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Loeb Classical Library 314binders, Today 12:46amignore
History In the News - Part IX 211varielle, March 19ignore
Ancient History Magazine 15marieke54, March 4ignore
The Western Roman Empire is Falling 44Ammianus, February 27ignore
Roman soldiers and Homer 1robertajl, February 13ignore
Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks 41quicksiva, January 30ignore
Loeb classical library 11WMGOATGRUFF, January 30ignore
Was Hercules an African super hero before he became a Greek god? 137quicksiva, January 24ignore
Unlocking Scrolls Preserved in Vesuvius' Eruption 6RabidGerbil, January 22ignore
Classics of India 4aulsmith, January 7ignore
"The Story of Sinuhe" 3setnahkt, January 6ignore
Works Similar to Homer's Iliad 31PossMan, January 6ignore
Army of Cambyses 4BarkingMatt, December 2014ignore
Latin classes 20MarysGirl, July 2014ignore
How do you organize your books? :-) 222nandadevi, July 2014ignore
Benjamin Jowett's Plato 33JohnSophist, July 2014ignore
Norton Critical Edition of Ancient laws? 2messpots, June 2014ignore
Climate Change Theory Support for Bronze Age Collapse 11richardbsmith, May 2014ignore
Aeneid quote at the 9/11 Memorial 9messpots, April 2014ignore
Satellites Reveal "New" Mesopotamian Archaeology Sites 1NLytle, April 2014ignore
Best translations of the claasics 75AlmostMelchior, April 2014ignore
One Fun Dinner by the Classics Dept 8anthonywillard, April 2014ignore
Attila the Hun? 13timspalding, April 2014ignore
Online annotated Latin and Greek Reading Texts from Dickinson College 10anthonywillard, March 2014ignore
100 Books to Read in a Lifetime (That Are Older Than 200 Years) 28affle, February 2014ignore
New poems by Sappho 2MMcM, February 2014ignore
Looking for good Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, Hittite, etc military history books 7quicksiva, February 2014ignore
Ian Hughes' bad news 3MarysGirl, February 2014ignore
Looking for a good biography (or "life and times" type of book) on Nero. 7rolandperkins, January 2014ignore
Rome: The Aurelian Wall 3anthonywillard, January 2014ignore
What I hope to read in 2014. 9nathanielcampbell, December 2013ignore
Was Socrates black? 145Sasongko, December 2013ignore
New Herodotus 18anthonywillard, November 2013ignore
Anyone doing the Coursera class on Greek Mythology? 13JerryMmm, November 2013ignore
Travelling in the Roman Empire--interactive transport map 10cemanuel, November 2013ignore
Loeb Price Increase Nov 15th 1NLytle, October 2013ignore
I take it, it's "Talk Like a Pirate" Day? 5MarysGirl, October 2013ignore
Middle Platonism and Neoplatonism sources 7cemanuel, September 2013ignore
Alfred Duggan! 27DinadansFriend, August 2013ignore
Where do you get your books? 167SteveJohnson, August 2013ignore
Why did Socrates refuse to write any books. 94PhaedraB, August 2013ignore
Cleopatra; A Life by Stacy Schiff 36southernbooklady, August 2013ignore
British Museum 19Petroglyph, August 2013ignore
Those celebrity Natufians -- Always in the News! 7anthonywillard, July 2013ignore
Classical Histories 39anthonywillard, June 2013ignore
Penguin classics with the Greek/Latin plus English? 4Feicht, May 2013ignore
Lindsay Powell's "Germanicus" ? 7Feicht, May 2013ignore
On Suetonius, and TV about Roman Art. 8guido47, May 2013ignore
Tirant Lo Blanc by Juan Martorell 6Dzerzhinsky, April 2013ignore
"Quo Vadis" find 12groovykinda, April 2013ignore
Aristotle for beginners 32vy0123, April 2013ignore
Cambridge Ancient History set 3oldfolkgc, February 2013ignore
The Chronicle of sapta Sindhu 10BarkingMatt, February 2013ignore
Julius Caesar 42myrnaq, February 2013ignore
KJV-Latin-Greek 31redic003, January 2013ignore
Greek Colonies Recommended Reading? 1webadr31, January 2013ignore
The Plot to Save Socrates 29PaulLev, January 2013ignore
2012 and all that end-of-the-world Maya stuff (yawn) 110stellarexplorer, January 2013ignore
Linguistics and the Ancient World 61shikari, January 2013ignore
Was the original Aryan Brotherhood an African Tribe? 43quicksiva, December 2012ignore
The Rarest Blue 7setnahkt, December 2012ignore
Peloponnesian War recommended reading 28cremorn, December 2012ignore
Recommended reading for Plato's Republic 7shikari, December 2012ignore
Insurgence of Cynicism 9GaiusJuliusCivilis, December 2012ignore
Recommendations for Rome's Christian turn? 32GaiusJuliusCivilis, December 2012ignore
"New" Indo-European Homeland Theory 42shikari, December 2012ignore
End of the Western Roman Empire 18gwernin, November 2012ignore
Pagans and Christians 79BarkingMatt, November 2012ignore
"Atlantis and Syracuse", by Gunnar Rudberg (1917) 2Thorwald_Franke, November 2012ignore
Homer 25BartGr., November 2012ignore
New book on the Roman Frontier on the Lower Rhine 11BarkingMatt, November 2012ignore
Ancient Cookery/Recipes 98Cynara, October 2012ignore
Off to teach hieroglyphs! 28setnahkt, October 2012ignore
Loeb's Heliodorus 3DanMat, September 2012ignore
Thalamus Publishing? 5lucaslyon, September 2012ignore
Donald Kagan: Introduction to Ancient Greek History. Lecture series. 22BarkingMatt, September 2012ignore
Conferences 4Petroglyph, September 2012ignore
Summer travel plans: recommendations sought for time allocation 24stellarexplorer, September 2012ignore
How did the Ancients refer to their Ancient times? 77nhlsecord, August 2012ignore
Raiders of the Lost Relics 18Feicht, August 2012ignore
Life on Elba in the sixth century AD 4varielle, August 2012ignore
Tom Holland's In the Shadow of the Sword 14stellarexplorer, July 2012ignore
BCE/CE 35nhlsecord, July 2012ignore
Textbook suggestions? 6MarysGirl, June 2012ignore
New History Books of Note 326Garp83, June 2012ignore
The K√∂fels Sturzstrom event, and a connection to the Ancient Near East? 42plexica, June 2012ignore
Anyone know this author, seen this book? 2shahriarjitu, June 2012ignore
Roman Emperors 58Feicht, June 2012ignore
Collection of 245 public-domain Loebs available as PDF's 14BarkingMatt, June 2012ignore
Zoroastrian History 38Feicht, June 2012ignore
"The Persian Way of War": A new essay by Tom Holland 12shikari, June 2012ignore
Who blogs? 21MarysGirl, May 2012ignore
Learnin Classical Greek 126papyri, May 2012ignore
Grad Programs? 100Feicht, April 2012ignore
Looking for good "learning" texts in ancient languages 13Feicht, April 2012ignore
Introduction to Akkad and Sumer? 8JimThomson, April 2012ignore
Roman History Question 16groovykinda, April 2012ignore
Favourite Quotes 31SavageDougall, April 2012ignore
Favorite Classics Text 17SavageDougall, April 2012ignore

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