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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Total members: 734 members

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Recommendations missing on recommendations page 5lorax, Today 12:11pmignore
People with this book also have... (more obscure) has disappeared from recommendations page 8MarthaJeanne, Today 8:05amignore
- fatal error (9) 1bnielsen, Yesterday 4:13pmignore
Reading Dates Formatting -- Your Books and "Edit your book" 3kristilabrie, Monday 7:21pmignore
Unable to access LT with IE10; OK with Firefox, Opera and Chrome on same machine. 2kristilabrie, Monday 7:17pmignore
"Search group member's catalog" for Dewey searches subject as well 1lorax, Monday 1:46pmignore
Dramas with Cover Uploading 10johninvienna, Sunday 1:32pmignore
Unfair to Female Authors 23BarkingMatt, Sunday 1:12pmignore
wrong book linked 3johninvienna, Sunday 10:00amignore
covers 2johninvienna, Saturday 9:12pmignore
Book with isbn13 id 13MarthaJeanne, Saturday 2:47amignore
First author listing 7Lyndatrue, Friday 9:19pmignore
Searching "Search my library" no longer searching all my books 9lorax, Friday 1:37pmignore
Marc Export seems broken 15bnielsen, Friday 6:29amignore
Work-level classification data not being generated 21lorax, Thursday 12:07pmignore
Problem seeing conversation 5kristilabrie, Wednesday 11:40amignore
Reading dates: "Started is before ended" warning 4kristilabrie, Wednesday 11:36amignore
Venue search not working for book location 2kristilabrie, Wednesday 11:27amignore
Failed manually added book appears as () and cannot be removed 1aileverte, Wednesday 10:31amignore
New Search: A bit weird display bug 2ccatalfo, Wednesday 9:34amignore
Tag Watch not updating 48geitebukkeskjegg, Wednesday 2:00amignore
LCC Numbers Not Sorting Correctly 2legallypuzzled, January 20ignore
Keep Getting Logged Out on My iPhone 6rebeccanyc, January 20ignore
Touchstones on long titles not working 3lorax, January 20ignore
Your Books display bug: author field 2lorax, January 20ignore
'Other' job title in 'Edit your book' crashes iPad users. 7Sylak, January 20ignore
Date Acquired in Catalog List View 7LT_Ammar, January 19ignore
Site Search vs. Wiki Search 3LucindaLibri, January 18ignore
Henry Miller 5globulon, January 17ignore
Finnish and Swedish subject headings 4jouni, January 14ignore
Friending requires logging in to *.COM site (english) for non-COM-site users 3GirlFromIpanema, January 13ignore
Double groups 4kristilabrie, January 13ignore
Trouble adding venues to favourites 5kristilabrie, January 13ignore
Trivial bug with libraries with more than 2**16 books 8LT_Ammar, January 13ignore
Wrong rating 11cpg, January 12ignore
Invisible tags on Your Books for imported books 7philn, January 12ignore
Silent omission of question marks 15LT_Ammar, January 10ignore
Other places to add tag autocompletion 17LT_Ammar, January 9ignore
Where's my message? 7Noisy, January 8ignore
Can't add book from page or find in "add book" search 8TheoClarke, January 7ignore
Export in .mrc can't import into library catalog 8ccatalfo, January 7ignore
New Export: Excel format issue on opening (vs downloading) 15librisissimo, January 6ignore
Exporting issues 9librisissimo, January 6ignore
Nothing to see here... 2casvelyn, January 6ignore
Two $55 pay amounts 10bnielsen, January 6ignore
Cannot add The Lord of the Rings to list 4SimoneA, January 6ignore
"N books found in all collections" message does not display from tag page 14jjmcgaffey, January 5ignore
LibraryThing Author page ate Detroit 8elenchus, January 5ignore
"Book discussions: Your books" number for new discussions does not reflect reality 20MarthaJeanne, January 5ignore
Back button from second+ page of a group goes to first page 5jjmcgaffey, January 5ignore
Librarything recommendations won't snap shut 23Collectorator, January 5ignore
Shakespeare Epic problems? 3lorax, January 5ignore
Cover not recalculating 2r.orrison, January 4ignore
Localization bug 5supersidvicious, January 3ignore
comments not functioning like normal 14karamazow, January 3ignore
CueCat: Adding Books with Library of Congress 3markell, January 3ignore
Translations of MDS class names not used 2timspalding, January 3ignore
Old books have new "added" date 5bernsad, January 3ignore
Task: Add user numbers to special libraries 3timspalding, January 2ignore
"Featured Legacy Libraries" display stuck 4timspalding, January 2ignore
When I accepted a friend request, notification appeared on my wall 5timspalding, January 2ignore
Zeitgeist Books/ Top 25 by Ratings uses wrong figures/ calculations 6kristilabrie, January 2ignore
Automatic recommendations keeps changing arbitrarily 13timspalding, January 2ignore
Not finding entered books 8kristilabrie, January 2ignore
Review not showing. 7Sylak, January 2ignore
Comments - archive & delete issue 4timspalding, January 2ignore
Problem: This is a private book 35eromsted, January 1ignore
Problem with private comments 3aulsmith, January 1ignore
stalled import queue 23oughta, December 31, 2014ignore
Import Stalled? 3timspalding, December 31, 2014ignore
doesn't update index when tag updated through view 5bw42, December 31, 2014ignore
Catalog tags field not updated for edit in book information box 11eromsted, December 30, 2014ignore
Stemming and prefix wild cards don't mix well 17bnielsen, December 30, 2014ignore
Inline wild cards doesn't work in review 6bnielsen, December 30, 2014ignore
Wild card search acts funny 31bnielsen, December 30, 2014ignore
Summary search, the continued saga 6bnielsen, December 30, 2014ignore
Problem with polish chars in exported files (excel, tsv) 6timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
() Problem - This is a private book. 6lorannen, December 30, 2014ignore
e???e???e 11timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
"Recent Member-Uploaded Covers..." not updating 62jouni, December 30, 2014ignore
Phantom data in Average Ratings on Zeitgeist and Author's Rating Statistics pages 12cpg, December 30, 2014ignore
Cannot search for some of my own books. 13miketopper, December 30, 2014ignore
search does not start a re-index 15miketopper, December 30, 2014ignore
Newest Groups 5timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Live spam link on newest groups page 2timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
another problem with the same book 4timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Objecgts from Discg world? 7timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Wiki search returning error 6timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Exported reading dates wrong - on wrong books? 30timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Why are non-English reviews showing when I choose to see only English-language reviews? 23timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Adding more than allowed number of books to a list 3timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Author badges appear on/link to disambiguation pages 2timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Zeitgeist - Helpers not updated 39timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Work titles not translated 3timspalding, December 30, 2014ignore
Can't edit topic titles 5timspalding, December 29, 2014ignore
Popularity quarter-by-quarter (top 50,000) shows 25,000 5timspalding, December 29, 2014ignore
Talk Page is Blank! 19jjmcgaffey, December 29, 2014ignore
TSV export contains both cm and inches 7bnielsen, December 29, 2014ignore
Cover won't show 48jouni, December 29, 2014ignore

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