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The Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary1,29171144.014.000.93
Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary2,228161014.154.000.76
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary: Eleventh Edition7502664.355.000.91
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary1,0556503.784.001.06
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary: Tenth Edition7123474.054.000.88
Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary7896353.343.001.15
The Merriam Webster Thesaurus9192343.433.000.97
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary: Ninth Edition9733333.954.000.88
Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus682 283.864.000.69
Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature4411284.134.000.71
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage3804244.505.000.61
Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary3305224.004.001.09
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary4121213.604.001.04
Merriam-Webster's Rhyming Dictionary267 203.784.000.84
Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus4603162.752.751.47
The Merriam-Webster New Book of Word Histories292 153.804.000.81
Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary2721133.854.000.93
Merriam-Webster's Concise Dictionary of English Usage122 134.385.000.74
Merriam-Webster's Biographical Dictionary308
Merriam-Webster's French-English Dictionary3271124.044.000.78
Webster's Compact Rhyming Dictionary121
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Quotations1951113.323.000.53
Webster's Dictionary of Word Origins116 103.654.001.10
Merriam-Webster's Crossword Puzzle Dictionary140
The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of The English Language213
Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary2021104.204.000.75
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms161194.445.000.68
Webster's Universal College Dictionary89183.693.250.83
Webster's New Dictionary of Synonyms131
Webster's II New College Dictionary146183.563.501.04
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of American Writers82
Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus179 83.753.501.09
Webster's Instant Word Guide128 84.505.000.71
Merriam-Webster's Manual for Writers and Editors89
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Rhyming Dictionary (Pocket Reference Library)67173.713.000.88
The Merriam-Webster and Garfield Dictionary47
Webster's New World Pocket Spanish Dictionary101 63.923.750.84
Picturesque Word Origins60
The New Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of The English Language74 54.304.000.40
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms126 53.804.000.75
Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary160153.704.001.33
Webster's Vest Pocket Dictionary80
Webster's New Geographical Dictionary160
The Merriam-Webster Concise Handbook for Writers116 43.003.00 
Merriam-Webster's Guide to Punctuation and Style79
Webster's New World Compact School and Office Dictionary122 42.752.501.48
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Guide to English Usage12
Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary61 33.333.000.47
Webster's Treasury of Synonyms, Antonyms and Homonyms53 33.333.000.47
Webster's Classic Reference Library Dictionary24131.672.000.47
Webster's II New Riverside Pocket Dictionary88
Webster's New World Pocket French Dictionary52 35.005.00 
Webster's New Dictionary of the English Language62
Webster's New Explorer Desk Encyclopedia24
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary: Tenth Edition with CD ROM46 34.004.00 
Webster's Compact Writers Guide46 34.334.000.47
Webster's Elementary Dictionary220134.504.500.41
Merriam-Webster's Secretarial Handbook (Third Edition)95
Merriam-Webster's Reader's Handbook26 33.333.000.47
Webster's Dictionary in Decorative Covers23 23.503.501.50
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary (Pocket Reference Library)61224.004.001.00
Webster's New Dictionary97 23.503.500.50
Webster's Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms58125.005.00 
Webster's New Explorer Spanish-English Dictionary64
Pocket Webster School and Office Dictionary25123.503.500.50
Webster's New World Misspeller's Dictionary38124.504.500.50
Webster's American English Thesaurus18 23.503.500.50
Webster's New French Dictionary14
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Thesaurus42 24.754.750.25
Webster's Thesaurus for Students56
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Guide to Punctuation (Pocket Reference Library)46 23.503.501.50
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia (The 21st Century, [10 Volume Set] Box Set)11
Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary50 24.504.500.50
The Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms24 24.504.500.50
Merriam-Webster's Everyday Language Reference Set17 24.004.00 
Webster's American Dictionary: College Edition7
Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students56 23.503.500.50
Merriam-Webster's Pocket French-English Dictionary27
Webster's New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary6115.005.00 
Webster's Large Print Crossword Puzzles1 13.503.50 
Webster's New Thesaurus of the English Language, New Edition20 14.004.00 
Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's English Dictionary27 15.005.00 
Concise School and Office Dictionary11 14.004.00 
Webster's New World Mini Thesaurus6 11.001.00 
Webster's II Pocket Dictionary13 13.003.00 
Webster's New Explorer Crossword Puzzle Dictionary19 14.004.00 
Webster's New English Language Dictionary19 12.002.00 
Merriam-Webster's Desk Dictionary19 15.005.00 
Webster's New Compact Format Dictionary1 14.004.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.10; Revised Edition] (vol.10)3 13.003.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.9; Revised Edition] (vol. 9)3 13.003.00 
Merriam-Webster's Arabic-English Dictionary13 13.003.00 
Merriam-Webster's German-English Dictionary4 13.503.50 
Webster's New World Secretarial Handbook29 13.503.50 
Webster's Shorter School Dictionary, 19141 13.003.00 
Webster's New Explorer Dictionary of Word Origins22 14.004.00 
Webster's New World Pocket Encyclopedia17 14.004.00 
Merriam-Webster's Notebook Atlas34 14.504.50 
Webster's Dictionary for Students87 15.005.00 
Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary76 13.003.00 
Webster's New Explorer Dictionary and Thesaurus19 14.504.50 
Webster's New Practical School Dictionary8 14.004.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.2; Revised Edition] (vol 2)3 13.003.00 
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Atlas (Pocket Reference Library)26 15.005.00 
Webster's Concise Reference Library1 15.005.00 
Webster's Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus24 15.005.00 
Merriam-Webster's Deluxe Dictionary5 15.005.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.3; Revised Edition] (vol.3)3 13.003.00 
Webster's International Atlas53 14.004.00 
Webster's New World Speller11 15.005.00 
Webster's Compact Dictionary21114.004.00 
Webster's New World Dictionary of Quotations25 14.004.00 
Webster's Medical Speller38 14.004.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.4; Revised Edition] (vol.4)3 13.003.00 
The Merriam-Webster Instant Speller7 15.005.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol. 7; Revised Edition] (vol. 7)1 13.003.00 
Webster's New American Dictionary35 15.005.00 
Webster's New Elementary Dictionary18 12.502.50 
Webster's New Explorer Dictionary of Quotations18 14.004.00 
Webster's New Explorer Thesaurus20 14.004.00 
Merriam-Webster's School Thesaurus59 13.003.00 
Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Readers38 15.005.00 
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law37 13.003.00 
Webster's New World Compact Desk Dictionary and Style Guide35 14.004.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.1; Revised Edition] (vol 1)3 13.003.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.8; Revised Edition] (vol. 8)3 13.003.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol. 6; Revised Edition] (vol. 6)3 13.003.00 
Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary81114.004.00 
Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary77 13.003.00 
Webster's Challenging Large Print Crossword Puzzles1 14.004.00 
Webster's New College Dictionary39115.005.00 
Webster's New World Notebook Dictionary6 13.003.00 
Merriam-Webster's Notebook Guide to Punctuation11 13.003.00 
Webster's New World College Dictionary of American English29 15.005.00 
Merriam-Webster's Notebook French-English Dictionary (French Edition)2 15.005.00 
The 21th Century Webster's Family Encyclopedia [1999; vol.5; Revised Edition] (vol.5)3 13.003.00 
Webster's Compact Dictionary of Synonyms20 14.004.00 
Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary2     
Webster's English Usage Guide10     
Webster's Thesaurus (Green Words)5     
365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day Calendar 20081     
Webster's Vocabulary Builder8     
The New Webster's U.S. & World Atlas7     
Webster's American & Spanish-English Dictionary4     
The Consolidated Webster Multi-Pictured Encyclopedia Dictionary1     
Webster's New Explorer Student Dictionary14     
Webster's New Basic Dictionary, Office Edition9     
Book of Common Phrases5     
A New Garland for Word Lovers2     
Merriam-Webster's Student Atlas16     
Webster's International Dictionary of the English Language4     
Webster's New Notebook Dictionary2     
Compton's Dictionary by Merriam-Webster1     
Webster's Tower Dictionary Illustrated1     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.63     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.53     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.43     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol 74     
Webster's Encyclopedia of Dictionaries8     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.132     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.123     
Webster's Encyclopedia: One Volume Edition1     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.12     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.82     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.93     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.113     
Webster's New Roget's Thesaurus, Office Edition3     
Webster's New American Handy College Dictionary6     
Webster's Contemporary American English Dictionary1     
Webster's Factfinder Handbook2     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.23     
Webster's Pocket Grammar Speech And Style Dictionary1     
Webster's Universal Business Dictionary2     
Merriam-Webster's Essential Learner's English Dictionary7     
The Complete Webster's Family Encyclopedia: A 12 Volume Set in One Convenient Volume1     
Webster's New Pocket Thesaurus4     
Webster's English Thesaurus for School, Home and Office4     
Merriam-Webster's Compact American English Dictionary12     
Webster's Dictionary Speedi Index3     
Merriam-Webster's Word Central1     
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary for Children6     
365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day Calendar 2009 (Original Page a Day Calendars)1     
Livemocha Active German (German Edition)1     
The Webster family encyclopedia2     
Websters Family Dictionary1     
Livemocha Active French1     
Livemocha Active Italian1     
Webster's Universal Spelling Dictionary1     
Websters Dictionary of Computer Terms1     
Webster's Shorter School Dictionary1     
A garland for word lovers.1     
Webster's Dictionary for Students3     
Webster's Dictionary of Proper Names [Ref.423.1]1     
Merriam-Webster's English & Spanish Reference Set1     
Websters Guide to American History1     
Merriam-Webster's Easy Learning Complete Spanish1     
Webster's Handy Dictionary Illustrated2     
Webster's Large Print Crossword Puzzle Dictionary1     
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Basic English1     
Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary, Office Edition1     
Merriam-Webster's Illustrated Spanish-English Student Dictionary (Spanish Edition)1     
Webster's Notebook Spanish-English Dictionary (Spanish Edition)1     
Celebrating 100 Years of New Words: Fun and Fascinating Facts About Our Language1     
Websters Universal Dictionary and Thesaurus1     
Webster's Crossword Puzzle Dictionary2     
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Fith Edition (Thin Paper)1     
English Thesaurus5     
Webster's Concise Thesaurus1     
Secretarial Handbook1     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.103     
Webster's Thesaurus of the English Language: Created in Cooperation with the Editors of Merriam-Webster1     
Websters Family Encyclopedia Vol 10 Tor To Zwo1     
Concise SPanish Dictionary1     
Webster's Spanish - English dictionary1     
Webster's Third New International Dictionary1     
Webster's Students Dictionary for Upper School Levels1     
Webster's Word Histories1     
Webster's Italian-English Dictionary5     
American Sign Language Learning System DVD1     
Webster's Third New International Dictionary, vol. 1 : A-G10     
Webster's Third New International Dictionary, vol. 3 : S-Z22     
Merriam-Webster's College Dictionary & Thesaurus1     
Merriam-Webster's Easy Learning French Idioms5     
Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of Synonyms and Antonyms20     
Webster's Style Guide1     
Webster's Travelers Phrase Book: English-Spanish5     
Webster's Seventh New College Dictionary2     
Webster's Concise Pocket Dictionary1     
The New Webster's Desk Reference Library1     
Webster's New Explorer Student's Quick Reference4     
Webster's New Modern English Dictionary Illustrated Self Pronouncing1     
Websters New World Dictionary College Edition 19531     
Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus with Color Atlas2     
Webster's Contemporary Spanish-English Dictionary (Spanish Edition)2     
Webster's Family Medical Dictionary1     
Webster's New Spanish Notebook Dictionary2     
Livemocha Active Spanish (Spanish Edition)2     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia & Dictionary - 13 Volumes1     
Webster's New International Dictionary of the English Language, Second Edition, Unabridged3     
WEBSTER'S COMPUTER TERMS DICTIONARY New revised Edition with Guide to Office Ergonomics1     
Merriam-Webster's Book of Word Histories5     
Webster's American College Dictionary6     
Webster's English Dictionary for School, Home and Office2     
English-Tagalog, Tagalog-English Dictionary: New Handy English Webster's Dictionary, Contains All the Important Words, Phrases, and Idioms of the English Language and the New Filipino Terms2     
Merriam-Webster's English-German Translation Dictionary1     
Webster's Spelling, Grammar, & Usage1     
Webster's Punctuation Guide18     
Webster's Dictionary, Thesaurus & Atlas3     
Webster's Grammar and Punctuation Handbook: Good Grammar and Spelling Made Easy3     
Webster's New Explorer Vocabulary Skill Builder26     
Webster's New School & Office Dictionary3     
Webster's New Basic Dictionary2     
Webster's 21st Century Dictionary1     
The Complete Crossword Dictionary: The Essential Reference Book for Crossword Fans11     
Merriam-Webster's Notebook Thesaurus9     
Webster's for Everyone Dictionary6     
Webster's New Riverside Dictionary Vest-pocket Edition1     
Webster's Universal Encyclopedic Dictionary14     
Webster's New World Concise French Dictionary23     
New Handy Webster Dictionary7     
Webster's Compact Edition Spanish-English Dictionary8     
Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary104     
Webster's New Young American Dictionary8     
Merriam-Webster's Illustrated Children's Dictionary2     
Webster's New World Pocket Desk Set7     
Webster's Worldwide English / Spanish Dictionary3     
A Dictionary for Boys and Girls6     
Webster's English/Spanish Espanol/Ingles Dictionary5     
Webster's English Dictionary Concise Edition41     
Webster's Concise Dictionary & Synonym Guide3     
Webster's Desk Reference Set7     
Webster's American English Thesaurus & Webster's American English Dictionary Set2     
Webster's New Basic Thesaurus3     
New Websters Thesaurus3     
Webster's New World Word Madness1     
New Illustrated Webster's Dictionary of the English Language [Thesaurus]3     
Webster's Comprehensive Illustrated Dictionary and Atlas2     
Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus with Computer2     
Webster's New World Encyclopedia11     
Webster's American English Dictionary54     
Webster's American & Italian-English Dictionary4     
Webster's II Children's Dictionary10     
Merriam-Webster's Primary Dictionary6     
Webster's New World College Dictionary and Roget's A-Z Thesaurus1     
Webster's New Complete Thesaurus: Created in Cooperation With Editors of Merriam-Webster15     
The New International Websters Thesaurus91    
Webster's New Deluxe Desk Reference Library/Boxed Set9     
Webster's Guide to Abbreviations20     
Webster's Dictionary of First Names6     
New Grolier Webster's Dictionary14     
Webster's New Complete Desk Reference Book11     
Webster's New World Dictionary of the English Language: College Edition5     
Webster's Travelers Phrase Book: English-German3     
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Reference Set4     
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Biographical Dictionary14     
Webster's Concise Desktop Encyclopedia1     
12000 Words: A Supplement to Webster's Third New International Dictionary8     
Encarta Webster's College Dictionary4     
Webster's 21st Century Chronology of World History, 3000 BC-19935     
Webster's New Spelling Dictionary10     
Webster's Standard American Style Manual66     
The New International Webster's Pocket Business Dictionary37     
The New International Webster's Pocket Computer Dictionary70     
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Geographical Dictionary18     
Webster's Dictionary of American Authors36     
Webster's New Explorer Medical Dictionary16     
Webster's Large Print Thesaurus14     
The Tormont Webster's Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary36     
Webster's New Spanish-English Dictionary11     
The Merriam-Webster Concise School and Office Thesaurus5     
Webster's New Explorer Rhyming Dictionary9     
Merriam-Webster's Notebook Dictionary9     
Webster's Dictionary of American Women24     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia, 1988 edition1     
The Complete Crossword Dictionary31    
Webster's Thesaurus in Dictionary Format6     
Webster's Atlas and Zip Code Directory3     
Webster's New Students Dictionary10     
Webster's New Ideal Dictionary32     
Webster's Sports Dictionary29     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Vol.33     
Webster's Comprehensive Desk Reference Library2     
Webster's Concise Reference Guide5     
Webster's Backpack Thesaurus1     
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Collegiate Thesaurus24     
Webster's Young Writer's Thesaurus3     
Merriam-Webster's Guide to Business Correspondence20     
Webster's Primary Dictionary1     
9000 Words: A Supplement to Webster's Third New International Dictionary3     
Merriam-Webster's Notebook Spanish-English Dictionary5     
Webster's New English Language Thesaurus22     
Webster's Business Writing Basics6     
Webster's Medical Dictionary and First Aid Guide1     
Webster's Legal Dictionary4     
Webster's Basic Reference Collection2     
Webster's Home and Office Handbook6     
The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus for Large Print Users2     
Webster's Universal Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the English Language1     
Webster's Best Of Crossword Challenge1     
How to Use a Dictionary/How to Use a Thesaurus: 48 Fun Activities for Students Learning Dictionary and Thesaurus4     
Webster's Easy Crossword Key3     
Webster's Contemporary School & Office Thesaurus2     
Webster's Large Print Crossword Puzzle Dictionary1     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 3 A through Fra1     
Merriam-Webster's Concise Dictionary3     
Webster's Concise Thesaurus1     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Volume 2 of 3 Fra through Pas1     
Webster's Family Encyclopedia Volume 3 of 3 Pas through Zwo1     
Webster's Universal World Facts4     
Webster's Large Print Dictionary6     
Webster's American Dictionary3     
Merriam-Webster's Classics Edition Dictionary1     
Webster's New Explorer Guide to English Usage4     
New Webster's Dictionary: Basic English Words for Daily Use1     
Websters Reference Library Concise Edition Spelling Grammar & Usage new edition1     
Merriam-Webster's Crossword Quest, Volume 21     
Webster's New Pocket Spanish Dictionary7     
Webster's New Secondary School Dictionary1     
The Modern Webster's Dictionary for Home and School2     
Webster's New Explorer College Dictionary11     
Webster's Everyday Spanish-English Dictionary5     
Webster's Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary2     
Webster's New Spanish Dictionary7     
Merriam-Webster's Essential Rhyming Dictionary4     
Webster's New Handy Dictionary2     
Webster's Family Spanish-English Dictionary (Spanish Edition)7     
Webster's Universal Spanish-English Dictionary5     
Webster's New Essential Writer's Companion5     
Webster's Dictionary of the English Language16     
Webster's New Explorer Large Print Dictionary25     
Webster's New American Crossword Puzzle Dictionary13     
Webster's First Phonics5     
Merriam-Webster's Handbook of Effective Business Correspondence7     
Webster's Clear Type Dictionary2     
Webster's New Explorer Dictionary19     
Webster's Large Print Dictionary1     
New Webster's Library of Practical Information2     
Webster's New World Basic Dictionary of American English17     
Webster's Ultimate Crossword Challlenge3     
Webster's New Explorer Crossword Challenge2     
New Webster's Vest Pocket Dictionary4     
New Webster's Medical Dictionary1     
Webster's School and Office Dictionary2     
Webster's Thesaurus & Antonyms & Homonyms - New Revised Edition1     
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Basic English13     
Webster's New Explorer Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms5     
Webster's Home & Office Desk Reference2     
Webster's Second New International Dictionary11     
The Merriam-Webster High School Dictionary4     
Webster's Concise Biographical Dictionary7     
Webster's New Complete Medical Dictionary6     
Webster's New World Dictionary for Young Adults5     
Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus for Students: With Full-Color World Atlas5     

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