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Short story: employees deliberately frustrate people as a game 4skyraider, Today 2:46pmignore
Help me find my book? please? 3overthemoon, Today 10:51amignore
Historical/romance 1cuddlebugx4, Today 9:45amignore
Historical detective novel with a transgender character? 4rarm, Yesterday 5:18pmignore
Children's Time Travel House 2konallis, Yesterday 5:08amignore
Science fiction, short story, time travel & dinosaurs 9magnumpigg, Tuesday 10:27amignore
Collection of letters, maybe recent 11diana.n, Tuesday 9:45amignore
College Art History Book - Letters Artist Wrote Each Other 9bluepiano, Monday 5:56pmignore
Looking for kindle book title 3Dyann21, Monday 2:44pmignore
Romance anthology: woman travels into TV show western 2lesmel, Sunday 6:00pmignore
Romance short time travel into TV show western 7Faithgirl, Sunday 5:13pmignore
Gay fiction book for teens 2rarm, Sunday 1:08pmignore
Regency romance heroine has thick glasses 2ALRanieri, Sunday 12:14pmignore
General fiction, A bitter widow runs a bed-and-breakfast and is cruel to her young housekeeper. 1Estelore, Sunday 12:47amignore
SF - Female Protag, foot race, physical enhancements, Atalanta??? 4fyrefly98, Saturday 8:36amignore
Harlequin romance/contemporary/Married woman, beach sex with hubby's associate? /She's a virgin 1Faithgirl, Friday 4:38pmignore
SF natural disasters underwater biodome 9kyri0119, November 18ignore
wondering if anyone can help 18iriscm, November 18ignore
Sci-fi short story: Comic lampoons terrorists 6dukedom_enough, November 18ignore
romance with a dark twist/drama 4beesocks, November 18ignore
Game Hunting with a twist 6devilsjuggler, November 17ignore
domed city, YA-kid's novel, at least 30years ago 4Talon_P.S., November 17ignore
Short story set in china with mathematicians and a salesman 1Timelapse, November 16ignore
Romance Widowed Farmer 1800's Female Time-Travel 1ChristyDuke, November 15ignore
Looking for a short story from a 4th grade reader that I read in the late 80s. 2misterfive, November 15ignore
Historical romance book in England: a young woman is left with 3 (?) children after their father is murder. 2lesmel, November 14ignore
5th-grade book South America 2rarm, November 13ignore
5th-grade novel australia 3guido47, November 13ignore
Romance Book 2mojo09226, November 12ignore
Historical Mystery Oregon Trail Romance Novel, Please help find 2diana.n, November 12ignore
Looking for an old romance book 1MsRead905, November 11ignore
Lightning transports man to ancient time 13MyriadBooks, November 10ignore
Historical romance set in New Orleans. A virginal young lady lives and works in a brothel. 1danniell, November 10ignore
Name that book: Victorian heroine accidentally sleeps with brother in law 3Nettie_Beard, November 10ignore
Mystery/thriller abducted children 2lesmel, November 10ignore
Novel set in both England and Asia before or during the Opium wars 1Megchad, November 9ignore
historical romance heroine deaf for a time becomes a spy 1Jeryan5, November 9ignore
fictional romance set in Louisiana 5quillmenow, November 9ignore
Children's Book, magic shoes? 4luciente, November 8ignore
Children's Book, Stuffed Bear or Rabbit, Missing Button Eye... 17Amy005, November 6ignore
Teen character named Crip 3barbaran, November 6ignore
Pulp mystery novel, published in early 2000s, set in 1950s Greenwich Village 3MyriadBooks, November 6ignore
A modern navy travels back in time to the second world war 4MyriadBooks, November 6ignore
1930's - 60's British man travels through Russia and Asia 3DuncanHill, November 6ignore
Adult fiction novel 4humouress, November 6ignore
childrens - american sailor father, asian mother's first date - fork vs. chopsticks 3humouress, November 6ignore
YA-ish fairytale, middle sister of 3, white/blue pendant 7humouress, November 6ignore
1950/60/s children's book - caves/labyrinth permitting time travel. 5humouress, November 6ignore
kids’/teen fiction: girl w/ twin saves world from evil 9humouress, November 6ignore
SciFi - Time Travel to prehist. N. America 3MyriadBooks, November 5ignore
paranormal? fiction ya/adult 3MyriadBooks, November 5ignore
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice 18MyriadBooks, November 4ignore
childrens - chalk drawing on burned walls 2konallis, November 4ignore
Historical novel set in Late Roman Britain 10indybr12, November 3ignore
A dogs point of view 7diana.n, November 3ignore
Fairy Romance set in Crusades 2rarm, November 2ignore
short story after Measure for Measure 2MyriadBooks, October 29ignore
Historical Romance with Werewolves 5Heather02, October 28ignore
Name that book time! 4diana.n, October 27ignore
Teen fiction - twist at end: schizophrenic girl who's twin brother died at birth 4hnau, October 26ignore
Children/YA: girl's mentally disabled sister is actually her mom? 2gclavergne, October 26ignore
About slavery but not 2Akiyama, October 24ignore
Harlequin Romance 2lesmel, October 24ignore
Historical romance ward guardian 1gleemd, October 24ignore
Looking for a book 1tanya_drever, October 23ignore
1980s womens fiction 8bookdesk, October 23ignore
Girl that finds out she's a banshee 3keslee, October 23ignore
possibly Dystopian about Death 10PaperbackPirate, October 23ignore
historical romance, casino owner weds daughter of man who owes debt 1meeker2212, October 22ignore
Romance Novel Set in Current Day and Age 1MConstant, October 22ignore
YA short story, boy does hw, nice & evil numbers 32wonderY, October 22ignore
anthology of horror stories 7wo.vin42, October 22ignore
Children's horror anthology, 1970's. Illustrated. 13Jason_Willis, October 22ignore
YA Horror/Mystery, Coming of Age, cemetery prank gone awry 1hpyp, October 22ignore
Father searches for missing son (novel) 1Donwald, October 22ignore
a childrens book about a boy who lives in a badger hole 6diana.n, October 21ignore
Pre-war, pre-suffrage French textbook 3Parpar1836, October 20ignore
Historical Western Romance 5crissy89, October 20ignore
Short story man lecturing his wife thinks she's taking notes 1amanda4242, October 20ignore
harlequin romance couple set up through phone service 1brith88, October 20ignore
contemporary romance novel 1bkobsession, October 20ignore
I read it once 1kristyangel, October 19ignore
fiction quasi-love story about a german concentration camp guard and commandant's wife 3diana.n, October 19ignore
Romance Novel - Sisters/Marital Problems 4Barkybean, October 19ignore
Romance, contemporary,hero has child who needs a mother 1RocaKare, October 18ignore
Cold War spy/thriller; main character owns a castle 6MissWatson, October 18ignore
I need help! 1beneaththecover10, October 17ignore
Heroine had sex in forest 2beesocks, October 16ignore
(Historical?) fiction (identical?) sisters. Raised not knowing the other exists 1fictionfangurl, October 16ignore
paranormal romance witch and vampire 4lesmel, October 16ignore
1990's secretary marries boss to get custody of half sister from abusive step father 1teddyber22, October 15ignore
talking dog main character, Christian allegory? 12MyriadBooks, October 15ignore
Post Civil War fiction set in Texas 4diana.n, October 14ignore
Romance - female highwayman at night, lady of ton by day 1bldrkt, October 14ignore
YA paperback possibly a mystery, possibly suspense 4taylorswoodstuff, October 14ignore
Need help finding name of a Medieval Romance novel 6amanda4242, October 14ignore
old woman gives birth to singing baby 1bluemusicnut, October 13ignore
Maybe Christian Fiction about Jewish girl 1SheriA, October 13ignore
Short story: Owner of a sexshop (or sex film shop) gets tortured by jealous love affairs 1Clamence, October 13ignore

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