2017 Category Challenge

Welcome to the 2017 Category Challenge!

To encourage ourselves to “read outside the box,” in this group we (each) pick (our own) categories to read within. You can have as many or few categories as you wish, they can cover any sort of topic, and you can read as many books as you want in each category. The idea is that if you find that you tend (as many of us do) to read mainly within your comfort area and would like to push yourself outside it, you add a category for your “difficult” reads to your challenge so that you’re encouraged to pick it up at some point during the year. You are, of course, completely free to modify your categories as much as you like during the challenge.

In this group, we do a few different group reads:
1. "Standard" group reads: pick a book to read for a specific month (or a quarter or sometimes for the whole year). At the end of each year, we vote on which group reads to have the following year.
2. CATs: This is influenced by the TIOLI (Take It Or Leave It) that is being done over in the 75:ers group, but to avoid confusion we named ours "CATs" since we're a category challenge group... Get it? :) At the end of each year, we vote on which CATs to have the following year (usually 3) and each month a different volunteer will create the thread for each CAT and outline its parameters.
3. KITs: These were ideas that were not picked as "official" CATs and are usually run by the people who suggested them. They're mini-CATs (hence "KIT" for "kittens").
4. We usually also have a bingo card challenge and, unsurprisingly, have given our canine friends a chance to shine and named it BingoDOG.

The challenge officially begins on January 1, 2017, but starting early or late is welcomed.

Have fun!!

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This Year's Group Reads, CATs, and DOG:

RandomCAT General Thread and RandomCAT Wiki
CultureCAT General Thread and CultureCAT Wiki
CATWoman General Thread and CATWoman Wiki
AwardsCAT General Thread and AwardsCAT Wiki
BingoDOG General Thread and BingoDOG Wiki
SFF/SFFF-KIT Planning Thread and SFF/SFFF-KIT Wiki
AlphaKIT General Thread and AlphaKIT Wiki
Group Reads Planning Thread

Group Reads


First Quarter:




Second Quarter:
A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth




Third Quarter:




Fourth Quarter:




Year-Long Group Reads:
The Vorkosigan Saga
Proust Volume 1 - Swann's Way
Poldark series
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Total members: 131 members

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