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When to combine? When not to combine? How the #!% did they get combined? Welcome to an Anarchists' Convention ...

"World domination through work combination!" -- Tim, March 5, 2007

Rules for combining: Do no harm.

Disambiguations! Disambiguation notices

List of reported authors with the same name: Identity crisis

Topic listing authors and their pen names: Pen names

And here are logs for combinations, author "nevers", and even author pictures and links. See who did what by the hour!

Work combinations, Author combinations, Tag combinations, Author "nevers", Author and venue pictures, Quarantined pictures (look here for your missing pictures), Author links

The everything all together helpers log

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Disappearing copies 5bernsad, Today 4:49amignore
Why I voted "Undecided"? (Tag separation/combination) 74lilithcat, Sunday 8:50amignore
Tags to click "Yes" on (4) 31SandraArdnas, Saturday 4:07pmignore
Please vote against my bonehead suggestion #2 98mmseiple, Tuesday 9:32pmignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #79 172Cecrow, October 15ignore
Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #12 19MarthaJeanne, October 14ignore
Harry Potter Specials 8konallis, October 10ignore
UK vs US edition. 6norabelle414, October 10ignore
Dealing with probably mixed author pages 6timspalding, October 7ignore
Two works that won't combine...help? 12Collectorator, October 3ignore
Combination (after modification 1JMK2020, September 29ignore
Hitchcock's Secret Agent and McGoohan's 5Crypto-Willobie, September 26ignore
Cochiti Indian Grant 4melannen, September 26ignore
Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #11 211lilithcat, September 16ignore
Aliasing 4MarthaJeanne, September 9ignore
Change John Ferris (3) into John Farris (1) 2MarthaJeanne, September 8ignore
Combining two split authors 5Crypto-Willobie, August 31ignore
Which comes first? Author or Work? 10Lyndatrue, August 30ignore
Split/Alias Weirdness with James Gunn 6scott_beeler, August 26ignore
Rudolf Steiner split 9MarthaJeanne, August 20ignore
Blocks to combining that affects large numbers of copies (Sorry, too much love!) #2 125europhile, August 19ignore
Yuck 6quigui, August 16ignore
Is it Worth Suggesting? (To Combine or Not to Combine) 3Stevil2001, August 15ignore
Change to combination rules? 15WeeTurtle, August 8ignore
Auto tag combination proposals 20JerryMmm, August 8ignore
Need Help With Thomas Costain Books 6MarthaJeanne, August 7ignore
Is this a combining problem? Number of works owned 12macsbrains, August 7ignore
About combining "jul" with e.g. July 2MarthaJeanne, August 2ignore
Tags to click "Yes" on (3) 234lorax, July 25ignore
Which author should take precedence, and should the pseudonym(s) be combined? 15Lyndatrue, July 23ignore
Question About Whether to Combine a Retitled Work? 5lorax, July 18ignore
alfalfa bug? 13lorax, June 28ignore
Tag separation: Bede vs. bédé 6WomensSeqArtLibrary, June 27ignore
Nora Roberts Seperate books 6MarthaJeanne, June 25ignore
Passos 16r.orrison, June 22ignore
Separating Al Brooks from A.L. Brooks 3freelunch, June 15ignore
Separating tangled tags 7norabelle414, June 7ignore
Peter Marshall 6vpfluke, June 5ignore
Raymond Holden help 10Crypto-Willobie, June 5ignore
Unable to propose combining for certain tags? 13MarthaJeanne, June 4ignore
Seperating E. D. Jones from Ed Jones 3MarthaJeanne, June 2ignore
I am not sure even how to fix this. Please help. 3Lyndatrue, May 26ignore
To combine or not? 6.Monkey., May 25ignore
Work to work: what to do with "contains a part of" 2lorax, May 20ignore
How can I combine a translated book with its original language version? 3MarthaJeanne, May 19ignore
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1973 4Keeline, May 16ignore
Help! I deleted the publishers series 10AnnieMod, May 4ignore
Conjoined Twins (of sorts) 5chwiggy, April 29ignore
Woodsmith Shop Season DVDs 9JerryMmm, April 29ignore
Why is this author split? 5GETWPPRO, April 25ignore
Help with David Copperfield 1shadrach_anki, April 24ignore
Brom, Gerald Brom, 1965, etc. 11r.orrison, April 17ignore
Please Combine These Two Books 3fairangels, April 14ignore
Unable to combine two authors 2MarthaJeanne, April 11ignore
Separating books from an author page. 42wonderY, April 9ignore
Oops 7norabelle414, April 9ignore
Am I the only one with this book?? 7r.orrison, April 5ignore
Metropolis vs The Complete Metropolis 4Harry_Vincent, April 2ignore
Author AEG 4paulstalder, April 1ignore
Unlikely date of death 8prosfilaes, March 30ignore
Playing with Fire 4Crypto-Willobie, March 30ignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #77 200jasbro, March 28ignore
Box Set versus Omnibus 14r.orrison, March 28ignore
Book published under different names in different countries 5MarthaJeanne, March 13ignore
Author stranded from disambiguation page 7AnnieMod, March 7ignore
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1975 8MarthaJeanne, March 7ignore
Combined too much 2lilithcat, March 5ignore
Can't alias correctly 2MarthaJeanne, March 2ignore
Bad Author Combos 91Collectorator, February 28ignore
Split or something else? 242wonderY, February 27ignore
Author named "--" needs fixing 6Collectorator, February 22ignore
Books that are of question to combine: The Vamp Saga 3gilroy, February 22ignore
help fix Rose Blanche 10MarthaJeanne, February 21ignore
Two books with same title and author 22J.M.Ney-Grimm, February 8ignore
Laurence Rees 4al.vick, February 8ignore
Tag combination of "climate fiction" and "cli-fi" 19timspalding, February 8ignore
Fatherland by Robert Harris 5freelunch, February 8ignore
the early reviewers -- member giveaways is just terrible. 3lorax, February 5ignore
Anyone want to try fixing this? 3saltmanz, February 2ignore
Separating entangled works: workbench or no? 10r.orrison, January 27ignore
Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #10 201neverstopreading, January 24ignore
Frankenstein Illustrated by Bernie Wrightson 4JerryMmm, January 23ignore
Donald A. Wollheim et. al. 10r.orrison, January 23ignore
Aliasing or combining? 4Petroglyph, January 23ignore
Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin (not Steve Martini) 4jjwilson61, January 12ignore
I can't see how to combine these 3Robertgreaves, January 10ignore
Applied wrong flag to book cover 4Guanhumara, January 4ignore
Separating Alias 6hf22, January 2ignore
Cook's Illustrated Editorial Board 10JerryMmm, January 1ignore
Possible combinations 9Collectorator, December 2017ignore
I can't check them all 10lorax, December 2017ignore
Multiple authors under one aliased name 2MarthaJeanne, December 2017ignore
Robin Hobb 15MarthaJeanne, December 2017ignore
Different Annotated Editions 7Michael.Rimmer, December 2017ignore
Usamah ibn Munqidh: The Book of Contemplation 2lilithcat, December 2017ignore
Young readers edition combined or seperate 6gilroy, November 2017ignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #77 198jasbro, November 2017ignore
Delete an Author 2r.orrison, November 2017ignore
Book of Common Prayer 14kleh, November 2017ignore

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