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A group for those interested and involved in entering the personal libraries of famous readers into LibraryThing as Legacy Libraries. For discussions of the libraries of those still among the living, head on over to the "Other Peoples' Libraries" group.

Browse, search, and augment Legacy Library data via the Legacy Libraries page.

If you'd like to join a Legacy project already underway, please use the contact information listed here, or contact jbd1.

If you'd like to start a new Legacy project, visit the Cataloging Guide and learn how to get started. Also see the Legacy Libraries page for more info. Please make sure someone hasn't already started a project for your subject before getting underway.

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Never lend a book to a Bronte 1benjclark, May 9ignore
Black Panther Party 1968 Book List 4benjclark, April 13ignore
Alexander Hamilton 2JBD1, April 12ignore
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 1benjclark, April 7ignore
The Endurance (Ernest Shackleton's 1912 trip to the Antarctic) 7benjclark, March 24ignore
Edward Gorey 42EdwardGoreyLibrary, March 22ignore
Anne Frank 1benjclark, March 19ignore
Umberto Eco 24TLCrawford, March 16ignore
James Baldwin 1benjclark, March 2ignore
Rosa Parks 8JBD1, February 26ignore
Flash-mob: Louis Armstrong 8lorannen, February 23ignore
Harper Lee 2benjclark, February 23ignore
Flash-mob! Catalog Graham Greene's Library 49benjclark, February 19ignore
W.E.B. Du Bois? 5Muscogulus, February 18ignore
Composer William L. Dawson? 3Muscogulus, February 12ignore
The Private Library: What Books Reveal About Their Readers 1benjclark, February 12ignore
We need a post-MLK flash-mob 21timspalding, February 11ignore
Einstein? 17timspalding, February 11ignore
Friedrich Nietzsche 28LolaWalser, February 11ignore
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s library -- What's interesting? 152wonderY, February 10ignore
MLK 52timspalding, February 10ignore
David Bowie's Top 100 14Michael.Rimmer, February 6ignore
Doris Lessing 2Muscogulus, February 6ignore
Velázquez 3thorold, January 26ignore
June Flashmob 7CecilStoughton, January 25ignore
John Dee's Library 30staffordcastle, January 21ignore
Any Book in Hemingway's Library, $200 9benjclark, December 2015ignore
David Byrne Lending Library 7waitingtoderail, December 2015ignore
Mary Somerville 3JBD1, December 2015ignore
Updates! 33benjclark, December 2015ignore
Charles Dickens 3benjclark, November 2015ignore
Noah Webster 1benjclark, November 2015ignore
John Quincy Adams 9Muscogulus, November 2015ignore
Non-book media? 3BarkingMatt, September 2015ignore
More Marilyn Monroe 2elenchus, September 2015ignore
New York Society Library 7benjclark, September 2015ignore
Anybody up for a flash-mob? 13JBD1, August 2015ignore
Salvador Dali 11Hellenist, August 2015ignore
C. S. Lewis 97Hellenist, August 2015ignore
David Foster Wallace 8Hellenist, August 2015ignore
Maya Angelou's Library 26benjclark, August 2015ignore
Earl Warren (From Martin Luther King Jr.) 8TLCrawford, August 2015ignore
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas 27benjclark, August 2015ignore
Sarah Bernhardt 1Katya0133, July 2015ignore
MARC Import 2benjclark, June 2015ignore
W. Somerset Maugham 8Waldstein, June 2015ignore
Jacques Derrida 13benjclark, June 2015ignore
Bin Laden's Library 35Limelite, June 2015ignore
Malcolm X, or Malik al-Shabazz 2benjclark, May 2015ignore
M.F.K. Fisher 8benjclark, April 2015ignore
Queen Elizabeth I 7JBD1, April 2015ignore
Sir Richard Francis Burton 7benjclark, April 2015ignore
Isaac Newton 1benjclark, March 2015ignore
"legacy" library from an art project 6elenchus, March 2015ignore
William Morris 5rolandperkins, March 2015ignore
Henry VIII 7elenchus, February 2015ignore
Edna St. Vincent Millay's library 7benjclark, February 2015ignore
Archbishop Oscar Romero 3timspalding, February 2015ignore
TJ's Library: Completion! 15benjclark, February 2015ignore
"Selma" and George Wallace 1Muscogulus, January 2015ignore
Robert Smithson 6parhamj, January 2015ignore
Valeriya Novodvorskaya? 20sparemethecensor, November 2014ignore
Maurice Ravel 2prosfilaes, November 2014ignore
Living people? 15eparses, November 2014ignore
Rose Macaulay 1prosfilaes, November 2014ignore
Marilyn Monroe lot numbers 38diana.n, October 2014ignore
Jack Kerouac 27JBD1, September 2014ignore
Smallish, well-cataloged library of Hawaiian folkorist 15BarkingMatt, September 2014ignore
Julia Child 20JBD1, August 2014ignore
New Sources: 'Collecting, Curating, and Researching Writers' Libraries: A Handbook' 2JBD1, August 2014ignore
The Brothers Grimm 23Hellenist, August 2014ignore
Marquis de Sade 19BarkingMatt, August 2014ignore
Ataturk's library in Ankara 10Muscogulus, August 2014ignore
Robert E. Lee now available 14Muscogulus, August 2014ignore
The Beagle and the H.M.S. California: Impressions 22infinitebuffalo, August 2014ignore
Bruce Lee 9BarkingMatt, August 2014ignore
Anne Sexton 5Hellenist, July 2014ignore
The Home Page's "Featured Legacy Libraries" 6Hellenist, July 2014ignore
Voltaire 66Hellenist, July 2014ignore
George MacDonald Fraser 5staffordcastle, July 2014ignore
Ayn Rand 9StormRaven, July 2014ignore
Jack London? 5JBD1, July 2014ignore
Toussaint Louverture? 2JBD1, July 2014ignore
Annotated Books blog post 2varielle, July 2014ignore
Pinochet 65timspalding, June 2014ignore
George Wallace 23jburlinson, June 2014ignore
T. E. Lawrence's Library Completed! 7ironjaw, June 2014ignore
Thomas Moore (Irish poet, 1779-1852) 5Hellenist, June 2014ignore
Bram Stoker 11JBD1, June 2014ignore
Alfred Nobel's Library 10Hellenist, June 2014ignore
analysis of Thomas Jefferson's library 5matthewmason, May 2014ignore
Digging back in - any good flash-mob candidates? 14ligature, May 2014ignore
Gen. George B. McClellan Library? 3rudel519, May 2014ignore
Legacy person and other members of the household 19Muscogulus, April 2014ignore
Maggie L. Walker 8Muscogulus, April 2014ignore
A book owned by Shakespeare? 122wonderY, April 2014ignore
Article on William Byrd 2elenchus, March 2014ignore
William Ernest Hocking 2waitingtoderail, March 2014ignore
Elmore Leonard 1JBD1, March 2014ignore

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