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This group is for those who want to discuss topics related to Fine Presses past (Golden Cockerel, Limited Editions Club, etc.) and present (Arion Press, Barbarian Press, etc.) as well as companies like The Folio Society that issue fine or limited editions of their regular books.

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LEC: Seven Years in Tibet 12dlphcoracl, Yesterday 2:37amignore
New Article on Books and Vines Published 23busywine, Monday 12:17pmignore
Shakespeare Head Press 14NigelPJ, March 21ignore
What is wrong with me? Five copies of one title .... 15kdweber, March 20ignore
Chatto and Windus 2TheoClarke, March 20ignore
Centipede Press Gene Wolfe 12Goran, March 19ignore
If not Fine Press, then what ... 14dlphcoracl, March 10ignore
Response to question from 'ultrarightist' 7leccol, March 9ignore
Posting books for sale? 4leccol, March 9ignore
What is the breakdown of your 'Fine Press' books? 39sdawson, March 8ignore
The Imprint Society 64sdawson, March 4ignore
Georgia Rare Books Auction Next Month. 2astropi, March 3ignore
The Whole Book Experience 105jveezer, March 2ignore
Fine Press Kafka 27Oberfeld, February 27ignore
Centipede Press collection for sale 2booksforreading, February 15ignore
R.A. Lafferty short fiction 7booksforreading, January 28ignore
Arion Press Book for Trade 1astropi, January 16ignore
Ambush Printing : Voynich Manuscript 2scholasticus, January 14ignore
Ambush Printing : The Dresden Codex, 11th Century Mayan 1wcarter, January 14ignore
Ian Fleming - Queen Anne Press 4gatxito, January 13ignore
New Article on Books and Vines Published 205busywine, January 6ignore
Ender's Game 30JustinTChan, January 3ignore
Putnam's fine press editions from the 1890s? 1SteveJohnson, January 1ignore
Custom duties 7ironjaw, January 1ignore
Finest "horror" books 30booksforreading, December 2014ignore
Illustrators 7aaronpepperdine, December 2014ignore
CP does Jim Thompson 1astropi, December 2014ignore
Extraordinary Editions 4JuliusC, December 2014ignore
GK Chesterton 2featherwate, December 2014ignore
Arion Press sale - The Sundial 1astropi, December 2014ignore
Parting with All The King's Men & The Bottom of the Harbor 1aaronpepperdine, November 2014ignore
Subterranean A Game of Thrones 8astropi, November 2014ignore
Peter Pauper Press 23koszakedv, November 2014ignore
The Wizard of OZ 29astropi, October 2014ignore
What the End is For 4johnbean9, October 2014ignore
"All that is old is new again" 2wcarter, October 2014ignore
The making if a fine press book 1johnbean9, October 2014ignore
A fine collection of Limited Edition Book Club Books 3sdawson, October 2014ignore
Moby Dick 18kdweber, October 2014ignore
Books of interest for sale - Tartarus Press and othes 1jeromelucpaulin, October 2014ignore
2 Arion Press books available 2johnbean9, September 2014ignore
"At the Sign of the Blue-Behinded Ape" 4featherwate, September 2014ignore
Basilisk Press Kelmscott Chaucer up for auction 3SpoonFed, September 2014ignore
What work would you like to see in a new private press edition? 20SteveJohnson, August 2014ignore
Clear protective book covers? 1kermaier, August 2014ignore
War and Peace 14jroger1, August 2014ignore
Easton Press LES MISERABLES First Impressions 3DickensMan, July 2014ignore
Franklin Library vs. Easton Press 47Laurie.Robinson-Hay, July 2014ignore
Arion Press on PBS tonight 3busywine, July 2014ignore
Barbarian Press - Venus & Adonis 3SirFolio16, July 2014ignore
a most "unusual" binding... 7razzamajazz, June 2014ignore
An interesting article for booklovers. 1Django6924, June 2014ignore
Centipede Press, Urth of the New Sun 24Lekonda, May 2014ignore
SP: The Shining 4JustinTChan, May 2014ignore
looking for Centipede Press: The Shadow of the Torturer 58JustinTChan, March 2014ignore
Looking for Centipede Press Shadow of the Torturer 66JustinTChan, March 2014ignore
Marbling 10Africansky1, December 2013ignore
Waxing the cover of leather bound books? 6dlphcoracl, December 2013ignore
Any experience with Fines-Mundi of Germany? 1Sami_Bolman, December 2013ignore
Oxford Fine Press Fair 2nd and 3rd November 23HuxleyTheCat, November 2013ignore
Cataloguing ephemera, portfolios etc 3HuxleyTheCat, November 2013ignore
Arion Press - The Day of the Locust 50HuxleyTheCat, November 2013ignore
The Westvaco American Classics series 25varielle, November 2013ignore
Selling/ Advice on selling Illuminated Arion Linen Bible 11cdipaolo, November 2013ignore
Offering Arion Press Lectern Bible 2dlphcoracl, November 2013ignore
Imprint Society The Wood and the Graver 1aaronpepperdine, November 2013ignore
The Imprint Society 13kdweber, October 2013ignore
Bodoni bicentenary 2nisgolsand, October 2013ignore
Book condition 20kdweber, October 2013ignore
OT: removing stain from goatskin 5leccol, September 2013ignore
The Book Blog fine press reviews 27tag83, September 2013ignore
Shahnameh 1kdweber, August 2013ignore
Selling new unread copy of Fall of Hyperion from Subterranean Press 6Goran, August 2013ignore
Books and vines site 2busywine, August 2013ignore
Comparison of Fine Press/Limited Edition business models 4johnbean9, June 2013ignore
a great writer passes away... 1astropi, June 2013ignore
Book Collectors Society 1nemoman, June 2013ignore
Arion Press Book available for trade 1astropi, June 2013ignore
Steidl Books | Steidl Verlag 1elenchus, June 2013ignore
Editions Kahnweiler 8LolaWalser, June 2013ignore
Book Club of California 4dpbrewster, June 2013ignore
New Fine Press Blog 140jveezer, May 2013ignore
Arion Press subscription info 10johnbean9, May 2013ignore
Gwasg Gregynog 11kafkachen, May 2013ignore
Latest Review up on Books and Vines (3) 31nisgolsand, April 2013ignore
Special Henry Kuttner Project with NEIL GAIMAN‏ (Borderlands Press) - OT 1SirFolio16, April 2013ignore
OT Prints vs illustrations 9kafkachen, April 2013ignore
Pennyroyal Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass 3featherwate, April 2013ignore
R. F. Fenno 3varielle, March 2013ignore
Recommendations sought - book illustration 36kdweber, March 2013ignore
The Hour of the Oxrun Dead - Centipede Press (OT) 1SirFolio16, March 2013ignore
Term for the very first copy off the press? 2skoobdo, March 2013ignore
Bizarre Ebay Descriptions 8aaronpepperdine, March 2013ignore
William R. Jenkins pub NY 15HuxleyTheCat, March 2013ignore
Book Club of California 11HuxleyTheCat, March 2013ignore
Worth Press Books 1Goran, March 2013ignore
H.P. Lovecraft Master of the Weird Tale 1Goran, February 2013ignore
Great opening sentences. 45Osbaldistone, February 2013ignore
Webster's Pictorial Dictionary 2Osbaldistone, February 2013ignore

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