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Children's book; about a witch's life 101snowoverthemoon, Today 11:22amignore
novel takes place in country on farm 2CalicoCat, Today 10:07amignore
Erotic/romance/adult novel 2MyriadBooks, Today 8:03amignore
children's book about a lonely turtle from the 1950s or 1960s 4Otucha, Yesterday 12:43pmignore
Wife has miscarriage wants to leave, husband has AIDS 1sadielou, Yesterday 11:20amignore
Romance - Recluse business man and woman from messenger service 2beesocks, Yesterday 8:47amignore
Scary novel or story ('70's era) about a nanny 5ammaendilson, Yesterday 8:33amignore
Fantasy novel from pre-1994 5ammaendilson, Yesterday 7:35amignore
Trilogy /3 brothers/ 3 women/ bed and breakfast/ stained glass window 3sueelleker, Yesterday 2:10amignore
Possible YA novel about young couple who name their son feather 4TabithaBurke, Monday 12:38pmignore
He marries her in vengeance because she killed his wife 3juels, Monday 10:15amignore
20th century Irish short story in English 3hideouse, Monday 8:17amignore
Historical Romance-Training in seduction 3Ally.Santoro, Sunday 10:45pmignore
Western/Romance, I think it was a series called summer's something, 1flingy, Sunday 8:34pmignore
mystery/adventure series, young 'alchemist' and school friend? 2indybr12, Saturday 10:40amignore
harlequin romance book 2Barkybean, Saturday 8:00amignore
Graphic Novel Comic Book Writer 2rarm, Friday 10:18pmignore
Crime Fiction... I don't remember much so this is a long shot 3Nomad-Nowhere, Friday 2:54pmignore
Romantic Historic Time Travel Wales/Scotland 2Anne1991, Friday 10:12amignore
Illustration horse book 5aurevoir, Thursday 8:54pmignore
Medieval romance 1Heather_Sanderson, Thursday 6:50pmignore
Murder mystery,2 brothers, ones a murderer other is an author 3tottman, Thursday 12:35pmignore
Harlequin 1ednadahina, Thursday 12:48amignore
YA, Teen romance, paranormal, hate-to-love 1Britt2559, Wednesday 7:32pmignore
romance book about a nurse who falls in love with patient wrongly admitted to mental hospital 9MyriadBooks, Wednesday 9:16amignore
This book was written by a liberal-leaning Bostonian whose son join the USMC a some months before 9/11, 3MyriadBooks, Wednesday 9:14amignore
Young adult romantic fiction heroine schizophrenia/brain tumor 1NivKdramas, Wednesday 5:19amignore
Magical Anthology Book, Specific Story 7MyriadBooks, February 21ignore
Romance and damaged man book 1nellk, February 21ignore
Romance book series need help finding please 8nannettdag, February 21ignore
Romance erotic novel 1aria123, February 21ignore
bio of Elvis Presley, described as Frazer's Sacred King 1lquilter, February 20ignore
YA Fiction/Reincarnation/Murder?Romance from '80-'90 1lorenadiaz1765, February 20ignore
Singing spider with mind-controlling bite 1BIOS-Pherecydes, February 19ignore
Western romance 1angelfoxylady, February 18ignore
historical romance 1aybrook, February 18ignore
Regency/historical/hero haslongredhair 1bobbier, February 18ignore
dome in polluted world 2MyriadBooks, February 17ignore
Teens/ Young Adult, bullies, and suicide 1Rae0623, February 17ignore
Comic Novel about Academics 5Crypto-Willobie, February 16ignore
Contemporary romance about rich girl raised by grandparents in island 1lillyblue, February 15ignore
girl and brother's best friend always mean to each other, but now the brother sets them up as pretend bf/gf to get rid 1sc96, February 14ignore
Highland/Historical Romance 2lesmel, February 14ignore
paranormal, romance, strong heroine, family, abuse, government, victory 1Russell.K, February 14ignore
Sci-Fi book of Rings to Travel Between Worlds 4mlzambrana, February 14ignore
Romance Teen Novel 4Sakerfalcon, February 14ignore
Osle of Corusca? 1mapeel, February 13ignore
Gothic/suspenseful short story 1Emmas98, February 13ignore
Forced marriage due to mistaken identity 4juels, February 13ignore
Teen romance novel 3madii.whitney, February 13ignore
Body guard book fiction 1mai_19, February 13ignore
Woman falls in love with soldier billeted during WW2 in England 3MyriadBooks, February 12ignore
Children/YA book, egypt with a unique series title 1lambada, February 11ignore
Historical Romance- American Revolution War- Heroines are 2 sisters 1Kg2011, February 10ignore
Contemporary Romance 3RowanTribe, February 10ignore
Fantasy Romance Trilogy about sisters 8Laniday70, February 10ignore
Romance, Scifi, Betrayal, Messed up 4JosephOpokuJnr1, February 10ignore
Fantasy where farmer boy goes off to train as something 2sandstone78, February 9ignore
Historical Romance 6beesocks, February 9ignore
Mystery set in Ireland, featuring actual or pretend nun as bomb carrier 1danieljayfriedman, February 9ignore
who's the author? 1mysheiloe, February 8ignore
Help! 1Heather_Sanderson, February 8ignore
Science-Fiction Post-Apocalyptic Sentient Rain? 38titianscrivener, February 7ignore
Succubus incubus fantasy 2yoyogod, February 6ignore
the girl who get kissed by a price 2juels, February 6ignore
Fantasy - sword wielder & sight sharer 6orikap, February 5ignore
The name of this book has eluded me for YEARS! 10Petroglyph, February 5ignore
Histprice romance with heroine and hero of Hispanic descent 1Juliet_Ann, February 5ignore
Former foster child now self-made rich man, emotionally unavailable, takes lover 1dhamm, February 4ignore
Please help 1Sjess35, February 3ignore
Pre-teen/YA mystery/romance - hit and run 2juels, February 3ignore
Science Fiction, parallel universes 3Maddz, February 3ignore
I'm pretty sure the word "Passion" is in the title and the book I had was purple,not really much to go on I know. 6Sonyawishlist, February 2ignore
young adult book possibly from the 90s about girl who falls in love with ghost 4Kh45, February 2ignore
Romance, prob Harlequin: he thinks he sterile, she gets pregnant and he locks her in bedroom in desert house 2Sonyawishlist, February 2ignore
YA chapters in grade school, she accidentally stabbed his hand with an ink pen 5Sonyawishlist, February 2ignore
Fiction, Magic -please help 8Laniday70, February 2ignore
Relationship of convienience. Contemporary. The H and h don't tell other there real names. Contemporary 2JanTrom, February 2ignore
Horror/Mystery YA Multiple Stories 3Daltherion, February 2ignore
New to this site, need some help! 5Rubyjewlz, February 2ignore
YA romance - girl hallucinates boy 1rosereese, February 2ignore
NA romance - close friends share bed, girl starts mast*rb*ting 1rosereese, February 2ignore
Y.A./Romance 1Karolina-Camacho, February 2ignore
Midwife drama 5Tanya_Whitford, February 1ignore
Regency Romance 3crosby87, February 1ignore
Book about a girl moving to an apartment and going through a door to find a world of lost souls she must help? 3morwen04, February 1ignore
regency romance - scarred heroine 6crosby87, January 31ignore
Romamce novel series, town is trying to win a competition 1mat2343, January 30ignore
historical, romance, blind twin 2rarm, January 30ignore
Short Story / "Send more turkey immediately!" 8rastaphrog, January 30ignore
Romance, prob historical: he owns a ship, has his crew get a whore for the night, she a virgin accidentally on the dock 4johnthefireman, January 30ignore
occult body snatching fiction 1Solice, January 29ignore
Cont. Rom. man trades night with gf 3Amyreads75, January 29ignore
Romantic erotic book search 5CorinnaSac, January 28ignore
SciFi Series about Telepathic Trees 3ronploude, January 28ignore
Harlequin or Silhouette Book 1WansAmari, January 28ignore
Mills & Boon novel about two people who hate each other but fall in love 2WansAmari, January 28ignore
Old Harlequin Book about a widow falling in love with her late husband's friend 2WansAmari, January 28ignore
Fiction, horror, childhood fears 1ndoty, January 27ignore

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