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Christmas punch out book from the mid to late 80s 6MyriadBooks, Today 9:20amignore
YA scifi 2MissSquish, Today 5:00amignore
Romance book Female Chocolatier and Hotel Manager 1MrsROB36, Today 3:32amignore
Michener 'read-a-likes' 2john257hopper, Today 2:30amignore
YA- mystery 3cruz86401, Yesterday 11:11pmignore
Juvenile Fiction Great Depression Era 1katgirl08, Yesterday 7:08pmignore
Brother and sister survivors, journey to find relative, man named "Si Garfunkel" something comes to their aid. 1GrannyJD, Yesterday 6:29pmignore
Looking to identify a book I read in school 5th grade most likely. 1AnnaFriesen, Yesterday 3:13pmignore
Historical Romance 3cbug2011, Yesterday 4:23amignore
Historical romance 4cbug2011, Yesterday 3:59amignore
Western Romance, boy/girl twins, both have story told in same book. 1cbug2011, Yesterday 3:54amignore
Kids/YA book about gang of mice who steal, Limburger gang? 8beesocks, Yesterday 2:05amignore
Fantasy, Man, amnesia, Princess with scarred face and madness 1loyalknight, Friday 5:41pmignore
anyone knows here the title of the book where the white house and capitol hill? 1spinypapillae, Friday 8:02amignore
Goosebumps-like Teen Alternate Universe Story 8MyriadBooks, Friday 7:50amignore
Young adult book 1adams-93, Friday 4:13amignore
Medieval Romance knight with a bad leg and Dragon threat 4knightshift, Friday 3:32amignore
Younger woman older man romance possible harlequinn 3beesocks, Friday 1:05amignore
Historical Fiction: Irish girl Joins the Gold Rush 4knightshift, Thursday 11:05pmignore
Photography day by day book 2lib.rare.ian, Thursday 9:43pmignore
Romance, guy in love with brothers wife 3Pingu05, Thursday 11:46amignore
Volleyball Teenage Romance 5lesmel, Thursday 8:34amignore
Boy rebuilding car 2Bargle5, Thursday 6:42amignore
Child vanishes near lake 2MissSquish, Thursday 3:47amignore
Christian Romance 3 book series taking place in southern California/Arizona 4knightshift, Thursday 3:39amignore
paranormal romance unexpected mate m/m 8shwillia00, Thursday 12:25amignore
Highland romance trilogy about three brothers 1Camille_w96, Wednesday 11:41pmignore
romance 1shwillia00, Wednesday 11:33pmignore
dark erotica 1TammyBerryKemp, Wednesday 11:13amignore
fiction about a victorian poisoner who goes on the run in the Lake District 10pbcreative, Wednesday 4:48amignore
Romance: Woman used as bait for murderer who finds vics through dating service 1vesperl, Wednesday 12:11amignore
Lesbian accidentally outs self from hospital bed 4reconditereader, Tuesday 9:48pmignore
Sci Fi Series, British soldier tested on many worlds 4Thomdar, Tuesday 7:19pmignore
Slightly scary child/teen book with red cover 1lolainez, Tuesday 6:21pmignore
Looking for a children's book, pre-1992, with a girl mouse main character 8buricco, Tuesday 5:43pmignore
possible harlequin??? 1Nightdream77, Tuesday 2:52pmignore
Heroine was raped by friend of Hero 1Briana_Kristian_2011, Tuesday 12:56pmignore
(PLEASE HELP!!)YA fiction novel Island Village girl 2rarm, Tuesday 10:45amignore
Children's book scary stories a mother deceives a grim reaper from taking her baby 3morganlit, Tuesday 7:36amignore
Post nuclear teen or ya 1GrannyJD, Monday 10:58pmignore
Book about teenager and gargoyles fantasy new york 1jflawlessx, Monday 9:21pmignore
mystery/thriller woman-run resort called sands/the sands, shells or maybe tides 3sortafairytales, Monday 6:51pmignore
Searching for the title of a Scottish romance book 1jan1999, Monday 6:01pmignore
boy, his dog and wolves attacking sheep 6RitaRash, Monday 3:08pmignore
Romance/Sexual Novel, Red-haired/Green Eye Women Spy 2NaniG, Monday 2:22pmignore
Mystery group of teens who die in car crash come back as ghosts to solve mysteries 1davenpja, Sunday 1:58pmignore
Romance- Three book romance connecting couples who fall in love and win trips to Paris 6indybr12, Sunday 12:14pmignore
YA Ghost Romance? Mystery? 1micjdas, Sunday 2:51amignore
historical woman fleeing joins man/daugher on private train car 1AnnapolisJane, June 17ignore
Fantasy series about four friends 2antqueen, June 17ignore
YA Three sisters, new stepdad, prom, Shad, cop, jelly beans 3Rubyjewlz, June 17ignore
hisorical romance 2knightshift, June 17ignore
Edwardian Romance 1ESEO, June 16ignore
Young Adult Romance Book 1nerpc99, June 16ignore
YA Mystery: A twin gets abducted/ found as adult. Read it about 10yrs ago 2knightshift, June 15ignore
Romance: Lottery winner gets stalked 7Barkybean, June 15ignore
Woman wants revenge on the Mob 5knightshift, June 15ignore
Historical Romance - Accused of being a Witch 4juels, June 15ignore
1960's teen novel about girl with stepmother/father is killed 1JezzyBelle45, June 14ignore
Find Book 3SylviaC, June 13ignore
US man finds an Indian wife online and moves her to America to marry 2rarm, June 13ignore
Adult fiction, 4 college friends, one named Jean and one named Andrea 4amysisson, June 13ignore
fiction - teen girl in england World War 2 1mlschmidt, June 13ignore
Novel opens with woman giving birth later the little girl gets on wrong train and is lost 5DearFlorence, June 13ignore
Historical Romance Regency England 4juels, June 13ignore
Short story collection/single author/Rural town setting/violent 2Bargle5, June 13ignore
Sci-fi romance 4Starvingbookwyrm, June 12ignore
Historical Romance: Heroine saves hero by poisoning him (and making him look dead) 3Nalkarj, June 12ignore
twin ghost book 2juels, June 12ignore
Historical Romance (Maybe a classic?) 3Gretchen_Larson, June 12ignore
canadian teenage girl living in nature reserve 2Nerilka, June 11ignore
I am not sure if any of them is a harliquin or silhouete. .. I cant remember much at all,it has been a long time 3ayshebaaba, June 11ignore
Medieval Romance 1trya22, June 11ignore
1980's Scottish/English Historical Romance 1BeccasMum, June 10ignore
Historical Fiction: Asian Widow Learns about Outside World 2rarm, June 10ignore
American Revolution Spies Masked Lady 10portgerm, June 10ignore
to be the mom 1gregory05, June 9ignore
Novel historical set in late 1800's (maybe) 2MyriadBooks, June 9ignore
ROM: Disguised Heroine, Kidnapped by Carriage, Guilty Brother 1Zepheryia, June 8ignore
Literary fic, Woman in therapy, mirrors 6Cecrow, June 8ignore
YA horror book series based in a haunted hotel/inn 4Cecrow, June 8ignore
Children's book where teenage girl "single white female"s friend 3Cecrow, June 8ignore
Story of love, loss and moving on (PLEASE HELP ME) 7Jinkxy, June 8ignore
90s romance blind Irish woman set in Ireland 2rarm, June 8ignore
SF short story re: Norse god Tyr of the sword 5DisassemblyOfReason, June 7ignore
YA Fantasy/SF 9beesocks, June 7ignore
Hello, does anyone no this nook? 5Ketusy, June 7ignore
Historical Mystery Oregon Trail Romance Novel, Please help find 4Darth-Heather, June 7ignore
Help please 2isabelx, June 7ignore
YA book about a girl in a wheelchair who 'danced' with her hands 4bookel, June 7ignore
Contemporary or SF Romance - kidnapped heroine criminal IT network 3pbmeghan, June 7ignore
Childrens mystery book 4MyriadBooks, June 6ignore
Historical romance woman thrown overboard by stepbrother to gain her inheritance 3shay887, June 5ignore
Girl with pink tights 2juels, June 5ignore
name of a book about a women horse jockey 3Robertaman, June 5ignore
nonfiction the pendulum between male and female orientation in history 2Cecrow, June 5ignore
Historical romance about marriage problems and the husband trying to correct his own mistakes 2beesocks, June 5ignore
YA book about teen pregnancy, 80's - 90's 1socitycourty, June 5ignore
FICTION YA WWII PT boats 4Foretopman, June 4ignore

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