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I need some help! 42wonderY, Today 1:29pmignore
Buying Duplicates 212wonderY, Today 12:10pmignore
waiting for godot (nly knows what). 3509goygoyla, Today 4:30amignore
Lost Book-Help Needed 3scavaliere, Yesterday 9:28pmignore
First Sentence Of Current Book - Part Two 19artturnerjr, Yesterday 8:58pmignore
Reading for Fun 32wonderY, Yesterday 4:45pmignore
Delete 1brooksknight, Monday 2:36pmignore
want to know name of the novel 3zaibi, Monday 3:39amignore
#ClickbaitBooks 3bluepiano, Sunday 5:34pmignore
A Silly Book Game Part 35 226jeanned, Sunday 4:30amignore
Bald eagle 4Ennas, Saturday 3:30pmignore
I Need A Disturbing Book 100robert.eggleton2, Saturday 9:15amignore
Wish Barry Hunter -- long time SF/F book reviewer good health 2robert.eggleton2, Saturday 9:05amignore
Where are the authors like Baldwin and Victor Hugo today? 3CorinneT, Friday 11:45amignore
romance book 2henkl, Friday 3:48amignore
Name of author who wrote books for pre-teens and teens about "classic" sci-fi and horror movies 1jbodak, Thursday 10:37pmignore
historical novel 2henkl, Thursday 6:03pmignore
Page 42 268bluepiano, Thursday 3:43pmignore
Melissa's 2015 Graphic Novel Reads 116Kassilem, Thursday 12:56pmignore
Thanks to LT I discovered ... 9Cecrow, Thursday 7:52amignore
Book Sale: Friends of the Decatur Library May 23, 2015 1Decatur, Wednesday 4:21pmignore
Cool titles 235rolandperkins, April 28ignore
Reading on a school bus is dangerous 22MrsLee, April 28ignore
Book Riot: "Letter to a Young Reader" 36timspalding, April 27ignore
Change with Me - 2 women meet on train and swap lives 2bernsad, April 26ignore
Mystery Series & Stand-Alones Set in Classical Greece and Ancient Rome 1Limelite, April 26ignore
Author Mess 2lilithcat, April 26ignore
Moro by Captain Mayne Reid 2mart1n, April 25ignore
fantasy book title and author 3harmonynlg, April 25ignore
My Antonia 11sdawson, April 24ignore
eBooks free of charge for the translation biz 2anglemark, April 24ignore
I have been searching for a book i never finished! no clue as to the author or title or even the time period! 3absolutelynerdy, April 24ignore
Librarians Teaching Courses on Library Skills 5TLCrawford, April 23ignore
magazines 1Crebus60, April 23ignore
Romance Novel 3livesforbooks, April 22ignore
Don't remember the name of this book! YA fiction 2anglemark, April 22ignore
Three Penny Opera 3amysisson, April 22ignore
Julia Lovell .The Opium Wars 1manzikertca, April 21ignore
Hooked On reading!!! 6Crypto-Willobie, April 21ignore
Looking for more romances w/ghosts 7Jim53, April 20ignore
How are your books organized? 69jnwelch, April 20ignore
First Sentence of current book. 455vpfluke, April 20ignore
BOOK GIVE AWAY 4MarthaJeanne, April 20ignore
automatically arranging ~200,000 ebooks in a dewey decimal system 1internist, April 19ignore
Fiction books with footnotes 34bluepiano, April 19ignore
Adding a book to library thing and not just my books 3krazy4katz, April 19ignore
book give away 2dmproca, April 19ignore
I really like the book"Treasure Island" 12The_Hibernator, April 18ignore
fictional stories from Playboy's past 4anglemark, April 18ignore
Wattpad Find 2anglemark, April 18ignore
Forgotten Titles and Authors 3tawj101, April 17ignore
R 11Ennas, April 17ignore
Fiction South Africa 3rodeostar, April 17ignore
Please Review "Twitter Lover" 2anglemark, April 17ignore
Help me track down this book 3henkl, April 16ignore
Cont Romance Novel Title Needed 2henkl, April 16ignore
Western romance 2zjakkelien, April 15ignore
"Louise" or "Louisa" (Breakfast at Tiffany's" 2Jarandel, April 15ignore
I'm trying to find a couple books without the titles or the authors 2amysisson, April 14ignore
Name a book? 22wonderY, April 14ignore
World's best Reading- Reader's Digest 54RobertMurray7, April 14ignore
[Men and Angels - Elizabeth Cadell] 8SylviaC, April 14ignore
historical romance 2henkl, April 14ignore
Do you listen to music while you read? 20bluepiano, April 12ignore
looking for a book 3CrimsonCallisto, April 11ignore
Easton Press Game of Thrones 2MarthaJeanne, April 11ignore
Help! I need some tags for this book. 4gilroy, April 10ignore
Help in removing bookplates and related inside books 3lilithcat, April 10ignore
Beatrix Potter 10Cynfelyn, April 9ignore
Looking for books 2MarthaJeanne, April 9ignore
The Best Mysteries of All Time by Reader's Digest/ImPress Mysteries 136Osbaldistone, April 9ignore
iPhone app 4bkenn, April 8ignore
Young person's novel about Mormon journey to Utah 2AnnieMod, April 8ignore
Trying to find a book read forty years ago 3nemoman, April 8ignore
William Dugan, Illustrator 6lilithcat, April 7ignore
Western Romance about a girl named Flame 4suitable1, April 7ignore
Is 'Blue, Minnesota' an April Fool joke? 3Jesse_wiedinmyer, April 5ignore
Can't remember the name of this book passion something or something passion... Help 3kaliefah, April 4ignore
Easy to read book for a flight 7sparemethecensor, April 4ignore
Imperial by George Bilgere Book Review 2MarthaJeanne, April 3ignore
The Discreet Hero by Mario Vargas Llosas 1AmourFou, April 2ignore
Another version vs Duplicate ISBN 9cairoartsjp, April 2ignore
cataloguing journals by issue # and article titles 2krazy4katz, April 1ignore
Finding the names of books you cant remmember. 2anglemark, April 1ignore
Can't Find this Book 2mmedeiros, March 31ignore
historical romance 2anglemark, March 31ignore
Books 2MarthaJeanne, March 31ignore
Two books;' Ancient literary ciritisism and The Victorian Frame of Mind 1830-1870. 1manzikertca, March 30ignore
Can't remember book name or author of this Historic Romance book 3Briegirlg1, March 30ignore
I'm trying to remember 2mmedeiros, March 29ignore
2015 Book Adventures 10RmCox38111, March 29ignore
Name that book 2zjakkelien, March 29ignore
possibly from 70's 2henkl, March 29ignore
Unable to use ISBN to locate Virginia Collection 9MagiK, March 26ignore
Cataloging a Quaker library collection 3hailelib, March 26ignore
I need to find a book 2Jarandel, March 25ignore
Find Historical Romanc-Heroine father takes her to his friend in america after being kidnapped in England 2mmedeiros, March 24ignore
How to report an author name error at Google Books? 42wonderY, March 24ignore
Historical Romance 2mmedeiros, March 23ignore

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