.005.00 
Piazza Tales and Other Prose Pieces, 1839-1860: Volume Nine, Scholarly Edition (Melville)15 14.004.00 
The Lightning-Rod Man8 12.002.00 
Bartleby the Scrivener and the Confidence Man9 12.002.00 
Best of Herman Melville26 14.004.00 
Benito Cereno y otros cuentos del mar3 13.503.50 
Billy Budd,: Benito Cereno and The enchanted isles,18 14.004.00 
Moby Dick Treasury of Illustrated Classic Jacketed Hardcover (Illustrated Jacketed Hardcover)6 13.003.00 
Three Stories14 14.004.00 
Moby Dick [adapted - Moby Illustrated Classics]47 14.004.00 
The Happy Failure: Stories (Harper Perennial Classic Stories)21 14.004.00 
Shorter novels (Grosset's universal library)2 14.004.00 
Moby Dick I17 14.004.00 
The Shorter Novels of Herman Melville6115.005.00 
The Bell-tower4213.003.00 
Preferiría no hacerlo. Bartleby el escribiente seguido de tres ensayos2 13.003.00 
Melville : Oeuvres, tome 12 15.005.00 
Moby Dick, Vol. 2: Spanish Edition30115.005.00 
Cuentos completos4 14.004.00 
De beste verhalen van Herman Melville3 14.004.00 
Moby Dick: Or, the White Whale (An Abridged Edition)32 13.003.00 
Moby Dick (Usborne Classics Retold)26     
Moby Dick (Modern Critical Interpretations)1     
Moby Dick (New Method Supplementary Readers)1     
Moby Dick (The Ignatius Critical Editions)6     
Moby Dick eller Den hvite hvalen. B.14     
Moby Dick (Lake Illustrated Classics, Collection 1)1     
Moby Dick (Saddleback Classics)3     
Moby Dick (Adventure) - Intermediate1     
Moby Dick (Calico Illustrated Classics)1     
Billy Budd, Sailor [With Headphones]1     
Moby Dick (Abridged)2     
Authentic Anecdotes of Old Zack2     
Moby Dick; adapted by Verne B. Brown, illustrated by Seymour Fleishman1     
Moby Dick. Adapted for young readers by Felix Sutton. Illustrated by H. B. Vestal2     
Die verzauberten Inseln oder Encantadas2     
Moby Dick-Junior Classics1     
Collected poems1     
Billy Bud and Six Other Tales1     
L' uomo di fiducia (Una mascherata)1     
Moby Dick: Kapitän Ahab jagt den weißen Wal2     
Arena Bibliothek der Abenteuer, Bd.2, Moby Dick2     
Galapagos Islands Landscapes in Herman Melville's "The Encantadas or The Enchanted Isles," Illustrated with Scenic Photographs from Ecuador's archipelago made famous by Charles Darwin5     
Poems of Herman Melville1     
Bedtime Reading: Moby Dick2     
Moby Dick [Adapté - Jacques Marcireau]1     
Opere scelte vol. 23     
Poèmes de guerre2     
The Fiddler1     
Melville, Benito Cereno : mit einer Dokumentation1     
Bartleby Le Scribe ; Billy Budd marin et autres romans (French Edition)1     
Five Tales1     
Billy Budd, Sailor and The Piazza Tales2     
Graphic Classic #6: Moby Dick1     
Due romanzi dei mari del sud1     
Raj ľudožrútov1     
Melville - Le cento pagine più belle2     
Moby Dick o la Ballena - tomo II1     
Moby Dick o la Ballena - tomo I1     
First Student's Classics: Moby-Dick1     
Melville's Poetry: Toward the Enlarged Heart1     
Herman Melville's Battle Pieces And Aspects Of The War: "At the height of their madness, The night winds pause, Recollecting themselves; But no lull in these wars."1     
Reader's Guide to Herman Melville1     
Vita valen2     
Norfolk Isle & the Chola widow2     
De betoverde eilanden / Bartleby1     
Moby Dick or The White Whale [Abridged]1     
Stories, Poems, and Letters by teh Author of Moby Dick - Herman Melville1     
Moby Dick Libro terzo1     
Billy Budd & Other Tales [Complete and Unabridged]1     
New York Post Family Classic's Library, Moby Dick,1     
Hooked on Phonics: Moby Dick1     
Moby Dick eller Den vita valen. 21     
Herman Melville: Journal of a Visit to London and the Continent1     
Moby Dick (Junior Classics for Young Readers)7     
Billy Budd, fokkmarsimadrus1     
Vortoppmann Billy Budd und Erzählungen []....1     
La mesa de madera de manzano / El Paraíso de los solteros y el Tártaro de las doncellas (Spanish Edition)1     
Redburn, His First Voyage / White Jacket / Moby Dick [800's FIC-MEL / Red]1     
Bartleby, une histoire de Wall Street : Et autres récits2     
Bartleby. Erzählungen (Benito Cereno - Das Mahl der Armen - Das Junggesellenparadies - Der Geiger - Bartleby - Die Encantadas oder Die verzauberten Inseln)1     
Moby Dick - d'après Herman Melville1     
Delphi Complete Works of Herman Melville US (Illustrated)4     
Six Great Modern Short Novels5     
Works. Vol.16, Poems1     
Moby Dick - Grade 1 (Spanish Edition)1     
gouait-tzaket / γουάιτ-τζάκετ1     
The Great Works of Herman Melville1     
Billy Budd, Foretopman - Billy Budd, Gabbiere DI Parrocchetto (Eng/Ita) (Italian Edition)1     
Bartleby. 2 CDs1     
Moby Dick, Libro secondo1     
Moby Dick [800's E-JUV / MEL-Mob]1     
I due templi (in Le Encantadas e altri racconti)1     
Il budino del povero e le briciole del ricco (in Le Encantadas e altri racconti)1     
Il chicchirichì del nobile gallo beneventano (in Le Encantadas e altri racconti)1     
Poesie scelte (in Opere scelte)1     
La torre campanaria (in Opere scelte)1     
Moby Dick: An Abridged edition for modern readers, edited and with a critical introduction by Maxwell Geismar1     
Moby Dick. Band 31     
Benito Cereno et autres nouvelles de la vranda1     
Le Paradis des célibataires3     
Il venditore di parafulmini (in Opere scelte)1     
Opere scelte1     
Moby Dick. Audiolibro. 2 CD Audio formato MP3. Con e-text. Ediz. integrale1     
D'o viens-tu Hawthorne?1     
Moby Dick (Illustrated Classics)5     
Moby Dick, parte 11     
Taipi. Vier Monate auf den Marqesas-Inseln oder Ein Blick auf Polynesisches Leben.2     
Herman Melville: The Complete Shorter Fiction1     
Billy Budd og verandafortællinger1     
Moby Dick Commentary : Folio Society Limited Edition :2     
Reader's Digest Presents Moby Dick1     
Moby Dick [800's FIC-MEL / Mob]1     
Herman Melville Selected Tales & Poems2     
Complete Works of Herman Melville US (Illustrated)3     
The Herman Melville Collection: 16 Books and Stories (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)1     
Opere scelte vol. 13     
Complete Works of Herman Melville (Illustrated)1     
Moby Dick 2 Gyldendals bibliotek Bind 281     
Moby Dick Gyldendals bibliotek Bind 271     
The Confidence-Man and Billy Budd, Sailor (Penguin English Library)8     
Moby Dick, eller Den hvite hvalen II1     
Moby Dick Longmans' Simplified English Series1     
Platt & Munk Great Writers Collection: Melville10     
Bartleby: Les îles enchantées: Le campanile3     
Billy Budd with Reader's Guide (AMSCO Literature Program)1     
Moby Dick (or The Whale) and Typee: A Romance Of The South Sea1     
Herman Melville: Complete and Unabridged: Seven Novels33     
Herman Melville: Selected Stories (Unabridged)2     
Die Reisetagebücher: Reise von New York nach London 1849 / Reise ins Heilige Land 1856/57 / Reise an Bord des Schiffes 'Meteor' 1860 / Mit Briefen und Dokumenten2     
Journal of a Visit to London and the Continent, 1849-18507     
Herman Melville's Billy Budd and Typee (Barron's Book Notes)4     
Melville: Six Short Novels1     
D'où viens-tu Hawthorne ? Hawthorne et ses mousses2     
Journal of a Visit to Europe and the Levant1     
Everyman's library, edited by Ernest Rhys. Fiction1     
Journals: Volume Fifteen (Melville)13     
Die große Kunst, die Wahrheit zu sagen. Von Walen, Dichtern und anderen Herrlichkeiten1     
Ein Leben4     
Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish (in Law as Lit)1     
Four great American novels12     
Seven Short Novel Masterpieces37     
Collected poems of Herman Melville7     
Great Short Works of the American Renaissance8     
Short Stories (Easton Press Collector's Edition 1996)6     
The complete stories of Herman Melville8     
Billy Budd and the Encantadas23     
Oeuvres : Tome 3, Moby Dick, Pierre ou les Ambiguïtés6     
Three American Poets (Penguin Classics)8     
Gentlemen, scholars, and scoundrels; a treasury of the best of Harper's magazine from 1850 to the present36     
La véranda, Benito Cereno, le marchand de paratonnerres1     
Treasure Island (The Franklin Library)1     
John Marr and Other Poems8     
Herman Melville Collection3     
Moby-Dick or, The Whale - Translation of the Abriged Version in Arabic1     
Obras completas, 3 vols.2     
I and my chimney15     
The Great Classics for Children: Moby Dick1     
Four American Novels (The Scarlett Letter/ Moby Dick/ The Red Badge of Courage/ The Bridge of San Luis Rey)13     
Melville par lui-même1     
Herman Melville. Le Vagabond des îles : Traduit de l'anglais par Olivier Carvin1     
Cocorico et autres contres1     
Moby Dick ; återberättad och bearbetad2     
Great American short stories II (Lake classics)1     
The Letters of Herman Melville. Edited by Merrell R. Davis and William H. Gilman1     
The Sea: Excerpts from Herman Melville.1     
Moby Dick Adapted for Younger Readers from the Original Classic1     
Moby-Dick: or, The Whale also read novelette: Bartleby, the Scrivener -"I would prefer not to." depresive character1     
Moby Dick (Illustrated Library of Graphic Classics, Series 1, Volume 1)9     
Herman Melville (A Laurel Reader)2     
Moby-Dick, or, the whale ; and, An extract from Narrative of the most extraordinary and distressing shipwreck of the whale-ship Essex by Owen Chase2     
Il mostro bianco1     
Moby Dick, Two Years Before the Mast4     
Billy Budd / Pierre Or The Ambiguities3     
Billy Budd and Other Works by Herman Melville (Halcyon Classics)1     
A bord1     
Journal up the straits, October 11, 1856-May 5, 18573     
Bartleby le Scribe - L'île de Noroflk et la Veuve Chola - Le Marchand de Paratonnerres - Benito Cereno1     
Great Short Works of Herman Melville4     
The Tartarus of Maids (in American Fantastic Tales - STRAUB)2     
Typee, etc (Penguin Illustrated Classics. no. 8.)3     
Short Stories of Herman Melville1     
Obras completas . III1     
Britannica Great Books: Melville and Twain16     
Moby-Dick: A Penguin Enriched eBook Classic5     
Moby Dick czyli Bialy WIeloryb1     
Hawthorne and His Mosses1     
Works of Herman Melville. Moby Dick, Omoo, Billy Budd, Sailor, The Piazza Tales & more (Mobi Collected Works)1     
Moby Dick: libro primo2     
The Town Ho's Story1     
The Piazza8     
Lewis Mumford2     
The letters of Herman Melville1     
Les encantades ; El violinista ; Jimmy Rose1     
Readings on Herman Melville (The Greenhaven Press Literary Companion to American Authors)1     
Le bonheur dans l'échec : Précédé de Cocorico !1     
Collected Works of Herman Melville1     
American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, volume two: Melville to Stickney, American Indian Poetry, Folk Songs and Spirituals11    
Moby Dick: Level 5 ("Bring the Classics to Life")3     
The Apple-Tree Table And Other Sketches2     
Typee / Omoo / Weißjacke1     
Typee: & The Story of Toby1     
Ausgewählte Werke: Briefe und Tagebücher3     
Moby Dick (two chapters)1     
Rock Rodondo : sketches third and fourth of "The Encantadas"1     
The Works of Herman Melville. Standard edition, Vols. 1-12, 161     
Typee & Omoo (2 Volume Boxed Set - Heritage Press)1     
Herman Melville : stories, poems, and letters4     
Readings on Moby-Dick (Greenhave Press Literary Companion Series)1     
Poesie di guerra e di mare2     
Relatos de Hawthorne y Melville1     
Benito Cereno: Il tartaro delle vergini: Il paradiso degli scapoli: Bartleby lo scrivano1     
Cocorico : Ou Le cri du noble coq Beneventano4     
白鯨 下  新潮文庫 メ 2-21     
Herman Melville's Moby-Dick (Barron's Book Notes)3     
Moby Dick (Now Age Books)9     
Benito Cereno: Le isole incantate1     
Journal of a cruise to the Pacific Ocean, 1842-1844, in the frigate United States, with notes on Herman Melville1     
The Short Novels of Herman Melville3     
Grolier Classics: Moby Dick/Life of Samuel Johnson/The Social Contract, The Odyssey8     
Billy Budd, and other prose pieces; (The works of Herman Melville. Standard edition. vol. XIII)1     
10 Books by Melville1     

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