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Excellent article on Importance of Classics 4booksforreading, Today 4:07pmignore
Best Value LEC 12Django6924, Today 4:01pmignore
Summer reading 20JeromeJ, Today 12:33pmignore
Letter for Secret Sharer 3busywine, Yesterday 3:20pmignore
Auction Alert: Heritage Press Books 8aaronpepperdine, Yesterday 11:05amignore
New Books and Vines article 220JeromeJ, Wednesday 8:05pmignore
Monthly Letters and Sandglasses missing/desired 298featherwate, Wednesday 11:14amignore
Bindings--elaborate or spartan 36Django6924, Wednesday 10:30amignore
$18 Age of Innocence 4leccol, Tuesday 10:54pmignore
Arabian Nights and Days 13astropi, Tuesday 3:47pmignore
Don Quixote: 1933 (Ricart) vs 1950 (Legrand) 51BuzzBuzzard, Monday 1:57pmignore
A slipcase quandry 14HuxleyTheCat, Monday 8:45amignore
Acquisitions in June 2015 62featherwate, Sunday 6:56pmignore
Questions for the Resident LEC and HP Experts-continued 06/21/15 14BuzzBuzzard, Sunday 2:20amignore
Ulysses goes for about $10, 500 at swann galleries 24Constantinopolitan, Saturday 5:34pmignore
George Macy Imagery #4 92HuxleyTheCat, Saturday 4:38pmignore
Apuleius 21featherwate, June 24ignore
The Brillat-Savarin thread of food in LEC books 4Django6924, June 24ignore
15 most beautiful bookshops in the world(?) 1parchmentredux, June 24ignore
Questions for the Resident LEC and HP Experts-continued 06/24/2014 325kdweber, June 21ignore
Prioritizing Purchases 9HuxleyTheCat, June 20ignore
1939--A great year in the arts--a bad year for peace 8parchmentredux, June 19ignore
Le Morte d'Arthur 10leccol, June 19ignore
Not an LEC 13Django6924, June 15ignore
Hugo's Toilers of the Sea, Officina Bodoni or...? 15Django6924, June 15ignore
LEC Shakespeare 18Django6924, June 14ignore
Grabhorn Press Bibliographies 5busywine, June 14ignore
Which LEC? 9dlphcoracl, June 13ignore
Les Mille Et Une Nuits 21kdweber, June 13ignore
Slightly OT 6aaronpepperdine, June 12ignore
Anna Karenina 6leccol, June 11ignore
The amazing time-travelling Jonathan Swift 8EclecticIndulgence, June 9ignore
Tarzan the Untamed 20astropi, June 7ignore
Bryan Forbes 16HuxleyTheCat, June 7ignore
Swann Galleries LEC AUCTION 7parchment.redux, June 7ignore
Anderson's Fairy Tales 21parchment.redux, June 7ignore
Ronsard's miseries 3kdweber, June 7ignore
Acquisitions in May 2015 16ironjaw, June 6ignore
What's the ideal print run in a limited edition? 16leccol, June 4ignore
Napoléon Bonaparte 15parchment-redux, June 2ignore
LEC Babbitt 10leccol, May 30ignore
New Acquisitions - March 2015 48BuzzBuzzard, May 24ignore
Decaris: Hamlet and Iliad 6parchment-redux, May 23ignore
St Francis and the Mystery of the Book Cover 11Django6924, May 22ignore
Steinlen 8aaronpepperdine, May 20ignore
Slightly Kitschy... 19BuzzBuzzard, May 20ignore
Mythology 21parchment-redux, May 20ignore
A mildly interesting asociation 17Django6924, May 19ignore
A 1943 Letter from an Overseas LEC Subscriber 2ironjaw, May 17ignore
136 LECs 7leccol, May 16ignore
Fakes, auctions and fraud 6HuxleyTheCat, May 15ignore
The Overbrook Press of Stamford, Connecticut 7featherwate, May 14ignore
The Work and Play of Adrian Wilson 3parchment.redux, May 13ignore
The Raven, Le Corbeau 3leccol, May 12ignore
Plato The Republic 5Constantinopolitan, May 12ignore
New Acquisitions, May 2015 13leccol, May 10ignore
Plastic Fine Press Limited Edition 1parchment.redux, May 9ignore
Albert Decaris 6parchment.redux, May 7ignore
Thousand Nights and a Night 5BuzzBuzzard, May 6ignore
LEC Recommendations please 37EclecticIndulgence, May 5ignore
Attacking extra long books with audio books 1leccol, May 2ignore
On the edge 7scholasticus, May 2ignore
Of the Nature of Things 13parchment.redux, May 2ignore
451 on ebay for $99 96featherwate, May 2ignore
SHP School For Scandal 5leccol, May 2ignore
Watermark 1parchment.redux, May 1ignore
Sylvain Sauvage 15kdweber, April 30ignore
some LECs for trade 1astropi, April 30ignore
Read some Roman history or literature this evening - 21 April 8leccol, April 29ignore
Alexander King - illustrator, raconteur, iconoclast. 10Django6924, April 24ignore
Hans Erni (February 21 1909 - March 22 2015) 8featherwate, April 21ignore
Building a childhood library ... 10Django6924, April 19ignore
OT: Rimington & Hooper 7ultrarightist, April 17ignore
Purchasing books online 56Django6924, April 16ignore
Al of theexander King - illustrator, raconteur, iconoclast. 3lilithcat, April 15ignore
Rebinds 8Django6924, April 15ignore
Moriae Encomium, or , The Praise of Folly by Erasmus 7ultrarightist, April 14ignore
Requiescat in pace Günter Grass 11Django6924, April 14ignore
Gibbon's Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire 11Django6924, April 13ignore
Viewing what an item sold for when Best Offer is accepted on eBay 15Studedoo, April 11ignore
Ink & Blood 34kdweber, April 8ignore
Valenti Angelo's Book of Esther 3Django6924, April 7ignore
René ben Sussan goes science fiction 31Django6924, April 7ignore
A sunshine story 6Django6924, April 5ignore
Anatomy of a book 26olepuppy, April 4ignore
Cervantes' tomb possibly found 3parchment.redux, April 4ignore
Do You Prefer Medieval Romances or Icelandic Sagas? 10scholasticus, April 2ignore
Affordable gems (3) 15SteveJohnson, April 1ignore
The Sonnets of William Shakespeare - Heritage Press 19ultrarightist, March 31ignore
The Kid Brother 73parchment.redux, March 27ignore
Brillat-Savarin LEC compared to French original 4kdweber, March 25ignore
Polyglott 2Django6924, March 25ignore
French Fine Press Salomé 5leccol, March 24ignore
Uncut pages 49leccol, March 24ignore
Not so affordable gems 1leccol, March 23ignore
Grabhorn Press Joan of Orleans 2ultrarightist, March 20ignore
OT: Doubleday Doran Limited Editions 36featherwate, March 19ignore
Watrin - sans paroles 4parchment.redux, March 18ignore
OT: Peter Pauper Press Limited Editions 51Django6924, March 17ignore

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