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New Books and Vines article 50busywine, Today 12:54pmignore
New acquisitions (06/2014 onward) 73JeromeJ, Today 12:07pmignore
The Kid Brother 34JeromeJ, Today 11:34amignore
Reasons to buy FS and EP books in ADDITION to LEC 3sdawson, Today 9:51amignore
Questions for the Resident LEC and HP Experts-continued 06/24/2014 48vdanchev, Yesterday 4:36amignore
Letterpress/Fine books in the news 1eastonlionel, Saturday 7:25amignore
Monthly Letters and Sandglasses missing/desired 188vdanchev, Tuesday 5:15pmignore
The Song of Songs which is Solomon's 23vdanchev, Monday 1:13pmignore
Ancient acquisition newly discovered! 8Django6924, July 18ignore
Another controversial topic 10civitas, July 16ignore
Affordable Gems (2) 39astropi, July 16ignore
Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid 15kdweber, July 13ignore
Slipcases 35eastonlionel, July 10ignore
How many have tried the Great Courses on DVD or CD? 4leccol, July 9ignore
Questions For The Resident LEC and HP Experts 372Django6924, July 8ignore
GLASSINE 32sdawson, July 6ignore
Question on LEC Moby Dick 5Django6924, July 5ignore
Which LEC / HP books use red text on every page? 12JeromeJ, July 4ignore
George Macy Imagery #4 24WildcatJF, July 4ignore
Picturing Jane Austen 15withawhy99, July 4ignore
Are you reading much short fiction? 32JeromeJ, July 3ignore
Book blogers on you tube prefer to read? are boys or girls? buy what publisher? buy from whom? are from what country? 8featherwate, July 3ignore
Les Miserables - LEC 5SirFolio16, July 2ignore
Another Fine book from the Shiff era of LECs 5leccol, July 1ignore
1938 LEC Subscribers were a bit on the cheap side 41featherwate, June 30ignore
Best book and book collector videos 7leccol, June 30ignore
Matisse 4busywine, June 30ignore
A beast of a binding 5leccol, June 30ignore
George Macy's LEC #3 was out a few days before Christmas of 1929 15Django6924, June 29ignore
Three Sirens Press 25Felixholt, June 28ignore
Recent Acquisitions (4) 362JeromeJ, June 27ignore
Questions For The Resident LEC and HP Experts-continued 06/24/2014 8leccol, June 26ignore
Early LEC subscibers in 1930 or there abouts .... 9leccol, June 24ignore
Bridge of San Luis Rey giveaway 7leccol, June 24ignore
George Macy, with the issuance of Two Medaieval Tales, is at the mid-point of the first series 8Django6924, June 23ignore
George Macy's LEC #5 is either #one or #two of his first year 2Django6924, June 22ignore
George Macy's LEC #4 was planned for January of 1930 3leccol, June 21ignore
Sherlock Holmes 31sdawson, June 21ignore
George Macy proceeds to publish LEC #2 without much efusive response 4Django6924, June 21ignore
George Macy moves onward to his second LEC. 1leccol, June 20ignore
I now have the tome called Monhtly Letters, 1929 - 1933 2kdweber, June 19ignore
Before consulting Wikipedia or some other source .... 15Django6924, June 17ignore
This LEC is in the worst shape I've seen in over 40 years of collecting them! 2Django6924, June 17ignore
Revelation of St. Django 11Django6924, June 16ignore
Any one for tennis? 1leccol, June 15ignore
Le Coq d'Or 10scholasticus, June 15ignore
Question about the 2-vol Poems of Shakespeare 24Django6924, June 4ignore
Anderson's Fairy Tales 11Django6924, June 2ignore
Don Quixote: 1933 (Ricart) vs 1950 (Legrand) 36Django6924, May 30ignore
How do you maintain your copies of the Monthly Letters? 18UK_History_Fan, May 28ignore
Maya Angelou (1928-2014) 1astropi, May 28ignore
Favoured Works from the Corpus a Writer 16leccol, May 27ignore
Tom Jones illustrated by King 27Felixholt, May 24ignore
Canterbury Tales: translations 13astropi, May 22ignore
Question about binding 13scholasticus, May 21ignore
Purchasing books online 33Django6924, May 18ignore
All LECs at the Swann Auction sold yesterday .... 6Django6924, May 18ignore
Sign of the times 2Geedge, May 18ignore
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen 7leccol, May 17ignore
Question about rebinding books 4vdanchev, May 16ignore
"Great French Romances" from Nonesuch/Heritage 28WildcatJF, May 15ignore
Affordable Gems 77vdanchev, May 14ignore
New Books and Vines article 210busywine, May 12ignore
Today is Lent--"crabbed Lent" in the words of the Gawain poet 11Django6924, May 9ignore
Collector alert--many desirable early LEC volumes 3featherwate, May 6ignore
Collector alert ... Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination. 10leccol, May 6ignore
Aragon - Cartier-Bresson 18leccol, May 6ignore
Arabian Nights and Days .... 9parchment-, May 3ignore
Southern Maryland Books - Ronald Kastronis 18leccol, May 3ignore
A lovely LEC! 10Django6924, April 30ignore
LEC Invisibles 37leccol, April 30ignore
Don Quixote LEC club letter 3JeromeJ, April 29ignore
Getting it right! 7leccol, April 26ignore
Arthur Szyk books included in one lot in April 29th auction at Swann Galleries 5Maretzo, April 22ignore
The lost LEC, or the double disappearance of Hans Staden 7featherwate, April 15ignore
Unusual, Humorous, Erotic, or Awkward LEC Illustrations 42vdanchev, April 15ignore
PROUST AND THE LOST PENGUINS 6varielle, April 15ignore
Another LEC Complete Shakespeare on eBay 28featherwate, April 13ignore
Valenti Angelo's first meeting with George Macy 14leccol, April 12ignore
My turn to celebrate, Ulysses is soon coming 8leccol, April 8ignore
Color On Every Page 15leccol, April 8ignore
LEC illustrators make their presence known at the forthcoming Swann auction 5leccol, April 7ignore
The fall of the house of Usher 1985 LEC 12leccol, April 6ignore
Curious bits of information from the old tapes 7featherwate, April 4ignore
Many of us have a favorite book ... 4featherwate, March 28ignore
Books illustrated by woodcuts 2aaronpepperdine, March 27ignore
AIGA Fifty Books of the Year 14leccol, March 21ignore
Another rediculously priced LEC 27andrewsd, March 15ignore
200 Titles 29vdanchev, March 11ignore
A few LEC artist's works go for top dollar at the Swann Auction recent prints and drawings sale. 5leccol, March 10ignore
Beware The Ides of March by Thorton Wilder 3leccol, March 5ignore
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman 1parchment-, March 2ignore
Zhenya Gay's take on France's [The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard] (not a Macy edition) 5WildcatJF, February 28ignore
Many thanks to Busywine! 8Django6924, February 27ignore
The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm 5Django6924, February 26ignore
AbeBooks LEC email 4vdanchev, February 25ignore
"Beware the Ides of March." 9leccol, February 24ignore
Jules Verne translators 6WildcatJF, February 22ignore
Great drawings and prints of the 19th and 20th centuries. 20leccol, February 22ignore

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