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Julie D reads interesting works to us and gives pointers to interesting podcasts. In Julie's own words:

A Podcast ...
... featuring great authors and stories that should be better known. A little about the authors and their writing, with samples.

Julie surrounds each reading with a bit of personal reflection on both the story and on her life. In the words of one commenter on her blog, "It's like I'm a child again and my favorite aunt has sit down to read to me."

The main purpose of this group is to link LibraryThing works to Julie's podcasts. There are several fora where discussion of the stories and episodes is taking place. It might be beneficial to keep most of the discussion on the main fora; otherwise the commentary will spread too thin and wide and it falls lost. But when you feel like it, why not voice your thoughts here as well.

Group website: http://hcforgottenclassics.blogspot.com

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Tales 1: Great Claus and Little Claus 1ari.joki, January 2011ignore
Other books referenced 2010 12ari.joki, January 2011ignore
Ep. 145: Two Christmas Ghost Stories 1ari.joki, December 2010ignore
Ep 115: The Riddle of the Sands 5Geminimind, December 2010ignore
Other books referenced 2008 5Geminimind, December 2010ignore
Ep 136. Genesis and commentary, Robert Alter 3Geminimind, December 2010ignore
Ep. 144: The Epic of Gilgamesh 2Geminimind, December 2010ignore
Lagniappe 39: A Star Over Bethlehem 2ari.joki, December 2010ignore
Lagniappe 38: Velveeta 1ari.joki, December 2010ignore
Lagniappe 37: Grimm's Fairy Tales, 2 1ari.joki, November 2010ignore
Lagniappe 36: Grimm's Fairy Tales, 1 1ari.joki, October 2010ignore
Ep 135: Night Drive by Will F. Jenkins 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 111: Breaking Point 2ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Other books referenced 2009 12ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 35: The Power of Pause 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 34: Science and Science Fiction 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 33: You Are What You See 2julied, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 32: Farm City 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Ep 122: Raymond Chandler sampler 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Ep 121: Dashiell Hammett Sampler 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 31: How's Your Drink? 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Ep 114: Saratoga Trunk Sampler 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 30: The Man Who Invented Christmas 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 102: Mouth Wide Open 6 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 98: The Uninvited 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Ep 97: The Chatelaine of Burnt Ridge 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 29: Seductions of Rice 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 28: The Food of a Younger Land 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Ep 90: The Hiccup Flask 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 27: Ask Dr. Boli 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 26: The Uncommon Reader 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Ep 85: Mary Stewart, The Moonspinners 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 79: Mouth Wide Open, 5 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 25: Dark Possessions 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 24: Book of Obituaries 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 73: Mrs. Appleyard's Kitchen 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 23: The Archaeological Bible 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 22: Mason Dixon Knitting 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 70: Uncle Tom's Cabin 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 21: The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 68: The Aliens 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 67: The Bad Wishers 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 20: Serve the People 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 60: Mouth Wide Open 4 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 19: Good Omens 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 56: The Secret Adversary, ch. 1-3 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Ep 55: Agatha Christie, Up Close and Personal 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 18: Riddle and Heyer 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 51: Mouth Wide Open 3 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 17: Movies Have Meaning 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 16: Asparagus 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 15: Permanent Parisians 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 14: Gimme a Moon Pie and an RC 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 13: Socks 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 12: On Writing 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 11: Death and Papers 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 44: Mouth Wide Open 2 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Episode 43: Ross Thomas Sampler 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 10: Harry and the Gruff 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 9: Fortune Cookie Chronicles 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 8. Carpe Jugulum 1ari.joki, September 2010ignore
Lagniappe 7: The Thunderer 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 40: The Wonder Stick 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 39: Mouth Wide Open, Introduction 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Lagniappe 6: Chinese Cooks and Philosophy 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Lagniappe 5: Culinaria Russia 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Lagniappe 4: Odd Thomas, The Monks, and Some Baseball Bats 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Lagniappe 3: Liturgy of the Hours 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Lagniappe 2: Humor, Noir-ishly 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 31: Master Li and Number 10 Ox sampler 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 27: It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 23. China Court 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 22. A Shirley Jackson Horror sampler 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 20: Bobbie and Jock and the Mailman 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Lagniappe 1. Why Pie 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 17. Eat, Drink, and be Merry! 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 12. Hotel Detective sampler 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 7. Scout's Progress sample 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 4. The Black Moth 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 3. A Shirley Jackson Sampler 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Ep 2. A Topper Sampler 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore
Episode 1. Tales From Silver Lands: A Tale of Three Tales: 1ari.joki, August 2010ignore

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