75 Books Challenge for 2017

Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2017. You don't have to begin on January 1! Last year, some members just listed their titles and authors while others posted a mini-review of each book. It's all up to you. It turns out we care less about the numbers than we do about the exchange of book info and the community of readers.

We hope you'll join us, but be forewarned. We like to comment on each other's threads and we've found our stacks of books to be read have grown exponentially!

Note: Please put your username in your thread title. This makes it much easier for folks to find you. Thanks!

New folks, start here: Welcome To New Friends

We use wiki pages to keep track of useful stuff. The group wikis:

- 75er's Wiki - Here’s where we keep links to our important threads!

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