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"World domination through work combination!" -- Tim, March 5, 2007

Rules for combining: Do no harm.

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List of reported authors with the same name: Identity crisis

Topic listing authors and their pen names: Pen names

And here are logs for combinations, author "nevers", and even author pictures and links. See who did what by the hour!

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Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #10 146MarthaJeanne, Yesterday 11:01amignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #76 121europhile, Monday 5:24pmignore
Blocks to combining that affects large numbers of copies (Sorry, too much love!) #2 36.Monkey., Monday 3:51amignore
When is it OK to change the primary author (last resort)? 27Littlemissbashful, Friday 6:33pmignore
Removing an author from a book he didn't write 9lorax, June 19ignore
Combining same work under real name and pen name 5MarthaJeanne, June 14ignore
combining authors 2MarthaJeanne, June 6ignore
"The Great Artists" Series 3ArmyAngel1986, June 3ignore
Fussball 32lilithcat, June 1ignore
Tag clumps: DDR / East Germany 27gilroy, May 30ignore
Tags to click "Yes" on (3) 218jjwilson61, May 30ignore
same names issues 1paulstalder, May 29ignore
Sprague de Camp 11Keeline, May 24ignore
Semi-combined? 2MarthaJeanne, May 20ignore
Needs Division Help 70abbottthomas, May 18ignore
Can't see the author 4MarthaJeanne, May 7ignore
Please help me fix Author Combo (#1) 3lilithcat, May 1ignore
Bad Author Combos 74Collectorator, April 29ignore
can't add editions? can't combine? 11MarthaJeanne, April 26ignore
Should these series entries be combined? 4rosalita, April 10ignore
Henry de Vere Stacpoole & W H Stacpoole 1Maddz, April 1ignore
Paul Watson author mess 2gilroy, April 1ignore
Inquiry! Ben-Hur's 50th Ann. Ed. has both 1959 & 1925 films. Separate? 10guyalice, March 27ignore
Two authors 2MarthaJeanne, March 24ignore
Work Combination Issues - Lumped together wrong 7MarthaJeanne, March 24ignore
Help, ISBN gives different book 4Jarandel, March 23ignore
Help with separating work combined into four-in-one work 3harrygbutler, March 22ignore
Troubles with author combining 3Collectorator, March 16ignore
Help with E. E. "Doc" Smith 6Noisy, March 16ignore
Problems with Harry Hill 5europhile, March 15ignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #75 201europhile, March 15ignore
Correct combination 17drasvola, March 7ignore
King Arthur And His Knights 18Keeline, March 6ignore
I can't figure out how to rename this author 6SC_Diversity_Center, March 6ignore
Galaxy Series (the collections edited by Pohl) needs intervention 7Lyndatrue, February 22ignore
Liavek series 10Maddz, February 19ignore
Stendhal is a Split Author 2Collectorator, February 17ignore
Different editions of RPGs - separating 4gilroy, February 9ignore
Author combine/alias? 30AnnieMod, January 31ignore
No Need to Alias then Combine Any Longer 5Collectorator, January 22ignore
FYI: Author disambiguation: George Bush 3Amsuko, January 19ignore
Cheri Revai books mix-up 6Noisy, January 14ignore
wrong author name question 9norabelle414, January 11ignore
Is There A Way to Determine Who Keep Un-Combining an Author? 7AbigailAdams26, January 8ignore
Cleaning up Canterbury Tales 4Lyndatrue, January 4ignore
Authors with same name 160Crypto-Willobie, January 4ignore
I'm out of ideas on how to fix this. 15cpg, January 2ignore
For media: Special Edition Albums 2scott_beeler, January 1ignore
Problem combining, bug in new feature? 9timspalding, December 2016ignore
Why I voted "Undecided"? (Tag separation/combination) 59Edward, December 2016ignore
The Jungle Book is a bit of a jungle ... 1klarusu, December 2016ignore
Question on Faulty Author Page Links (How?) 3scott_beeler, December 2016ignore
Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #9 224lilithcat, November 2016ignore
Different works with (incorrectly) same ISBN 4sandstone78, November 2016ignore
Separated author names 23Noisy, November 2016ignore
Author division and pseudonym 5richjj, November 2016ignore
Help! I Need Help Sorting Out Two Authors 1AbigailAdams26, November 2016ignore
Zero Copy Separation Woes 6Collectorator, November 2016ignore
Can someone please fix this author? (Multiple Issues) 55debavp, November 2016ignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #74 201jasbro, November 2016ignore
Help combining or aliasing author pseudonyms 292wonderY, October 2016ignore
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction 3Crypto-Willobie, October 2016ignore
Disambiguating author names 12omargosh, October 2016ignore
Odd combination 15timspalding, September 2016ignore
Vandalism of disambiguation pages 66lorannen, August 2016ignore
Adding books in a series... 3abbottthomas, August 2016ignore
Questions about combined books 16gilroy, August 2016ignore
How to combine? 4LibraryCin, August 2016ignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #73 206jasbro, August 2016ignore
Why were these two names split? 18abbottthomas, July 2016ignore
sorry wrong group 1supersidvicious, July 2016ignore
More than 200 copies are affected: LT Staff help need to combine 196Collectorator, July 2016ignore
Author with no works, and plenty of CK entries 3Collectorator, July 2016ignore
Please vote against my bonehead suggestion #2 82lilithcat, July 2016ignore
John F. McDonald and William Shakespeare 14TnTexas, July 2016ignore
Future Shock - a 'too much love' problem 3abbottthomas, July 2016ignore
Shakespeare -- BBC radio editions combined with main works 2MarthaJeanne, July 2016ignore
script to make work combining easier/quicker 7henkl, July 2016ignore
Should different translations of the same work be combined? 27Korsvik, July 2016ignore
How to combine this works? 12basmannyforum, June 2016ignore
Big Cleanup Needs Your Help! 42MarthaJeanne, June 2016ignore
Blocks to combining that affects large numbers of copies (Sorry, too much love!) 205jasbro, June 2016ignore
Bible - again. 5lorax, June 2016ignore
A Question About Annotated Editions 4Smiler69, May 2016ignore
Why did other people vote no? 9omargosh, May 2016ignore
Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #8 243omargosh, May 2016ignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #72 202jasbro, May 2016ignore
Problem that needs some extra TLC 6AnnieMod, May 2016ignore
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #67 204flaeriefloss, April 2016ignore
Zola 5MarthaJeanne, April 2016ignore
Pamela Hicks 2lilithcat, April 2016ignore
Combine authors that aren't searchable. 4PhaedraB, April 2016ignore
How to combine, different author / no author ? 5Zefariath, April 2016ignore
how to combine two authors who are both split? 3paulstalder, April 2016ignore
Why is this book not on the authors page? 12MarthaJeanne, April 2016ignore
Combining authors where one name is wrong? 3kalri, April 2016ignore
Please combine my "On the Choice of a Mistress....." with the work 7karenmarie, April 2016ignore
Why does the CK for this author keep getting deleted? 17omargosh, April 2016ignore
Need help combining 8AnnieMod, April 2016ignore

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