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Comtemporary romance-Former Olympic skier & a Doctor 5Fic_02, Today 5:20pmignore
Post-apocalyptic teen novel 1sasha_undercover, Today 3:00pmignore
Possibly Mills & Boon Intrigue/Romantic Suspense 3Bfest, Today 2:52pmignore
Romance book 2lesmel, Today 11:32amignore
Children's chapter book (80s/90s), boy and dinosaur switch places. 3MyriadBooks, Yesterday 9:58pmignore
Bizarre Post-Apocalypse where genders are divided 17lquilter, Yesterday 8:30pmignore
children's handbook for witches 5lquilter, Yesterday 8:24pmignore
Mystery/thriller abducted children 1happygobecky, Yesterday 4:27pmignore
Children's Book about dinosaurs going to school 7jordansydnee, Yesterday 3:35pmignore
Please help me find a romance novel from the 1970s or 1980s 1TWynn, Yesterday 3:23pmignore
fantasy genre released after 2000 a human male who is cast out by his order because he can practise magic 4MissSquish, Yesterday 10:22amignore
Romance: Child custody - grandparents trying to take child from BF 2MissSquish, Yesterday 9:19amignore
Possible fiction Harlequin novel, involves a military hero, and damsel in distress. 5jjmcgaffey, Yesterday 2:57amignore
Teen book decapitated Asian woman 1ellen.taylor, Yesterday 1:29amignore
YA Fiction, Novel from the 60's 4SylviaC, Saturday 6:46pmignore
Scottish Historical Romance with Magic 1Stephaniestewart, Saturday 5:52pmignore
Scottish/Irish romance 1Mhuirnin, Saturday 2:39pmignore
Short story, "Local Color", old maid makes flower perfumes 6melannen, Saturday 1:20pmignore
1990s romance trilogy re 3 sisters 1petawing, Saturday 12:37amignore
YA Romance, Julie lives with her aunt 4bookel, Friday 2:46amignore
YA fantasy pub. 2014 some characters lived underwater 3PsibrReadHead, Thursday 7:12pmignore
Fiction - Teenage girl with very young parents and father is abusive 1michelestjohn, Thursday 11:33amignore
late 70s / early 80s series of odd monster pocket books. One of the books, I am sure, was called "Green Eye" 5mashman100, Thursday 11:23amignore
'80s Imogene on a farm in Iowa 4bookel, Thursday 7:31amignore
western romance 1avidreader8000, Thursday 2:29amignore
YA romance Girl choosing between two boys 1wolfie27, Wednesday 11:09pmignore
YA Novel (90's?) - 3 girls (maybe cousins) spending the summer together. 3salfo80, Wednesday 9:34pmignore
90's(?) romance. Single father (construction worker) lives next to a chef. 1salfo80, Wednesday 11:46amignore
Sci/fi mid to late 90's maybe. Cannot remember the name 2MissSquish, Wednesday 2:55amignore
80's teen love story 6nicky-3010, Tuesday 8:49amignore
historic romance, does any one know this book?? 6chale123, Tuesday 7:08amignore
Family secret; sisters; brother-in-law secret family; picture of child 1AnneSmith1, Monday 10:05pmignore
Read in 80s; boy meets old man mentor who senses psychic abilities; end reveals the old man is part of his own mind. 7bookel, Monday 7:02pmignore
YA sci-fi novel from the mid-90s where family is studying native species on the planet 4Timmiller4, Monday 2:30pmignore
Contemporary Western Romance 8Fic_02, Monday 2:19pmignore
romance (mills&boon / harlequin) 1dexter6154, Monday 12:39pmignore
Fiction Romance/Adventure. A girl dreams of the same man for a long time and discovers he is real. 4Sakerfalcon, Monday 6:20amignore
Romance/soap about wealthy Texas family, titled, “The Texas Gardners”? 3silvermoonlight007, January 18ignore
Book i CANNOT remember the title of about a drug dealer who impregnates a young girl 3leanneoforiatta, January 18ignore
90's Harlequin 3starlightgenie, January 18ignore
90's Fiction English sisters running a china factory in WWII 1ressa6778, January 18ignore
YA Library of Ghosts 4Pepperjack.Cat, January 18ignore
YA from 70's or earlier 7murderedmymuse, January 18ignore
Romance rodeo 5JEM332, January 17ignore
historical romance man has two identities female loves both thinks they are seperate men... one a captain/spy ? 9Pepperjack.Cat, January 17ignore
Looking For Fictional Romance Based on 3 Generations of Witches 4passion4reading, January 16ignore
SF Short Story - Alien space craft propulsion system found in orbit 16alco261, January 16ignore
Harlequin Presents 1babycakes7, January 15ignore
Crime novel (2010-2012) - dead body in a lake cabin with a twist in the end 4swynn, January 15ignore
Fiction 2fuzzi, January 14ignore
Christmas punch out book from the mid to late 80s 4innermurk, January 14ignore
Girl falls in love with best friend's boyfriend 1disney_mommy, January 14ignore
YA fiction set in Carmel, CA 1980-1990's maybe part of girls book club?? 1DesiraeAngel, January 13ignore
Same plot as Hatchet but with a girl! 5fuzzi, January 13ignore
romance comedy fiction 4CalicoCat, January 13ignore
romance 2Jenni_Canuck, January 13ignore
Recent Romace Story/ Upcoming CEO 1Ashleyrs, January 13ignore
Help Finding the Title and or Author of a Book 5rexetdeus, January 13ignore
1950's children's chinese folklore beautiful illustrations 5MyriadBooks, January 12ignore
Children's Chinese Folk Tale from the 80s 7RowanTribe, January 12ignore
YA book set in Paris mystery about governess 3Dododragon, January 12ignore
Chinese children with lavender candy 3Savta, January 11ignore
90s YA series romance/illness 2indybr12, January 10ignore
Epistolary Novel: Romance/Long Lost Love 1Cocolune, January 10ignore
Romance: Woman can’t remember first 5 years of her life, cons rich family into thinking she’s their missing daughter 1silvermoonlight007, January 9ignore
Romance Mystery: Man investigating man’s death/what happened one night, heroine’s sister raped and miscarries 1silvermoonlight007, January 9ignore
help pleeeeaase. 5lilithcat, January 9ignore
Historical romances -- thief and brothel 4Britta517, January 9ignore
NonFct - Astronomy, NASA,SoCal aerospace, French physicist in US, circa 1959 3MyriadBooks, January 9ignore
YA where boy wins a contest to be in a dog food commercial 7ChadWS, January 8ignore
Fantasy/Magic wielding women who are friends with shapeshifter wolves being hunted 5RowanTribe, January 7ignore
Mystery novel with ironic narrative voice 1WestEndReader, January 6ignore
YA Family Drama Series 2ChadWS, January 6ignore
Suspense/Romance - weathy crippled husband/wife/football player triangle 2lesmel, January 6ignore
Can't find book with string of paper dolls on cover,about girls collecting tears 4jjmcgaffey, January 5ignore
80's or 90's romance novel about a nanny in Greece. Who gives her baby up for adoption. Then ends up with the adoptive F 1lizkw17, January 5ignore
Historical family saga. American sisters marry cousins in Ireland, one family move to Scotland 1cherrypiex, January 5ignore
Girl in Appalachia (?) who writes on bitty scraps of paper 13lesmel, January 5ignore
going crazy 4tractormom06, January 5ignore
American Family Saga 4konallis, January 5ignore
turning into animals at a certain age 2rarm, January 4ignore
Children's picture book, 1983 or before, a day at the park, twilight 6margaretbartley, January 4ignore
Childrens/YA Fiction about girl on sea voyage 4mariaddox, January 4ignore
YA fiction survival story with a couple of kids (in Australian outback?) 10bookel, January 4ignore
Children's book - Grandma tells stories about fabrics in quilt 7Nerilka, January 4ignore
cowboy romance, girl with scarred back 1fallon123, January 4ignore
grandmother tells stories about quilt blocks 11SilverKitty, January 4ignore
70s YA-American teen in London-love, allotments, boarding school 1susanj, January 3ignore
Contemporary Series 3MyriadBooks, January 2ignore
Western romance novel with a male and female twins. 2juels, January 2ignore
Children's horror anthology, 1970's. Illustrated. 10BrigitM, January 1ignore
Help naming this book. 3mercelina, December 31, 2014ignore
historical romance scottish 4juels, December 31, 2014ignore
Native American Girl Coming of Age 7Elizabethlm1986, December 31, 2014ignore
Historical Romance about pirate's daughter 3welt-kids, December 31, 2014ignore
mystery romance, female bomb specialist x male fbi/cia agent 5jjmcgaffey, December 31, 2014ignore
woman builds dinghies (sail boats) 4Sakerfalcon, December 31, 2014ignore
historical romance: cross dressing girl, midnight kat 3NashMarie, December 30, 2014ignore
historical romance female and male highwaymen 5eenaEmartinez, December 29, 2014ignore

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