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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing. It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Total members: 800 members

Recent members: SqueakyChu, Jerhende, stjohnsdc, AndresP, middleman66, skippersan, ToongabbieBaptistLib, caflores, pfspfs, olslibrary, Rubenwiering, lil_red, gbill, rybie2, bestem, gfireman, crschool, BookConcierge, buecherei59, sportszonehdtv, ChristinasBookshelf, hugosbooks, Booklover889, booklovers2, BookEndsIntl, Catricia1004, WhirlUpSea, eastlake_uk, jankim04, BethelMethodist

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Editing in "Your books" delete question marks 1bnielsen, Today 5:47amignore
error using power edit on the "from where" field 10al.vick, Yesterday 2:36pmignore
Can't Edit Wiki Pages: "Your IP address has been recently used by "Ionpenningsheld" 57SqueakyChu, Yesterday 9:39amignore
Weirdness with added book 13.Monkey., Yesterday 9:31amignore
What Members are Reading 6chgstrom, Yesterday 8:43amignore
author pic being shared among multiple authors. flagging it in one place flags it everywhere. 16omargosh, Saturday 10:56amignore
Able to lend out an item that is already borrowed. 5ToongabbieBaptistLib, Friday 11:42pmignore
Can't move author picture uploaded before split to correct page after split 5omargosh, Friday 2:35pmignore
LT Author is also the Author, Author, Author . . . all the way down the page 3CtrSacredSciences, Friday 2:12pmignore
Replies/see conversation on photo comments don't work 1lorannen, Friday 11:58amignore
Talk page won't load for me. 12SqueakyChu, Thursday 5:05pmignore
"Book discussions: Your books" number for new discussions does not reflect reality 34_Zoe_, Thursday 4:41pmignore
I am blocked from editing my wiki page, why? 2davidgn, Thursday 1:05pmignore
Author page creation by Other Authors 20r.orrison, Thursday 11:57amignore
uploading covers 21Africansky1, Wednesday 3:44pmignore
Photo cropping not working any more 7lorannen, Wednesday 12:04pmignore
Import not in library although message says it was 17Andrew-theQM, Tuesday 3:12pmignore
Add books search not working 7lorax, Tuesday 12:43pmignore
Can't find book while it does exist (?) 6MarthaJeanne, Tuesday 5:32amignore
Tiny Cat putting our phone number into patron's suffix randomly 26divinenanny, Tuesday 3:19amignore
Readar map error - using Staticmap API v1 which has been deprecated as of 2009 7bernsad, Tuesday 2:15amignore
New Venues' Addresses Show as Unmappable 5conceptDawg, Monday 11:38pmignore
Wrong Date 9kristilabrie, Monday 10:28amignore
Work is showing up, but also not showing up?? 8MarthaJeanne, June 18ignore
touchstones are wonky today 5torontoc, June 17ignore
z39.50 - ACCESS Pennsylvania 3lorannen, June 17ignore
Posts not showing as "unread" when blocked member is most recent poster 5lorax, June 17ignore
ILSCO search no longer works in Add Books 23MarthaJeanne, June 17ignore
MARC record import - 590 field not importing 1bccmlibrary, June 16ignore
Covers not changing when selecting from within the pop-up 7saltmanz, June 15ignore
Power Edit does not work with langauge change operations 3lorannen, June 15ignore
Book not sorting properly by title 4Lyndatrue, June 15ignore
First author listing 37iangpacker, June 15ignore
add books won't search and load 6lorannen, June 14ignore
Stephen King 3gilroy, June 12ignore
CanĀ“t search Series Field? 19lorax, June 8ignore
LT app time lag with Collections # 22lorannen, June 8ignore
Data disappearing when entering Common Knowledge fields 23omargosh, June 7ignore
Favorite lists don't line up on the home page 3lorannen, June 7ignore
Author's Name Will Not Appear 10lorannen, June 7ignore
Early Reviewers home page module missing some covers 1lorannen, June 7ignore
Typo 7Collectorator, June 6ignore
Book [Murderers' Row] broken in TinyCat 7kristilabrie, June 6ignore
Original Language sort in library 6RobertDay, June 6ignore
Power Edit link incorrect 1anglemark, June 6ignore
Universidad de Chile Z39.50 1davidgn, June 3ignore
Error Message: Problem There is no work with that reference number. 7mlmckenzie, June 3ignore
incorrect author page link 5Taphophile13, June 3ignore
Venue Search 1davidgn, June 2ignore
another problem with the same book 9MarthaJeanne, June 2ignore
Extra? review - duplicate 9.Monkey., June 2ignore
Reading date disappears 7ayliang, June 1ignore
Is the LT app working? 12timspalding, June 1ignore
Past Wk - Added new books - Suddenly disappeared from "Recently Added" & "My Collections" yesterday 8timspalding, June 1ignore
Most of my library disappeared 22timspalding, June 1ignore
viewing my Reviews 9timspalding, June 1ignore
Ambiguous "cancel" confirmation button 6timspalding, June 1ignore
A LT review from 1969? 4gilroy, June 1ignore
Lists accessed via profile do not show books 4timspalding, June 1ignore
Lists: odd behaviour when thumbing down 9timspalding, June 1ignore
List item order - sorting on CK Order results in 1, 10, 100, 11, 12, 13... order 2timspalding, June 1ignore
Lists based on tags not filling in correctly 2timspalding, June 1ignore
HTML in feeds is encoded 6timspalding, June 1ignore
Why so slow? 9timspalding, June 1ignore
Lending for "other" period of time does not work. 4timspalding, June 1ignore
Very small books :-) 5timspalding, June 1ignore
Weightless books 4timspalding, June 1ignore
Work details appear in export but not in catalogue 2timspalding, June 1ignore
Weirdness in media field in tsv export 10timspalding, June 1ignore
Tinycat displays garbled MARC view for some books 3timspalding, June 1ignore
Two Languages Called English? 10Taphophile13, June 1ignore
amazon.co.uk music & movies search results show only books 7lorannen, June 1ignore
Overwrapping Article Subtitle 8timspalding, June 1ignore
Broken: Delete duplicates from your catalog 3timspalding, June 1ignore
Local Venues Map won't filter 5lorannen, June 1ignore
z39.50 - Florida International University 10lesmel, May 31ignore
Minor bugs produced by editing book information 5omargosh, May 31ignore
Dundee, Scotland might dispute its listed status as a United States exclave 3davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - George Mason University 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - Frick & Brooklyn Museum & MOMA 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - Florida State University 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - Emory University 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - National Library of Medicine, NIH 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - University of Massachusetts-Amherst 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - University of Wisconsin-Madison 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - University of Notre Dame 2davidgn, May 31ignore
z39.50 - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 2davidgn, May 31ignore
Another tiny LTFL bug 6ablachly, May 31ignore
Typo 2ablachly, May 31ignore
Severe problems to access important libraries in Skandinavia 5lesmel, May 31ignore
Uni Vienna source buggy 7MarthaJeanne, May 31ignore
Estonian search bases. 2lorannen, May 31ignore
Amazon.co.uk dimensions transposed 15lorax, May 31ignore
Combine works page empty 8omargosh, May 29ignore
z39.50 - Toronto Public Library 3lorannen, May 27ignore
Uni Wien Quick link 16MarthaJeanne, May 26ignore
Getting stuck in Talk pagination 5lorannen, May 24ignore
export books - tags in wrong column - is it a bug? 7middleman66, May 20ignore
Media field does not always appear in export in excel format 21bnielsen, May 20ignore

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