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British Scientist or Geologist goes missing in Africa (about 1960s) Sister organises search party 1Bruce-Martin, Today 1:16amignore
biker saves her and son 1Lori3358, Yesterday 10:13pmignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 89humouress, Yesterday 11:32amignore
1970s/1980s Hardback illustrated children's book series about life, play activities, jobs, explorati 4BenjaminAllen, Friday 7:27amignore
Historical Romance - Widowed white woman Native American Soldier 3Nikkinix, Friday 4:21amignore
YA Christian Teen Lessons learned fiction 2murderedmymuse, Friday 4:04amignore
Romance Book - Pretending they're Married 1jduran951, Thursday 4:17pmignore
Searching for Historical Romance 1MDriggs, Thursday 3:39pmignore
Contemp Fiction Zoo, Animals and India 2MyriadBooks, Thursday 2:21pmignore
Dictionary with blue index tabs 1Parpar1836, Thursday 1:21pmignore
Romance - Mills & Boon/Harlequin 7Jenni_Canuck, Thursday 11:24amignore
Can't remember title, genre is probably romance 2MyriadBooks, Thursday 11:03amignore
70's children's book about a nanny NOT Mary Poppins 9bookel, Thursday 7:08amignore
Romance woman's ex husband is hired to rebuild family hotel business 1barnett1996, Thursday 1:39amignore
Children's Horror Book from late 80's? 9SJaneDoe, Wednesday 9:13amignore
YA bartender w/ ghost friend - series 4diana.n, Tuesday 12:00pmignore
Harlequin British Romance novel 2MyriadBooks, Tuesday 6:49amignore
YA Time Travel about Imposter Princess Involving Romance???-- IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND 5RowanTribe, Monday 10:02amignore
Historical neglected starved orphan girl blossoms in new life. 3RowanTribe, Monday 9:54amignore
Woman "inherits" auction house, fights step sister, falls in love with lawyer 2wvmom, Monday 5:58amignore
Harlequin British Romance novel 2starlightgenie, Monday 12:28amignore
picture book about animals having a sleepover/hearing noises 9Peace2, Sunday 5:06pmignore
Short story collection: woman becomes homeless, gay man tries to go straight 2weener, Sunday 4:28pmignore
Romance novel 3BlairB15, Sunday 1:34amignore
Historical Romance 3dimplebrown, June 26ignore
Historical romance! 1Najimjim, June 26ignore
YA, teen girl comes out as Lesbian 2Dandeggan, June 26ignore
Contemporary N Wales teacher communicating with Elizabethan 1patwo, June 26ignore
Help my memory..........roman a' clef.........HOLLYWOOd.......(Liza) 7lesmel, June 26ignore
Historical Romance , mistaken identity and revenge 1lunarblue1, June 26ignore
Thriller. Man must get to NYC before a certain date and time 7DemetriosX, June 26ignore
Old short obscure sci-fi book 19trubbish, June 26ignore
Motorcycle club Romance 1bford01, June 25ignore
Man wants revenge but ends up falling in love 2thisiskillingme, June 24ignore
Romance. Lady runs a cafe and becomes pregnant 3EmilyC_87, June 23ignore
Please, help me find this historical romance novel. 3MyriadBooks, June 23ignore
Contemporary Romance 5lesmel, June 22ignore
Young adult fiction book 2MissSquish, June 21ignore
Palestine/Israel, 19th century, historical fiction, identity issues 1bostonbibliophile, June 19ignore
Older YA Revolutionary War 1MotherVS, June 19ignore
Fiction/suspense/thriller about a girl named Jane in a dangerous game 3Shazzypops, June 19ignore
young adult fantasy 2 books same author 2Rachel333, June 18ignore
Late 90s mystery w/ Isaac Newton hunting a counterfeiter 8konallis, June 17ignore
Model/Actress Injured in Fire & Goes Blind 3cmwa0222, June 16ignore
SF book-help me find 3mart1n, June 16ignore
contemporary romance 1Tileni, June 16ignore
Fiction-Test tube babies injected with bird DNA-set later 16 yearsl ater-spy 9Grace0219, June 15ignore
Children's book about girl whose skin changes color 2KarenElissa, June 15ignore
Romance,She thought her baby died. 4midnightbreeze, June 15ignore
Vampire shipwrecked on a raft 2MyriadBooks, June 15ignore
historical romance heroin rescues man tied to stake 4Barkybean, June 14ignore
Children's Book Old Lady and Her Car Named Nostradamus 4SJaneDoe, June 14ignore
Looking for a couple books 1smmassie, June 14ignore
Looking for a book I read 2Barkybean, June 14ignore
Historical romance 4Love_my_books, June 13ignore
Futuristic romance with lawyer heroine 1r4refind, June 12ignore
Historical Western Romance 4juels, June 12ignore
Christian Historical Romance Series 3bobtreejohnson, June 12ignore
gothic romance, read in 1970's 1sherry57, June 12ignore
Paranormal Romance, Demon, Witch, Hellhound 1NeDragonlady, June 11ignore
Contemporary Romance - CA waitress, crime novel 1amelie817, June 11ignore
Name that book - Historical Romance setting in USA 1Cindy_Somers, June 11ignore
Controversial memoir...with too much fiction in it 3Ireadthereforeiam, June 11ignore
southern town former beauty queen/prom queen finally realizes she loves her neighbor/childhood bff new guy 1karen7410, June 10ignore
Searching For A Certain Book... 2rarm, June 10ignore
American 1800s Romance Novel, street orphan heroine 2Ireadthereforeiam, June 10ignore
Book about a girl with the name of Candy Barr or Candy Kane 4juels, June 10ignore
Romance book, young woman captain 3juliegallus, June 9ignore
Christian Historical Romance 5MyriadBooks, June 9ignore
Possibly YA, fiction, female protagonist wearing blue lipstick dies in the end 1bluelips, June 9ignore
I can't remember the name of the novel I'm looking for 2wester, June 9ignore
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer 14Bargle5, June 8ignore
YA, late 90s, witch turns kids into birds 9RowanTribe, June 8ignore
Dark Vampire Book or Series 4RowanTribe, June 8ignore
Possibly YA fiction - Boy returns from Crusades 4abbottthomas, June 8ignore
Children's scary stories anthology 2SynonEmm, June 7ignore
Historical Romance with Pirates and Revenge 4candynjc, June 6ignore
Waring vampire clans. 5tess_mcgill, June 5ignore
Book Set During French/Inidan war? 2aulsmith, June 5ignore
Novel about a teen who find out his friend dresses as a girl 2MyriadBooks, June 3ignore
A horror book written in the 80's was about an evil doll named Millicent. 14amandapilbeam, June 1ignore
YA Fantasy/Sci Fi - Man awakens with intact memories as teenager 4lorax, June 1ignore
French black comedy novel about stupidity 3liao, May 31ignore
Historical romance 3J-Me77, May 29ignore
Children's book of stories - one has a boy who turns into a flamingo. 5MyriadBooks, May 28ignore
Children's book. Girl releases her reflection from a mirror who turns out to be an evil twin. 6RowanTribe, May 28ignore
80's teen romance mackinac island 16amysisson, May 27ignore
Man held captive in Australia by psyco dogfood making family (fiction 1A.Renae, May 27ignore
Looking for a historical romance novel set in Pacific NW 1Hamiltonjhp, May 26ignore
Historical Romance Novel 3MyriadBooks, May 26ignore
Medieval Romance 2MyriadBooks, May 26ignore
Old YA Teen Pregnancy Novel 3MyriadBooks, May 26ignore
3 Brothers and their Niece, (Rachael, Rebecca) 2juels, May 26ignore
Mousy twin pretend to be glamorous twin named Desire or Desiree 1mariacass, May 25ignore
Old romance paperback book 2MyriadBooks, May 24ignore
Chick lit--Magic or Witchy 3MyriadBooks, May 24ignore
evil ship captain 1Eleanor55, May 24ignore
Romance book from late 80's early 90's 1stcar, May 24ignore
Picture Book, 70s/80s, lion and unicorn story 20Moomin_Mama, May 24ignore

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