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looking for book but don't have title or author 4MarthaJeanne, Today 2:57pmignore
Relic and Reliquary by Preston and Child 6polockhart, Yesterday 7:25pmignore
TV as Literature 2wifilibrarian, Wednesday 6:19pmignore
Jim butcher changes 21bluepiano, Wednesday 5:54pmignore
Les Rougon-Macquart et Mme Glenda Jackson 1bluepiano, Wednesday 5:02pmignore
big good news.. 9nemoman, Tuesday 6:23pmignore
NEW Kelmscott Chaucer !! NEW Facsimile 34Lyndatrue, Tuesday 11:30amignore
knowing anicca abd the way to nibbana by Saya U Chit Tin 8melsil123xyz, Tuesday 4:43amignore
I made the selected Thingaversaries page! 4MarthaJeanne, Tuesday 2:20amignore
A Silly Book Game Part 35 334Diane-bpcb, Monday 6:00pmignore
Readability statistics - where has Amazon Text Stats gone? 1mjfisher, Monday 4:14pmignore
Searching for a book title 1Dyann21, Monday 12:08amignore
short stories 14Crypto-Willobie, Sunday 1:35pmignore
Livres en grec 3MarthaJeanne, Sunday 11:16amignore
book about a boy given a tattoo on his hand that could suck souls and call his sword to him 3johnthefireman, Saturday 11:10pmignore
Daily journal or diary source 22MrsLee, Saturday 12:10pmignore
Herbert Boyce Satcher 49Crypto-Willobie, November 19ignore
Leo Lionni 5SqueakyChu, November 19ignore
(deleted) 8Crypto-Willobie, November 18ignore
Can't remember the title of a book! Help! 3lindseyh614, November 18ignore
Can't remember title 2amysisson, November 17ignore
DeltaQueen's Reveals Her Book Buying Weakness! 69MrsLee, November 17ignore
First Sentence Of Current Book - Part Two 67rolandperkins, November 16ignore
I received the wrong book 3Taphophile13, November 16ignore
Melissa's 2015 Graphic Novel Reads 132Kassilem, November 16ignore
Dean Koontz Style 6lesmel, November 15ignore
using A/V materials in your library 9VicRML, November 14ignore
Books for my brother for Christmas - need suggestions! 6nemoman, November 14ignore
Page 42 328rocketjk, November 14ignore
MY BOOK HAS MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED 15MarthaJeanne, November 14ignore
Romance book: a young woman is left with 3? children after their father is murder. To protect herself and the children 3kirenia, November 13ignore
The Amazon Shop 37NorthernStar, November 12ignore
5th grade book lists -- Need suggestions 2Taphophile13, November 12ignore
Publishers pushing us to eReaders? 3MarthaJeanne, November 12ignore
Looking for a specific book please 3TheGingerDetective, November 11ignore
romance 2Marissa_Doyle, November 11ignore
Curated 23thorold, November 11ignore
Review shows up only in "Edit panel" 3CurrerBell, November 11ignore
The Girl In The Spider's Web 3karenmarie, November 10ignore
Name That Story: Looking for a short story from a 4th grade reader that I read in the late 80s. SCI-FI 2lesmel, November 9ignore
name that book 3Amy1016, November 8ignore
Looking for book 2amanda4242, November 6ignore
Pulp mystery novel, published in early 2000s, set in 1950s Greenwich Village 2rester, November 6ignore
Bookish inventions? 5thorold, November 4ignore
What happened to mass market paperbacks? 19Lexxi, November 3ignore
Can't add a work from a member if it's not searchable by amazon/overcat 4lilithcat, November 2ignore
"This Side of Paradise" - should I give up or keep reading? 11viscount, November 2ignore
WWII from the Japanese perspective 8Cecrow, November 2ignore
name that book - romantic 90's 2henkl, October 31ignore
Help! Can't remember a book title. 3Grillz, October 31ignore
Thriller with hitman stalking other hitman 2henkl, October 31ignore
HELP!! Trying to find a book 2passion4reading, October 31ignore
The Lost Twins of Zilonia 2bernsad, October 30ignore
I want to know why you read 39Bookmarque, October 30ignore
Review of Nestor DeNeffo by R.D. Henderson 3MarthaJeanne, October 30ignore
can'[t find this book -- please help! 39Crypto-Willobie, October 29ignore
searching for a novel. 2Marissa_Doyle, October 28ignore
Spoiler Alert 47aulsmith, October 28ignore
Readers block 21LesMiserables, October 28ignore
island of a thousand mirrors by nayomi munaweera 22wonderY, October 27ignore
Cover 7bluepiano, October 26ignore
Teen fiction with twist being that girl is schizophrenic and her twin brother died at birth 3AquarianGirl, October 26ignore
Members Giveway for Reviews 1phillipfrey, October 25ignore
New Member 5krazy4katz, October 24ignore
Different Book Release Dates in Different Countries 47.Monkey., October 23ignore
Splitting up the collection 2.Monkey., October 23ignore
Confirming authors 1JalenV, October 22ignore
Looking for a Book... HELP! 3Aurora_Night, October 22ignore
Best cleaner for wooden book shelves....that won't harm books? 102wonderY, October 22ignore
CD`s 22nemoman, October 22ignore
Satirical Novels 6Crypto-Willobie, October 22ignore
what makes a good written sex scene 2Crypto-Willobie, October 21ignore
Chick Lit Recommendations 11AuthorRCoxton, October 21ignore
Pre-war, pre-suffrage French textbook 3Parpar1836, October 20ignore
Amici della Biblioteca di Brenzone 1bblibri, October 20ignore
Shelf settings question 20.Monkey., October 20ignore
Looking for a book 2henkl, October 19ignore
Trying to identify romance novel title/author 3cattyogrady, October 18ignore
Printing call numbers 10oslchibbing, October 17ignore
Japanese children's book 2Taphophile13, October 17ignore
What would Laura Ingalls say? 2MrsLee, October 17ignore
Know any books with dark humor? 46MarthaJeanne, October 16ignore
paranormal romance 2Taphophile13, October 15ignore
Author networking? 5krazy4katz, October 15ignore
1990's secretary marries boss to get custody of half sister/ name this book 1teddyber22, October 15ignore
1980 boss secretary romance book /// name thet book 2Marissa_Doyle, October 15ignore
can't remember the title or aurthor 2henkl, October 15ignore
name that book romance musician dies widow gets farm 2Taphophile13, October 13ignore
Recommendation 1agapigmcds25, October 13ignore
I wish I could remember the important details like author or title - lol 2Taphophile13, October 13ignore
Name that book: teen mystery very similar to Hardy Boys but with fake sea monster 4jbodak, October 13ignore
Andrea Camilleri 1Bea522, October 12ignore
Blank cover when there is a cover weirdness 9suitable1, October 10ignore
FB post covers bug 1timspalding, October 9ignore
Need insight to a Collectors set 4N8Dunn3081, October 8ignore
R. F. Grant - Published, Award-Winning Short Fiction 5Yamanekotei, October 8ignore
What to read in really hot weather? 38jnwelch, October 7ignore
New Zealand authors? 3PsibrReadHead, October 7ignore
The seeker of well-being by Indrajit Garai 3CorinneT, October 7ignore

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