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Name that Book

Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again.

Start your book search by clicking on the Post a new topic option and...

(1) Enter a helpful Subject line that includes a genre and a clue.

Long subject lines are cut off, so it's wise to keep to keywords. For example:

YA Ghost story
SciFI Boy lost in space
Mystery set in Iceland
Poem about a woman's garden
Children's series about circus children

Many members of this group only open topics we think we can help with, so your subject line is important for getting the right people to read your post — the ones who probably know your book!

Words like 'Help' or 'Find this book' or 'Search' are not helpful in a subject line and should be avoided.
(2) Enter all the book detail you remember in the Message block.
This is your place to put detailed information that could help to identify your book. This may be information like:

Fiction or nonfiction
When you think it was written or when you read it (10 years ago; about 1970...)
Book's intended audience
Anything else you remember about the title, author, illustrations, cover, characters, setting, binding, or size of book

It's easier for members to read your message if you use standard spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, along with breaking longer sections into paragraphs.
(3) Check back for responses!
Members post their suggestions directly to your topic (so no e-mail addresses, please). Some books are found quickly, while others are found after time and discussion of similar books.

If your query is not solved in a few days, please feel free to comment on your own topic in order to bump it back to the top of the list. And please, we'd love to hear back from you on whether or not we've found your book, especially when we want to read it too!

If your query is solved, feel free to add the solved title information to your original topic comment. This will help anyone else who's looking for your same book! -- Book found: [Title] by Author
Visit the group's WikiThing page for more suggestions for finding your book and for a list of Frequently Sought Stories.

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Childrens book about a strange petshop 2WeeTurtle, Today 3:10amignore
Arthurian researcher's daughter sent to another world 6WeeTurtle, Today 2:51amignore
WW 2 era suspense/romance 1Crforce, Today 12:59amignore
main character named "kid" 2geneas, Yesterday 11:18pmignore
H called off marriage thinking h betrayed him (after finding she gave details of bid to uncle) 4Dinene.Eka, Yesterday 10:16pmignore
Changeling child becomes a fairy knight 1ggrihn, Yesterday 8:26pmignore
Jekyll and Hyde type book about a girl with an evil twin personality 3SimetraSomar, Yesterday 7:58pmignore
Ya/children's horse 6Frodo28f, Yesterday 7:24pmignore
Ecological disaster fiction book 3SheilaGreen, Yesterday 6:18pmignore
Kindle Space Sci-Fi humans almost wiped out 2Petroglyph, Yesterday 3:14pmignore
Looking for old romance - Help! 2DebbieBurr, Yesterday 1:11pmignore
adult mystery england 2libraryperilous, Yesterday 12:35pmignore
City of robots, father built it, kills his wife 3RowanTribe, Yesterday 10:25amignore
Childrens SciFi, Mars, Martial Arts, Tunnels, Aliens and an Iron Suit. 4Azrael_Nephilim, Yesterday 8:19amignore
Dark fantasy with a flawed warrior and evil alien presence 2Myckyee, Yesterday 7:54amignore
she told him that she love him but hero said he dose not love her 7ainanwer, Yesterday 7:42amignore
YA Fantasy- Girl in a convent(?) 1gbharas, Yesterday 4:32amignore
YA Medieval-Like Fantasy, Female Lead from early 2000s 5gbharas, Yesterday 4:04amignore
Historical Rom/Pregnant Scandal 1Fheyre, Tuesday 11:40pmignore
Help finding a book 2lilithcat, Tuesday 11:04pmignore
Romance about English lord and a Widow in Mourning 1AngelHeart95, Tuesday 7:34pmignore
YA|Paranormal Circus| adopted Main character escape artist| 1TheCyanYoshi4, Tuesday 6:59pmignore
YA Paranormal/Supernatural Romance Novel about Werewolves, Druids, And Witches 1AriaMoonlilly, Tuesday 6:38pmignore
Hero plots revenge on the heroine. He claimed to be someone else before he had sex with her 9susy12, Tuesday 6:23pmignore
Historical Romance 1VashMalice, Tuesday 6:23pmignore
Trying to find one of my favorite Books 1marinacm1990, Tuesday 4:42pmignore
I should of wrote it down... 5skullduggery, Tuesday 4:04pmignore
Spy story mentally unstable wife suspects returning husband is imposter (WWI?) 6libraryperilous, Tuesday 2:37pmignore
Young Adult Fantasy about Monsteror Demon hunting girl 1Jazz911, Tuesday 2:17pmignore
Science Fiction: Woman on motorcycle makes decisions flipping coin 3Azrael_Nephilim, Tuesday 1:51pmignore
Historical romance 1Thrive, Tuesday 9:37amignore
Historical romance 1Thrive, Tuesday 9:37amignore
Children’s book about wacky family on boring street 4TheLitPages, Tuesday 9:32amignore
Romance - Robin Hood/highwaywoman, Prince, great-aunt & gambled necklace 3Caramellunacy, Tuesday 7:25amignore
Romantic thriller undercover cop or FBI agent takes reporter hostage 1ritamay7, Tuesday 6:20amignore
Romance Boarding school female teacher, male student, engraved rings 1greentea88, Tuesday 1:49amignore
Christian Fiction Pearl Harbor 1RebekahBettle, Tuesday 12:29amignore
Fantasy/ya/magic 2WeeTurtle, Monday 11:26pmignore
Children's Futuristic Detective series - Encyclopedia Brown, with Robots! 2gunmage101, Monday 7:38pmignore
Man gets killed by a bear at the end. 13WeeTurtle, Monday 4:35pmignore
1800s Orphan whose mom is actually alive and a respected lady 1Dest83, Monday 1:53pmignore
Childrens/YA fantasy book about a couple of kids literally flying 10Caramellunacy, Monday 1:11pmignore
Based in Africa - Burning Bush 1Mike_7777, Monday 12:26pmignore
Regency Romance 1fourblessings19, Monday 9:23amignore
YA drama:high school girl lives with drunken stepdad 1Aidan_Ess, Monday 7:43amignore
Early 90s book, boy builds angel to fight monsters 3ratakaskuchi, Monday 7:20amignore
YA/Teen graphic novel/picture book 5bearpeach, Monday 1:01amignore
Children’s picture book - with dark images and a dark family 5nwytg2, Monday 12:09amignore
YA book from 80’s early 90’s - teenage girl and yacht races 1Kshipp79, Sunday 11:44pmignore
Paranormal Romance, Werewolves&Druids Spesificly 2AriaMoonlilly, Sunday 11:08pmignore
SciFi - Captain of space ship creates alternate versions of timeline as ship is exploding 2pjfarm, Sunday 9:32pmignore
YA about best friends boyfriend 1ValentineCooper, Sunday 8:18pmignore
Fiction book YA 2rarm, Sunday 7:44pmignore
Childrens/Young Adult Sci fi Fantasy Book with Floor Puzzle 3BookSmith23, Sunday 1:40pmignore
Book about a group of girls saving up to buy horses 6MajorKira, Sunday 12:28pmignore
Childrens book about a traveler 2MissSquish, Saturday 10:30pmignore
Book series about 3 generations of women 2okpianocat, Saturday 10:18pmignore
90’s kid book : Mom becomes fortune teller 1yourenotfunny, Saturday 9:31pmignore
Fiction seem posted on Facebook in 2017-2018 1mamaof61988, Saturday 9:15pmignore
Fantasy with a bladed cloak 3jrotach, Saturday 7:25pmignore
very old harlequin, wheelchair, widower H, racer H 1Evie222, Saturday 7:24pmignore
Mystery set in UK 1TeeDee71, Saturday 2:52pmignore
Children's fairy book with perfume recipe 1emily-m, Saturday 12:38pmignore
YA romance|Early 2000s|Flower (daisy?) on cover|Girl falls for ex-stepbrother|father-daughter relationship|absent mother 1alexandrahope91, Saturday 12:04pmignore
Vintage (60s/70s) Horrifying Christian parenting/discipline book 2melannen, Saturday 9:58amignore
Children's book: Magical babysitter 1RebieAlice, Saturday 8:44amignore
Historical Romance: Wife challenges ex-mistress to duel 5rlwelt, Friday 9:25pmignore
Man made plague 1tiffu, Friday 7:14pmignore
genetically engineered sets of twins with "powers" 1tiffu, Friday 6:37pmignore
dystopian future with super heros / non comicbook 4lesmel, Friday 4:50pmignore
Book Title 1Eyecahic, Friday 3:13pmignore
YA, music-centric, about a dance club called the Start 1evaclair, Friday 12:32pmignore
Fiction injured on horse 3lesmel, Friday 11:33amignore
Fantasy Book Male Protagonist 2calm, Friday 11:27amignore
YA, 1990s, girl finds mother's diary, abortion 1murderedmymuse, Friday 8:25amignore
Romance fiction 2010s 1losingpages, Friday 3:43amignore
Zombies, teen fiction, 1san_alecs, Friday 2:23amignore
Back in time romance. Woman helps drowning brother, thought witch 3kclem215, Friday 12:38amignore
Russian Prince and a Bluestocking 4kclem215, Friday 12:37amignore
Adult Military Fiction 9Blaez63, Thursday 11:48pmignore
Light Novel Fantasy story 1JayE., Thursday 10:10pmignore
fiction 1vbgemini, Thursday 7:27pmignore
Children's picture book Family on the moon 1JTough, Thursday 6:59pmignore
Teen male injured riding a bull or horse 3sialia, Thursday 6:43pmignore
children's chapter book--rips in the sky 1sialia, Thursday 6:35pmignore
50's small town drama/suspense 1Jeremy_Pontow, Thursday 5:21pmignore
YA Motorcycle/MC love interest named Jesse 1Stacey_Huston, Thursday 4:05pmignore
YA Paranormal from 10+ Years Ago 3Stacey_Huston, Thursday 2:32pmignore
Story I read in an EC Vault of Horror/Tales From The Crypt style comic book 4MyriadBooks, Thursday 2:26pmignore
Romance,turns out heroine has MPD, all characters where HER 7MyriadBooks, Thursday 2:25pmignore
80s/90s scifi, female mc on space station to develop jump drives 4antqueen, Thursday 2:19pmignore
Hero plots revenge on the heroine. He claimed to be someone else before he had sex with her 5MyriadBooks, Thursday 1:48pmignore
Hero plots revenge on the heroine 2MyriadBooks, Thursday 1:48pmignore
Hero plots revenge on the heroine. He claimed to be someone else before he had sex with her 2MyriadBooks, Thursday 1:48pmignore
Hero plots revenge on the heroine. Heroine father sent hero to school. Heroine thinks hero is dead 2MyriadBooks, Thursday 1:48pmignore
YA fiction book that involved a good girl and bad girl (moved to Canada from NY I think ) becoming friends and cooler 2rarm, Thursday 12:25pmignore
Romance novel from 70s or 80s 4juels, Thursday 10:21amignore
Everyone on earth has disappeared, except for 1 high school math class 1Sunny03, Thursday 2:30amignore
2 people always meeting at a rock on their birthdays 1JaredFlores, April 10ignore

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