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TitleCopiesReviewsRatingsAverageMedianStd. dev.
The Railway Children2,786504403.874.000.86
Five Children and It2,386464363.934.000.91
The Phoenix and the Carpet1,146132313.934.000.82
The Enchanted Castle1,398262293.804.000.96
The Story of the Treasure Seekers926151353.914.000.89
The Story of the Amulet81971303.934.000.88
The Book of Dragons67511853.904.000.86
Unnatural Creatures: Stories Selected by Neil Gaiman50713653.874.000.76
The Wouldbegoods: Being the Further Adventures of the Treasure Seekers4795603.924.000.87
The Haunted Looking Glass: Ghost Stories Chosen by Edward Gorey4264564.274.000.61
The House of Arden2744543.924.000.76
Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots of Modern Fantasy4117533.483.500.75
The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales3894503.994.000.78
The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories3786493.784.000.84
The Magic City3047473.864.000.97
The Magic World3053393.644.001.01
The Enchanted Castle and Five Children and It226 333.864.000.88
The Victorian Fairytale Book3083333.564.001.07
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children4202294.034.000.73
The New Treasure Seekers2202274.044.000.88
Wet Magic1796253.684.000.84
Classic Victorian & Edwardian ghost stories222 253.683.500.81
Last of the Dragons and Some Others1933213.984.000.99
Fantasy Stories2086193.053.000.78
Harding's Luck861184.144.000.62
Victorian Tales of Mystery and Detection: An Oxford Anthology1263183.584.000.87
The Mammoth Book of Modern Ghost Stories824163.533.500.78
The Railway Children [abridged - Penguin Readers]4515163.313.500.88
Five Children and It/The Phoenix and the Carpet/The Story of the Amulet1322144.395.000.93
The Book of Beasts697144.004.501.18
Vampire Stories91
The Supernatural Omnibus1041133.273.501.19
The Power of Darkness: Tales of Terror1112123.884.000.62
Jack and the Beanstalk827104.204.000.87
Victorian Fairy Tales: The Revolt of the Fairies and Elves89 104.304.500.78
Strange Tales From the Strand78193.944.000.50
The Story of the Treasure Seekers [abridged - Penguin Readers]23883.383.251.19
Book of Princesses (Puffin books)62 84.505.000.71
Graphic Classics: Adventure Classics21273.573.000.73
Lionel and the Book of Beasts48373.934.001.08
Forbidden Journeys: Fairy Tales and Fantasies by Victorian Women Writers86 63.834.001.07
The Wonderful Garden31 63.833.500.90
The Enchanted Castle/Five Children and It/The Phoenix and the Carpet/The Railway Children/The Story of the Amulet/The Story of the Treasure-Seekers/The Would-be-Goods42164.254.250.69
The Deliverers of Their Country73363.834.000.69
Alternative Alices: Visions and Revisions of Lewis Carroll's Alice Books : An Anthology31153.504.000.89
The Second Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories34
The Town in the Library27153.403.001.02
The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories50 53.303.500.75
Women of the Weird: Eerie Stories by the Gentle Sex29153.603.000.80
Grim Tales14143.503.500.50
Classic Tales of Ghosts and Vampires6144.134.000.54
The Red House14243.634.000.65
Anthology of Fear 20 Haunting Stories for Winter Nights25144.384.750.82
The Story of the Treasure Seekers/The Wouldbegoods/New Treasure Seekers70 44.634.750.41
Long Ago When I Was Young38143.753.500.83
WHEREYOUWANTOGOTO (Little Barefoot Books)31
In The Dark31 33.834.000.62
Oswald Bastable and Others40233.003.000.82
The Best of Shakespeare: Retellings of 10 Classic Plays39 33.334.000.94
Great Ghost Stories35
The Seven Dragons and Other Stories9
Fairy Stories35 33.834.000.24
The Dreaming Sex: Early Tales of Scientific Imagination by Women21333.834.000.24
Man-Size in Marble15133.674.000.47
The Treasure Seekers [abridged - Junior Classics]6 34.504.500.41
The Incomplete Amorist31132.833.000.24
The Darker Sex: Tales of the Supernatural and Macabre by Victorian Women Writers24133.333.500.62
Great Ghost Stories (Books of Wonder)31133.834.001.03
The Dragon Tamers4234.174.000.62
The World's Greatest Ghost Stories18 22.752.750.75
Shakespeare's Stories for Young Readers (Dover Children's Classics)40224.504.500.50
The Ebony Frame3
Wings and the Child: Or the Building of Magic Cities or the Building of Magic Cities12
the garden of truth3 22.752.750.75
The Junior Classics Volume 05: Stories That Never Grow Old19124.004.001.00
Great Ghost Stories: 34 Classic Tales of the Supernatural14123.253.250.25
All Round the Year6
The Mystery Of The Semi-detached3
Ladybird Classics: The Railway Children30
Ladies of Fantasy : Two Centuries of Sinister Stories by the Gentle Sex31124.004.00 
Mistresses of Mystery: Two Centuries of Suspense Stories by the Gentle Sex22
Nine Unlikely Tales19122.752.751.25
The Conscience Pudding12
Five of us, and Madeline14
A Treasury of Victorian Ghost Stories16122.502.500.50
A School Bewitched7 24.004.00 
Ghosts for Christmas23 24.504.500.50
John Charrington's Wedding5
The Phoenix and the Carpet [abridged - New Editions]7113.003.00 
The Railway Children [abridged - audio]4 13.003.00 
The Power Of Darkness [short story]1 13.003.00 
The Deliverers of Their Country, The Original Short Story: (Edith Nesbit Masterpiece Collection)1114.004.00 
The Railway Children (1970 film)1 14.004.00 
Tales of Terror17 13.003.00 
The island of the nine whirlpools (Early bird series ; no. 16)4 14.004.00 
My School Days8 12.002.00 
Classic Tales of Ghosts and Vampires: Volume 2 (Unabridged)2 14.004.00 
Delphi Complete Novels of E. Nesbit (Illustrated) (Series Four)5 15.005.00 
Royal Children of English History16 13.003.00 
The Cockatoucan22114.004.00 
The Haunted House2 13.003.00 
John Charrington's Wedding and Other Stories (Dodo Press)2 13.003.00 
The Railway Children (Abridged Edition)2 13.503.50 
In The Dark [short story]1 13.003.00 
"Much Ado About Nothing" taken from Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare1 13.003.00 
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Children's Stories from Shakespeare2 13.003.00 
A Book of Princes19113.003.00 
Professor De Lara And The Twopenny Spell1 13.003.00 
The Railway Children [abridged -Usborne Young Readers]31 13.003.00 
Ice Dragon12112.002.00 
Spooky Tales: Spine-Chilling Stories of Ghosts and Ghouls1 13.003.00 
Beauty and the Beast (Warne Classics Series)9112.002.00 
Five Children And It (And) The Story Of The Amulet1 15.005.00 
Oswald Bastable and others / by E. Nesbit ; illustrated by Charles E. Brock and H.R. Millar1     
Pug Peter King of Mouseland. Marquis of Barkshire D.O.G. P.C. 1906 Knight of Order of the Golden Dog Collar...1     
Die Kinder von Arden. 2 Cassetten.1     
Fairy stories / E. Nesbit ; illustrated by Brian Robb ; edited by Naomi Lewis1     
The Complete Book Of Dragons1     
Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 14: TreeTops Classics: Five Children and It1     
The Lark3     
E Nesbit Five Children & It Phoenix & TH1     
Los Salvadores Del Pais (Spanish Edition)1     
Complete book of dragons^The last of the dragons, and some others / by E. Nesbit ; illustrated by Erik Blegvad1     
Geheimnisvolle Reisen mit Psammy.1     
The Power of Darkness and Other Stories1     
The Works of E. Nesbit (16 books) [Illustrated]9     
The Rainbow Queen and Other Stories1     
Ghost Stories3     
Complete House of Arden Series by E. NESBIT: The House of Arden and Harding's Luck1     
Five Children & It: Part 11     
Septimus Septimusson (Grasshopper Books)2     
Wet Magic1     
Twenty Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare A Home Study Course1     
Romeo and Juliet, and Other Stories (Children's Stories From Shakespeare)1     
The wouldbegoods / by E. Nesbit ; illustrated by Arthur H. Buckland and John Hassall1     
The Wouldbegoods,1     
The Children's Shakespeare: As You Like It, Hamlet, King Lear, a Midsummer Night's Dream, Pericles, Romeo & Juliet,5     
The Wouldbegoods1     
The story of the treasure seekers : being the adventures of the Bastable children in search of a fortune / by E. Nesbit ; with illustrations by Gordon Brown1     
The Taming of the Shrew and Other Stories (Children's Stories from Shakespeare)1     
The Complete Works of E. Nesbit (26 Complete Works of E. Nesbit Including The Railway Children, The Book of Dragons, Five Children and It, The Enchanted Castle, The Phoenix and the Carpet, & More)1     
The Railway Children (Ladybird Classics Series) by E. Nesbit (Abridged, May 1994) Hardcover1     
House of Arden Complete Series Books 1/2: The House of Arden, Harding's Luck (Edith Nesbit Masterpiece Collection)1     
Lays and legends, second series1     
Edith Nesbit Collection: 34 Works (Five Children and It, The Enchanted Castle, The Railway Children, The Story of the Treasure Seekers, The Book of Dragons and more)2     
Psammead Complete Series Books 1 2 3: Five Children and It, the Phoenix and the Carpet, The Story of the Amulet (Edith Nesbit Masterpiece Collection)1     
Morning songs and sketches1     
The E. Nesbit Megapack: 26 Classic Novels and Stories3     
Fairy Tales for Young Readers: By the Author of Shakespeare's Stories for Young Readers1     
The Second Macabre Megapack: 20 Classic Dark Fantasies4     
The Children's Shakespeare3     
Cymbeline - Children's Stories from Shakespeare1     
In Homespun and All Round the Year (Large Print Edition)1     
Az elvarázsolt kastéy1     
The Collected Young Readers Fiction of E. Nesbit-Volume 2: The Bastable Family Chronicles-The Story of the Treasure Seekers, The Wouldbegoods, The Red ... Children in Search of a Fortune & Oswald Bast1     
Belinda and Bellament1     
Hárman a vasút mentén1     
Accidental Magic1     
The children's Shakespeare,1     
The rainbow and the rose13     
Tales from The Book of Dragons: The Book of Beasts and The Dragon Tamers (PlainTales Classics)2     
The Fiery Dragon2     
The Three Drugs (in Great Tales of Terror, JOSHI)1     
The Phoenix and the Carpet [dvd]1     
The Railway Children [abridged - Green Apple]1     
Five Children and It [abridged - Green Apple]1     
Five Children and It [abridged - Movie Screenplay]3     
The Enchanted Castle [abridged - Usborne Young Reading]33     
Five Children and It [abridged - Junior Classics]13     
The great weird stories2     
Daphne in Fitzroy Street3     
Twenty Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare7     
Lays and Legends1     
Ballads and Lyrics of Socialism, 1883-19082     
Murder mixture: An anthology of crime stories2     
Horror by Lamplight12     
Princess and the Hedgehog (Grasshopper Books)2     
Drachen, Katzen, Königskinder2     
A Dandy Chair and Other Stories1     
Princess and the Cat2     
Miss Mischief3     
The Last of the Dragons [short story]1     
Sweet Lavender1     
Pussy and Doggy Tales5     
Shakespeare Made Easy5     
Popular Stories: " Enchanted Castle " , " New Treasure Seekers " , " Railway Children " , " Story of the Treasure Seekers " and " Wouldbegoods " (Puffin Books)1     
История с амулетом1     
Landscape and Song1     
The Incredible Honeymoon4     
The Literary Sense3     
David Salle: Pinturas y Obras Sobre Papel, 1981-1999 (Paintings and Works on Paper, 1981-1999)1     
Magician's Heart (Piccolo Books)17     
The Lily and the cross /1     
Stories From Shakespeare - Complete Plays Of William Shakespeare7     
The Lifted Veil: The Book of Fantastic Literature by Women 1800-World War II34     
Nieuwe avonturen van het zestal11    
The revolt of the toys and what comes of quarrelling, etc2     
Six stories by E. Nesbit: The Story of the Treasure Seekers, The Wouldbegoods, The Story of the Amulet, Five Children and It, The Phoenix and the Carpet, The Railway Children1     
Rose Royal1     
In Homespun10     
The old nursery stories5     
Man and Maid4     
Many Voices (Dodo Press)7     
The Pavilion1     
The Favourite Wonder Book8     
Edith Nesbits skräckhistorier : en antologi1     

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