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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

Total members: 730 members

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Tag Watch not updating 21henkl, Today 8:44amignore
Calendar Icon not showing to right of date in Reading Dates and Date Acquired on manual adds. 5ulmannc, Today 7:56amignore
"Recent Member-Uploaded Covers..." not updating 40Sylak, Today 3:43amignore
Add Books re-search not functioning 9jjmcgaffey, Today 3:31amignore
Untranslatables 4timspalding, Today 1:03amignore
It is recommended that files are no larger than 256000; this file is $2 3timspalding, Today 1:02amignore
Cannot see my own library: "This library is private." 12timspalding, Today 12:59amignore
FOLLY - Random Review Includes Spam 2timspalding, Today 12:59amignore
cannot add books 4timspalding, Today 12:58amignore
Redirecting images 3timspalding, Today 12:57amignore
Slight Issue with touchstone de-duping 3timspalding, Today 12:55amignore
Pub info not showing on main page 5timspalding, Today 12:54amignore
syncing books 5timspalding, Today 12:53amignore
Widget not working in IE 11 9timspalding, Today 12:49amignore
Sluggishness 6timspalding, Today 12:49amignore
Site Search Error 4timspalding, Today 12:49amignore
Pages keep loading blank 22timspalding, Today 12:48amignore
Widget Problem 6timspalding, Today 12:45amignore
Comment indicator in top bar on wikipages 4timspalding, Today 12:44amignore
Cannot Delete a Post 4timspalding, Today 12:43amignore
Cover disappeared 54timspalding, Today 12:43amignore
Re-indexing failure 4timspalding, Today 12:42amignore
Cover images coming up broken 7timspalding, Today 12:42amignore
Unarchiving comments doesn't seem to work 2timspalding, Today 12:40amignore
Where is "flag this cover"? 8timspalding, Today 12:39amignore
Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 do not recognize .tsv. 5timspalding, Today 12:38amignore
New export: phsydesc 4timspalding, Today 12:36amignore
Blank author lines in male or female page 5timspalding, Today 12:33amignore
Html visible in list page 2timspalding, Today 12:32amignore
Search Your Library Problems especially with Author 11timspalding, Yesterday 2:27pmignore
Author Badges Can't Be Removed 2timspalding, Yesterday 2:22pmignore
Admin: Dashboard Announcement won't push w/End Date 2timspalding, Yesterday 2:03pmignore
New export: tsv export last line has no end-of-line 4timspalding, Yesterday 1:14pmignore
Translation for "Welcome Ammar" (home page) 3Louve_de_mer, Wednesday 1:26pmignore
New Export: New error in json output for every 100 records 9bnielsen, Wednesday 12:33amignore
Html visible in edit work page 3conceptDawg, Tuesday 5:41pmignore
member-uploaded covers not displaying 2kristilabrie, Tuesday 3:03pmignore
entered book must be marked 'private' 3kristilabrie, Tuesday 3:02pmignore
Summary search, the continued saga 4bnielsen, Tuesday 12:46pmignore
"See in member's catalog" not working from group search page 15lorax, Tuesday 10:54amignore
Facebook link not working? 19MrsLee, Tuesday 10:24amignore
Work titles not translated 1supersidvicious, Tuesday 8:52amignore
New export: Error in json output for every 100 records 7bnielsen, Monday 4:16pmignore
New export fuzzy dates issue/question 4LucindaLibri, Monday 2:15pmignore
"Add books" sets "sort character" to 0 15timspalding, Monday 2:06pmignore
Can't edit division on author Various 18DuncanHill, Monday 11:42amignore
doesn't update index when tag updated through view 3timspalding, Monday 11:19amignore
Buttons in new export page 3timspalding, Monday 11:17amignore
Popularity quarter-by-quarter (top 50,000) shows 25,000 1prosfilaes, Monday 3:38amignore
Export by book id 1timspalding, Monday 12:35amignore
Wrong alphabetical order 8timspalding, Sunday 11:03pmignore
Review not showing. 5Sylak, Sunday 5:48amignore
Add books: LT creates broken author links 9jcbrunner, Sunday 5:32amignore
Localization bug 2supersidvicious, Saturday 4:16pmignore
Date acquired does not stick (in .nl) 6cowpeace, Saturday 3:48pmignore
New Export: Excel format issue on opening (vs downloading) 1lauralkeet, Saturday 3:43pmignore
Problem with polish chars in exported files (excel, tsv) 1orange47, Saturday 3:08pmignore
Can't split an author 3Noisy, Saturday 3:06pmignore
Can't import .tsv or .json 12barney67, Friday 10:28pmignore
Export to TSV not escaping double quote in book title (Amazon) 9jouni, Friday 6:33pmignore
New export: Sort character missing in tab export 6bnielsen, Friday 4:53pmignore
Phantom changes to Common Knowledge 3rsterling, Friday 12:28pmignore
New export format: some records missing newline 12lorax, Friday 9:50amignore
Entry Date=Acquired? 13lauralkeet, Friday 9:25amignore
New Export: Summary incomplete for computed text 3bnielsen, Friday 3:00amignore
Summary search in green versus black text? 10timspalding, November 20ignore
Minus searching in tags in export 9lauralkeet, November 20ignore
Ellery Queen data missing 4JerryMmm, November 20ignore
Touchstones not working 14kristilabrie, November 20ignore
Tags: Not Updating/Indexing Correctly 15kristilabrie, November 20ignore
Tag Search Brings Incomplete Results 18kristilabrie, November 20ignore
"New-style" Other Author data is still not exporting 5lorax, November 20ignore
Export CSV and Tab-delim not showing all LCC numbers 8timspalding, November 20ignore
More export dates problems 9timspalding, November 20ignore
Blank in my sources stats for imported ebooks 2timspalding, November 20ignore
Export Missing Records 2timspalding, November 20ignore
TD export Other Authors field blank 7timspalding, November 20ignore
HTML entities in export files differ between formats 2timspalding, November 20ignore
CSV export doesn't show Hebrew titles 5timspalding, November 20ignore
editing a book causes reading date to change 42wonderY, November 20ignore
Reading dates sometimes missing from book details page 11bnielsen, November 20ignore
- fatal error (31.1) 12JerryMmm, November 20ignore
"Your books" doesn't sort correctly 19timspalding, November 19ignore
Dates appear wrong when entering the book (manually?) 4timspalding, November 19ignore
"Reading Dates" Column Missing in My Catalog 8timspalding, November 19ignore
Date Acquired Not Sticking 126timspalding, November 19ignore
Your books search finds books it shouldn't 12miketopper, November 19ignore
Works search: Ãؼ/h1> 1bnielsen, November 19ignore
Clicking on a member on a book page leads you nowhere useful 8lorax, November 18ignore
Covers changing by themselves? 5EmScape, November 18ignore
Invalid XML from API 1htrex, November 18ignore
Too many tags! 3sturlington, November 18ignore
stor-khanen versus stor-khan* 1bnielsen, November 18ignore
e???e???e 4bnielsen, November 18ignore
OR isn't displayed in the filter line 1bnielsen, November 18ignore
a : author 2ccatalfo, November 18ignore
:authorhans kirk 3bnielsen, November 18ignore
Import not displaying correctly 6jjmcgaffey, November 18ignore
Lists based on tags not filling in correctly 1aulsmith, November 17ignore

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