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SciFi telepathy 50s England (maybe) 5t3y, Today 3:33amignore
Children's fiction- sibling deals with brother's cancer 2bookel, Today 12:46amignore
SciFi Short Story: Human Woman Negotiates with Cylindrical Aliens 4jldarden, Yesterday 9:47pmignore
Scene from a spooky Children's book I read about 8 years ago. 1Scindo, Yesterday 7:56pmignore
Children's fiction Holocaust girl time-travel England 7inge87, Yesterday 12:43pmignore
Regency Romance, Hero secretly illegitimate, Heroine's family has active role, part of series, siste 14aerogirl839, Yesterday 2:23amignore
Read a series of books off the LIKE 50 shades of gray list and now cant remember.... 1LindyLuWho, Yesterday 2:11amignore
historical romance novels scottish 9lesmel, Sunday 7:51pmignore
Historical romance, possibly set in the medieval era involving an arranged marriage. 6jjmcgaffey, Sunday 3:13pmignore
Regency Romance...the lady IS a duke 5jjmcgaffey, Sunday 3:06pmignore
Romance novel title?? 1mick2014, Saturday 2:54pmignore
Pair of glasses makes girl see otherwordly creautres 5keslee, Saturday 2:30pmignore
YA novel. Thriller, horror. Killer monsters from water supplies. Published circa 2008. 2evdb97, Saturday 12:57pmignore
YA novel. Teens trapped in cave/beast. Thriller, adventure. Published circa 2008. 2evdb97, Saturday 12:56pmignore
can anyone recall this book 4dchakravorty, Saturday 12:09pmignore
Name that book: 12th (ish) Irish/Scottish romance married heroine heals enemy in woods 1brownandblackpeach, Saturday 12:00pmignore
Help finding book 2amysisson, Saturday 11:58amignore
Girl with a facial birthmark 1clutch, Saturday 11:24amignore
Historical novel about a young girl who falls in love with a man who pretends to be disfigured & wears a mask 2Laina1312, Saturday 4:09amignore
A girl who draws and see's the future 6Laina1312, Saturday 4:01amignore
Crime Novel, PocketBook. 1Sprengt, Saturday 3:15amignore
Near future techno-thriller, '90s, blue/green? cover with silver die-cut CD 7genesisdiem, Saturday 1:50amignore
Juv Xtian Fantasy - mid80s 21lesmel, Friday 4:55pmignore
YA Dystopian Female Led Underwater Colony 5RowanTribe, Friday 2:22pmignore
Contemp romance, Scotland, series, ghost, castle, roses 4lesmel, Friday 1:36pmignore
80s contemp romance, bookstore, bell, watercolor, antiquarian book 1lesmel, Friday 1:35pmignore
Romance; Harlequin??? I think...Hero is naive about his best friend's little sister..damages relationship with his GF 3ewmire, Thursday 10:39pmignore
help finding a book about teenagers smoking on a train 6alexaaaaaa, Thursday 6:04pmignore
Harlequin Greek tycoon enemies foster daughter contract 1tec4cleve, Thursday 2:55pmignore
Romance: Harlequin?? Hero wants revenge on guy who hurt his sister; Innocent heroine gets hurt 1ewmire, Wednesday 2:19pmignore
book title 2zjakkelien, Wednesday 2:03pmignore
help with book title 2zjakkelien, Wednesday 2:03pmignore
Series of historical romance 7ddphelps, Tuesday 11:09pmignore
Series of Scottish historical romance 3ddphelps, Tuesday 8:48pmignore
historical romance in america 1ddphelps, Tuesday 8:28pmignore
Harlequin book set in IL 1ddphelps, Tuesday 8:13pmignore
Silhouette / Harlequin Romance about a wealthy greek tycoon who blackmails his ex-wife into remarrying him 4MyriadBooks, Tuesday 3:13pmignore
NEED HELP TO FIND A BOOK! 3lilithcat, Tuesday 2:06pmignore
Fantasy (80s?), dogs, eagles, castle... 4SimonW11, Tuesday 12:44pmignore
Late 1800's historical romance 9MyriadBooks, Tuesday 11:59amignore
castle of magic or similar? Series, TV series 11guido47, Tuesday 9:19amignore
Romance-Contemporary 1sharoncr3ss, Tuesday 2:59amignore
Children's/YA Time Travel Featuring A Castle, A Ghost, A Girl in a Wheelchair 2bookel, Tuesday 12:33amignore
Romance - Historical 2Kemac, Tuesday 12:17amignore
SF Novel About Evolved Dinosauars in Cylindrical Spaceship Coming to Earth 10beichst, July 14ignore
Cat narrated ship story 3suzsarra, July 14ignore
Fictional - ghost story 2MyriadBooks, July 14ignore
Help! Romantic ghost story 1mia73.lh, July 14ignore
Romance novel 80's-90's Hat and Gloves Era 1mara3680, July 13ignore
vacationing children/siblings. Central or Eastern Europe discover hidden passageways and treasurer in Old castle 5SimonW11, July 13ignore
Short story: A prisoner learns a new language 4bluepiano, July 13ignore
Historical Romance - Hero's Mom tries to kill son and daughter in law for money and power 2sukkasini, July 12ignore
Recent murder thriller aimed at adult readers. 3HeavenHathRejected, July 12ignore
Magic and adventure teen book, Mentor has children make magic kite from all carnival posters. 1Dann_D, July 12ignore
YA Fantasy Boy with a connection to the woods 3MyriadBooks, July 11ignore
90s fantasy about baby & gems, 90s version of beauty and beast 5RowanTribe, July 10ignore
79/80 police procedural serial killers Parcheesi 16indybr12, July 10ignore
Comedy Boy pretends to be girl 4diana.n, July 10ignore
YA or Children's archaeologist 1950's 4genesisdiem, July 10ignore
Medieval romance with captured and tortured hero 3nereader22, July 10ignore
Tarot Book (guide for learners) 4diana.n, July 10ignore
Greek Mythology book from 1970s or 1980s 4KangarooRat, July 10ignore
Happy sea creatures cling to fence singing at goats 3Moomin_Mama, July 9ignore
Thriller/crime fiction 183vette, July 9ignore
Historical romance novel 2MyriadBooks, July 9ignore
Romance book: Woman's marriage falls apart after child's death; later she and her Ex fall back in love 1Kat86, July 9ignore
romance with drug dealers and a stalker 4MyriadBooks, July 9ignore
romance one night stand 4MyriadBooks, July 9ignore
Childrens fantasy golden arm mirror 3wyvernfriend, July 9ignore
Historical romance set on an isle 1bibliosiren, July 7ignore
online short story steampunk series on female sci-fi author's website 3MyriadBooks, July 7ignore
Blue Furry Creatures 7Happily05, July 6ignore
fiction, read it more than 10 years ago. cant remember the author or the title!! 4hasifah, July 6ignore
Fiction Zombie Apocalypse. Read about 4 years ago 3pollux, July 6ignore
Romance, believe it was a Harlequin, but not for sure 1TerriAnn72, July 6ignore
Teacher teaches students to change into animals 3RafiCat, July 6ignore
Romance set in Scotland. Hero nicknames Heroine "Heather" 1Shev0314, July 5ignore
historical romance 7indybr12, July 5ignore
fiction missing friend 1HomieV, July 4ignore
Contemporary romance/suspense FBI/law enforcement 3Inishowen_Cailin, July 4ignore
Young Adult Fantasy from the 1980's 2SylviaC, July 3ignore
Mossad spy novel 2diana.n, July 2ignore
yellow bird short story 7RowanTribe, July 2ignore
Book about books and child's blood 3Heinrix, July 2ignore
Fantasy book, probably from the 80's. Help! 3Tashalj, July 1ignore
Book name 5MyriadBooks, July 1ignore
romance 3MerryMary, July 1ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 68skullduggery, June 30ignore
Smart young lawyer 2MyriadBooks, June 30ignore
historical romance 8MyriadBooks, June 30ignore
Historic Fiction Romance Nobleman/Peasant 1terkaG, June 30ignore
lake tetana 2diana.n, June 29ignore
Giant robot gods conquer universe - science fiction 1mark.sennott, June 29ignore
80s/90s fantasy novel w/ 2 teenage boy heroes, 1 rides dragons, other is mage? defeat evil mage holding dragon captive? 4Morphidae, June 28ignore
NonFct - Astronomy, NASA,SoCal aerospace, French physicist in US, circa 1959 1margaretbartley, June 28ignore
YA time travel 1980s 12Sakerfalcon, June 28ignore
Looking for a .... no, wait a minute ... 4MerryMary, June 27ignore
Historical Romance 2diana.n, June 27ignore
Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Romance 2hailelib, June 27ignore

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