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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing. It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

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Member name in first post is a non-link. 40TempeTahu16, Today 4:26amignore
Author page creation by Other Authors 18r.orrison, Today 4:10amignore
Top Three Hot Topics 10Collectorator, Today 2:46amignore
Backslash. Now more than ever. 3timspalding, Today 2:45amignore
my-posts marker missing in Talk 6timspalding, Today 2:40amignore
double quotes need escaping in title attributes (author pages and CK logs) 4omargosh, Today 2:38amignore
Links within bugtracking are not working 16timspalding, Today 2:35amignore
new messages not allowed on new thread 12timspalding, Today 2:31amignore
Add Books page gives bad links 8conceptDawg, Today 2:30amignore
new Talk bug - clicking bug tracking category in bug doesn't work 15timspalding, Today 2:27amignore
Problem with 'Add Books manually' page 6MarthaJeanne, Today 2:12amignore
something weird in CK - "modern wording" 3conceptDawg, Today 2:10amignore
small bug in talk in Safari (ok in Firefox) 2timspalding, Today 1:56amignore
Blocked user's posts become visible with a new post 2timspalding, Today 1:54amignore
First post/poster on thread is not a link. 6timspalding, Today 1:48amignore
LT.de: "Show all translated texts" link is broken 11anglemark, Today 1:41amignore
'Add books' says I have multiple versions of the same book but I can't find them! Any ideas? 7lorannen, Today 1:36amignore
Add book 4lorannen, Today 1:35amignore
When clicking "mark as read to here", own posts always show as salmon 10brightcopy, Today 1:32amignore
Sorting "Groups and Posts" by unread messages show only starred threads 6timspalding, Today 1:24amignore
Fatal Error when trying to change star rating 3lorannen, Today 1:20amignore
Errors since I switched my URL 3lorannen, Today 1:19amignore
Talk sorting goes wonky when using the back button 3timspalding, Today 1:18amignore
Macbook Pinch-to-Zoom New LT Site 2lorannen, Today 1:06amignore
Touchstones Not Working? 4lorannen, Today 1:01amignore
problem adding books: swedish sources 3lorannen, Today 12:47amignore
Message posting also not OK 4lorannen, Today 12:37amignore
In Your Posts, "recently read" threads disappear onto page 2 or even farther back 22SqueakyChu, Today 12:15amignore
Talk tab : Ignore button 2timspalding, Yesterday 11:26pmignore
Slow reaction time on Author Page, Common Knowledge, etc. 4conceptDawg, Yesterday 11:24pmignore
Can't see "First message" from Stats/Talk and Groups Statistics/Trivia 16timspalding, Yesterday 11:23pmignore
Erratic Save on Author pages, esp. Common Knowledge & Links 4conceptDawg, Yesterday 11:13pmignore
Javascript error when editing in columns language/original language 5conceptDawg, Yesterday 11:11pmignore
missing work titles when adding works to talks via the the "About" dialog 9timspalding, Yesterday 11:05pmignore
This message has been deleted by its author.??? 5timspalding, Yesterday 11:05pmignore
Can't create a new post 9timspalding, Yesterday 11:03pmignore
Location preview in Add Venue broken 3conceptDawg, Yesterday 10:40pmignore
Day not displayed on Talk and Home pages 6conceptDawg, Yesterday 9:56pmignore
Extremely wide middle section in Your Books 5conceptDawg, Yesterday 9:52pmignore
Author name sometimes appears as URL segment instead of name 32r.orrison, Yesterday 6:31pmignore
Some covers not displaying 14lorannen, Yesterday 4:56pmignore
Jump to latest Unread messages doesn't always work 19hailelib, Yesterday 4:33pmignore
Review count incorrect 15lorannen, Yesterday 4:30pmignore
troubleshooting - I'm not able to change the date I acquired a book. 14lorannen, Yesterday 4:29pmignore
Lexiles not sticking? 6legallypuzzled, Yesterday 3:44pmignore
Book title cut off by LT page header 6AnnaClaire, Yesterday 3:33pmignore
Broken Format for Imported Reviews 11hailelib, Yesterday 2:13pmignore
Other Author Linkage 9omargosh, Yesterday 2:08pmignore
Touchstones don't work in Chrome on Android phone 14conceptDawg, Yesterday 1:23pmignore
Inaccurate messages while posting 9conceptDawg, Yesterday 1:18pmignore
not all separations show up in the log 3omargosh, Yesterday 12:59pmignore
Touchstone won't load 3thornton37814, Yesterday 10:22amignore
A Different Weirdness with a Newly Added Book 19rebeccanyc, Yesterday 7:21amignore
Editing eving stops it displaying on My Local 6JerryMmm, Yesterday 4:09amignore
Talk has gone totally bonkers. 47timspalding, Yesterday 1:41amignore
Username at-matching fails when substring is also a usermatch and is tagged first 8timspalding, Yesterday 1:27amignore
message preview in Talk is not working for me today 16timspalding, Yesterday 1:21amignore
Uppercase tag not autocombining with lower case equivalent 13timspalding, Yesterday 12:13amignore
Error message when adding an event 2timspalding, Tuesday 11:11pmignore
Blank covers with brackets on home page. 4timspalding, Tuesday 11:02pmignore
Searching for works when using Work To Work Relationships 2timspalding, Tuesday 10:49pmignore
Amazon.co.uk dimensions transposed 6timspalding, Tuesday 10:44pmignore
Lost password page error in Dutch 6timspalding, Tuesday 10:43pmignore
can't get event to post on the Abington Community Library page 10timspalding, Tuesday 10:26pmignore
"some editions" roles not surviving aliasing 2Collectorator, Tuesday 3:44amignore
How many reviews? 34jjmcgaffey, Tuesday 1:21amignore
Tag translations: New pagination logic needed 3timspalding, Tuesday 1:09amignore
Technical problem with ER book 7bookwoman247, Monday 8:07pmignore
Rounded corners gone in FF13 20conceptDawg, Monday 2:00pmignore
The Catalog Sources list on the Stats/Memes page is broken 3Lyndatrue, Monday 1:26pmignore
Problem posting an image 15Vivl, Monday 12:07amignore
Export as Marc21 contains garbled records 14bnielsen, Sunday 7:31pmignore
Site search hangs on phrases in quotation marks 9vy0123, Sunday 8:27amignore
George Mills poetry book The House sails out of sight of home returning wrong record 4MarthaJeanne, Sunday 2:53amignore
Tags didn't separate 6omargosh, Saturday 9:32pmignore
"Related tags" not working on tag pages 6omargosh, Saturday 8:37pmignore
Author search oddity 20omargosh, Saturday 7:14pmignore
Thread Not Showing Continuation Link 7Morphidae, Saturday 5:39pmignore
Recommended book 2lemontwist, Saturday 2:22pmignore
Work page reporting No Reviews contrary to stats bar! 7timspalding, Saturday 9:54amignore
Published reviews failing to upload 14timspalding, Saturday 9:54amignore
Can't Reset Password When Two Accounts Have Same E-Mail 5timspalding, Saturday 9:48amignore
Blurry or missing book covers - API 9brightcopy, Friday 11:03pmignore
Redundant "choose this cover" link on your cover 3saltmanz, Friday 2:09pmignore
iPad bugs 4JerryMmm, Friday 12:47pmignore
Garbled text in meta tags when non ascii script in title 10timspalding, Friday 12:40pmignore
Special sauce recommendations! has repeats 6timspalding, Friday 12:38pmignore
Another Zeitgeist anomoly 4timspalding, Friday 12:31pmignore
Default cover setting doesn't appear to persist 6timspalding, Friday 12:29pmignore
Work Page Boxes Won't Move on iPad 2timspalding, Friday 12:14pmignore
Lexiles pages throw an error 2timspalding, Friday 12:04pmignore
Adding some books to my List 7timspalding, Friday 12:04pmignore
Denver Public Library link not working? 4timspalding, Friday 12:01pmignore
Odd date issue in Helpers logs 4timspalding, Friday 12:01pmignore
Facebook sharing doesn't actually share 5timspalding, Friday 11:50amignore
Can't Add books 5timspalding, Friday 11:48amignore
Sparating leads to blank pagespages 27timspalding, Friday 11:48amignore
Zeitgeist: Popularity is showing a bunch of duplicates. 2timspalding, Friday 11:44amignore
Possible tag import bug 6timspalding, Friday 11:43amignore

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