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Children's picture book, 1983 or before, a day at the park, twilight 2MarthaJeanne, Today 4:01amignore
older romance novel, probably out of print... 2diana.n, Today 12:05amignore
Dying father searching for childhood book 3bookel, Yesterday 6:24pmignore
Science fiction discovery of an ancient civalization of humans 4ckost, Yesterday 12:00pmignore
Historical Western Romance Help 5juels, Yesterday 10:14amignore
Romance. artist who paints deaths w/o realizing it 2lesmel, Yesterday 8:51amignore
Children's or young adult novel based on ideas of classical conditioning 4bookel, Thursday 10:56pmignore
Children's book - story with a moral 4rarm, Thursday 8:21pmignore
YA kidnapping 8bookel, Thursday 3:28pmignore
AF (historical/paranormal?) Romance with disabled hero 3WhoNeedsSleep, Thursday 8:07amignore
Romance Author hired to teach MC about women, they fall in love. 3WhoNeedsSleep, Thursday 8:04amignore
1980's American YA about high school girl with anorexia (Bonnie) 2lahochstetler, Wednesday 3:56pmignore
Non-fiction sailing adventure to Mexico during the depression 2ahellman, Wednesday 2:18pmignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 74LeeAnn725, Tuesday 4:32pmignore
Science Fiction set on another planet 1Dehinde, Tuesday 11:39amignore
Fiction, historical romance 6HenriettaElimimian, Monday 5:51pmignore
Book set in Scottland Hero nicknames heroine "heather" 2juels, Monday 5:42pmignore
Lawyer/bar owner same person 2juels, Monday 1:24pmignore
Kids chapter book - girl's dog gets stolen and she searches for it 5bookel, Monday 8:18amignore
MG book from probably the 90s, part of a series, 12Laina1312, Monday 2:06amignore
Children's encyclopedic animal series: half yellow, half blue 4macsbrains, Sunday 3:04pmignore
Girl Detective with hundreds of pockets 13annamorphic, Sunday 12:00pmignore
Girl runs off and marries her cousin's fiance. Both cousins eventually have daughters and the daughters look identical- 2annamorphic, Sunday 11:55amignore
girl bethrothed to earl, duke trying to seduce her marries her. 1pinky62, Sunday 6:01amignore
Old children's book where child dies from being bled 1annamorphic, Saturday 11:31pmignore
Contemporary Romance involving royalty 3HenriettaElimimian, Saturday 5:51pmignore
romance novel, pink cover with hero and heroine in a sensual embrace in a garden i think... 1physio, October 17ignore
Romance novel set in Ireland 2MyriadBooks, October 17ignore
Old West romance-sandstorm 2juels, October 16ignore
SciFi definitely(prolly old school book) re: chasing jesus from one planet to another 5brad405red, October 16ignore
Old School SciFi Short Story by [[Robert A. Heinlein]] 3brad405red, October 16ignore
Historical English setting romance late 80's 3juels, October 16ignore
Romance historical book late 80's 4juels, October 16ignore
Historical Romance. Read in mid to late 90's. Husband turns to mistress, wife turns to bottle after 2juels, October 16ignore
greek business man named Nic......love story 4juels, October 16ignore
Essay? / Old woman waits out blizzard, unsheltered, unperturbed 1MyriadBooks, October 16ignore
Western Historical 2juels, October 15ignore
Regency genre about a women getting her legs burnt 2juels, October 15ignore
Talk search: Historical romance girl escapes as a boy from arranged marriage To be found by two teen 3juels, October 15ignore
historical romance 2juels, October 15ignore
historical romance 2juels, October 15ignore
Please help me find a historical romance novel starting with castle siege 5juels, October 15ignore
Romance military 1cash622, October 15ignore
Forbidden love story between Catholic man and his maid set in Irish estate 2razzamajazz, October 14ignore
Name that book series 8soccerchic6, October 12ignore
YA fantasy/supernatural romance 2MyriadBooks, October 12ignore
Short story: A prisoner learns a new language 16bluepiano, October 12ignore
I don't remember the name of this book 2bluepiano, October 12ignore
Time travel from NY present day and lands in Wales during 1700's 4gardenreader, October 11ignore
cheated wife/mom of sick son 2CalicoCat, October 11ignore
Fiction Mystery/thriller 1ktandersen, October 11ignore
western romance novel set in the 1800's 3ccjessegurl, October 11ignore
Romance/Ghost 1ndsigler, October 9ignore
Silhouette / Harlequin Romance about a wealthy greek tycoon who blackmails his ex-wife into remarrying him 7Petroglyph, October 9ignore
romance in the time when the rail road was being built 1leannfrantz, October 8ignore
Preview of a book at the end of another book. 2JackieCarroll, October 8ignore
Literary novel about lawyer's midlife crisis 3mzakosek, October 8ignore
historical romance, time travel 3rebecca.short, October 8ignore
Romance between royalty and normal citizen 2MyriadBooks, October 7ignore
Looking For Fictional Romance Based on 3 Generations of Witches 1flamingrosedrakon, October 7ignore
Young adult book 70s 80s - scene girl and dead crow 2bookel, October 6ignore
Detective story where hospitalized detective searches for murderer Princes in the Tower 4lorax, October 6ignore
fiction series, 1980's, telepathic powers, escape to mountains 9RowanTribe, October 6ignore
Mystery/Romance/Ghost Story 1cladams, October 5ignore
science fiction, post apocalyptic, mutants and people living underground, and it's from the '80s. 7cdhtenn2k10, October 5ignore
science fiction, post apocalyptic, mutants and people living underground, and it's from the '80s. 3cdhtenn2k10, October 5ignore
YA Fantasy Series 9flamingrosedrakon, October 4ignore
Romance 6k.r.l.., October 4ignore
Child walking home after Hiroshima blast 4bookel, October 4ignore
Romance red headed singer stranded on farm 1980s 5Morphidae, October 4ignore
Antisocial witch,pumpkins and children. 8KarenElissa, October 3ignore
Contemporary Romance and Historical (paranormal Romance 1WhoNeedsSleep, October 2ignore
Older YA Ghost Story 9fyrefly98, October 2ignore
AmRomance W/ Ex-con Hero, Kid, Elderly, Ronnie and cookies 1Unvrkno_Otherpplsiz, October 1ignore
YA dragon Colosseum? 5MyriadBooks, October 1ignore
YA romance/ghost story in Australia 4Sakerfalcon, October 1ignore
virtual reality programmer becomes enemy of his previous partner 1Kai42, September 30ignore
Albert Camus novel(maybe?) about two lovers meeting in a motel room 9bluepiano, September 30ignore
SF Short story 1970s/80s- Virtual Reality system breaking down - Waker outlaw 3MyriadBooks, September 29ignore
Teen/YA Book, school in remote location, personalities change. 1traviswj, September 29ignore
Regency Romance, Hero secretly illegitimate, Heroine's family has active role, part of series, siste 16aerogirl839, September 29ignore
Medieval romance, war/castle siege 5lilucy83, September 28ignore
Science Fiction Galactic Empire Swordsman Theme, published 1973 or before 1rexcat, September 28ignore
Harlequin or romance novel - female character named Jens or Jensa Wells 2rarm, September 28ignore
HELP FIND TITLE 2zjakkelien, September 28ignore
YA Fiction set in the future, references to 'blushing morph' 3lynnoconnacht, September 27ignore
Historical Romance Revolutionary War Period. Hero: Cole. Heroine:? Redhead. 2ahellman, September 26ignore
Historical Romance set in England 8Naveha, September 26ignore
Possible Harlequin Romance 1970-2000 6lesmel, September 26ignore
harlequin or mills and boon romance - 2000's 2ahellman, September 26ignore
Mystery, home contractor finds ghosts of murder victim 6pjfarm, September 25ignore
Historical Romance - horse breeding heroine - read in mid 90's - kind/goofy supporting character duke/earl 4MoonDaughter, September 25ignore
I will search and search until I find this book ! Historical romance 1czak78, September 25ignore
western 1Pebblesgmc, September 25ignore
Adult Fiction set in early 20th century Asia (China?), published at least 10 years ago 3joefreedom, September 24ignore
Pre teen/teen, drama, diary 4karynmilk, September 24ignore
Science Fiction short story, synesthesia, translated from French 3MyriadBooks, September 24ignore
Please help me find 90's teen fiction - UK town shrouded in mist/fog causing violence 1VforVicky, September 23ignore
Young adult, British, WW2 2Sakerfalcon, September 22ignore

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