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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing. It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Total members: 750 members

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some tags invisible 2oldworldarax, Today 6:17amignore
Take Inventory: searching add books auto-adds title to library 8shikari, Yesterday 4:36pmignore
Links on Statistics | Book Covers Broken 13Foretopman, Yesterday 10:00amignore
Take Inventory: Clicking to display unmarked doesn't work 1lorannen, Sunday 11:36pmignore
Events with ONLY time & date 14jasbro, Sunday 8:15amignore
Author page name/title is not same as author id or author of books 3smcwl, Saturday 6:34pmignore
Missing Author Touchstones 9LShelby, Saturday 4:24pmignore
Work Not Appearing on Author Page 3MarthaJeanne, Saturday 5:24amignore
HTTP 500 errors 7lorannen, Friday 1:20pmignore
Local events are titled "Untitled event" 4lorannen, Friday 1:14pmignore
Site Slow for CK Edits 31jjmcgaffey, Friday 3:30amignore
"Invisible" author 2lorax, Thursday 1:46pmignore
Dashboard layout 5chairless, Thursday 11:39amignore
Lending: Editing/Merging Patron Names 1kristilabrie, Thursday 10:27amignore
Lending: Patrons (No Name) Bug 1kristilabrie, Thursday 10:14amignore
All Fields Search Switches from All to Most 6coprime, Wednesday 11:58amignore
MARC Export/Import Round-Trip Bugs 1kristilabrie, Wednesday 11:55amignore
Wonky Your catalog search 6aulsmith, Wednesday 9:01amignore
Search catalog auto-focus - A little more tweaking, please. 1mmedeiros, Wednesday 7:29amignore
Zeitgeist --Top 200 awards for works not updated 7lorax, Tuesday 11:51amignore
Tags: Not Updating/Indexing Correctly 29kristilabrie, Tuesday 11:34amignore
stats/memes book covers has broken 4Taphophile13, Tuesday 10:06amignore
Add book fail 4JerryMmm, June 22ignore
WorldCat (advanced search) link not working 4Taphophile13, June 22ignore
Search Weirdness in Your Books 4timspalding, June 20ignore
Can't edit book 9szarka, June 19ignore
Connection News never page never loads 12kristilabrie, June 19ignore
Collection Checkboxes on Edit Page 4jjwilson61, June 19ignore
Site no longer working in Opera Mini for BlackBerry 7kristilabrie, June 19ignore
This is a private group message not displaying 1lorannen, June 19ignore
Helper badges not updating 9Hedgepeth, June 19ignore
Very popular books not showing up in touchstone choices 6lorax, June 19ignore
Reviews page - my reviews squashed in narrow column 15jjwilson61, June 18ignore
Import not displaying correctly 10jjmcgaffey, June 18ignore
Manual Add page stuck on old book 21jjmcgaffey, June 17ignore
Private comments sorting 10timspalding, June 17ignore
Book numbers not correct in "Members with your books" 5lorax, June 17ignore
Take Inventory reappears after clicking back to tags 11Crypto-Willobie, June 17ignore
Talk page 32wonderY, June 17ignore
splitting the author doesn't work on mary burns 2lorannen, June 17ignore
Read messages not updating 2lorannen, June 17ignore
Talk stopped updating for me at 11:43 2lorannen, June 17ignore
Review Edits not Sticking 2lorannen, June 17ignore
Edits not Sticking 2lorannen, June 17ignore
Cannot post new bug report 2lorannen, June 17ignore
Problem - There is no work with that reference number 2lorannen, June 17ignore
Folio Society Devotees talk page not updating 3lorannen, June 17ignore
Clicking "take inventory" from drop-down list takes you to list view of Your Books 2timspalding, June 17ignore
Tag combinations from tags including quotation marks break 1lorax, June 17ignore
Numberic author names 11MarthaJeanne, June 17ignore
Covers not uploading 38SLALS-VUW, June 16ignore
Other member's covers also show my library 3kristilabrie, June 16ignore
Missing a book just added 4supersidvicious, June 16ignore
Favorite Illustrators Link on Profile Page 3Hermee, June 16ignore
Green summary in edit books 5MarthaJeanne, June 15ignore
Clicking on "add to your libary" does not add that exact book? 5lorax, June 12ignore
Searching "Search my library" no longer searching all my books 22skullduggery, June 11ignore
Settings/profile adding URL links - Updates but fails to save?? 2kristilabrie, June 10ignore
Something Wrong with Author 5Collectorator, June 10ignore
Extra spaces on hitting Enter to validate tags editing 6saltmanz, June 9ignore
Once again, "nothing found" in Libris 10LA2, June 9ignore
Author Name Confusion 14bernsad, June 8ignore
Early Reviewer request link. 3kristilabrie, June 8ignore
Patron Link to Library Catalog 10kristilabrie, June 8ignore
my feed 14kristilabrie, June 8ignore
garbled text 5cairoartsjp, June 7ignore
Can't use the same tag twice on one book? 3saltmanz, June 6ignore
First author listing 26iangpacker, June 5ignore
Date acquired calendar moves/disappears 2AnnieMod, June 4ignore
Viewing Other Status Pages in Lending 2epelibrary, June 4ignore
Recent news not translatable 10Louve_de_mer, June 3ignore
Export suddenly very slow? 10bnielsen, June 3ignore
Non-Roman script being truncated 45Yamanekotei, June 1ignore
Facebook review 4kristilabrie, June 1ignore
Reviews links in Connections News truncated 3mmedeiros, May 30ignore
Author not found for merging 7cairoartsjp, May 30ignore
Trying to add book, but nothing found 7ccatalfo, May 29ignore
'Edit sort order' Button not Functioning 13timspalding, May 27ignore
Secondary sort no longer works 4timspalding, May 27ignore
venue filter is missing - Local 21jasbro, May 27ignore
Re-import of LibraryThing tab export failing to find duplicate ISBNs 2ccatalfo, May 27ignore
special character in a book export, breaks xls export 5bnielsen, May 26ignore
Cant add book by barcode 3lilithcat, May 26ignore
Cannot change image size in Covers view 13timspalding, May 25ignore
Trying to add a book adds the wrong book 5MarthaJeanne, May 23ignore
Minor display bug: Your Recent Reviews 1bnielsen, May 22ignore
Collections Bugs 2 336librisissimo, May 20ignore
Missing author from search results 5eromsted, May 20ignore
Add other authors tool not working. 1Sylak, May 20ignore
Quick Links Missing After 1st Visit for a Work 8cairoartsjp, May 19ignore
Quick Links ` menu changes not applied 4cairoartsjp, May 19ignore
Can't edit division on author Various 25gjerde, May 19ignore
"Book discussions: Your books" number for new discussions does not reflect reality 22lorax, May 19ignore
DDC Column Links to Table Broken 13lorax, May 19ignore
Numbers not sorting correctly in Call Number field 10lorax, May 19ignore
Picture of a divided author and LibraryThing Author 4jjwilson61, May 18ignore
Titles not alphabetizing correctly 15xenophon, May 18ignore
Add to your library button doesn't work 10daves0, May 17ignore
ISBNs not recognized 13cairoartsjp, May 17ignore

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