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Bizarre Ghost Story in Children's anthology 2aviddiva, Yesterday 11:45pmignore
Romance, girl doesn't want her arrange marriage 2beesocks, Yesterday 11:01pmignore
Goes to another place and time after putting on wedding dress found in old trunk she bought 2lesmel, Yesterday 7:43pmignore
TV Show Cop Spoof Comedy 30SDaisy, Yesterday 7:40pmignore
Teen romance novel?? *found* "just one day" gayle Forman 1carlyamo, Yesterday 7:38pmignore
Botanical science fantasy where no trees grow 1christinedux, Yesterday 5:07pmignore
Historical Romance (Maybe a classic?) 2beesocks, Yesterday 3:46pmignore
Romance Boyfriend finds Woman Job & she gets pregnant 1MConstant, Yesterday 12:34pmignore
Romance about Single Mother Estranged from her Father 1MConstant, Yesterday 12:30pmignore
Thriller Romance I think 2kaylabam, Yesterday 8:12amignore
Ebook set in Stockholm, Sweden during Midsummer! 9Rubyjewlz, Thursday 8:31pmignore
Horror romance based on haunted car (cliche) 3BigBoss101, Thursday 7:56pmignore
I'm looking for a book whose protagonist is Detective Jane : Mystery/Crime/Thriller 1Miss_Ghil, Thursday 7:48pmignore
YA | Spy | Romance | Mystery | 1JinxedAngelz, Thursday 3:27pmignore
Fiction: Young Mafia boss, shot by wife at the end 1bokiva1, Thursday 10:06amignore
Contemporary romance girl stalked 1Jackie_Adams, Thursday 5:34amignore
I am looking for three books! 9ayshek, Wednesday 4:20pmignore
Sci Fi Series, British soldier tested on many worlds 3ayshek, Wednesday 2:26pmignore
Harlequin book single mom to daughter the father a twin who died starts working for his twin brother, please help! 4juels, Wednesday 12:45pmignore
Children's Mystery: Clues, Treasure in the Walls? 13bookel, Wednesday 8:14amignore
romance novel 6Barkybean, Wednesday 6:53amignore
Name that Book 4Simigirl89, Wednesday 4:18amignore
Children's book where teenage girl "single white female"s friend 1bookmysteries, Tuesday 9:38pmignore
Contemporary romance where girl was abused and guy was a business man that pretended to be someone else 1JanTrom, Tuesday 8:13pmignore
Looking for harleqiuin/silhouette (?) book where the heroine was raised with amazon (?) tribes by missionary parengs 2klmorin, Tuesday 8:02pmignore
Relationship of convienience. Contemporary. The H and h don't tell other there real names. Contemporary 6JanTrom, Tuesday 8:01pmignore
searching a nanny romance novel 4Barkybean, Tuesday 7:06pmignore
Looking for a book I read in the 1990's I can't remember the name of the book or the author 4vonshack, Tuesday 5:03pmignore
romance novel involving treasure hunt 4MyriadBooks, Tuesday 10:21amignore
billionaire romance book find 4MyriadBooks, Tuesday 10:19amignore
Fantasy Book About a World Where Magic Happens by Writing with Special Ink 5MyriadBooks, Tuesday 10:14amignore
Romance novel 1800s Australia or New Zealand 2rjwgrits, Tuesday 9:33amignore
Historical romance 1800s Australia New Zealand or Tasmania 2rjwgrits, Tuesday 9:32amignore
Romance novel mail order bride 1rjwgrits, Tuesday 9:29amignore
Romantic love triangle book 1praveekapoor, Tuesday 3:17amignore
Story of love, loss and moving on (PLEASE HELP ME) 6Jinkxy, Monday 10:27pmignore
Fiction about love - loss - moving on. (PLEASE HELP) 2MyriadBooks, Monday 8:12pmignore
Plz help me find my books 8Barkybean, Monday 7:00pmignore
It's driving me crazy!! 15MyriadBooks, Monday 2:56pmignore
Romance Novel about a school headteacher in England 1olivia2708, Monday 10:50amignore
Historical Romance...The daughter of a Clan Head is kidnapped by the enemy clan. 1dove940, Monday 9:45amignore
Historical Romance...Forgotten Author and Title. 8MyriadBooks, Monday 7:52amignore
Romance with hero and heroine riding horses 3MyriadBooks, Monday 7:45amignore
Adult Epic Fantasy 3MyriadBooks, Monday 7:44amignore
YA Fantasy Novel 1schmottyschmitt, Monday 5:11amignore
Romance woman marries sheriff to keep her in laws from taking her son 6mimi77, Sunday 4:29pmignore
Historical Romance/Regency Era 4Dayvia, Sunday 4:17amignore
Medieval romance 2Mammaindian, Sunday 12:36amignore
YA Adventure WWII Submarine 5Foretopman, Saturday 6:40pmignore
Contemporary romance suspense 2Barkybean, Saturday 2:41pmignore
Scottish Historical romance about marriage of deceit. 1ashey1709, Saturday 2:01pmignore
Romance- Three book romance connecting couples who fall in love and win trips to Paris 4indybr12, May 19ignore
Looking for a poem about a tumor-like mass I read in high school! 2MyriadBooks, May 19ignore
Romance 4haleybrooke88, May 19ignore
Historical romance 3iwunnavivianchika, May 19ignore
Small Town Romance 1DTejeda, May 18ignore
Name That Book: Children's Scary Story about Moon 19Nalkarj, May 18ignore
teenage book, 4 boys running away 5pmoore_za, May 18ignore
Old Romance Novel: city girl writer comes to small town 1makkirae, May 17ignore
Old Romance/ Western Belle and Native American 1makkirae, May 17ignore
Historical romance wetnurse with black hair & purple eye. 2Tina_Evans, May 17ignore
Looking for a kindle fake bank robber kidnapped romance 8Kammy0327, May 17ignore
Looking for a kindle romance co anchor love/hate relationship 5Kammy0327, May 17ignore
YA 2 Friends Form Band, 1 Becomes Depressed Drag Queen (Spanish?) 1HissingDragon, May 17ignore
Children/YA book from the 1990's - Ghost sisters haunting a house 4bookel, May 17ignore
Historical Romance 3MyriadBooks, May 17ignore
Searching for a book about a girl who's mother goes missing at the beginning... 1Bonnie_Clare, May 17ignore
HR set in early America, young woman is jealous, obsessive love for older married man, until his wife mysteriously dies 1Sarapunzel, May 17ignore
Girl Detective with hundreds of pockets 19Bargle5, May 16ignore
Historical Romance/Regency Era 1Dayvia, May 16ignore
name that book-add info- Historical Romance-barn sex scene 2juels, May 16ignore
Historical fiction Romance novel 3MyriadBooks, May 16ignore
Mills and Boon - Cheating Husband 4Barkybean, May 16ignore
German FW190 pilots in America post WW2 4TonyCran, May 15ignore
Man killed in a basement or a room that is locked. 6gregread, May 15ignore
Need the name of this book. Please help. 1TryHrad54, May 15ignore
Woman bitten by vampire but did not know 2MyriadBooks, May 15ignore
Please help identify a Book! Fiction Historical Romance novel 2Mammaindian, May 15ignore
YA fiction romance 80s/90s/00s 1emmawaters, May 14ignore
Dystopian/Disaster/sci-fi, can't remember name or author 2sturlington, May 14ignore
HR hero with the sister 10jaleelah, May 14ignore
Mystery about a prodigy's child being kept away from her 3chleo6585, May 14ignore
Urban Fantasy Heroine works for an Order that protects humans 9Angelzinhamia, May 13ignore
Women in 3s, Guardians/Protectors, Giants, Goddess... possible YA? 2crysnich85, May 13ignore
paranormal romance unexpected mate m/m 6crysnich85, May 13ignore
Teen romance - underdog gets dream girl 1NeedThatBookNow, May 13ignore
Romance series help 4MyriadBooks, May 13ignore
Looking for book title 2MyriadBooks, May 13ignore
Looking for book I read about 8-10 years ago 2chitapet, May 13ignore
Romance marriage counselor and ex-husband 1chitapet, May 13ignore
Historical Romance 2beesocks, May 12ignore
historical romance 2crysnich85, May 12ignore
Fantasy Adult 2nd in series New Queen in possession of magic book 2crysnich85, May 12ignore
Contemporary romance in rio 2juels, May 12ignore
Historical fiction 1monster101, May 12ignore
Girl in car accident. Woman gives shelter. People doo chores in the house. Barn on fire. Girl employed in shop 7gretucea, May 12ignore
Getting LT's attention re adding a "Book Found" marker for this group. 28RowanTribe, May 12ignore
Novel about an upscale woman in NYC who tries drugs, becomes hooked and loses job and apartment. 3mtvernonstreet, May 11ignore
can't remember the title or author 1Solice, May 11ignore

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