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Recent Acquisitions (4) 260ironjaw, Yesterday 3:38pmignore
Questions For The Resident LEC and HP Experts 299leccol, Yesterday 2:17amignore
Purchasing books online 32ironjaw, Wednesday 6:20pmignore
LEC Invisibles 21featherwate, Tuesday 5:56pmignore
The lost LEC, or the double disappearance of Hans Staden 7featherwate, Tuesday 4:07pmignore
Unusual, Humorous, Erotic, or Awkward LEC Illustrations 42vdanchev, Tuesday 3:11pmignore
"Great French Romances" from Nonesuch/Heritage 17EclecticIndulgence, Tuesday 2:16pmignore
PROUST AND THE LOST PENGUINS 6varielle, Tuesday 1:31pmignore
New Books and Vines article 203busywine, Monday 2:40pmignore
Another LEC Complete Shakespeare on eBay 28featherwate, Sunday 5:47pmignore
Valenti Angelo's first meeting with George Macy 14leccol, Saturday 4:50pmignore
Don Quixote: 1933 (Ricart) vs 1950 (Legrand) 23vdanchev, Friday 1:13pmignore
My turn to celebrate, Ulysses is soon coming 8leccol, April 8ignore
Color On Every Page 15leccol, April 8ignore
LEC illustrators make their presence known at the forthcoming Swann auction 5leccol, April 7ignore
The fall of the house of Usher 1985 LEC 12leccol, April 6ignore
Curious bits of information from the old tapes 7featherwate, April 4ignore
Many of us have a favorite book ... 4featherwate, March 28ignore
Books illustrated by woodcuts 2aaronpepperdine, March 27ignore
Monthly Letters and Sandglasses missing/desired 121vdanchev, March 26ignore
Affordable Gems 76vdanchev, March 25ignore
AIGA Fifty Books of the Year 14leccol, March 21ignore
Affordable Gems (2) 31leccol, March 21ignore
Another rediculously priced LEC 27andrewsd, March 15ignore
200 Titles 29vdanchev, March 11ignore
A few LEC artist's works go for top dollar at the Swann Auction recent prints and drawings sale. 5leccol, March 10ignore
Beware The Ides of March by Thorton Wilder 3leccol, March 5ignore
Today is Lent--"crabbed Lent" in the words of the Gawain poet 1Django6924, March 5ignore
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman 1parchment-, March 2ignore
Zhenya Gay's take on France's [The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard] (not a Macy edition) 5WildcatJF, February 28ignore
Many thanks to Busywine! 8Django6924, February 27ignore
The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm 5Django6924, February 26ignore
AbeBooks LEC email 4vdanchev, February 25ignore
"Beware the Ides of March." 9leccol, February 24ignore
Jules Verne translators 6WildcatJF, February 22ignore
Great drawings and prints of the 19th and 20th centuries. 20leccol, February 22ignore
Question - How do you read your BIG/HEAVY LECs? 32vdanchev, February 4ignore
Fritz Eichenberg 19vdanchev, January 29ignore
LEC White Fang: Trade-in 1vdanchev, January 29ignore
Red Rising 11kafkachen, January 29ignore
Fritz Eichenberg 1vdanchev, January 28ignore
An interesting ad found in an older copy of the novels of Alexander Dumas, Pere 1leccol, January 26ignore
Sherlock Holmes 27kafkachen, January 24ignore
Sheepskin LECs 3leccol, January 23ignore
Classics not touched by the LEC 50jveezer, January 21ignore
Philobiblon 3Django6924, January 21ignore
A long, long war .... 29Django6924, January 19ignore
George Macy Imagery #3 154WildcatJF, January 19ignore
My first LEC - a question about deckle 21kdweber, January 15ignore
A hypothetical "best of" 13featherwate, January 14ignore
Contemporary fiction worthy of being an LEC 10EclecticIndulgence, January 13ignore
Attention book collectors 1leccol, January 12ignore
ABB vendors to avoid 44andrewsd, January 10ignore
the two noble kinsman 39vdanchev, January 10ignore
Favourite NON-LEC book thread (2) 11parchment-, January 8ignore
Favorite Heritage Press titles--per request 19WildcatJF, January 6ignore
Book on LEC due out yet this year 29busywine, January 6ignore
The-250th-birthday-of-english-literatures-most-unusual-page 13busywine, January 2ignore
The Year the Book Became a Luxury Object 4jveezer, January 2ignore
As Tiny Tim said... 1Django6924, December 2013ignore
Macy LEC brings high-price at auction 12dlphcoracl, December 2013ignore
All the King's Men 27parchment-, December 2013ignore
Fire in the library! 3featherwate, December 2013ignore
Aragon - Cartier-Bresson 14leccol, December 2013ignore
Charles Agvent, LEC bookseller 27Django6924, December 2013ignore
Artifacts you have come across in your pursuit of fine press books 1vdanchev, December 2013ignore
G M D MILESTONE 19Virion, November 2013ignore
Mistake in Age of Fable letter? 8andrewsd, November 2013ignore
Library Stats 11andrewsd, November 2013ignore
PBA Galleries Auctions 21kafkachen, November 2013ignore
Movies made from LECs or HPs which are of the quality of these books 68Django6924, November 2013ignore
Imprint Society The Wood and the Graver 1aaronpepperdine, November 2013ignore
Happy Hallowe'en! 6astropi, November 2013ignore
Leopard illustration 9parchment., November 2013ignore
Batchelor's Kelmscott 2busywine, October 2013ignore
Auction of LEC books coming up at Swann Galleries 20leccol, October 2013ignore
Is There a Secret Handshake Employed Among the George Macy Devotees? 8olepuppy, October 2013ignore
Your Preferred Reading Edition of Middlemarch 9GoriceXII, October 2013ignore
The Artists of the LEC Shakespeare 7GoriceXII, October 2013ignore
Blacklist Seller 35andrewsd, October 2013ignore
LEC Correspondence to Members 4leccol, October 2013ignore
If the LEC were revived, and you were on the Board of Directors what six books woul you pick to be 48GoriceXII, October 2013ignore
LEC Promotional Materials - "The Philosophy of 'Limited Editions'" 12busywine, October 2013ignore
It's almost that time of year again. 32GoriceXII, October 2013ignore
H. G. Wells illustrated by Joe Mugnaini 15aaronpepperdine, October 2013ignore
LEC titles that don't appeal to you (content) 27Django6924, October 2013ignore
Book Re-Binding 8aaronpepperdine, October 2013ignore
Recent Acquisitions (3) 203EclecticIndulgence, October 2013ignore
"Illustrator had passed away before publication" 38parchment., September 2013ignore
Tagging 3kdweber, September 2013ignore
Monthly Letters and Sandglasses missing/desired 198andrewsd, September 2013ignore
recent acquisitions (2) 229leccol, September 2013ignore
Paper 8featherwate, September 2013ignore
Who is the second best writer of English literature? 10skyschaker, September 2013ignore
ALEXANDER ALEXE├ĆEFF - LEC Illustrator - Video 33featherwate, September 2013ignore
Uncut pages 15kdweber, September 2013ignore
The Book Blog - news, reviews and articles 47HuxleyTheCat, September 2013ignore
A mildly interesting asociation 14Django6924, September 2013ignore
Binding Notre Dame de Paris 20HuxleyTheCat, September 2013ignore

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