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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing. It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Total members: 718 members

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Friend request but no message 9mjleino, Today 5:56pmignore
Unable to save one specific book with a full publication date 5lorannen, Today 10:44amignore
cannot add new titles to my library 12lorannen, Today 10:44amignore
"Featured Legacy Libraries" display stuck 1ColmGuerin, Yesterday 6:24pmignore
Separation/Combination and Common Knowledge 4fyrefly98, Yesterday 3:33pmignore
adding picture of author with umlaut 6lilithcat, Yesterday 12:15pmignore
Something wrong with some book covers. 2Sylak, Yesterday 10:51amignore
People with this book also have... (more obscure) has disappeared from recommendations page 3lilithcat, Yesterday 9:15amignore
Comment partially eraced? 1Yamanekotei, Monday 5:35pmignore
Cannot Add Link to Author Page 19Collectorator, Monday 4:19pmignore
"Recent Member-Uploaded Covers..." not updating 19jjmcgaffey, Monday 11:56amignore
SELECT wts_lang AS lang, wts_st_id AS st_id, 1 AS work FROM metrics.work_to_summary WHERE wts_work = 4214971 8bnielsen, Monday 4:58amignore
Site Search vs. Wiki Search 2LucindaLibri, Sunday 10:39amignore
Other authors changing order 13bientrey, Saturday 5:17amignore
Error - editing tags 16starfishian, Saturday 1:26amignore
Popup on access to library 1majkia, Friday 10:19pmignore
Editing in pop-up boxes not working? 3aulsmith, Thursday 6:39pmignore
zeitgeist page math 9lorax, Thursday 4:06pmignore
"Book discussions: Your books" number for new discussions does not reflect reality 7hailelib, Thursday 11:50amignore
Badges not updating 17Lman, Thursday 8:58amignore
Objecgts from Discg world? 6lorax, Wednesday 4:22pmignore
"New-style" Other Author data is still not exporting 2bnielsen, Wednesday 5:16amignore
deastore.com (Italia) broken 4ccatalfo, August 12ignore
Newest Groups 4MarthaJeanne, August 12ignore
Widget not working in IE 11 5conceptDawg, August 11ignore
Export to CSV 2sandpiper, August 11ignore
Unabl to add a book 5supersidvicious, August 11ignore
Recalculate author not working 3SimonW11, August 11ignore
Can't combine long tags? 3lorax, August 11ignore
Very long tags 2lorax, August 11ignore
Bug Collectors : Add books fails on a specific title 4alimosina_overflow, August 10ignore
Starred topics missing from "Groups and posts" 12lorax, August 8ignore
Searches on "Search site" results not reordering 6timspalding, August 7ignore
Early Reviewers books requested tab sorting order 1diana.n, August 7ignore
Covers not loading on Change Cover page 15henkl, August 5ignore
uploaded covers not available 22saltmanz, August 5ignore
Script Error on Profile/Comments page 7legallypuzzled, August 3ignore
500 Error on Edit Quick Links Page 6Stephan1840, August 1ignore
Where are all my books? 5timspalding, July 30ignore
Reviews and deleted books 6PolymathicMonkey, July 29ignore
not all common languages mentioned in Home page (when not logged in) 7lorax, July 29ignore
Comments - archive & delete issue 3CarolO, July 29ignore
Can't filter by collections when already filtering by "where from" 1melannen, July 28ignore
Talk Module only showing OLD posts 2lorax, July 27ignore
Failed to get a read connection to the database. 3jjwilson61, July 25ignore
two listings for same novel 2MarthaJeanne, July 23ignore
Talk Reverting to All Topics on Refresh 46SylviaC, July 22ignore
"This message is deleted" after posting first message in a topic 3divinenanny, July 22ignore
Disappearing Editions 3prosfilaes, July 22ignore
Drop down box problems 2bergs47, July 21ignore
Reading dates sometimes missing from book details page 5LucindaLibri, July 20ignore
Display error with dates on Book Details page 24LucindaLibri, July 20ignore
Tag Page not showing books 2prosfilaes, July 18ignore
"(back to profile)" link broken on "Flag user" page 2Collectorator, July 18ignore
I was given a free yearly membership ~April 2013, shouldn't I have to pay again by now? 1Anoplophora, July 17ignore
Estonian library sources are not fuctioning anymore 30ccatalfo, July 17ignore
Librarything recommendations won't snap shut 5Collectorator, July 16ignore
Widget display errors on older browsers 2conceptDawg, July 15ignore
Referring to a Post [>(post#] Works 50% 4lorax, July 15ignore
can't flag incorrect cover 4Taphophile13, July 14ignore
Problem with adding books from Estonian libraries 3legallypuzzled, July 14ignore
things 4divinenanny, July 13ignore
Series Covers Poorly Displayed 20Collectorator, July 13ignore
Can't add venue 3aqeeliz, July 11ignore
Can't save venue linkage after entering bad venue ID 1rodneyvc, July 11ignore
I know this can't be right 6kiparsky, July 11ignore
Add / edit events on Local only shows Event Description ... 8kiparsky, July 9ignore
When dashes are present, only 12 digits of an ISBN are saved. 10markbarnes, July 8ignore
bibliotek.dk seems out of order 9ccatalfo, July 7ignore
Changing any book data is reported as 'rating' a book 7kevinashley, July 6ignore
Tagmash and capitalization 10jjwilson61, July 3ignore
Book found in data search from "Add Books" page, but clicking on it won't add to my library 8jjmcgaffey, July 3ignore
Junk drawer default 4SylviaC, July 3ignore
Series Name Suggestioner 19Collectorator, July 3ignore
Ambiguous "cancel" confirmation button 4jjmcgaffey, July 3ignore
issue with profile editing - convergent contant - preserving contant - expanding content 4jjmcgaffey, July 3ignore
Collections Overlap on Home Page 5LucindaLibri, July 2ignore
Live spam link on newest groups page 1MarthaJeanne, July 1ignore
Non-visible tag with count of (5) 3jouni, June 29ignore
Manual Add not adding consistently 5macsbrains, June 29ignore
Book not linked to author correctly 3elkiedee, June 27ignore
Touchstone links have disappeared 6SylviaC, June 26ignore
Zeitgeist - Helpers not updated 38wifilibrarian, June 26ignore
Title with brackets 9jjmcgaffey, June 25ignore
Add books fails on 2 specific titles 5SylviaC, June 24ignore
Favicon discrepancy 1lorannen, June 24ignore
Widget Failing to Load As Specified 11flying_monkeys, June 23ignore
Not adding books to my collection 7jjwilson61, June 22ignore
Cumulative Popularity is Broken 9timspalding, June 21ignore
wrong date when using "today" or "yesterday" 17kiparsky, June 20ignore
"yesterday" doesn't work on date fields. 18kiparsky, June 20ignore
Recommendations 7timspalding, June 20ignore
More recommendation problems 1hopecbrewer, June 20ignore
Translation is broken 2Louve_de_mer, June 19ignore
Old threads stuck on top of Group pages, randomly 4LolaWalser, June 19ignore
Add to your library from work page not working 14Collectorator, June 18ignore
Previous arrow puts reader all the way back to login 21Collectorator, June 17ignore
Title Searches with Punctuation 8MarthaJeanne, June 17ignore
Show All on Series page not working 10jjmcgaffey, June 17ignore

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