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Mousy twin pretend to be glamorous twin named Desire or Desiree 1mariacass, Today 2:32amignore
Medieval Romance 1Setsun_Okami, Today 1:14amignore
Old YA Teen Pregnancy Novel 2Cassidy1, Today 12:00amignore
3 Brothers and their Niece, (Rachael, Rebecca) 1VRodQuick, Yesterday 8:53pmignore
Old romance paperback book 2MyriadBooks, Yesterday 7:06pmignore
Chick lit--Magic or Witchy 3MyriadBooks, Yesterday 2:26pmignore
evil ship captain 1Eleanor55, Yesterday 1:55pmignore
Romance book from late 80's early 90's 1stcar, Yesterday 11:56amignore
Children's Book Old Lady and Her Car Named Nostradamus 2SJaneDoe, Yesterday 11:53amignore
Picture Book, 70s/80s, lion and unicorn story 20Moomin_Mama, Yesterday 8:18amignore
Beautiful bird hatches from egg, 1970s 23Moomin_Mama, Saturday 9:06amignore
Fantasy-ish book, early 90s 8Moomin_Mama, Saturday 9:04amignore
And his name was Aiken Drum... 10Moomin_Mama, Saturday 9:03amignore
70s board books, cut in shape of person on cover 6Moomin_Mama, Saturday 9:02amignore
Children's book. Girl releases her reflection from a mirror who turns out to be an evil twin. 5Cicada1960, Friday 7:26pmignore
Book collection of short sci-fi stories from Playboy 12AsYouKnow_Bob, Friday 3:34pmignore
YA that involved a valuable stamp 1ChadWS, Thursday 8:12pmignore
Harlequin Historical 1Sandra1728, Thursday 8:45amignore
HELP! Harlequin - 2000s - Contemprary Romance 1labe, Thursday 1:52amignore
Thriller, Novel from 60's, detective or lawyer main character can't remember 1CVJP, Wednesday 3:15pmignore
Literary fiction about boys of diverse backgrounds at prep school/college? 8bluepiano, Wednesday 1:03pmignore
Romance Novel--Harlequin, Silhouette, Regency? 1knoppyj, Wednesday 11:30amignore
Seeking 60s-70s SF Novel - Biologically radio capable insect/reptile aliens kidnap humans 11memccauley6, Wednesday 10:47amignore
Fantasy/Mythological story from 80s/90s - gods create a boy/prince to name things in the world/Earth 4Timewarp4, Tuesday 11:28pmignore
Time travel- civil war era-historical romance 4juels, Tuesday 11:36amignore
Romance novel (maybe written by lori foster) 5juels, Tuesday 10:52amignore
Historical romance/heroin on ship captured by ?captain/pirate? 1perc9, Tuesday 10:48amignore
Children's mystery, 3 kids and a dog, read in late 60's 7jjmcgaffey, Tuesday 2:18amignore
Need help 3jjmcgaffey, Tuesday 2:10amignore
Fantasy Read: 5jjmcgaffey, Tuesday 2:07amignore
YA hotel kitchen summer job romance philosophical indians Proust madeleines boating? 6bluepiano, Monday 6:43pmignore
Romance Regency 1callowaymc, Monday 12:44pmignore
Scottish Historical Romance 2juels, Monday 10:58amignore
Fiction-Test tube babies injected with bird DNA-set later 16 yearsl ater-spy 6RowanTribe, Monday 9:44amignore
Young adult/children's book- girl wrongly accused of crime 3mariamiggs, May 17ignore
Fiction, Guy gets lost (in the mountains?) and finds a small town of people stuck in the area 3sshade, May 17ignore
erotic or romance 1ash12345, May 16ignore
SF-ShortStory/Novella-Read1980-90. Astronaut finds utopian spaceship garden 4beichst, May 15ignore
Autobiography of Russian woman emigre settled in Britain 1917? 4NigelPJ, May 15ignore
Contempoary About An English Earl Finding Out About His Son 1Maleeksister, May 14ignore
Portnoy's Complaint Knockoff 1Bargle5, May 14ignore
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer 1Bargle5, May 14ignore
Contemporary romance short story 1rosexx, May 14ignore
victorian romance marriage for dowry scenario 3niamhr, May 13ignore
contemporary romance novel from 1980s-1999 1staceyrh, May 12ignore
A book about a cat named Ophelia 6Contay, May 12ignore
SciFi 2nd Tier Superheroes 6juels, May 12ignore
Late 80s Early 90s girl under piano 1jem425, May 12ignore
Historic book about a girl returned to her long lost family 3magomcgoo, May 12ignore
Late 90s mystery w/ Isaac Newton hunting a counterfeiter 6memccauley6, May 11ignore
life on Moon of Saturn or Jupiter 1paulbnhd, May 11ignore
contemporary book about photographer and lingrie company or models? 1Tara_Lynn, May 9ignore
Short crime fiction story by Erwin and Mona A. Radford 1bnielsen, May 9ignore
Possibly YA fiction - Boy returns from Crusades 1spinnerbear, May 9ignore
Scientific Essays - One About Ants 4diana.n, May 8ignore
Medieval adventure, never ending chain. 2alexann, May 8ignore
Short story: A prisoner learns a new language 19bluepiano, May 8ignore
Children's scary stories anthology 1nikkikki, May 8ignore
benevolent scientist plots to blow up king james from carribean in pirate story 4zaibi, May 8ignore
Romance Heroine helps reunite scarred minor character with former fiance 4Love_my_books, May 8ignore
Special ops/ ex-miliary romance 1mtizate, May 7ignore
60s Mystery/Thriller 3Bargle5, May 7ignore
Historical Romance 3db1988, May 6ignore
Romance/Mills & Boon type thing 5alicemeow, May 6ignore
Dark Vampire Book or Series 1scavaliere, May 5ignore
Dino book help 3legallypuzzled, May 4ignore
Christian Romance Series, 1990s (?), plain white covels, pastel letters on spine, very thin, circle on front 7Ana_Mardoll, May 3ignore
Romance from historical to contemporary 6diana.n, May 2ignore
Young comatose child taken to beehive and experiences life there 3UK_Bibliophile, May 2ignore
Saloon dancer heroine western romance 4sepali, May 2ignore
Christian Historical Romance Series 1Margaret_Marcy, May 1ignore
missing book 3akelly92, May 1ignore
historical romance 3akelly92, May 1ignore
teen fantasy 6Laina1312, May 1ignore
novels with Gibson Girls? 9amysisson, May 1ignore
SF Girl With Hawk Runs Away 4MyriadBooks, May 1ignore
historical romance 1akelly92, April 30ignore
Historic Novel - She wanted her children to have education 2sueelleker, April 29ignore
Obsessed ephemera collector 2rarm, April 26ignore
Historical Romance 3shayleeshy, April 26ignore
SF-ShortStory-Aliens having no subconscious -- Need to prove humans do 4dukedom_enough, April 26ignore
romance, a women loses her memory and starts having dreams about a man and it turns out to be her husband 4absolutelynerdy, April 25ignore
Harlequin romance 1fehmida, April 25ignore
Sci-Fi Mark Twain piloting a riverboat 4pjfarm, April 25ignore
Teenage girl with an unusual name in a mental hospital 2MyriadBooks, April 24ignore
Teen Girl Takes Revenge on Her Attackers 1beeblegox, April 23ignore
Romance Novel 3lesmel, April 23ignore
YA Girl's Neighbors are the Mafia 3Ydneysai, April 22ignore
Looking for kid's instructional book from the late '70's/early 80's 3bookel, April 22ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 84LeeAnn725, April 21ignore
Romance Novel from the 80s, featured Charles and Diana's Royal Wedding 1gregread, April 21ignore
Romance/Bio - Supermodel from liverpool 1randomavidreader, April 21ignore
woman gets wrong suitcase, it has art supplies, she becomes an artist 3gregread, April 20ignore
SF-Novel-60-70s - 3 psychic humans fighting aliens by pretending to be part of a circus 4beichst, April 20ignore
American daughter of Jewish deaf parents 4jjmcgaffey, April 19ignore
historical romance 2MissSquish, April 19ignore
Recent novel, fun/hip, one-word title, author is named Ben 4weener, April 19ignore
SciFi Book Early 80s - Trying to develop an anti-venom for a 100% fatal alien creature 7beichst, April 19ignore
Contemporary Romance Novel Name 7MConstant, April 18ignore

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