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Adult Fiction set in early 20th century Asia (China?), published at least 10 years ago 1joefreedom, Today 8:49pmignore
Kids' chapter book, adopted girl with Old English Sheepdog and spoiled cousin 1weener, Today 8:48pmignore
Albert Camus novel(maybe?) about two lovers meeting in a motel room 1blahme, Today 7:06pmignore
Romance: Scarred hero recluse found pages in a cave under his island home 6bluepiano, Today 5:16pmignore
Romance Novel 1JMinx, Today 2:56pmignore
Please help me find a historical romance novel starting with castle siege 3MyriadBooks, Today 2:55pmignore
Looking for 2 older Harlequin romance books 2ohowsherocks, Today 8:05amignore
WAGON TRAIN- western, maybe romance for my Grandma! 7banana4thelord, Yesterday 11:53pmignore
Short story: Man stuck on island with rat 2BrianneDayley, Yesterday 5:44pmignore
Romance book 5BrianneDayley, Yesterday 5:40pmignore
Juvenile Series - 50/60s - Original St. Andrew’s Golf Ball 4pdejr, Yesterday 1:06pmignore
Romance, writer, tortured, war 5courtneylynne143, Yesterday 3:32amignore
Cant remember name! 2MissSquish, Sunday 7:38pmignore
Looking for specific edition of Ghostly Companions by Vivien Alcock 7jaygon, Sunday 2:51pmignore
Adult Fiction: Spy is gifted a concubine, due to explosion she becomes blind, they fall in love and disappear forever 3blahme, Sunday 9:43amignore
Cant remember! 3jjmcgaffey, Sunday 1:29amignore
Mountain girl 4sparemethecensor, Saturday 4:53pmignore
pioneers - westward migration 3fxknnn9, Saturday 2:08pmignore
help! cant remember the name! 4konallis, Saturday 9:00amignore
genre ,historical romance 1970-90's 5streamsong, Friday 5:44pmignore
help! cant remember the name! 2lesmel, Friday 4:08pmignore
SciFi book with dinosaurs invading and nazi tank drivers 16lorax, Friday 2:32pmignore
1970s? chapter book about a magical forest 2MissSquish, Friday 2:42amignore
Have You Ever Read: Romance 2jjmcgaffey, Thursday 7:00pmignore
old historical romance novel 4dkhiggin, Wednesday 11:45pmignore
Name that boork really interesting book with tree on the cover 2konallis, Wednesday 5:30pmignore
60s-80s short story; hitchhiking; woman runs over animals on purpose 2diana.n, Wednesday 4:10pmignore
Girl runs off and marries her cousin's fiance. Both cousins eventually have daughters and the daughters look identical- 1lil14334, Wednesday 4:10pmignore
80's book - orphaned girl/coming of age 6weener, Wednesday 1:30pmignore
Lesbian romance about a portrait painting 3ZacA, Wednesday 7:09amignore
Military Mystery Novel 2indybr12, Wednesday 6:15amignore
old romance novel 3MarthaJeanne, Wednesday 1:41amignore
Romance novel 1800s Australia or New Zealand 1rjwgrits, Tuesday 9:01pmignore
Youth fiction (I think) Girl taken underwater to discover she is part of city 7delynnc, Tuesday 4:56pmignore
I need help with a book I read in the 90s! (Romance) 1indyal76, Tuesday 1:38pmignore
Contemporary Romance 2Ashleyrs, Tuesday 1:20pmignore
Childrens picture book. Scary Hallowe'en pumpkins chase people from walking by witch's garden. 3rosiedoo, Tuesday 9:21amignore
recent romance book 2Ashleyrs, Tuesday 8:49amignore
historical romance set in italy? florancevenice 5EmScape, September 8ignore
Medieval romance, war/castle siege 4EmScape, September 8ignore
Romance maybe HQN 2lesmel, September 8ignore
Children"s riddle book from the late 1960's 5RowanTribe, September 8ignore
Medieval Romance, Red headed remale 1Kyli2004, September 7ignore
Happy sea creatures cling to fence singing at goats 4Oandthegang, September 7ignore
novel about a golfer who fixes a coffee crisis 2indybr12, September 7ignore
medieval romance heroine with a bad leg 1bralexan875, September 7ignore
adult biology based Scifi 2Selliers, September 6ignore
Forgotten Latin text book from late 1960s 9extrajoker, September 6ignore
historical romance 6MyriadBooks, September 5ignore
I really want to read this book again can anyone help me? 5thorold, September 5ignore
Historical Romance - horse breeding heroine - read in mid 90's - kind/goofy supporting character duke/earl 3DK1010, September 4ignore
Mills&Boon-90s-brother's best friend romance at a wedding 1EveG, September 4ignore
Fiction? Yankee teacher builds plantation school 3MyriadBooks, September 4ignore
The Cowboy and the One-Eyed Librarian from Topeka 2razzamajazz, September 4ignore
Pre teen/teen, drama, diary 3rarm, September 3ignore
Children's illustrated: child flies around in (bubble gum?) bubble 6Moomin_Mama, September 3ignore
Regency romance and Western romance. 1AIQS, September 3ignore
contemporary romance 3Briana93, September 2ignore
Children's poetry. Probable publication late 40's or early 50's, small book 1milford, September 2ignore
People with paranormal abilities hunted by government, head of org helps kids escape 48lesmel, September 2ignore
old fic: teen boy fishes for sharks but scared of groupers 1nhlsecord, September 2ignore
Romance: Contemporary: Harlequin: mid to late 1990's 2 requests 1dcmcharrell, September 2ignore
Romance 5lesmel, September 2ignore
Midwife student - novel about hardships 2lesmel, September 2ignore
romance novel (indian's, doctor's daughter) 3karabrowning, September 1ignore
Fiction: Young girl goes to live with her Aunt, Raked leaves and burned them 1cinderstamp, September 1ignore
Regency (?) Romance, Daughter marries Hero, Her mother marries his uncle(?) 3MarthaJeanne, September 1ignore
Realistic SciFi, probably YA, post-great vanishing 8Moomin_Mama, September 1ignore
Historical romance- OW is going to marry but she isn't a Virgin so she pays? The heroine to step in for wedding night 5Molly136, August 31ignore
Childrens book has tale of greedy goat, eats rainbow poor woman spins yarn for new clothes 11pdejr, August 31ignore
Adult historical Ficton/Romance. H flees french revolution to plantation. Slave revolt. 2indybr12, August 31ignore
Romance novel 1Ardently.., August 30ignore
Contemporary YA 1gromoa, August 30ignore
Historical Romance Revolutionary War Period 2MyriadBooks, August 30ignore
Historical Romance Revolutionary War Period. Hero: Cole. Heroine:? Redhead. 1CA_RN5, August 30ignore
Historical romance. 1Molly136, August 30ignore
Fiction, Male actor at BBC, cover had London Tube symbol on cover 3reluctantm, August 30ignore
SciFi for children - aliens had robots and different air to humans - was it green 4jjmcgaffey, August 29ignore
Violet eyes- cosmetic surgeon makes women the same 2rarm, August 29ignore
Short story: A prisoner learns a new language 15bluepiano, August 28ignore
trying to find a book from the 80's possibly early 90's 1gldowd, August 28ignore
colonial times heroine Zara HELP!! 3MarthaJeanne, August 28ignore
Romance Novel 7lesmel, August 27ignore
Romance novella / medieval woman adopted to the future returns home. 2MyriadBooks, August 27ignore
Looking for 1960s-70s YA book about Native American teen girl's struggle with assimilation after leaving reservation 1Punkinmouse, August 27ignore
a very funny western 6Delberte, August 27ignore
childrens's book, read in the early/mid '90s, eleanor visits a haunted house? 5lesmel, August 27ignore
Life set in Ireland 2Petroglyph, August 27ignore
Searching for contemporary romance/small town/hotel/possibly harlequin 1GreenEyes930, August 27ignore
Can't remember the title!! 3GreenEyes930, August 26ignore
Short Story - Old Sci-Fi Collection - Sex Androids. 2AsYouKnow_Bob, August 26ignore
looking for harlequin romance novel that may be out of print 1tammyperry, August 26ignore
Middle Grade Fiction About A Magic Lunchbox 6weener, August 26ignore
Herione is beaten, gets amnesia and becomes a spy. Can anyone help with the title please. 1Mad67, August 26ignore
Looking for a book 3Mad67, August 26ignore
Romance x2 10MyriadBooks, August 26ignore
Sci fi, planet made up of hexagonal grid. 2DemetriosX, August 26ignore
India Young girl 10dkhiggin, August 26ignore
What's This Book? 3Kyrrah, August 25ignore

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