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1980's/1990's Fantasy Romance with magical Gold Apples - Author? 1jendle66, Today 1:12amignore
British mystery novel Rendezvous at Lat/Long 0. Pub abt 1920 1resainmo, Yesterday 11:03pmignore
YA fiction survival story with a couple of kids (in Australian outback?) 5evilmoose, Yesterday 5:28pmignore
Poem 1larryt78748, Yesterday 5:17pmignore
Christmas Necklace 3peaypod, Monday 12:22pmignore
HELP-Contemporary romance, he takes virginity as part of college? uni? bet 3MyriadBooks, Monday 8:43amignore
Fictional Auto biography style book about advertising mogul with coke habit 3LetsJustJ, Monday 3:40amignore
I want to find this book. A boy lives with this family that has a mute daughter 1bellanoel, Sunday 10:05pmignore
YA, S. American girl moves to U.S., Irish friend, sexual discovery 7weener, Sunday 5:37pmignore
Contemporary romance-he betrays her 2MyriadBooks, Sunday 3:47pmignore
YA About a dog that learns to read 2bookel, Sunday 2:49pmignore
YA nonfiction about ghosts 5Amberfly, Saturday 4:50pmignore
Blue Christmas?? 5marsha.h, Saturday 12:20pmignore
YA drama where a woman is continously drugged and raped by her therapist 4booklooks, Saturday 5:48amignore
Fantasy Dragon with man- drake friend 2lynnoconnacht, Friday 9:27amignore
western romance 1NonnaAndie, Thursday 10:13pmignore
Romance mans best friend 4MyriadBooks, Wednesday 9:00amignore
Probably non-fiction book about a guy who decides to walk away from his life 3bluepiano, Wednesday 7:57amignore
YA fiction about a twin girl in the fifties 1silveysampson, November 18ignore
Fiction Sci-Fi/Fantasy 5jjemcdonald, November 18ignore
Poetry Anthology, white cover, green text, possible blue gnome, cannot remember name! Help! 3RowanTribe, November 18ignore
girl who gets bullied at boarding school 1Xander.Goulsbra, November 18ignore
about a family who never ages, and live forever 3sparemethecensor, November 17ignore
Please help! Historical Romance 3shayleeshy, November 17ignore
military raomances cant remember the name 10jjbharrison, November 16ignore
60s-80s short story; hitchhiking; woman runs over animals on purpose 4jldarden, November 16ignore
fantasy, women, cruise, gets off at port, magic, vampires 1sgwyr, November 15ignore
Harlequin romance at a restaurant in Singapore (?) 1mystical_fyre, November 15ignore
Harlequin romance involving art collections 3mystical_fyre, November 15ignore
Late 70s Sunken Submarine Novel with SF twist 4dukedom_enough, November 15ignore
Historical Romance book Help 1Bellsitalia, November 15ignore
SciFi novel where a starship pilot becomes a godlike being 1indigorising, November 14ignore
Western Romance 1Lungs2go, November 13ignore
Irish triplets seperated at birth 3MyriadBooks, November 13ignore
fiction, Contemporary Romance please help me find this book 1Wendy_Brown, November 13ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 77lquilter, November 12ignore
University anthology textbook English literature 19th Century 12EmScape, November 12ignore
Young Children's - Kittens getting "jobs" - Little Golden? 5MerryMary, November 12ignore
YA historical romance, India, Mogul period 1MissWatson, November 11ignore
Romance/Mystery: Dead King, Queen soon married killer 6MerryMary, November 11ignore
Figure skating star's fertility eggs stolen by a deranged fan. 1deelove, November 10ignore
Modern woman sent back in time. 11lesmel, November 9ignore
YA romance: About girl finding love 2weener, November 9ignore
romance: researcher saves her brother 6indybr12, November 9ignore
Young adult book where teenage girl goes back in time 4agwarfel, November 9ignore
Juvenile sports ficiton late fifites early sixties 4diana.n, November 9ignore
contemporary romance super mean hero strong heroine 1bookishnerd, November 9ignore
help please. :) huge thanks 3bookishnerd, November 9ignore
Historical Romance - Man and Woman Travelling 1kc21, November 8ignore
Mystery thriller about data encryption 1indybr12, November 8ignore
Holocaust; mother and daughter hiding people... 8bostonbibliophile, November 8ignore
In search of a romance novel that I read in the early 90's 4MyriadBooks, November 7ignore
Children's Chapter Book Series 5diana.n, November 6ignore
Methodist biblical reflections on Water 10rarm, November 6ignore
Regency Era? Possible twin mix up? 1PuedeBailar, November 6ignore
Middle School Aged Ghost Book 3Timelapse, November 6ignore
Kid's book "Zzzzz"?- boy with machine that dresses & feeds him 6Juleswf, November 5ignore
Humans join galactic society; go into debt from library database look-ups? 52wonderY, November 5ignore
Romance 4MyriadBooks, November 5ignore
Short Story from the 1960s - Gourmand Scours Paris 4diana.n, November 4ignore
Children's book about a girl sailing in a dream 6KasieReyes, November 4ignore
Picture book, lesson about fear and perspective 2RowanTribe, November 4ignore
Fiction plant girl 5bestem, November 3ignore
help 5lilithcat, November 3ignore
Teenage girl has to learn etiquette 32wonderY, November 3ignore
YA/Kids - obsidian mirror time travel to American Revolution 3accordingto, November 2ignore
romance for 18+ about a lawyer who falls in love 1xoemmaox, November 2ignore
A contemporary novel 1DeniBartra, November 2ignore
Romance 3Shawneegirl, November 2ignore
Dying father searching for childhood book 8SimonW11, November 2ignore
SciFi Book Early 80s - Trying to develop an anti-venom for a 100% fatal alien creature 6beichst, November 1ignore
SF-Short Story-Crashed Astronaut memory wiped by Alien Pre-1980 4beichst, November 1ignore
Seeking 60s-70s SF Novel - Biologically radio capable insect/reptile aliens kidnap humans 9beichst, November 1ignore
boy crosses canyon on rope? 1aredoy87, November 1ignore
Romance - probably Mills and Boon 1Debs423, October 31ignore
Mystery/Fiction based on Egyptian game of 50 2indybr12, October 31ignore
Contemporary Romance involving royalty 4HenriettaElimimian, October 30ignore
Need title for detective novel; please help!!! 1amina.adams, October 28ignore
YA fantasy/supernatural romance 3HelloSweetie1, October 28ignore
Romance Book about a couple called Jennifer and Alejandro 3amina.adams, October 27ignore
Christian YA/Kids about a girl who goes to live with her aunt 1amandal85, October 27ignore
Albert Camus novel(maybe?) about two lovers meeting in a motel room 10blahme, October 27ignore
historical romance help!! 1marilee1969, October 26ignore
older romance novel, probably out of print... 3libbloo, October 26ignore
90's Romance Maybe Harlequin 1SophieMac, October 25ignore
Children's picture book, 1983 or before, a day at the park, twilight 2MarthaJeanne, October 25ignore
Science fiction discovery of an ancient civalization of humans 4ckost, October 24ignore
Historical Western Romance Help 5juels, October 24ignore
Romance. artist who paints deaths w/o realizing it 2lesmel, October 24ignore
Children's or young adult novel based on ideas of classical conditioning 4bookel, October 23ignore
Children's book - story with a moral 4rarm, October 23ignore
YA kidnapping 8bookel, October 23ignore
AF (historical/paranormal?) Romance with disabled hero 3WhoNeedsSleep, October 23ignore
Romance Author hired to teach MC about women, they fall in love. 3WhoNeedsSleep, October 23ignore
1980's American YA about high school girl with anorexia (Bonnie) 2lahochstetler, October 22ignore
Non-fiction sailing adventure to Mexico during the depression 2ahellman, October 22ignore
Science Fiction set on another planet 1Dehinde, October 21ignore
Fiction, historical romance 6HenriettaElimimian, October 20ignore
Book set in Scottland Hero nicknames heroine "heather" 2juels, October 20ignore

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