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Made Me Laugh 48jugglingpaynes, Sunday 5:55pmignore
The Daily Prophet Special Edition: Extended Hogwarts Express Good News/Bad News 39foggidawn, Saturday 2:45pmignore
Train Derailments: Off the track and down the rabbit hole! 87Rozax, Friday 1:34pmignore
What are you reading now? 176jugglingpaynes, September 15ignore
Secret Song Speakers Sing it Again 77jugglingpaynes, September 9ignore
House of Hades 1demi_wizzard, September 8ignore
Fight between demigods and potterheads. 2Dena443, September 2ignore
It made me smile... 98EvaVick, September 1ignore
Secret Cinematic Speakers Say Something 74theexiledlibrarian, August 30ignore
Wizard Challenge XVIII: This thread is of age in the Wizarding world! 137varielle, August 30ignore
What are you watching and listening to now? 136Rozax, August 22ignore
Word Association #40 312rolandperkins, August 21ignore
Happy Birthday! 8foggidawn, August 9ignore
Youtube videos 6foggidawn, August 9ignore
Pottermore, with SPOILERS, VOL 2 98compskibook, July 29ignore
Harry Potter No-Hanging Hangman 24 298foggidawn, July 22ignore
Friends and strangers, please check in! 133grkmwk, July 21ignore
Have you visited the The Wizarding World of Harry Potterâ„¢ in Orlando? Did you enjoy the experience? 6jnwelch, July 18ignore
New Story on Pottermore 10grkmwk, July 10ignore
Care of Magical Creatures 19Rozax, June 18ignore
Quote. Secret Cinematic Speakers. Unquote. 241jugglingpaynes, June 12ignore
Rhetorical Questions 12Rozax, May 12ignore
What house are you in? (am I even allowed to make this? :P) 143AnnaSiwel, May 10ignore
Request to Harry Potter fans for help - Harry Potter 30 seconds cards 7Lauren_Kirk-Cohen, May 9ignore
The Daily Prophet Special Edition: More Hogwarts Express Good News/Bad News 231jugglingpaynes, May 4ignore
A moment of silence... 6foggidawn, May 2ignore
Song Speakers: Encore! Encore! 248foggidawn, April 26ignore
Readathon time! 1kgriffith, April 26ignore
Two things 20jugglingpaynes, April 23ignore
Group Trip to London 11Marensr, April 19ignore
HE Craft Corner 383Marensr, April 19ignore
A message from Renald128 22Marensr, April 19ignore
Harry Potter No-Hanging Hangman 24 196EvangelineM, April 17ignore
Tablets? 11grkmwk, March 31ignore
Need Quick Date Help 3foggidawn, March 20ignore
The person below me- game 67grkmwk, March 19ignore
CHAT ROOMS CLOSING DOWN! 7kirbyowns, March 13ignore
A new Harry Potter fan 2foggidawn, March 13ignore
JK Rowling admits Harry and Hermione should've been together 23gilroy, March 13ignore
Happy Birthday, Bib!! 8foggidawn, March 11ignore
B-Days 283EvangelineM, February 21ignore
Start Here: The information thread 178kirbyowns, February 19ignore
The Hospital Wing 67pollysmith, February 18ignore
PLEASE READ ME: MAJOR UPDATES TO THE CHAT ROOM 4Hogwarts_Express, February 15ignore
Gripe gripe gripe 50Rozax, February 13ignore
Harry Potter No-Hanging Hangman 23 281foggidawn, February 9ignore
Warm Fuzzies for the Winter 19kirbyowns, February 5ignore
"Sherlock" Discussion (WARNING: Here be spoilers) 55AnnaClaire, February 4ignore
Which Harry Potter book is your favorite and why? 10AChism, January 26ignore
If you can ace this quiz, you are the biggest H.P fan ever! 9Rose_Weasley, January 20ignore
Rumours thread (IX, or so they say) 22kirbyowns, January 19ignore
2013 Gift Exchange -- OPENING THE GIFTS! 36Tavaresden, January 18ignore
So...whatcha get? Share your favorites here! 38kirbyowns, January 17ignore
new Years resolutions 29Kasongo, January 11ignore
THERE IS A HARRY POTTER PLAY COMING!!!!!!!! 5mem711, January 7ignore
Wizard Challenge XVII: This thread is of age in the Wizarding world! 318varielle, January 3ignore
End of Year Reading Survey 8Renald128, January 2ignore
What are you reading now? 200kirbyowns, January 1ignore
Holiday ABC 135varielle, December 2013ignore
Word Association #39 304varielle, December 2013ignore
2013 Gift Exchange 45foggidawn, December 2013ignore
Congratulations Foggi! 13Kerian, December 2013ignore
Homemade Gift Ideas 8Kerian, December 2013ignore
Happy Birthday Mr. A! 5grkmwk, December 2013ignore
Happy Birthday JP! 5grkmwk, December 2013ignore
Happy Birthday Kasongo! 10Kasongo, December 2013ignore
Happy birthday, Lefty33! 11kirbyowns, December 2013ignore
Happy birthday. Rissa! 9kirbyowns, December 2013ignore
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIB!!! 9kirbyowns, December 2013ignore
Newbies Practice Font & Photo Features 188jugglingpaynes, December 2013ignore
Neville Longbottom: Hero Acknowledged 8pollysmith, November 2013ignore
Young adult or adult? 5pollysmith, November 2013ignore
Harry Potter No-Hanging Hangman 22 303varielle, October 2013ignore
Halloween Costumes & Feasts! 22rissa, October 2013ignore
Share a Non-Spoilery Book Quote 91grkmwk, October 2013ignore
Seasonal reads 8varielle, October 2013ignore
Compski's Big Adventure! 14compskibook, October 2013ignore
Online survey for a research study on LibraryThing and its role in communities 4adamworrall4, September 2013ignore
Fantastic beasts and where to find them movie! 10jugglingpaynes, September 2013ignore
Harry Potter No-Hanging Hangman 21 322varielle, September 2013ignore
Hot English Guy Tournament! 57donnao, August 2013ignore
Heads-up: Academic survey post coming soon 10jugglingpaynes, August 2013ignore
"Who am I?" round 7 268pollysmith, August 2013ignore
Harry Potter 7foggidawn, July 2013ignore
Harry Potter rhyming game 90BarbN, July 2013ignore
Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus 6pollysmith, July 2013ignore
Snow 1Toni-Jade, July 2013ignore
LeakyCon 3Luxury2013, July 2013ignore
Uncle Vernon 8Luxury2013, July 2013ignore
Doctor Who Discussion! There may be "Spoilers!" (inflected like River Song would) 74Rozax, July 2013ignore
Harry Potter No-Hanging Hangman 20 310varielle, June 2013ignore
Google Reader Replacement 6foggidawn, June 2013ignore
Discussion of The Host by Stephenie Meyer -- SPOILERS! 38McKenna27, June 2013ignore
Downton Abbey Discussion Thread - Possible Spoilers 92foggidawn, June 2013ignore
Derailing the Derailments: Another Thread Unraveled! 234jugglingpaynes, June 2013ignore
Amazon to publish fan fiction 2biblioholic29, May 2013ignore
Secret Cinematic Speakers Sneaking in the Cinema 245rolandperkins, May 2013ignore

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