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Rags to riches novel set in Victorian era(?) England, part of a series? 4TheoClarke, Today 10:33amignore
Children's horror anthology, 1970's. Illustrated. 9Jason_Willis, Today 9:43amignore
Please help me with the Title/Author of this book.... 7konallis, Today 6:39amignore
Medieval heroine (young, beautiful, blind) accidentally weds surly knight 1dragynzlayr, Today 4:28amignore
YA Book with a dollhouse that takes people back in time 5ChadWS, Yesterday 6:32amignore
old viking romance novel 1waRose85, Yesterday 3:25amignore
two cousins in love with the same guy. one met him first, the other ends up marrying but dies 5Adannaya8, Yesterday 12:16amignore
Picture Book: Cumulitive Animal Story "And they danced and they pranced" 3skullduggery, Thursday 6:00pmignore
Girl in Appalachia (?) who writes on bitty scraps of paper 7MyriadBooks, Thursday 4:26pmignore
widow dressing up her 17 year old daughter as a 12 year old just to snag a marriage proposal 8Adannaya8, Thursday 8:47amignore
Romance novel possibly harlequin 1nita_trim, Thursday 3:16amignore
golden oldie romance book 3lesmel, Tuesday 11:26amignore
Short story: Macbeth is immortal, vampiric 5Cecrow, Monday 1:59pmignore
Sci-fi horror book about yeti-like creature that can bore thru ice and rock with body heat 2Cecrow, Monday 10:32amignore
YA book. Young girl in NYC apartment with hermit mother. 52wonderY, Monday 9:43amignore
Help me Find Harlequin represent book 1dademeli, Monday 1:26amignore
Young adult book where teenage girl goes back in time 7Laina1312, Monday 1:03amignore
waitress with lupus 8weener, Sunday 1:51pmignore
Young Adult (7th grade school), boy predicts sun exploding 5NevRChk, Sunday 12:55pmignore
Forbidden Romance, Mother's an author 4Ailla, Sunday 8:13amignore
Looking For Fictional Romance Based on 3 Generations of Witches 3MyriadBooks, Sunday 1:52amignore
Science Fiction - Space ship searches for God on a remote planet 29jpers36, Saturday 4:05pmignore
firefighter father vigilante 1Candi_Sheffield, Saturday 12:46amignore
Girl is the first to desegregate a junior or senior high school 2SylviaC, December 12ignore
historical romance female and male highwaymen 2theexiledlibrarian, December 12ignore
YA Family Drama Series 1emmylikesbooks, December 12ignore
Medieval book about guy named flynn fights demons 1lilmerc714, December 12ignore
Girl with juvenile arthritis 8Miap1004, December 11ignore
Native American boy coming of age; published before 1975 2misterfive, December 11ignore
character based on MR James 2diana.n, December 11ignore
Girl wanting to go to university buys leather shoes 3aviddiva, December 10ignore
Young adult book - waitress with lupus 3Miap1004, December 10ignore
Historical Romance - Name and author ?? 1AB81, December 10ignore
'Porridge,' said Moo. 'Grass,' said the farmer. 4wester, December 10ignore
young adult romance 1LDM1990s, December 10ignore
Boy runs away from home, american war? 1lordpotter, December 10ignore
YA trip to New York 7melawen, December 8ignore
trying to find these two books in historical romance 1JLSA, December 7ignore
Young Prostitute 4Erin_Klouser, December 7ignore
about a family who never ages, and live forever 4eenaEmartinez, December 7ignore
Man and woman meet on train, later deceived into marrying her. Romance Anthology 3BellaHam, December 7ignore
help 2rarm, December 7ignore
fiction: historical romance novel 2rgrainer, December 6ignore
Romance mans best friend 7rgrainer, December 6ignore
can't for the life of me remember the names or author of this series 2MarthaJeanne, December 6ignore
1980s book about quetzalcoatl - kids book 4cjr76, December 6ignore
old sci-fi short story: only mortal among immortals 3gclavergne, December 6ignore
Natural Health 5margaretbartley, December 6ignore
Play involving an isolated cabin in winter 3fyrefly98, December 5ignore
4 brothers all with the same initals as the fathertrying to settle estate 4NonnaAndie, December 5ignore
Saddle Club Super Editions vis-a-vis main series' events: what order? 4diana.n, December 4ignore
Think I may go crazy 4starlightgenie, December 4ignore
Humans join galactic society; go into debt from library database look-ups? 11diana.n, December 4ignore
Military romance: girl's brain has computer implant - military guy is mentally linked with her 5rgrainer, December 4ignore
Murder: Ben Flemings - Protagonist - Helen 2diana.n, December 4ignore
Male Designer Romance Book 1Erin_Klouser, December 4ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 78LeeAnn725, December 4ignore
1980s book about girl wanting to be in a boys' play of Oliver 3cjr76, December 4ignore
western romance about 4 brothers having same initials as their dad in Texas 2MyriadBooks, December 4ignore
Murdered for Blue Jeans 2MyriadBooks, December 3ignore
1980s or 90s YA teen girl books 1lore3, December 2ignore
Man meets woman on train, Romance Anthology 1BellaHam, December 2ignore
Romance Anthology 1BellaHam, December 2ignore
Children's picture book, 1983 or before, a day at the park, twilight 3margaretbartley, December 2ignore
1980's/1990's Fantasy Romance with magical Gold Apples - Author? 2juels, December 1ignore
Lesbian Novel - Fiction 1dead_demon, December 1ignore
Romance - probably Mills and Boon 2starlightgenie, November 30ignore
Contemporary Romance involving royalty 5starlightgenie, November 30ignore
Harlequin romance at a restaurant in Singapore (?) 2starlightgenie, November 30ignore
Romance Novel 2MyriadBooks, November 30ignore
Fiction, erotic Historical Romance 5trinity92504, November 30ignore
YA drama where a woman is continously drugged and raped by her therapist 5booklooks, November 30ignore
Please help!! 5lohengrin, November 29ignore
Historical Romance Novel: Man with Evil Twin 1Shasarazade, November 29ignore
Self help type book, martial arts themed, 1980s 1lostreader, November 29ignore
fantasy romance novel😛 1Night_1905, November 29ignore
journalist falls for San Quentin ex con activist 2amysisson, November 28ignore
YA fiction survival story with a couple of kids (in Australian outback?) 7aviddiva, November 28ignore
I really want to read this book again can anyone help me? 8MyriadBooks, November 28ignore
Fantasy, Medieval, adventure, Female protagonist. Magical book 4MissSquish, November 28ignore
British mystery novel Rendezvous at Lat/Long 0. Pub abt 1920 7thorold, November 27ignore
Poem 2bluepiano, November 26ignore
Christmas Necklace 3peaypod, November 24ignore
HELP-Contemporary romance, he takes virginity as part of college? uni? bet 3MyriadBooks, November 24ignore
Fictional Auto biography style book about advertising mogul with coke habit 3LetsJustJ, November 24ignore
I want to find this book. A boy lives with this family that has a mute daughter 1bellanoel, November 23ignore
YA, S. American girl moves to U.S., Irish friend, sexual discovery 7weener, November 23ignore
Contemporary romance-he betrays her 2MyriadBooks, November 23ignore
YA About a dog that learns to read 2bookel, November 23ignore
YA nonfiction about ghosts 5Amberfly, November 22ignore
Blue Christmas?? 5marsha.h, November 22ignore
Fantasy Dragon with man- drake friend 2lynnoconnacht, November 21ignore
western romance 1NonnaAndie, November 20ignore
Probably non-fiction book about a guy who decides to walk away from his life 3bluepiano, November 19ignore
YA fiction about a twin girl in the fifties 1silveysampson, November 18ignore
Fiction Sci-Fi/Fantasy 5jjemcdonald, November 18ignore
Poetry Anthology, white cover, green text, possible blue gnome, cannot remember name! Help! 3RowanTribe, November 18ignore
girl who gets bullied at boarding school 1Xander.Goulsbra, November 18ignore
Please help! Historical Romance 3shayleeshy, November 17ignore

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