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All Bets Off by Jaime ClevengerLesbian Fiction
The Next World by Ursula SteckMystery / Thriller
Tall in the Saddle by Barbara JohnsonLesbian Erotica
All the Wrong Places by Karin KallmakerLesbian Erotica, 2005
Bell, Book and Dyke: New Exploits of Magical Lesbians by Barbara JohnsonLesbian Science-Fiction/Lesbian Fantasy, 2005
Call Of The Dark: Erotic Lesbian Tales Of The Supernatural by Therese SzymanskiLesbian Science-Fiction/Lesbian Fantasy, 2005
Hunter's Way by Gerri HillMystery / Thriller, 2005
Coyote Sky by Gerri HillLesbian Romance, 2006
Finders Keepers by Karin KallmakerLesbian Romance, 2006
For Every Season by Frankie J. JonesLesbian Romance, 2006
Just This Once by KG MacGregorLesbian Romance, 2006
A Time To Cast Away by Pat WelchMystery / Thriller, 2006
Turning The Tables: An Alex Peres Mystery (Alex Peres Mysteries) by Jessica ThomasMystery / Thriller, 2006
Aftershock (Shaken Series) by KG MacGregorLesbian Dramatic Fiction, 2008
Becka's Song by Frankie J. JonesTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2008
The Candidate by Tracey RichardsonTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2008
The Cottage by Gerri HillLesbian Dramatic Fiction, 2008
House of Cards by Nat BurnsLesbian Dramatic Fiction, 2008
In the Name of the Father by Gerri HillMystery / Thriller, 2008
Out of Love by KG MacGregorAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2008
The Kiss That Counted by Karin KallmakerTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2009
Without Warning by KG MacGregorAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2009
The Color of Dust by Claire RooneyHistorical Romance, 2010
No Rules of Engagement by Tracey RichardsonRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thriller, 2010
No Strings by Gerri HillTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2010
Romantic Interludes 2: Secrets by Stacia SeamanAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2010
Side Order of Love by Tracey RichardsonTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2010
Small Packages (Shaken series) by KG MacGregorDramatic / General Fiction, 2010
Something to Declare: Good Lesbian Travel Writing by Gillian KendallAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2010
Time Well Bent: Queer Alternative Histories by Connie WilkinsAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2010
Worth Every Step by KG MacGregorAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2010
Come Back to Me by Chris PaynterAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2011
Eyes on the Stars by Lynn AmesAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2011
For Frying Out Loud - Rehoboth Beach Diaries by Fay JacobsAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2011
Journeys: An Anthology of Life by A.L. HotchkinAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2011
The Long Way Home by Rachel SpanglerAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2011
Love Waits by Gerri HillTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2011
Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel Intrigue by Amy Dawson RobertsonAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2011; Debut Author, 2011
Missing Lynx (Elite Operatives, Book 3) by Kim BaldwinAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2011
Mother Load: Book Four of the Shaken Series by KG MacGregorDramatic / General Fiction, 2011
Murder Takes to the Hill by Jessica ThomasMystery / Thriller, 2011
Shadow Point by Amy BriantParanormal Romance, 2011
Souls' Rescue by Pat CroninAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2011
To Love and To Cherish: an anthology of lesbian love and marriage (print) by Stephanie RoseAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2011
Before It Stains by R. E. BradshawDramatic General Fiction, 2012
Best Lesbian Romance 2011 by RadclyffeLesbian Erotica, 2012
Beyond Instinct by Lynn AmesAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
Bingo Barge Murder by Jessie ChandlerMystery/Thriller, 2012
Blood Hunt by L.L. RaandAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
Cloud Birds by Sheila Joy PackaPoetry, 2012
Cresswell Falls by Kerry BelchambersRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2012
Damaged in Service by BarrettRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2012
The Dark Wife by S.E. DiemerDebut Author, 2012
Dead Ahead: A Jo Spence Mystery by Jen WrightMystery/Thriller, 2012
Deadly Intersection by Ann RobertsMystery/Thriller, 2012
Decoded by Sara MarxRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2012
The Dreamer, Her Angel and the Stars by Linda S. NorthParanormal Romance, 2012
Dust by Ann McManRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2012
Eat Your Heart Out by Dayna IngramSpeculative Fiction, 2012
Faithful Service, Silent Hearts by Lynette MaeDramatic General Fiction, 2012
Fearless by Erin O'ReillyHistorical Romance, 2012
For Me and My Gal by Robbi MccoyHistorical Romance, 2012
The Girls Club by Sally BelleroseDebut Author, 2012
Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica by Delilah DevlinLesbian Erotica, 2012
Heiresses of Russ 2011: The Year's Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction by JoSelle VanderhooftSpeculative Fiction, 2012
Hellebore & Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic by JoSelle VanderhooftSpeculative Fiction, 2012
High Impact by Kim BaldwinTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2012
Immortal Longings: A Vampire Novel by Diane DeKelb-RittenhouseSpeculative Fiction, 2012
Jericho by Ann McManAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
Leaving L.A. by Kate ChristieTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2012
Lunatic Fringe (Tales of the Pack, Book 1) by Allison MoonParanormal Romance, 2012
My Soldier Too by Bev PrescottAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
Roller Coaster by Karin KallmakerTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2012
Sarah, Son of God by Justine SaracenDramatic General Fiction, 2012
Scapegoat by Amy Dawson RobertsonMystery/Thriller, 2012
Scarlet Masquerade by Jett AbbottParanormal Romance, 2012
Shaken and Stirred by Joan OpyrAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
Sheltering Dunes (The Provincetown Tales) by RadclyffeRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2012
The Slayer: An RCMP Constable Danielle Renaud Thriller. by Nadine LaPierreDebut Author, 2012
Stealing Angel by Terry WolvertonDramatic General Fiction, 2012
Storms by Gerri HillTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2012
Taken By Surprise by Kenna WhiteTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2012
Tats by Layce GardnerAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
Unbroken Circle by Mary GriggsDebut Author, 2012
Waiting in the Wings by Melissa BraydenAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
Waking Up Gray by R. E. BradshawAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2012
What Happened in Malinmore by Kate SweeneyMystery/Thriller, 2012
What's Best for Jane by Bett NorrisDramatic General Fiction, 2012
Wildfire by Lynn JamesTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2012
Women Gone Wylde by Beth WyldeLesbian Erotica, 2012
Above Reproach by Lynn AmesMystery / Thriller, 2013
Affinity and Friends put the X back in X-mas by Kiki ArcherLesbian Erotica, 2013
Aftermath by Ann McManDramatic / General Fiction, 2013
Beloved Lady Mistress: Book Two of the Sanguire by D. Jordan RedhawkSpeculative Fiction, 2013
Best Lesbian Erotica 2013 by Kathleen WarnockLesbian Erotica, 2013
The Blondness of Honey by T. T ThomasHistorical Fiction, 2013
Certain Dark Things by Erica AbbottMystery / Thriller, 2013
Crossroads by RadclyffeAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2013
Deerhaven Pines by Diana McRaeSpeculative Fiction, 2013
Demons are Forever (Elite Operatives) by Kim BaldwinRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thriller, 2013
Door Shaker And Other Stories by Nann DunneShort Story/Collections, 2013
Everything Pales in Comparision by Rebecca SwartzRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thriller, 2013
Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians by Sacchi GreenLesbian Erotica, 2013
Growing Up Delicious by Marianne BanksDramatic / General Fiction, 2013
The Harder She Comes: Butch Femme Erotica by D.L. KingLesbian Erotica, 2013
Heart Block by Melissa BraydenAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2013
Heiresses of Russ 2012: The Year's Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction by Steve BermanAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2013
Homesteading: Essays on life, death, sex, and liberation by Julie R. EnszerShort Story/Collections, 2013
I'll Call It Like I See It by Sheila MorrisShort Story/Collections, 2013
In the Now by Kelly SinclairSpeculative Fiction, 2013
Keepers of the Cave by Gerri HillMystery / Thriller, 2013
A Kiss Before Dawn by Laurie SalzlerAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2013
Love Match by Ali ValiTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2013
Molly: House on Fire by R. E. BradshawAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2013
Oath of Honor (First Responders Novel) by RadclyffeRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thriller, 2013
One Saved to the Sea by Catt KingsgraveHistorical Fiction, 2013
Out on the Panhandle by R. E. BradshawDramatic / General Fiction, 2013
The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann WrightParanormal Romance, 2013
A Question of Ghosts by Cate CulpepperParanormal Romance, 2013
Rest for the Wicked by Ellen HartMystery / Thriller, 2013
Rhapsody by KG MacGregorTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2013
Riding Fury Home: A Memoir by Chana WilsonShort Story/Collections, 2013
She Left Me Breathless by Trin DeniseRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thriller, 2013
Silver Moon (Women of Wolf's Point) by Catherine LundoffSpeculative Fiction, 2013
Something in the Wine by JaeTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2013
Spanish Heart by Rachel SpanglerDramatic / General Fiction, 2013
The Storm by Shelley ThrasherHistorical Fiction, 2013
Summoning Shadows:A Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novel (Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novels) by Winter PenningtonParanormal Romance, 2013
sunfall by Nell StarkParanormal Romance, 2013
Tactical Pursuit by Lynette MaeRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thriller, 2013
Third by Q. KellyParanormal Romance, 2013
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright by Justine SaracenDramatic / General Fiction, 2013
A Very Public Eye by Lori L. LakeMystery / Thriller, 2013
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by Maria V. CilettiTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2013
Without Apology: Old Lesbian Life Stories by Arden EversmeyerAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2013
Worth the Risk by Karis WalshTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2013
Amor and More: Love Everafter by RadclyffeAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2014
Angel's Touch by Siri CaldwellDebut Author, 2014
Battle Axe by Carsen TaiteMystery/Thriller, 2014
Broken Trails by D. Jordan RedhawkTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2014
Cut to the Chase by Lisa GirolamiTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2014
A Delicate Refusal by T. T ThomasHistorical Fiction, 2014
Desolation Point by Cari HunterRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2014
Does She Love You? by Rachel SpanglerAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2014
The Edge of Rebellion by Andi MarquetteScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2014
Etched in Shadows by KG MacGregorTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2014
Every Second Counts by D. Jackson LeighAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2014
Exit Wounds by V. K. PowellRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2014
Fervent Charity by Paulette CallenHistorical Fiction, 2014
First Down by JJ GreeneRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2014
Fractured Futures by S Y ThompsonScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2014
Fur(l) Parachute by Shannon MaguirePoetry, 2014
Give Me A Reason by Lyn GardnerAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2014
High Desert by Katherine V. ForrestAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2014
Hot Line by Alison GreyErotica, 2014
In the Midst of Tribulation by Mary GriggsScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2014
Jump the Gun by Lori L. LakeMystery/Thriller, 2014
The Killer Wore Leather: A Mystery by Laura AntoniouMystery/Thriller, 2014
Laughter in the Wind by S. L HarrisYoung Adult, 2014
Leap by Z EgloffDramatic General Fiction, 2014
Light Light by Julie JoostenPoetry, 2014
Like Jazz by Heather BlackmoreDebut Author, 2014
Magical Echo by Linda Kay SilvaScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2014
Murder and the Hurdy Gurdy Girl by Kate McLachlanHistorical Fiction, 2014
Odyssey of the Butterfly by Fran HeckrotteAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2014
One fine Day by Erica AbbottTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2014
Remember Me by Syd ParkerDramatic General Fiction, 2014
The Reunion by Susan X MeagherDramatic General Fiction, 2014
The Road to Her by KE PayneYoung Adult, 2014
Rush by Carsen TaiteRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2014
Saving Morgan by MB PanichiDebut Author, 2014
Sea Glass Inn by Karis WalshTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2014
The Second Mango by Shira GlassmanYoung Adult, 2014
She's Gone Santa Fe by Maida TilchenHistorical Fiction, 2014
Sisterhood by Julie R. EnszerPoetry, 2014
Stealing Second: Sam's Story by Barbara L ClantonYoung Adult, 2014
Step Into the Wind by Bev PrescottDramatic General Fiction, 2014
Survival Skills: Stories by Jean RyanAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2014
Swans & Klons by Nora OlsenYoung Adult, 2014
A Venomous Cocktail by Jody ValleyMystery/Thriller, 2014
Waiting for Harper Lee by Lea DaleyDramatic General Fiction, 2014
Web of Obsessions by Diane WoodRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2014
Weeping Walls by Gerri HillMystery/Thriller, 2014
When the Clock Strikes Thirteen by Lois Cloarec HartAnthology/Collections Non-Erotica, 2014
All You Can Eat. a Buffet of Lesbian Erotica and Romance by Andi MarquetteErotica, 2015
Angel Fire by Gerri HillMystery/Thriller, 2015
Anyone But You by KG MacGregorRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2015
Back to Blue by Dillon WatsonParanormal/Horror, 2015
Bad Dyke: Salacious Stories from a Queer Life by Allison MoonAnthology/Collection Creative Non-Fiction, 2015
Barring Complications by Blythe RipponDramatic General Fiction, 2015
Blindsided by Karis WalshTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2015
Blue Suede Boi by Helen HardtErotica, 2015
The Boss's Daughter by J.T. MarieHistorical Fiction, 2015
Burn All Alike by Nene AdamsParanormal/Horror, 2015
Club Storyville by Riley LaSheaHistorical Fiction, 2015
Courtship by Carsen TaiteTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2015
Criminal Gold by Ann AptakerDebut, 2015
Daughter of Mystery (Novel of Alpennia) by Heather Rose JonesScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2015
Destination Alara by S Y ThompsonScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2015
Drive All Night by Jamie AndersonAnthology/Collection Creative Non-Fiction, 2015
Driving Lessons: A You Know Who Girls Novel (The You Know Who Girls) by Annameekee HesikYoung Adult, 2015
The Empath by Jody KlaireDebut, 2015
The Farmer's Daughter by Robbi MccoyHistorical Fiction, 2015
The First Stone: A Gay Daughter's Survival in a Religious World by Samiel KalinAnthology/Collection Creative Non-Fiction, 2015
Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire by Cheyenne BlueErotica, 2015
Forgive Me If I've Told You This Before by Karelia Stetz-WatersYoung Adult, 2015
Frenemy of the People by Nora OlsenYoung Adult, 2015
Hell's Belle by Marie CastleDebut Author, 2014; Paranormal/Horror, 2015
A House of Light and Stone by E J RunyonDramatic General Fiction, 2015
Hypnotizing Chickens by Julia WattsDramatic General Fiction, 2015
Killed in Escrow (Lauren Vellequette) by Jennifer L. JordanMystery/Thriller, 2015
A Kingdom Lost by Barbara Ann WrightScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2015
Lichii Ba'Cho by D. Jordan RedhawkScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2015
Life, Love, and Loyalty by RhavensfyreAnthology/Collection Fiction, 2015
Lindsay Versus the Marauders by J.S. FrankelYoung Adult, 2015
Memoirs of the Happy Lesbian Housewife: You Can't Make This Stuff up Seriously! by Lorraine HowellAnthology/Collection Creative Non-Fiction, 2015
New York 1, Tel Aviv 0: Stories by Shelly OriaAnthology/Collection Fiction, 2015
The Palace blues by Brandy T. WilsonHistorical Fiction, 2015
The Paths of Marriage by Mala KumarDramatic General Fiction, 2015
The Paying Guests by Sarah WatersRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2015
The Quickening by Yvonne HeidtParanormal/Horror, 2015
The Rarest Rose by I. BeachamParanormal/Horror, 2015
Rendezvous in the Himalaya by Angela KoenigRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2015
Rest Home Runaways by Clifford HendersonDramatic General Fiction, 2015
Season of the Wolf by Robin SummersRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2015
Sharpshooter by Leslie MurrayDebut, 2015
She Who Must Be Obeyed by D.L. KingErotica, 2015
Sigil Fire by Erzabet BishopParanormal/Horror, 2015
Stars Collide by H.P. MunroTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2015
Stick McLaughlin: The Prohibition Years by CF FrizzellHistorical Fiction, 2015
The Story Thief by Shari McNallyDebut, 2015
Take Only Pictures by Laina VilleneuveDebut, 2015
That Certain Something by Clare AshtonTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2015
True Nature by JaeParanormal/Horror, 2015
Turn Forty With Me by Heather JanePoetry, 2015
Under a Falling Star by JaeTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2015
Under the Midnight Cloak by S Y ThompsonParanormal/Horror, 2015
Widow by Martha MillerMystery/Thriller, 2015
The 45th Parallel by Lisa GirolamiRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
All We Lack by Sandra MoranDramatic/General Fiction, 2016
Backcast by Ann McManDramatic/General Fiction, 2016
Bad Idea by Erica YangYoung Adult, 2016
Cold to the Touch by Cari HunterMystery/Thriller, 2016
Coming of the Mojo, The by Barbara Treat WilliamsYoung Adult, 2016
Crossed by Meredith DoenchDebut Author, 2016
Daughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists by Steve BermanAnthology/Collections Fiction, 2016
The Deadening: Book Three in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy by Yvonne HeidtParanormal/Horror, 2016
Desert Places by Erica AbbottRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
Desire Behind Bars : Lesbian Prison Erotica by Salome WildeErotica, 2016
The Diplomat by Sophia FrenchDebut Author, 2016
Don't Be Shy: A Collection of Erotic Lesbian Stories by Astrid OhletzErotica, 2016
Finding Home by Shelia PowellYoung Adult, 2016
For Your Own Good by Leah HorlickPoetry, 2016
Forsaken by Laydin MichaelsRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
Furs Not Mine by Andrea CohenPoetry, 2016
Getting Lost by Michelle GrubbRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
The Ghosts Who Travel with Me: A Literary Pilgrimage Through Brautigan's America by Allison GreenCreative Non-Fiction, 2016
Girl Sex 101 by Allison MoonCreative Non-Fiction, 2016
Golddigger by Hilary McCollumHistorical Fiction, 2016
A Harvest of Ripe Figs by Shira GlassmanYoung Adult, 2016
Heyday by Marnie WoodrowDramatic/General Fiction, 2016
Hold of the Bone by Baxter Clare TrautmanMystery/Thriller, 2016
In the Company of Women by Kate ChristieHistorical Fiction, 2016
Just Physical by JaeTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Just Three Words by Melissa BraydenAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2016
Landykes of the South: Women's Land Groups and Lesbian Communities in the South (Sinister Wisdom 98) by Rose NormanAnthology/Collections Creative Non-Fiction, 2016
Leaving Normal: Adventures in Gender by Rae TheodoreCreative Non-Fiction, 2016
A Little Bit of Spice by Georgia BeersAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2016
Locked Inside by Annette MoriTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Mackenzie’s Beat by Maggie BrownMystery/Thriller, 2016
Making a Comeback by Julie BlairTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Medusa: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 2: Volume 2 (The Dark Victorian Penny Dreads) by Elizabeth WatasinMystery/Thriller, 2016
The Misadventures of Two Reluctant Zombie Hunters: Zombies at the Con. by RhavensfyreParanormal/Horror, 2016
The Muse by Meghan O'BrienErotica, 2016
My Best Friend's Girl by Blythe H. WarrenDebut Author, 2016
The Mystic Marriage by Heather Rose JonesScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2016
No Good Reason by Cari HunterMystery/Thriller, 2016
One Last Thing by Kim BaldwinRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
Operation Stop Hate: Book One in the Operation Series by Jessie ChandlerAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2016
Pelican's Landing by Gerri HillTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Petticoats and Promises by Penelope FridayHistorical Fiction, 2016
Prayer of the Handmaiden by Merry ShannonScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2016
The Princess and the Prix by Nell StarkTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Reasonable Doubt by Carsen TaiteRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
The Red Files by Lee WinterMystery/Thriller, 2016
The Revelation of Beatrice Darby by Jean CopelandDebut Author, 2016; Historical Fiction, 2016
Riding Passion by D. Jackson LeighAnthology/Collections Fiction, 2016
The Right Time by Susan X MeagherTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Sheltered Love by M. J. WilliamzErotica, 2016
A Small Country about to Vanish by Victoria AvilanDramatic/General Fiction, 2016
A Story of Now by Emily O'BeirneDramatic/General Fiction, 2016
The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor by Jess FaradayHistorical Fiction, 2016
Sweet Hearts: Romantic Novellas by Melissa BraydenAnthology/Collections Fiction, 2016
T-Minus Two by KG MacGregorRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
Tales of the Grimoire - Book One by Astrid OhletzAnthology/Collections Fiction, 2016
Tarnished Gold (2015) by Ann AptakerMystery/Thriller, 2016
The Tattered Heiress: Volume Two of the Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series (Volume 2) by Debra HydeHistorical Fiction, 2016
Through the Hourglass: Lesbian Historical Romance (A Lizzie's Bedtime Stories Anthology) (Volume 2) by Sacchi GreenAnthology/Collections Fiction, 2016
Thunder of War, Lightning of Desire: Lesbian Military Historical Erotica by Pascal ScottErotica, 2016
The Touch of a Woman by KG MacGregorTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Twice Lucky by Mardi AlexanderRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2016
Twisted Whispers by Sheri Lewis WohlParanormal/Horror, 2016
Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity (OpenBook) by Carter SickelsAnthology/Collections Creative Non-Fiction, 2016
Valley of the Dead by Crystal M RomeroParanormal/Horror, 2016
When It Raynes by C.D. CainAnn Bannon Popular Choice, 2016
The Witch of Stalingrad by Justine SaracenHistorical Fiction, 2016
Without A Front by Fletcher DelanceyScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2016
Without a Front - The Warrior's Challenge (Chronicles of Alsea) (Volume 3) by Fletcher DelanceyScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2016
The Wrecking Faerie: A Charm School Novella (Volume 1) by Elizabeth WatasinYoung Adult, 2016
Zero Visibility by Georgia BeersTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2016
Captain of Industry by Karin KallmakerAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017
Final cut by Lynn AmesAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017; Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017; Tee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design, 2017
First Position by Melissa BraydenAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017
The Liberators of Willow Run by Marianne K. MartinAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017
Perfect Pairing by Rachel SpanglerAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017; Tee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design, 2017; Traditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
Poppy Jenkins by Clare AshtonAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017; Tee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design, 2017
Rainbow Gap by Lee LynchAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017; Dramatic/General Fiction, 2017
Trial by Fury by KG MacGregorAnn Bannon Popular Choice Award, 2017; Dramatic/General Fiction, 2017
Active voice : the comic collection : the real life adventures of an Asian-American, lesbian, feminist, activist and her friends! by P. Kristen EnosAnthology/Collections (Creative Non-Fiction), 2017
Lesbian Decadence: Representations in Art and Literature of Fin-de-Siècle France by Nicole AlbertAnthology/Collections (Creative Non-Fiction), 2017
Finding Ms. Write by JaeAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
Girls With Guns by Ali ValiAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
Happily Ever After by Bella BooksAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
It's Only Love: A Short Story Collection by Diane MarinaAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction by S. Andrea AllenAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
The One: Stories of Falling in Love Forever by Various AuthorsAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
Tales from Sea Glass Inn by Karis WalshAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
Women of the Year by Karen RichardAnthology/Collections (Fiction), 2017
Indomitable: The Life of Barbara Grier by Joanne PassetCreative Non-Fiction, 2017
Out - A Courageous Woman's Journey by Lou Anne SmootCreative Non-Fiction, 2017
Sexy liberal! : of me I sing by Stephanie MillerCreative Non-Fiction, 2017
The big sugarbush : a lesbian romance by Ana B GoodDebut Author, 2017
Four Steps by Wendy HudsonDebut Author, 2017
Love on the Red Rocks by Lisa MoreauDebut Author, 2017
Miss Match by Fiona RileyDebut Author, 2017
One in the hand by Caitlin DrakeDebut Author, 2017
A Quantum Convergence (Nexus Trilogy) (Volume 1) by C. A. FarlowDebut Author, 2017
Salvation on Mission Street by Cathy ArellanoDebut Author, 2017
The Urn Carrier by Chris ConvissorDebut Author, 2017; Dramatic/General Fiction, 2017
Along Came the Rain by Alison R. SolomonDramatic/General Fiction, 2017
Beyond the Silence by Tracie PetersonDramatic/General Fiction, 2017
The Big Sugarbush: Lesbian Romance by Ana B GoodDramatic/General Fiction, 2017
Heartwood by Catherine LaneDramatic/General Fiction, 2017
It pours by C.D. CainDramatic/General Fiction, 2017
Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year 20th Anniversary Edition by Sacchi GreenErotica, 2017
Best lesbian erotica of the year. Volume one by D.L. KingErotica, 2017
The Club by Al BrooksErotica, 2017
Girls on Campus by Sandy LoweErotica, 2017
Give Me Thorns: A Lesbian BDSM Romance by Elizabeth AndreErotica, 2017
Heat by Rachel WindsorErotica, 2017
Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber JacobsErotica, 2017
A touch of temptation by Julie BlairErotica, 2017
Alaskan Bride by D. Jordan RedhawkHistorical Fiction, 2017
Alice & Jean by Lily HammondHistorical Fiction, 2017
Dian's Ghost by Justine SaracenHistorical Fiction, 2017
Loving Eleanor, The intimate friendship of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok by Susan Wittig AlbertHistorical Fiction, 2017
Shaken to the Core by JaeHistorical Fiction, 2017
Summer of Love by Susan X MeagherHistorical Fiction, 2017
Whiskey Sunrise by Missouri VaunHistorical Fiction, 2017
Blood money murder by Jessie ChandlerMystery/Thriller, 2017
Collide-O-Scope (Norfolk Coast Investigation Story) (Volume 1) by Andrea BramhallMystery/Thriller, 2017
Going Coastal by Jane DilucchioMystery/Thriller, 2017
If Looks Could Kill by Andi MarquetteMystery/Thriller, 2017
Requiem for Immortals (The Law Game Book 1) by Lee WinterMystery/Thriller, 2017
The Secret Unknown by Dillon WatsonMystery/Thriller, 2017
Trigger by Jessica WebbMystery/Thriller, 2017
Walk-in by T.L. HartMystery/Thriller, 2017
1140 Rue Royale by Karen D. BadgerParanormal/Horror, 2017
By the Dark of Her Eyes by Cameron MacElveeParanormal/Horror, 2017
Demons Shemons (Demons Series Book 1) by K.B. DraperParanormal/Horror, 2017
Driving Me Mad by L. T. SmithParanormal/Horror, 2017
Heart of the Pack (Wolfgang County) by Jenny FrameParanormal/Horror, 2017
The house at the end of the street by Stephanie E. KusiakParanormal/Horror, 2017
Meeting Ms Roman by Karen F. WilliamsParanormal/Horror, 2017
Twisted Screams Twisted Screams by Sheri Lewis WohlParanormal/Horror, 2017
Acquired Community by Jane ByersPoetry, 2017
The Body's Alphabet by Ann TweedyPoetry, 2017
In and Out of Love by Shelley ThrasherPoetry, 2017
Night ringing by Laura Davies FoleyPoetry, 2017
The Off-Season (Stahlecker Selections) by Jen LevittPoetry, 2017
Showtime at the Ministry of Lost Causes (Pitt Poetry Series) by Cheryl DumesnilPoetry, 2017
Split by Denise BenavidesPoetry, 2017
Torn from the Ear of Night by Jimmie Margaret GilliamPoetry, 2017
The Copper Egg by Catherine FriendRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017
Deception by V. K. PowellRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017
The Fifth Gospel by Michelle GrubbRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017
Starstruck by Lesley DavisRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017
Swelter by D. Jackson LeighRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017
Without Justice by Carsen TaiteRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017
A woman of strong purpose by S M HardingRomantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure, 2017
The Beast That Never Was by Caren J. WerlingerScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
The Broken Coil (The Glass Pantheon) (Volume 1) by Sy IthaScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
Catalyst by Fletcher DelanceyScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
Dragon Horse War: The Calling by D. Jackson LeighScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
The flaw in logic by S Y ThompsonScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
Hekolatis' Promise (Tales of Emoria) by J. T. MindancerScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
Paradox Valley by Gerri HillScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
Tengoku by Rae D. MagdonScience Fiction/Fantasy, 2017
After a Time by Laurie SalzlerTee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design, 2017
Alias Mrs. Jones by Kate McLachlanTee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design, 2017
Bitter Root by Laydin MichaelsTee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design, 2017
Heartscapes by M. J. WilliamzTee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design, 2017
By Mutual Consent by Tracey RichardsonTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
Chef's Special by Susan X MeagherTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
The Color of Love by RadclyffeTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
Courageous Love by KC RichardsonTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
Dare to Stay (Puppy Love Romances Book 3) by Georgia BeersTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
Embracing the Dawn by Jeannie LevigTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
Lights of the heart by Nat BurnsTraditional Contemporary Romance, 2017
Gravity by Juliann RichYoung Adult, 2017
Here's the Thing by Emily O'BeirneYoung Adult, 2017
My Year Zero by Rachel GoldYoung Adult, 2017
The Portal: The Chronicles of Caymin: The Dragonmage Saga Book II by Caren J. WerlingerYoung Adult, 2017
Shieldmaiden Book 1: Quest for the Jewel by GL RobertsYoung Adult, 2017
The Songbird Thief (Oaktown Fey Book 2) by Skye AllenYoung Adult, 2017
When Butches Cry by Genta SebastianYoung Adult, 2017

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