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If you have a question about any aspect of LibraryThing, feel free to email one of us. The general division of email is below, but if you're not sure who to email, or if your question is about something other than the topics listed here, email infoAT SIGNlibrarything.com. We'll get your email to the right person.

General questions about LibraryThing.com?

Questions about your account settings, about CueCats or something you ordered?

  • Info. (infoAT SIGNlibrarything.com)

Questions about Early Reviewers, author interviews, or how publishers, authors, booksellers can use the site?

  • Loranne. Member Support and Social Media Librarian. (lorannen; loranneAT SIGNlibrarything.com)

Questions about LibraryThing in general, feature requests and bug reports?

  • Tim. Founder and Developer. (timspalding; timAT SIGNlibrarything.com)
  • Kristi. Project Specialist. (kristilabrie; kristiAT SIGNlibrarything.com)
  • Chris H. Developer. (conceptDawg; christopherAT SIGNlibrarything.com)
  • Mike. Developer. (miketopper; mikeAT SIGNlibrarything.com)

Questions about Legacy Libraries?

  • Jeremy. (jeremyAT SIGNlibrarything.com)

Site down (how are you reading this page then?)

  • Seth. Systems Administrator. (sryder; sethAT SIGNlibrarything.com)

Questions about LibraryThing for Libraries?

  • Abby. Librarian and head of LTFL. (ablachly; abbyAT SIGNlibrarything.com)
  • Chris C. Librarian and LTFL Developer. (ccatalfo; chriscAT SIGNlibrarything.com)
  • Kate. Librarian for LTFL. (katemcangus; kateAT SIGNlibrarything.com)
  • KJ. Assistant Librarian for LTFL. (kjgormley; kjAT SIGNlibrarything.com)
  • Kirsten. Assistant Librarian for LTFL. (kgriffith; kirstenAT SIGNlibrarything.com)

Still not sure who to contact? Email infoAT SIGNlibrarything.com. We'll make sure your message gets to the correct person.

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