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(BOMBS) Books Off My Book Shelves 2012 Challenge

This group has become officially dormant. It happens. If you want to revive this group, or create a new group on the same topic see this page.

Join in the fight against unread books! Seek the enemy - EXPLODE those BOMBS! 2012 is the time to set the charges so that we can detonate the explosives that will safely help to clear the books that are gathering dust on our shelves.

Reducing the bookshelves that are overloaded with books that have not reached the top of the TBR pile is a goal that many readers have. However, newer and prettier books are always catching our eyes, and pushing the old books back farther on the shelves. This group is designed to help everyone see those books that have been hiding, and read them with the same joy as a new book arriving from the bookstore.

We will have a joint ticker and a monthly thread to encourage all who enlist for this fight against the unread book. We will see how our combined resolve to DEFUSE those BOMBS will bring peace to our shelves allowing for the immigration of future books.

Total members: 69 members

Recent members: Kjartan, Belladonna1975, cirdan747, magsb, caron, cathy.crane11, Kirconnell, Esta1923, maggie1944, AygsWithLaygs, wonderlake, infjsarah2, authorfbarr, csladd2, loristenger, authorbethtiger, shabacus, LittleTaiko, tuckea, karen_o, lizamichelle1, laugh, TheBoltChick, duaney_h, tarendz, kritikarr, StormRaven, shidou, QueenOfDenmark, CynWetzel

Tags: BOMBS (1), challenge group (1), challenge (1), Books of the shelves (1)

Administrators: cyderry (creator)

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deep220's minefield 46deep220, November 2012ignore
Caramellunacy joins the mission (fashionably) late! 17Caramellunacy, November 2012ignore
Auntmarge64 - 50 BOMBS or bust 42auntmarge64, November 2012ignore
OCTOBER - Exploding BOMBS Progress Report 162billiejean, November 2012ignore
riverwillow signing on for bomb disposal duty 49riverwillow, October 2012ignore
drachenbraut's attempt at BOMBS the rest of 2012 12drachenbraut23, October 2012ignore
SEPTEMBER - Exploding BOMBS Progress Report 112Carmenere, October 2012ignore
HI-HO Off Arrwa's Shelf They Go 10Kirconnell, September 2012ignore
Lizamichelle1's BOMBS 13lizamichelle1, September 2012ignore
Sign up to explode your TBRs - clear the mushroom cloud! ENLIST NOW! 119cyderry, September 2012ignore
Lisa's 2012 BOMBS AWAY 22jonesli, September 2012ignore
AUGUST - Exploding BOMBS Progress Report 125amz310783, September 2012ignore
Amanda's Late To The Party 2012 Attempt 3rabbitprincess, August 2012ignore
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Karen, also known as maggie1944, must read the unread! 5maggie1944, July 2012ignore
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A BOMBer's Manifesto 6DeltaQueen50, July 2012ignore
Cait's 2012 Challenge: 40 BOMBS 24Cait86, June 2012ignore
Jean"s (Majkia's) Hopeless Task 14majkia, June 2012ignore
RosefireandMoonshine's Toppling TBR Mountain - The Expeditions and Excavations of 2012 2moonshineandrosefire, June 2012ignore
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Tick, tick, tick, BOOM!!! 4moonshineandrosefire, June 2012ignore
MAY Exploding BOMBS Progress Report 106Helenoel, June 2012ignore
APRIL Exploding BOMBS Progress 128tymfos, May 2012ignore
Meredy's Exlibristic Ambition 12fundevogel, May 2012ignore
Angelwitch's bombardment 2012 6AngelWitch, May 2012ignore
mrs rochester sets the field 51mrsrochester, April 2012ignore
March EXPLODING BOMBS Progress 108karen_o, April 2012ignore
JodyReadsEverything explodes some BOMBS 6QueenOfDenmark, April 2012ignore
February EXPLODING BOMBS Progress 112billiejean, March 2012ignore
Where are they going when they go? 10rocketjk, March 2012ignore
sandykaypax and her books 8sandykaypax, March 2012ignore
h-mb 2012 BOMBS 6h-mb, March 2012ignore
edwinbcn's BOMBS in 2012 13edwinbcn, March 2012ignore
Tuckea's TBR 2012 4tuckea, March 2012ignore
Lizy's Books lovingly and carefully removed from the shelves 2012 3duaney_h, March 2012ignore
Kriti's (kgodey) BOMBS 2012 challenge 52kgodey, February 2012ignore
kerryth's attempt at clearing 50 B.O.M.B.S. in 2012 4kerryth, February 2012ignore
Florence's 2012 goal 7Fjumonvi, January 2012ignore
BBleil's Books off the Shelf Challenge 2012 14BBleil, January 2012ignore

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