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Hogwarts Castle

Hello students! Welcome to Hogwarts!! I am your Headmistress, Alisha. At this school, you will learn spells, enchantments, and much more. Now that you've arrived at Hogwarts, head on over to the Sorting Hat to be sorted into one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

1. After being sorting. please do introduce yourself in your common room and start making new friends.
2. Once the classroom have been made and the teachers get settled, you can sign up for classes! This is how you can earn points! But be warned you can lose points by disobeying rules.
3. This is a place to make friends and have fun! So I would appreciate no serious bullying.
4. Please be active in the group. Have fun!

Your Headmistress Alishamb08 (Theamwriter)!!

Total members: 146 members

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Administrators: Theamwriter (creator)

Topics messagesLast message 
Sorting Hat 3 218jojoasdwer123, January 16ignore
Where Are All of My Puffs???? 3LiveAwesome, March 2018ignore
Sorting Hat 401Euxie, October 2014ignore
Choir Practice 334Rozax, January 2014ignore
~* Hufflepuff Common Room ~* 424swimfreak14, August 2012ignore
LAST CALL 1Theamwriter, August 2012ignore
Staircase 4 164katagirl, August 2012ignore
*Slytherin Common room* 415ErisofDiscord, August 2012ignore
Broomstick Racing / Quidditch 3 184Theamwriter, August 2012ignore
New Hogwarts Castle 4zebrapants, August 2012ignore
The YA Reader Group 6ErisofDiscord, August 2012ignore
No-Hanging Hangman V! 165the_silent_reader, August 2012ignore
The Doctor Who Secret Discussion Room 18ErisofDiscord, August 2012ignore
Easy Points Lounge 5 97katagirl, August 2012ignore
Active members! 25StarlightLily, August 2012ignore
*Points Posting 4* 61StarlightLily, August 2012ignore
Great Hall 2 93sarahy, August 2012ignore
This or That 96zebrapants, August 2012ignore
Headmistress's Office 2 159Theamwriter, August 2012ignore
Dobbies Fan Club! 56Fob45, August 2012ignore
2012 Olympics 16katagirl, August 2012ignore
~*Gryffindor Common Room*~ 403sophiehrhlgnd, August 2012ignore
Notice Board!! 159flanisntjustdessert, July 2012ignore
~*Ravenclaw Common Room*~ 82zebrapants, July 2012ignore
How Did You Get Here? 14ColoradoRain, July 2012ignore
What's in a name? 142Fob45, July 2012ignore
Brainstorming 9Theamwriter, July 2012ignore
Pottermore **SPOILER ALERT** 276katagirl, July 2012ignore
Question that affects the group 38Theamwriter, July 2012ignore
No-Hanging Hangman! IV 399ErisofDiscord, July 2012ignore
Sorting Hat 2 326zebrapants, July 2012ignore
*Points Posting 3* 277ErisofDiscord, July 2012ignore
Easy Points Lounge 4 317Theamwriter, July 2012ignore
**Announcements** 22Theamwriter, June 2012ignore
~Hogsmeade Village~ 87moemoa, June 2012ignore
Defence Against the Dark Arts Class 91katagirl, June 2012ignore
Birthdays!! 143Theamwriter, June 2012ignore
No-Hanging Hangman! 3 408ErisofDiscord, June 2012ignore
Hospital Wing 162katagirl, May 2012ignore
Get Your Nerd On! 101flanisntjustdessert, May 2012ignore
Hallway 176katagirl, May 2012ignore
Writers 12Theamwriter, April 2012ignore
Library 205ErisofDiscord, April 2012ignore
~*Ravenclaw Common Room*~ 304ColoradoRain, April 2012ignore
Great Hall 340ErisofDiscord, April 2012ignore
Broomstick Racing / Quidditch 2 331flanisntjustdessert, March 2012ignore
Chess Room 13ErisofDiscord, March 2012ignore
No-Hanging Hangman! 2 404ErisofDiscord, March 2012ignore
Videos 15Theamwriter, March 2012ignore
Staircase 3 332flanisntjustdessert, March 2012ignore
new 70flanisntjustdessert, March 2012ignore
Sarah's Charms Class 138sarahy, March 2012ignore
Kitchens 154sarahy, March 2012ignore
Deputy Headmistress Sarah 45sarahy, March 2012ignore
One-eyed Witch Passage 31sarahy, February 2012ignore
No-Hanging Hangman! 295BethanyS, February 2012ignore
Empty Classroom on the Second Floor-*Home of Jenny's Odds and Ends* 47SweetbriarPoet, February 2012ignore
Staircase 2 433silvsta, February 2012ignore
The Forbidden Forest 75silvsta, February 2012ignore
Divination Class 83BethanyS, February 2012ignore
Diagon Alley 9silvsta, February 2012ignore
Mythology 104ErisofDiscord, January 2012ignore
Care for Magical Creatures 44sarahy, January 2012ignore
Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom 115sarahy, January 2012ignore
Hogwarts Monopoly Help 28sarahy, January 2012ignore
Owlrey 120GinnyW, January 2012ignore
Am I the only one who posts this much? 76BethanyS, January 2012ignore
Easy Points Lounge 3 414flanisntjustdessert, January 2012ignore
Dueling Club 148BethanyS, January 2012ignore
help 22silvsta, January 2012ignore
I AM BIG OGRE! 10sarahy, January 2012ignore
Chamber of Secrets 17sarahy, December 2011ignore
Transfigurations 71sarahy, December 2011ignore
The Quibbler 79BethanyS, December 2011ignore
Substitute Teachers lounge! 5BethanyS, December 2011ignore
Teacher's Lounge 32sarahy, December 2011ignore
Detention Room 84BethanyS, December 2011ignore
Points Posting 3 8Fob45, December 2011ignore
Potions Class 37hyper13, December 2011ignore
Points Posting 2 295Fob45, December 2011ignore
Room of Requirement 88Fob45, November 2011ignore
Divination 2Fob45, November 2011ignore
Not really Hogwarts related but still... 55Fob45, November 2011ignore
I need everyone's advice... 25sarahy, November 2011ignore
Easy Points Lounge 2 316Fob45, November 2011ignore
Easy Points Lounge 2 1Fob45, November 2011ignore
Easy Points Lounge 2 1Fob45, November 2011ignore
Headmistress's Office 246Fob45, November 2011ignore
Staircase 507MisguidedChild, November 2011ignore
House List 4Theamwriter, November 2011ignore
Broomstick Racing / Quidditch 168Theamwriter, November 2011ignore
The House Cup 3Theamwriter, November 2011ignore
History of Magic 24OrientalCherry, October 2011ignore
Care for Magical Creatures 3neica, October 2011ignore
Easy Points Lounge 296Theamwriter, September 2011ignore
Points Posting 71neica, September 2011ignore

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