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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

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Other Settings > Books Per Page 30mmedeiros, Today 6:19pmignore
Issues with Public Book and Private Collection 4kristilabrie, Today 12:57pmignore
"Show all covers" not working 135jjmcgaffey, Today 8:27amignore
Your books display styles won't update 10mmedeiros, Yesterday 8:14pmignore
Member-to-member comments wonky 2conceptDawg, Yesterday 7:20pmignore
API easy linking with ISBN works randomly - mostly doesn't 4bnielsen, Yesterday 4:50pmignore
Thingamabrarian spelled wrong 3benuathanasia, Yesterday 2:04pmignore
Green summary in edit books 2MarthaJeanne, Yesterday 12:13pmignore
Venue Search not working? 22PhaedraB, Yesterday 11:49amignore
Cover Image Missing 3timspalding, Tuesday 8:36pmignore
Marc Export seems broken 18timspalding, Tuesday 8:35pmignore
Notice of message from block member 4timspalding, Tuesday 8:35pmignore
Import not displaying correctly 9jjmcgaffey, Tuesday 7:08pmignore
Incomplete saving of tags added in quick edit 6eromsted, Tuesday 4:53pmignore
Manual entry a book cause a wrong "edition" 6FrankLeip, Tuesday 4:39pmignore
add book out of an other users catalog - bug or feature? 5MarthaJeanne, Tuesday 3:27pmignore
"Private book" added to my library 10kristilabrie, Tuesday 2:32pmignore
Members giveaway winners 2lorannen, Tuesday 2:20pmignore
Only Amazon images post to Facebook 5RobertDay, Tuesday 8:01amignore
Bad display bugs on localised pages 10timspalding, Tuesday 1:12amignore
New export: line breaks in review disappeared 8timspalding, Monday 7:19pmignore
Gray checkmarks not appearing for LibraryThing Recommendations in list view 2sturlington, Monday 11:15amignore
Thingaversary module on home page blank again 17hailelib, Monday 7:14amignore
Edits to 'View All Translated Text' do not stick 1anglemark, Monday 4:35amignore
"Recently Added" covers don't display if file on user's disk is deleted 22bnielsen, Sunday 2:15pmignore
Phantom books (or something) 2AnnieMod, Sunday 2:06amignore
() Problem - This is a private book. 7saucybetty, Friday 12:13pmignore
First author listing 14kristilabrie, February 18ignore
CK Search "Last Words" 13kristilabrie, February 18ignore
Periods throwing off site search 3kristilabrie, February 17ignore
CK: People / Characters display formatting 2kristilabrie, February 17ignore
Recommendations search results 1kgriffith, February 16ignore
member gallery and profile pic not showing 10rosalita, February 16ignore
Tag Watch not updating 54henkl, February 16ignore
Touchstones on long titles not working 4lorax, February 16ignore
DDC info not displaying on Book Details 6MarthaJeanne, February 16ignore
Recommended series 1AnnieMod, February 15ignore
JSON & PHP 9jtodd1973, February 15ignore
Adding books with scandinavian letters 14bnielsen, February 15ignore
Finnish and Swedish subject headings 8bnielsen, February 15ignore
Searching "Search my library" no longer searching all my books 14JonathanGorman, February 14ignore
Date acquired in the catalogue has become much more annoying to use 12_Zoe_, February 13ignore
Ambiguous Author Code Returned By JSON API 1Lorem, February 12ignore
Periods throwing off your books search 2lorannen, February 12ignore
Covers recently added by members display problem 4jjmcgaffey, February 12ignore
Unable to access LT with IE10; OK with Firefox, Opera and Chrome on same machine. 5mmedeiros, February 11ignore
Default Tags - Cannot Insert 12justifiedsinner, February 11ignore
Top Recommendations (Homepage) Doesn't Match Top Recs (Recs Page) 7kristilabrie, February 10ignore
DDC Column Link to MDS Table Broken (Your Books) 3kristilabrie, February 10ignore
Recent author, venue and profile pictures not displaying/uploading 4kristilabrie, February 10ignore
Change covers page no longer showing which cover I have selected 11Caramellunacy, February 10ignore
My Tagmash is not working...is it just me? 3rretzler, February 9ignore
Covers - Green frame around the cover chosen for my book disappeared 3kristilabrie, February 9ignore
Every topic I ever read (and long ago deleted) is BACK when I select Starred 26aulsmith, February 9ignore
Cover Information 6bernsad, February 8ignore
Linking to a Group after a Search - JSON error 4rretzler, February 8ignore
LT Recommendations don't load for me either 3timspalding, February 8ignore
LT Recommendations don't load 11AnnieHidalgo, February 8ignore
Search of Tags in parentheses 10AssyriaQ, February 8ignore
Character encoding problems 3vivir, February 8ignore
"Groups and posts" excludes starred topics in ignored groups 26AnnieMod, February 8ignore
Missing salmon on author pages 5Collectorator, February 7ignore
Touchstones in Talk 4Lyndatrue, February 7ignore
Tried to delete one book of two with same title and they both were deleted?! 3r.orrison, February 7ignore
Glitch Reordering Modules on Home Page Using iPhone 7klarusu, February 7ignore
Failed manually added book appears as () and cannot be removed 2michaelstevens, February 6ignore
Site Search: "recommended site improvements" not indexed 6ulmannc, February 6ignore
Recommendations tags problem 10mmedeiros, February 6ignore
Events on Deceased Authors 10Collectorator, February 6ignore
Add New Books - Default Collection 6kristilabrie, February 6ignore
Cover image: "no file provided" 3kristilabrie, February 6ignore
Recent Uploaded Covers not spaced correctly 3kristilabrie, February 6ignore
User uploaded covers not showing 4kristilabrie, February 6ignore
What Should I Borrow - Not working 6mmedeiros, February 5ignore
Typo alert! 5ulmannc, February 3ignore
Alphabetical sorting of titles not working 12smc1, February 2ignore
# appendedd 7timspalding, February 2ignore
Error message searching for group 14lilithcat, February 2ignore
Venue search not working for book location 3timspalding, February 2ignore
Venue search balking 4timspalding, February 2ignore
People with this book also have... (more obscure) has disappeared from recommendations page 9timspalding, February 2ignore
"Search group member's catalog" for Dewey searches subject as well 9miketopper, February 2ignore
Alphabetical sort in catalog view not ignoring leading articles 10smc1, February 1ignore
Some Works Not Being Aliased 3eromsted, February 1ignore
Missing Author Touchstones 8lorax, January 30ignore
Cover and author images not appearing 9xaagmabag, January 30ignore
Reading dates: "Started is before ended" warning 10kristilabrie, January 30ignore
Unable to Upload to Gallery 2MarthaJeanne, January 30ignore
Add book bug 14MarthaJeanne, January 30ignore
Recommendations missing on recommendations page 8lorax, January 28ignore
- fatal error (9) 1bnielsen, January 27ignore
Reading Dates Formatting -- Your Books and "Edit your book" 3kristilabrie, January 26ignore
Dramas with Cover Uploading 10johninvienna, January 25ignore
Unfair to Female Authors 23BarkingMatt, January 25ignore
wrong book linked 3johninvienna, January 25ignore
covers 2johninvienna, January 24ignore
Book with isbn13 id 13MarthaJeanne, January 24ignore
Work-level classification data not being generated 21lorax, January 22ignore
Problem seeing conversation 5kristilabrie, January 21ignore

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