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Clarkson Stephen Clark John Cleare Robert Glass Cleland Adirondack Mountain Club Cayuga Trails Club Green Mountain Club Maine Appalachian Trail Club Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Sierra Club The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Williams Outing Club Broughton Coburn James Henry Coffin N. W. Coffin Michael P. Cohen Geraldine Collins Miriam Davis Colt Mrs. Colt, b 1817- [from old catalog] Miriam (Davis) Verplanck Colvin Commission on the Adirondacks in the Twenty-First Committee formed by NYS DEC Schenectady Chapter Committee, The Adirondack Mountain Club, Inc Conservation New York State Joint Legislative Committee on Lake George Water Conditions Appalachian Trail Conference Inc. The Appalachian Trail Conference The Appalachian Trail Conference Connecticut River Steam Boat Company. State of Connecticut Nancy Connor Dennis Conroy State of New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Marc Cook Guy Omeron Coolidge James X. Corgan George Cornwell Edith L Costa David Francis Costello A. J. Coughlan Richard Coughlin County Planning Board, William Cowper George Crary Lawton V. Crocker David Cross Red Cross Marnie Reed Crowell William Crowley Dick Culbert E.S. Cullings Gerry Cunningham Louis C. Curth Edith E Cutting Harvey I. Cutting Nelson C Dale Dana G. Dalrymple Gene Daniell John A Danielsen Dartmouth College Fred T. Darvill Charles Darwin Daughters of the American Revolution James West Davidson Margaret Miller Davidson Barnet H Davis Betty B Davison Benjamin Franklin De Costa Allen De Hart Delaware and Hudson Company. Anthony N. D'Elia Robert Denniston State of New York Conservation Department Maitland C. Desormo Michael G. DiNunzio Bradford B. Van Diver David Dobbs Stephen Doheny-Farina Paul Doherty Roy Luther Donahue Alfred L. Donaldson Henry Dornburgh Joan Dorsey William O. Douglas Charles M. Dow Samuel Adams Drake Joseph Duemer Richard DuMais Eleanor L. Dumas Joan Dunning John M. Dunn Kenneth Durant K. & H. Durant Samuel W. 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Maine Development Commission Atwood Manley Mark Marschall Robert Marshall Robert Marshall Robert a/k/a Bob Marshall George Perkins Marsh J. Peter Martin Newell Martin Bill Mason Marilyn Mason Solon Massey Arthur H. Masten Peter Matthiessen David Mazel Kevin J. Mcgowan Anne McGrath Donald McLaughlin William G. McLoughlin Barbara McMartin Robert E. McNair Edmond S. Meany Don Mellor C. Hart Merriam Stuart F. Mesinger Reinhold Messner William J. Miller W. J. Miller Jeannette Mirsky Dick Mitchell Joel Henry Monroe Montreal Research Council. Robert L. Mooers Harold Glenn Moulton climbing committee of the mountaineers Marge Mueller John Muir John Muir W.D Mulholland William D. Mulholland Ernest Hathaway Muller Joel Munsell Carol Munson Dick Murlless Thomas Dowler Murphy Thos. D. Murphy Amelia M. Murray W. H. H. Murray New York State Museum Fridtjof Nansen Association of American Geologists and Naturalists. Charles A. [from old catalog] Neidé Dick Nelson George Washington Sears Harold Nestler Eric Newby New Hampshire. New York (State). New-York and Albany Rail Road Company. New York Central Railroad Company (1914- George Ward Nichols Ken Nichols Erik Nilsson William B. Norman A. Judd Northrup Wallace Nutting NY-NJ Trail Conference NYSDEC Clara V. O'Brien ocallaghanebmd Walter Collins O'Kane Denison Olmstead Denison Olmsted Robert M. Ormes L. Ortenburger Edward B Osborne Minott A. (ed) Osborn Peter O'Shea Peter V. O'Shea Peter S. Palmer Kenneth C Parkes Robert Parnes Brian Patton Paul Smith's Hotel Co. Roderick Peattie Charles H. Peck James Glenn Peck Larry Penberthy George F. Perkins Roger Tory Peterson Owen Sewall Pettingill C. R. Pettis Clarence Petty Thomas Phelan Orra Phelps Orson Schofield Phelps Ephraim Phillips Edith Pilcher Gifford Pinchot Robert Eugene Pinkerton Louis Heaton Pink Dorothy Plum L.P. Plumley Richard Plunz Martin Podskoch Gontran de Poncins Stephen S. Porcella Eliot Porter Chas. S Possons Weldon and Potts Richard H. Pough Jim Poulette Arthur Pound John Wesley Powell Gene Prater Samuel Prime William Cowper Prime Robert D. Proudman J. V. et al. Pruyn William Lowell Putnam James Eldridge Quinlan Harry V. Radford Glenn Randall Henry Warren Raymond Martha Reben Olympic Mountain Recue John Howard Redfield William C. Redfield Robert J. Redington James Redpath Frank A. Reed J. C. Reed William Reed Regents of the State University Edwin A Reid William Reid William E. Reifsnyder Henry Ottridge Reik Catherine C. Reiley E. M. and K. C. Parkes Reilly Frederic Remington Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research David Reuther Bessie Decosse Jeanne Reynolds Dorothy Richards Helen Hinsdale Rich Robert S. Ridgely D.M. Ripley Rose Rivezzi Chandler S. Robbins Royal Robbins David Roberts Jesse David Roberts Laurance S Rockefeller Caroline Washburn Rockwood John Rodgers Watertown and Ogdensburg railroad company. [from old catalog] Rome Watertown & Ogdensburg RR Rome Ann Ronald T. Roosevelt, & H. Minot Steve Roper Thomas R. Rosecrans Francis B. Rosevear Paul Ross Sir James Clark Ross Elmer B Rowley Robert H. Ruchhoft George R. Sainsbury Harold E. Samson Edward A. Samuels Carlton Elisha Sanford Epes Sargent D. Andrew Saunders Edmund J. Sawyer Edmund J.; Ny State College Of Forestry At Syracuse University Sawyer Carolyn Schaefer Paul Schaefer Paul Schneider Bruce Scofield Frank Kimball Scribner Frances Seaman George W. Sears Frederick J. Seaver Brucee Seely Andrew Selters Seneca Robert Service Horatio Seymour Jim Shaughnessy Rev. Clemmons Shaw Richard J. Shaw Robert B. Shaw Augustus D. Shepard Francis Wayland Shepardson R. L. Shep A. T. Shorey Margaret Sidney Benjamin Silliman Jephtha R. Simms Nancy G. Slack Charles Albert Sleicher Edward Staples Cousens Smith Henry Boynton Smith H. Perry Smith Raymond C. Smith Charles Henry Smyth F. S. Smythe Gary Snyder National Geographic Society Ronald M. Fisher & National Geographic Society Albi Sole Ben Solomon Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Horation Gates Spafford J. Spencer Allen Splete Nancy Springer Ira Spring Harvey Manning and Ira Spring Dennis Squires John S. Stapley Walter Augustus Starr Not Stated State of New Jersey Frederic L. Steele George Washington Stephens Jean Stephenson: Editor J. Stephenson Jean Stephenson Robert C. Stephenson Henry Stevens Robert Louis Stevenson Charles Samuel Stewart Paul William Stickel Maggie Stier William J. Stillman St. Lawrence County (NY) Historical Association St. Lawrence County Planning Board St. Lawrence University. Seneca Ray Stoddard S. R. Stoddard Irving Stone William L. Stone Alfred Billings Street Arthur B. Strough Hudson Stuck Albert Sturcke E. Lewis Sturtevant James Sullivan Nell Jane Barnett Sullivan Sunday Rock Association, Herman Milton. [from old catalog] Suter Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester Thomas C. Tacha Taconic Hiking Club Leonard F. Tantillo David Tatham Kip Taylor Mary Christine Taylor Robert Taylor Edna West Teall Tim Tefft Tehanetorens Lito Tejada-Flores Philip G. Terrie John Tetherly The Sisters of Mercy Howard Thomas Harold William Thompson Henry David Thoreau Betsy Tisdale John Todd Bradford Torrey Raymond H. Torrey Chris Townsend M T Townsend Paula LaVoy Trim Edward Livingston Trudeau N.Y. Tryon Co. Helen Escha Tyler John Tyndall James Ramsey Ullman Herbert Ungnade United States., Unknown Various / Unstated Louis Untermeyer John T. Urban Norman J. Van Valkenburgh Armand Vanderstigchel Harry Vane L. John Van Norden Various Victory Mountain Park Committee. Ed Viesturs Vernor Vinge Edgar Wadhams Bruce Wadsworth Ralph Wakefield Charles Dudley Warner Bradford Washburn Jonathan Waterman Laura Waterman Winslow (ed) Elkanah; Watson Watson Winslow Watson Winslow C. Watson Winslow Cossoul Watson Sandra Weber Clarence J Webster Dwight Webster Fay Welch William L Wessels Harold Weston Gurth Adelbert Whipple Carol White Philip L. White Stewart Edward White William Chapman White Edward Whymper Eliot Wigginton Robert S Wightman Peter Wild Howard Payson Wilds Emily Williams John H. Williams Williams Outing Club Richard C. Williams John E. Winkler Conrad L. Wirth Daniel Wise Carl M. WITHERBEE E. Clark Worman A. H. And W. W. Ellis Wright George Wuerthner Karin Wuertz-Schaefer Jerome Wyckoff Samuel S. Wyer Edward N. Zempel
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