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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing. It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Total members: 832 members

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Add books taking a long time 27melannen, Yesterday 10:27pmignore
"jump to first unread" in a thread not working for me 9timspalding, Yesterday 3:02pmignore
LT Android app (Alpha/Beta) 44JerryMmm, Thursday 5:44pmignore
Books with no cover picture 3MarthaJeanne, Wednesday 1:51amignore
Collections not showing on main work page 4MarthaJeanne, Wednesday 1:45amignore
TinyCat won't keep the patron edits I make 4VicRML, Wednesday 1:17amignore
New Feature: Advanced Search OR seems broken 12bnielsen, Tuesday 3:13pmignore
Admin bug: can't update Author code division from cpadmin page 1kristilabrie, Tuesday 3:12pmignore
media reviews no longer showing up in CK history 2rsterling, Monday 9:37amignore
Semi-combined 1Robertgreaves, Saturday 4:47amignore
Error Message "That file is not a MARC file. Please upload a valid MARC file" 7lesmel, May 18ignore
z39.50 - Amarillo College 4kristilabrie, May 18ignore
z39.50 - Wheeling Jesuit University 4kristilabrie, May 18ignore
z39.50 - Franklin and Marshall College 5kristilabrie, May 18ignore
z39.50 - University of Missouri 4kristilabrie, May 18ignore
z39.50 - San Jose Public - State Library 5kristilabrie, May 18ignore
z39.50 - University of London 6kristilabrie, May 18ignore
Combination Issues Notice is Stuck 13Noisy, May 18ignore
Should not try to combine tagmashes 5MarthaJeanne, May 18ignore
"Work Details" wrong 6timspalding, May 17ignore
Work-to-work relationships after combining 2timspalding, May 17ignore
last work appears semi-selected after resetting form on combine page 6AnnieMod, May 17ignore
Disambiguation and Combination Issues 7AnnieMod, May 17ignore
Can't combine long tags? 4timspalding, May 17ignore
Very long tags 3timspalding, May 17ignore
unknown problem caused by zero copy records - probably input errors 13timspalding, May 17ignore
Separating "Title missing" books results in "Error 2" 7timspalding, May 17ignore
after work combination owned books are not attributed well 6timspalding, May 17ignore
Combine/separate page shows wrong author name next to title 4timspalding, May 17ignore
editions page not showing all editions - so not possible to separate some editions 7timspalding, May 17ignore
Male and Female, Dead or Alive doesn't use author aliasing 3Taphophile13, May 17ignore
Combining two works appears to have deleted all copies of it. 13timspalding, May 17ignore
Combine authors when one has no books 17timspalding, May 17ignore
LT Author links go to disambiguation page 70timspalding, May 17ignore
'Primary author only' combine option works only for initial change 3AnnieMod, May 17ignore
Scan to add books 4timspalding, May 17ignore
Open Library quick link doesn't recognize borrowable works 4timspalding, May 17ignore
Combination makes works lose assignation in disambiguation pages 6timspalding, May 17ignore
Author not found for merging 8timspalding, May 17ignore
Slow + 504s galore 19timspalding, May 17ignore
Secondary Authors Don't Get Aliased 3timspalding, May 17ignore
Work assigned to wrong split after combination 12r.orrison, May 17ignore
Searching CK Not Working 12conceptDawg, May 17ignore
Combined two works, author division now in a muddle 9Lyndatrue, May 17ignore
Error "Problem We are unable to process that as an image." 19pedro.pessoa, May 17ignore
Can't Add to a List 3jjwilson61, May 15ignore
Split Author Common Knowledge 17Collectorator, May 14ignore
Search is not finding my books 6Dgmknzgrl, May 10ignore
Volume doesn't stick for some books without physical dimensions? 9bnielsen, May 9ignore
z39.50 - Cal State Campuses 21ulmannc, May 8ignore
Deffler stars not showing anymore 5_Zoe_, May 7ignore
Thickness disappears 7ccatalfo, May 5ignore
Missing lists 7timspalding, May 5ignore
z39.50 - Florida Universities 9kristilabrie, May 5ignore
z39.50 - University of Wales 8kristilabrie, May 5ignore
z39.50 - Columbus State University 3kristilabrie, May 5ignore
z39.50 - Briar Cliff College 6kristilabrie, May 5ignore
z39.50 - LISWA (Western Australia) 4kristilabrie, May 5ignore
z39.50 sub-group 3lesmel, May 5ignore
Missing Portuguese Languages to edit in CK 5Noisy, May 3ignore
Error with tagmashes using "female author" 5timspalding, May 1ignore
Tagmash and capitalization 11timspalding, May 1ignore
tagmash using tag aliases 10timspalding, May 1ignore
504 error on tagmash search 9timspalding, May 1ignore
Tagmash is similar (not identical) to itself 6timspalding, May 1ignore
Tagmash: kidlit, science fiction is saying No books for this tagmash. 9timspalding, May 1ignore
Source "Bethel College" 4kristilabrie, May 1ignore
z39.50 - Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
Source "Marian College" 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
Source "Chowan College" 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
z39.50 - University College Galway 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
z39.50 - North Shore Libraries (New Zealand) 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
z39.50 - Biblioteca de Castilla y Leon 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
z39.50 - CARLI 8kristilabrie, May 1ignore
z39.50 - Biblioteca Municipal Manuel Teixeira Gomes 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
z39.50 - Asbury College and Theological Seminary 3kristilabrie, May 1ignore
Tag Mash Quickly Gives Up 7timspalding, May 1ignore
z39.50 - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization 3bnielsen, April 30ignore
z39.50 - Cal State U, Sonoma 11bnielsen, April 30ignore
Display styles reset? 29bnielsen, April 30ignore
Estonian library sources are not fuctioning anymore 36davidgn, April 28ignore
Search and Add Books Problem 2lorannen, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Yeshiva University - Albert Einstein College of Medicine 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - VALNet (Washington/Idaho) 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - University of Texas, El Paso 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Oakland Public Library 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Norwalk Public Library System 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Marshall University Libraries 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Marquette University 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Cecil County Public Library 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Boise State University 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Bavarian State Library 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - University of Adelaide (Anyone have Alma-whispering expertise?) 5kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Bishop's University 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Flinders University 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Griffith University 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - RMIT 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - Swinburne University of Technology 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore
z39.50 - University of Ballarat 3kristilabrie, April 28ignore

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