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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Total members: 731 members

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Book I'm sure I've added is not found in search 3divinenanny, Today 5:47amignore
Cover won't show 21SilentInAWay, Today 3:31amignore
Can't Upload to Gallery 2KentonSem, Yesterday 2:03pmignore
Author is in German Autor 11karakus, Yesterday 1:07pmignore
"Recent Member-Uploaded Covers..." not updating 45spwebdesign, Yesterday 12:19pmignore
Can't delete multiple dates 2MarthaJeanne, Saturday 7:43amignore
main page item won't collapse 4mysterymax, Saturday 7:38amignore
Posting a "New Topic" in a group doesn't always go to the group you are in. 6mmedeiros, Friday 6:31pmignore
Silent omission of question marks 8LT_Ammar, Friday 6:25pmignore
New export: Differences in tsv and xls export 9LT_Ammar, Friday 4:45pmignore
Talk on Dashboard not displaying correctly w/Bug Tracking status sort 7LT_Ammar, Friday 3:10pmignore
Deactivating tag translation does not work 2Louve_de_mer, Friday 8:29amignore
New export: Different end-of-line markers in comment versus privatecomment 9bnielsen, Friday 6:35amignore
Export not UTF8? 31bnielsen, Thursday 4:27pmignore
TSV export contains both cm and inches 5ScarletBea, Thursday 3:06amignore
New Export: ddc code technicality 12bnielsen, Thursday 2:29amignore
Tag Watch not updating 29timspalding, Thursday 1:58amignore
Problem grabbing book covers. 7JerryMmm, Wednesday 9:02pmignore
Automatic recommendations keeps changing arbitrarily 10lemontwist, Wednesday 10:53amignore
Can't edit topic titles 4kristilabrie, Wednesday 10:11amignore
Test Topic Title 1kristilabrie, Wednesday 9:47amignore
entered book must be marked 'private' 5kristilabrie, Wednesday 9:41amignore
Wrong covers displayed on home page 5kristilabrie, Wednesday 9:39amignore
Exporting issues 8timspalding, Tuesday 9:09pmignore
Can't vote on missing images that have been flagged 19timspalding, Tuesday 8:44pmignore
New Export: funny difference in subjects in json/tsv/catalog view 1bnielsen, Tuesday 6:28pmignore
New export: Differences in tsv and xls and json export 1bnielsen, Tuesday 6:06pmignore
New Export: isbns are sometimes an object and sometimes an array? 1bnielsen, Tuesday 4:17pmignore
pictures disappeared 17abbottthomas, Tuesday 1:35pmignore
Catalog tags field not updated for edit in book information box 2miketopper, Tuesday 11:04amignore
Book library vanished 6lorax, Tuesday 10:44amignore
Dresden Files series contains a phantom entry 3damnnicks, Tuesday 10:28amignore
New export: Weight not converted to kg? 12LT_Ammar, Tuesday 8:09amignore
Value appears in weight field for export, but does not appear in members page 1LT_Ammar, Tuesday 8:04amignore
New Export: Excel format issue on opening (vs downloading) 14librisissimo, Tuesday 7:03amignore
New Export: json date for dateacquired 3bnielsen, Tuesday 3:15amignore
New export: json export contains html entities 1bnielsen, Monday 5:46pmignore
Search Your Library Problems especially with Author 17StJosephIssaquah, Monday 11:10amignore
"No current copies" define work title 3shj2be, Monday 4:12amignore
LT mobile "Search catalog" not working 4divinenanny, December 14ignore
arabic? 2timspalding, December 12ignore
"LibraryThing catalogs your books online, easily, quickly and for free" 5bnielsen, December 12ignore
The project to record file issues 1timspalding, December 12ignore
Problem with polish chars in exported files (excel, tsv) 2timspalding, December 12ignore
Popularity quarter-by-quarter (top 50,000) shows 25,000 3timspalding, December 12ignore
Librarything recommendations won't snap shut 9timspalding, December 12ignore
Phantom data in Average Ratings on Zeitgeist and Author's Rating Statistics pages 10timspalding, December 12ignore
Problems editing comments while on another member's page 6timspalding, December 12ignore
unable to localize: LibraryThing catalogs your books online, easily, quickly and for free 14LT_Ammar, December 12ignore
New search: x-author 9miketopper, December 12ignore
Home page/dashboard settings changed 12NorthernStar, December 12ignore
"This message is deleted" after posting first message in a topic 4timspalding, December 12ignore
e???e???e 9timspalding, December 11ignore
stor-khanen versus stor-khan* 3miketopper, December 11ignore
New export: tsv export is missing data in Physical Description 9bnielsen, December 10ignore
Found a bug... 19MarthaJeanne, December 10ignore
@membername doesn't link to members' accounts (in comments) 8diana.n, December 10ignore
Unable to edit collections 12timspalding, December 9ignore
Talk Page is Blank! 18MarthaJeanne, December 9ignore
TODO: Alert on bad sort 1timspalding, December 9ignore
English CK displacing other language CK 10lorax, December 9ignore
Cannot Re-Order Collections 42SylviaC, December 9ignore
OR isn't displayed in the filter line 4bnielsen, December 8ignore
100858252 OR 100912633 OR 101303355 OR 101344223 OR 101353946 OR 101505138 5bnielsen, December 8ignore
Disappearing OR - take two 3bnielsen, December 8ignore
a : author 4ccatalfo, December 8ignore
"Another Power Edit request is procesing"[sic] for five hours 4philn, December 7ignore
English site displaying text in French 11timspalding, December 6ignore
Internationalization list 6timspalding, December 5ignore
En français! 162wonderY, December 5ignore
Text on left here… 2timspalding, December 5ignore
Some Arabic reviews not displaying properly 2lorax, December 5ignore
Editing within catalog not working for some fields 9flying_monkeys, December 5ignore
"Sort order" button not working 2timspalding, December 5ignore
Tag editing pop up not showing 3timspalding, December 5ignore
Double-click to edit catalog not working 11timspalding, December 5ignore
Odds and ends needs "new" nav 4timspalding, December 5ignore
Missing translations 3timspalding, December 5ignore
LT English master message DB: private member lists LT names should not be included in translation 4timspalding, December 5ignore
Translated relationship strings 9timspalding, December 5ignore
concerns work and book pages and subpages - author (maybe Type of author) not localized 2timspalding, December 5ignore
I receive messages in foreign languages f.i. a laissé un message concernant l'image de 7timspalding, December 5ignore
all language selection boxes should sort by translated names for languages 5timspalding, December 5ignore
tag translation anomalies concerning various LT subdomains 4timspalding, December 5ignore
Languages in /details/ are not localized 2timspalding, December 5ignore
collective tag pages don't show work titles in site language 11timspalding, December 5ignore
Work titles not translated 2timspalding, December 5ignore
Add "Japanese" to language selection list 10timspalding, December 5ignore
Only the first event is readable on the authorpages on the Dutch site 2timspalding, December 5ignore
New export fuzzy dates issue/question 10LucindaLibri, December 4ignore
Unarchiving comments doesn't seem to work 7diana.n, December 4ignore
'Get this book' Failure 3surly, December 4ignore
Switching from member-uploaded cover to Amazon cover - bug? 7lorax, December 4ignore
LT_ammar is the secret identity of GraftonLibrary? 7bnielsen, December 4ignore
Tagmash borked 12timspalding, December 4ignore
New export: tsv export last line has no end-of-line 28LT_Ammar, December 4ignore
Author search bug 3timspalding, December 4ignore
"Add books" sets "sort character" to 0 18timspalding, December 4ignore

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