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Name that Book

Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again.

Start your book search by clicking on the Post a new topic option and...

(1) Enter a helpful Subject line that includes a genre and a clue.

Long subject lines are cut off, so it's wise to keep to keywords. For example:

YA Ghost story
SciFI Boy lost in space
Mystery set in Iceland
Poem about a woman's garden
Children's series about circus children

Many members of this group only open topics we think we can help with, so your subject line is important for getting the right people to read your post — the ones who probably know your book!

Words like 'Help' or 'Find this book' or 'Search' are not helpful in a subject line and should be avoided.
(2) Enter all the book detail you remember in the Message block.
This is your place to put detailed information that could help to identify your book. This may be information like:

Fiction or nonfiction
When you think it was written or when you read it (10 years ago; about 1970...)
Book's intended audience
Anything else you remember about the title, author, illustrations, cover, characters, setting, binding, or size of book

It's easier for members to read your message if you use standard spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, along with breaking longer sections into paragraphs.
(3) Check back for responses!
Members post their suggestions directly to your topic (so no e-mail addresses, please). Some books are found quickly, while others are found after time and discussion of similar books.

If your query is not solved in a few days, please feel free to comment on your own topic in order to bump it back to the top of the list. And please, we'd love to hear back from you on whether or not we've found your book, especially when we want to read it too!

If your query is solved, feel free to add the solved title information to your original topic comment. This will help anyone else who's looking for your same book! -- Book found: [Title] by Author
Visit the group's WikiThing page for more suggestions for finding your book and for a list of Frequently Sought Stories.

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Topics messagesLast message 
Religious end-of-times Sci-fi novel 4ShadedAF, Today 10:25amignore
historical romance book from approximately 1980s. 3juels, Today 8:54amignore
Contemporary Romance 80/90’s 2juels, Today 8:47amignore
Adult brother and sister pose as married 1Madeleign, Today 8:27amignore
Teen fantasy boy castle 4Madeleign, Today 8:13amignore
Clever girl finds hidden deeds to own house 2bookwormery, Today 6:51amignore
Paleontology book for Kids/YA 2DemetriosX, Today 5:14amignore
WA female author 1Janel_Montano, Today 2:42amignore
teenage girl crime solver 1Cosplayer, Today 2:11amignore
Time traveling pirate 1__.marsie.__, Today 12:58amignore
YA book-Adrienne/Adrian-Italian Stallion 1ksells19, Yesterday 11:37pmignore
Children’s book- little girl called Lorna finds magical world 3merrystar, Yesterday 10:25pmignore
Collection of children's short stories 1Trinitik, Yesterday 10:13pmignore
Romance novel between a reporter and the detective investigating her case. 1Linnybunny, Yesterday 4:07pmignore
Romance - Woman abducted by aliens while jogging 1PanduhBabyy, Yesterday 3:19pmignore
Snowmobiling survival guide 4Kathy_Moon, Yesterday 3:18pmignore
YA Teen Romance Sister Plot Twist 2astralux, Yesterday 3:11pmignore
Science Fiction Book with a species called trill that looked like scars 5Patrick.Clare, Yesterday 3:08pmignore
Historical fiction a man that meets a girl in a train 1esther12, Yesterday 1:36pmignore
Book title 1reesem, Yesterday 12:21pmignore
YA from 70s 80s teen girl meets old lady scared to let loneliness find her 1ClarenceQ, Yesterday 11:56amignore
YA Fiction-Girl looses limb(s), shuts everyone out, and relearns motor skills 4Sakerfalcon, Yesterday 9:20amignore
Children's Story Book about monsters cleaning a lake 1TessLyn, Yesterday 6:19amignore
I Can't Remeber The Name of This Trilogy 1Samuel_Beachy, Yesterday 2:07amignore
A young girl that travels on her own - maybe cruise? 4merrystar, Yesterday 1:38amignore
Fiction Underwater Psychic Powers Girl Main character 2merrystar, Yesterday 1:35amignore
Middle grade historical fiction 4merrystar, Yesterday 1:30amignore
YA Realistic Fiction California 2rarm, Yesterday 1:27amignore
Fiction Boy vs dark force 3merrystar, Yesterday 1:25amignore
Woman wakes up with false memories 6hop_to_it, Monday 9:55pmignore
YA friends father commits suicide 1seb166, Monday 9:10pmignore
YA/dystopian - young healer girl lives in a small tribe that is targeted by a tyrannical dictator 4Saama, Monday 8:00pmignore
Romance- Woman was abducted while jogging 7PanduhBabyy, Monday 4:36pmignore
Name of book? Does it even exist? 4rattiemom, Monday 4:35pmignore
A3 children's book 2jb57, Monday 2:48pmignore
Classic lit British Colony 1artmartineau, Monday 12:22pmignore
historical fiction, family living on a plantation in Canada, 20s or 30s 5Foretopman, Monday 11:15amignore
motorcycle romance girl was younger, her uncle saved her but he ended up dying. somehow she can see him as a ghost 1Kisa_145, Monday 5:20amignore
Mindreader captured by the US government 5catnthecradle, Monday 4:13amignore
YA about mother spirit bear 1BellaAriel, Monday 3:20amignore
Romance series about 3 rich brothers finding love 2neeser101, Monday 2:55amignore
Book about a girl whose mother died 1Dsuzzette, Monday 1:28amignore
classic children's fairy tale 5irene.reaux, Monday 1:03amignore
YA ghost story possible blue cover with window? 1datthefish, Sunday 10:39pmignore
elementary or perhaps early middle school book about a poor boy whose mother teaches dance 1datthefish, Sunday 10:35pmignore
Yellow book about memories of authors childhood, owl/ pillowcase character 1EilishBrooke, Sunday 10:20pmignore
Dead husband answers phone call during storm 1megaralynn, Sunday 8:53pmignore
Paranormal Romance 1megaralynn, Sunday 8:50pmignore
YA Fantasy book slave girl of vampire/alien 2MimzyRose, Sunday 6:19pmignore
Village/town has treaty with Werewolf Pack, Offers up Females 7MimzyRose, Sunday 6:02pmignore
Romance book childhood friends, rich girl/poor boy, reunited as adults 4MimzyRose, Sunday 5:48pmignore
2 steamy contemporary romances - twin brothers early 2000s 2KiwigirlCC, Sunday 5:13pmignore
90's teen horror/ romance book - Cult, Missing, Vampires... HELP?!?! 1KiwigirlCC, Sunday 4:54pmignore
90's Children's Angels In Forest Series 2glynnisanne, Sunday 4:53pmignore
Fantasy, wizard,dragon turned into a sword. 1Yopyopu, Sunday 1:25pmignore
YA mystery from the 70' or 80's. A group of kids solves crimes and mysteries 3Meehan, Sunday 11:31amignore
Psych/Thriller: Trying to cheat Death 1alexa-angel, Sunday 11:23amignore
Historical Fiction 1Sue6000, Sunday 9:08amignore
WW2 romance set in French village French woman falls in love with German officer 1jilll27, Sunday 8:16amignore
YA/A Fantasy, 70's-90's? Young man learns language with magic, Druid/Sage 3Mitraandir, Sunday 5:13amignore
A tale of wartime romance, tragedy and a girls rise to fame as a fashion designer. 1getty2234, Sunday 3:01amignore
70s or 80s YA, weight loss 3mynamesmasha, Sunday 2:56amignore
Dialogue between child and wiseman about history of everything 2phiperspect, Sunday 2:14amignore
Fantasy, dragons 1dj_mercier, Saturday 7:33pmignore
Children's w/ street kids & Psalm 46:4 1Dolphelecat, Saturday 5:48pmignore
Book about Solving a puzzle/game with contestants 1mary90900e, Saturday 5:44pmignore
Fiction, Young homesick girl in China, parents missionaries 4purrfectpatty, Saturday 5:41pmignore
Elementary short story junk fort 1effie813, Saturday 3:40pmignore
Adult book - Author: Anonymous - Publication: Penguin 1read_and_keepreading, Saturday 3:13pmignore
contemporary/western cowboy is home bound with broken leg 1Pebblesgmc, Saturday 2:29pmignore
Historical Romantic Fiction Masked Kidnapper Compromises Lady 2BBTmm, Saturday 2:07pmignore
Children's series about Knight in training and a Dragon 4BBTmm, Saturday 2:05pmignore
An injured ballerina that travels to Panama City to work for heroine, they visit the jungle where hero logs trees . 2Enkayspecial, Saturday 12:39pmignore
Scary murder mystery novel about death, possible 80s book 3Josiekat27, Saturday 12:35pmignore
YA 1980s, love triangle during production of The Tempest 1Josiekat27, Saturday 12:32pmignore
Romance book set in 1980-1990’s 1Enkayspecial, Saturday 12:28pmignore
Picture book boy in bed surreal 4ElizabethK, Saturday 11:10amignore
Murder Mystery (from late 70s/early 80s) 1TawnyKuzy, Saturday 10:25amignore
YA Teens travel to mars 1alingren, Saturday 8:18amignore
US Romance (2013/14) ends with him buying her a piano she gave to charity 1charlotte1227, Saturday 5:19amignore
Junior scifi kids with mind powers main enemy weak to wood 8HPSteak96, Saturday 1:20amignore
H Police, h waitress: daughter of his late partner, h pregnant and a serial killer after her 1Katy78, Friday 10:22pmignore
Historical romance, half Gypsy girl becomes dancer 1ChristineBoo, Friday 9:53pmignore
Apocalypse, infant girl rules world, fatally infected by cat, winged people 1Rubyreadsbooks, Friday 8:06pmignore
Contemp Romance series abt brothers. 1 impregnats girl rival family after 1nightstand leaves comes back yrs later 1lulusan85, Friday 6:32pmignore
Sad book told by a dead girl 4astralux, Friday 4:58pmignore
Teenage girl reincarnated multiple lives |Fiction I believe| 4astralux, Friday 4:57pmignore
"A NAME " , THE TRAIN AND THE BROKEN LANTERN (CHAPTER) 1Leoneful, Friday 2:55pmignore
Scot Hist Rom: Fleeing evil nephew, she crosses border. He rescues. She tries to escape in little brother's boat. Sinks. 2BBTmm, Friday 7:35amignore
Relatively Short Contemporary Adult, Erotic Romance Book 1Rubyfruit38, Friday 6:27amignore
Shapeshifter book 2ZachW, Friday 4:55amignore
Romance/ Mystery (?) Two brothers trying to stay together 1gabbydoodle1, Friday 4:18amignore
Outlaw romance, heroine dresses as boy and joins outlaws that killed her father 1dctracy, Thursday 11:43pmignore
Children's/Middle School-At some point the main character's brother dies of leukemia 2welt-kids, Thursday 9:58pmignore
YA Murder Mystery 1Oriyah, Thursday 6:25pmignore
Dysfunctional family coming together for holiday I think it starts with a C 1jesseFox, Thursday 3:15pmignore
Young woman injected with something that grants a daily wish 1ElizabethK, Thursday 2:48pmignore
Drama life story about a little boy temporarily orphanend 2Kathy_Moon, Thursday 2:38pmignore
Children/Young Adult girl comes of age in what I believe is a New England town 3dannijoe2020, Thursday 2:22pmignore

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