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Pre-1980's book about a girl named Miranda 5Merryann, Today 1:55amignore
Middle grade book with dancing theme - mother has cancer 2diana.n, Yesterday 7:35pmignore
YA ghost/haunting book from possibly the late 90s/early 2000s 18Laina1312, Yesterday 6:32pmignore
Fiction: fall of the roman empire, one word title 8PsibrReadHead, Yesterday 4:45pmignore
Childcraft Book story info 3bookel, Yesterday 4:32pmignore
Prehistoric - women are kidnapped 1Autumnice, Yesterday 3:36pmignore
Old Finn McCool book - his wife tricks Cullen and Finn bites Cullen's finger off 4lesmel, Yesterday 2:48pmignore
Trying to Remember a Book from School - drama/journey? low reading level? 3imyril, Yesterday 12:26pmignore
80s-90s hist. rom.; orphaned boy; pregnant friend; Nat. Am. sidekick; rocking chairs; + Shakespeare! 3diana.n, Yesterday 10:53amignore
80s-90s hist. rom; Old West; illiterate cowboy; rancher's daughter, Rachel; biblical allusion 4diana.n, Yesterday 10:51amignore
romance maybe classical/historical 6SilverKitty, Yesterday 10:31amignore
m/m book published after 2010, angst, gets tossed out of home 5MyriadBooks, Yesterday 7:52amignore
Romance novel - gypsy girl and reunited love 1carcyn15, Yesterday 7:41amignore
YA fiction, two young schoolgirls, George or Charlie ? and Angela who brings a ring tailed lemur 4rarm, Tuesday 10:59pmignore
Fictional Book with Two women who get accepted into a top secret army group 6KHanc23, Tuesday 10:27pmignore
P G Wodehouse-poignant 6PsibrReadHead, Tuesday 9:15pmignore
historical romance- bride sails across the sea and has green eyed baby by a man indians forced her t 2lesmel, Tuesday 2:53pmignore
historical romance fictiion- runaway bride 1burnettbond, Tuesday 2:41pmignore
a sci-fi book with two gay main characters and an airliner turned into a spaceship 8Morphidae, Tuesday 2:27pmignore
A book where a group plan to blow up the space shuttle, but it has radioative fuel 4taoofme, Tuesday 8:01amignore
YA ballet fiction, gawky teenager, spoiled sister Rose favourite in family 4Sakerfalcon, Monday 10:14amignore
Mystery novel set in Cornwall? 3elleks, Monday 3:41amignore
War story for primary school children 16bookel, Sunday 7:32pmignore
Fiction, historical romance 4jendra2004, Sunday 7:23amignore
Picture book, future archaeologists guess about modern life 6aviddiva, Saturday 10:02pmignore
YA/teen fiction about 1960s English girl with difficult relationship with her mother 3weener, Saturday 3:37pmignore
Children's picture book grandma takes piano to beach 3rarm, Friday 7:56pmignore
Criminals sentenced to death but don't know when 4JolieLouise, Thursday 5:26pmignore
Regency Romance, Hero secretly illegitimate, Heroine's family has active role, part of series, siste 5MyriadBooks, Thursday 12:00pmignore
investigator in 1900's london solves monster mystery while younger man in the present day follows in 2polk23, Thursday 7:55amignore
Ya fiction from 70s or 80s jane falls in love with popular boy Johnny 4SylviaC, April 16ignore
Organic chem projects mid 1960's 1pschoessow, April 16ignore
twin poses as sister to fool her fiances brother so they can marry without his interference 6MyriadBooks, April 16ignore
Asterix and Cleopatra activity book, 80s 7GerardDCruz, April 14ignore
Play involving an isolated cabin in winter 2sparemethecensor, April 14ignore
Read in 1997 Madeline accused witchcraft pirate Henry shipwreck port-au-prince capture sentenced to 1Songofecho, April 14ignore
WWI/WWII young boy helps german soldier 8foggidawn, April 14ignore
Children's Fantasy: brother & sister have same dream each night, increasingly harder & bigger, like 8indybr12, April 13ignore
Children's book? Boy turned into Troll (or some other monster) 5nohm, April 13ignore
YA book about a boy left alone on his farm 3wildbio, April 12ignore
YA Ghost novel, late 90s, early 2000s 11bookel, April 12ignore
MG-YA ghost/haunting book from probably the late 90s? 20bookel, April 12ignore
YA Fiction / Middle-Eastern (maybe?) girl rides white horse at night. 16MyriadBooks, April 11ignore
Forgot the title, remember some things about the book 2MerryMary, April 10ignore
Picture Book -- Creeping across the rooftops 5diana.n, April 10ignore
romance novel forgot title 2jjmcgaffey, April 10ignore
1980's fiction, Maine 7madannmeadow, April 9ignore
Historical Romance-Heroine is heiress run away from her wedding-dressed as boy-kill a man-giantess 5MyriadBooks, April 9ignore
Fantasy/Horror Short Stories from hell 2DemetriosX, April 9ignore
scifi book about birdlike aliens 13fuzzi, April 8ignore
Romance novel; a perfume set is all that's left when her house burns down. . . . 7samaxamom, April 8ignore
YA or children's book about living dolls in a doll house. 12EmScape, April 8ignore
70s-80s fairy tales, tale of 3 oranges 18RowanTribe, April 8ignore
lost romance book 1u27D, April 7ignore
Children's picture book - museum of inventions 3Foretopman, April 7ignore
Historical Romance - Heroine is bookworm - book thrown in water by other children - older teenage he 3aerogirl839, April 7ignore
historical romance. Queen King Murdered. Princess leaves on ship and prince thought dead 2bluesalamanders, April 6ignore
children's book about teddy bears 2indybr12, April 6ignore
Children's book re: Japanese doll 17artgirl64, April 6ignore
Espionage THRILLER cold war 1BillyDumont, April 4ignore
Short Story from the 1960s - Gourmand Scours Paris 2diana.n, April 3ignore
Old ghost story book 2Petroglyph, April 3ignore
Young Adult: horses, female protagonist 5bookel, April 3ignore
Picture book about giant, pumpkin headed monster 11MyriadBooks, April 3ignore
Novel, Jewish family, female narrator working for her therapist. 6indybr12, April 2ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 67LeeAnn725, April 2ignore
YA novel, time travel through standing stones, Druids 4Timelapse, April 1ignore
scifi book, old, possibly named "Top Cat" 10RafiCat, April 1ignore
Historical romance 7pamg2, April 1ignore
90's teen/YA novel girl is assigned a self-portrait but only draws half because she feels half a per 1jhurle00, March 31ignore
Dystopian novel 3 characters with the same name 1Ben.Caesar, March 31ignore
80's historical romance-bodice ripper 7MyriadBooks, March 31ignore
Man with brain damage or mental disability takes care of a female friends kid because she goes to re 2rudyinstl, March 30ignore
Something about footsteps in snow/"literary" fiction 12sparemethecensor, March 30ignore
I cant find this book that I really want to read again. 2zjakkelien, March 30ignore
Romance involving a fake marriage 1tajanae1, March 30ignore
American Revolution Spies Masked Lady 1opalfaery, March 30ignore
Hist. Romance younger sis marries older sis' widower 2ruzza, March 29ignore
Teen historical detective novel--art nouveau Paris 5dairyprincess, March 29ignore
finding a writer 4jjmcgaffey, March 29ignore
2 YA mysteries/thrillers: 1. group of friends trapped in (maybe) haunted house 2. backpacker serial 4dairyprincess, March 29ignore
Teen can see fourth primary color 5upinthestacks, March 28ignore
Older romance novel type book 3jjmcgaffey, March 28ignore
Set in British Columbia about a Leper Colony 5diana.n, March 28ignore
Fantasy, quest?, escape on underground river by raft 25Peace2, March 28ignore
Book about a changeling or fairy baby. 1tracy1957, March 28ignore
Set in British Columbia - Ghost Marine Pilot 1Barada, March 28ignore
looking for a book :) 6MyriadBooks, March 28ignore
Mystery with Unknowing Incest Relationship 9MyriadBooks, March 28ignore
Help!! i can't remember the name of this book!! 5lilithcat, March 27ignore
YA every adult over a certain age dies and the kids run the city 22RafiCat, March 27ignore
Children's Book, Stuffed Bear or Rabbit, Missing Button Eye... 16RafiCat, March 27ignore
Children's picture book bird want to be beautiful 10bookel, March 27ignore
YA Book 1980's girl time travels to civil war era 8dairyprincess, March 27ignore
Children's book--boy goes into city to have lunch at a special hotel/restaurant 4astuo, March 27ignore
Childrens' book-A family moves to a cottage by a brook. 8Sakerfalcon, March 27ignore
lady trying to adopt a russian child 1becky1983, March 26ignore
Contemporary Romance 2rarm, March 26ignore
Fiction Man Imprisoned in Library 6LucindaLibri, March 26ignore

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