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Time travel 4bluemama, Today 12:12pmignore
A Native American book 4Cecrow, Today 11:43amignore
Norsemen, East Asian, College Lit 7lorax, Today 10:53amignore
Paranormal/Ghost Scary Stories book 1Bammy, Yesterday 10:55pmignore
romance novel, NA, Rockstars son, artist 5MyriadBooks, Yesterday 4:14pmignore
1970’s American Literature 4Alexandria_annex, Yesterday 1:09pmignore
Contemporary romance about estranged husband who fakes amnesia 2clarissarose, Yesterday 1:01pmignore
Grandmother searches for lost granddaughter 1denise341, Monday 9:54pmignore
Historical Romance 2Barkybean, Monday 7:01amignore
mistaken for boy 2misterfive, Sunday 8:16pmignore
Romance/ rockstars kids/ can't find, HELP PLEASE. 2MyriadBooks, Sunday 6:17pmignore
book to movie, contemporary romance, harlequin? 3Hinal23431, Sunday 9:40amignore
Steampunk? Science Fiction 2amysisson, Saturday 8:39pmignore
Divorced lady sets out to find childhood small town of her dreams 1bravetardis, Saturday 7:10pmignore
1980s bodice ripper, not Harliquin 1mlscasey, Saturday 2:19pmignore
Time travel 3skullduggery, Saturday 5:36amignore
Astronaut alien in children's picture book 4RowanTribe, Friday 9:07pmignore
Disturbing novel about teen shocked when he finds his girl is a man 2MyriadBooks, Friday 10:33amignore
Novel about teen sexual confusion 3MyriadBooks, Friday 10:30amignore
Time travel romance after accident 1g14lg, Friday 6:59amignore
Historical Romance 1db1988, Thursday 5:53pmignore
Thriller about a bomb threat to a hotel 1piemouth, Thursday 5:38pmignore
romance 4juels, Thursday 10:50amignore
Fiction about 2 kids at zoo who go on adventure to meet magical creature 3WhizM013, Wednesday 11:47amignore
Book about a violinist who finds a Stradivarius and becomes obessed 3teagirl95, Wednesday 10:53amignore
Children's book about artist/clothes designer who disappears into the background 1kokipy, February 24ignore
Comtemporary romance-Former Olympic skier & a Doctor 8Fic_02, February 24ignore
western historical romance 1melodyschmitt, February 24ignore
Name that sci-fi illustrator 6lquilter, February 24ignore
Self help type book, martial arts themed, 1980s 3lostreader, February 24ignore
Romance novel, and abused woman gets amnesia in a storm 1jowend8807, February 23ignore
historical romance 5DaMarnie, February 23ignore
historical romance early scotland 3TheoClarke, February 23ignore
Prince kidnapped by heroine and her brother(historical romance) 1Shae_Renee, February 22ignore
Book of "true" English/British ghost stories with eye in the floor 3ChadWS, February 22ignore
daydreaming lady writes bethrothal announcement which actually gets posted. rake named in announcement shows up and 5spmangum, February 22ignore
witches on the run, chased by father and shapeshifter, vampires next door, loves a werewolf and gets kidnapped. 1Belinda-luxton, February 21ignore
Historical Romance HELP 2Love_my_books, February 21ignore
Children's classic, Boy's cousin Kate comes to stay, lots of petticoats 2fuzzi, February 20ignore
YA mystery girl must crawl through a dark tunnel that gets smaller and smaller, afraid it will becom 20MandaMalice, February 20ignore
Kids: future archaeologists excavating contemporary hotel room 3Sakerfalcon, February 20ignore
Special ops romance 1JEM332, February 19ignore
Possibly British SF - project to imagine a better future and make it happen? 4amysisson, February 19ignore
Romance: Ex-Male model turned owner who kept secret illness from fiance 1Kristina_Brown, February 19ignore
Novel about Dumbing Down 2morwen04, February 19ignore
Historical romance / love of the blue flame/ rose that doesn't melt in blue flame of fire - HELP!! 1Deborah_Gale, February 19ignore
Romance novel set in the USA around 2002 1driwala, February 19ignore
Sci-fi horror book about yeti-like creature that can bore thru ice and rock with body heat 3thingmaker, February 19ignore
Harlequin Romance I think Special Edition series 1Mickeypink, February 19ignore
Harlequin historical set in India, Afghanistan, England. Kidnapped heroine, spy hero. 6Punktina, February 18ignore
Highschool sweethearts. Baseball player and teacher possibly. 1geniua15, February 18ignore
Looking for a book I read 12 years ago!!! 1Savannahw91, February 17ignore
Jewish child in holocaust brought up as a Catholic 3bergs47, February 17ignore
SciFi/Fantasy Crocodile ruled world 4RaijinKnight, February 17ignore
Historical/Regency Romance 1sadie388, February 17ignore
Children's Fiction 4bookel, February 16ignore
YA pioneer fiction 1llewella1, February 16ignore
YA time travel midwest/Vikings 3MyriadBooks, February 16ignore
Please see if you know the book I'm talking about 2MissSquish, February 16ignore
YA 80's or 90's Sixteen year old girl raising collies 3ressa6778, February 16ignore
SF-Short Story-Crashed Astronaut memory wiped by Alien Pre-1980 6beichst, February 16ignore
children's handbook for witches 6LeeAnn725, February 15ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 81LeeAnn725, February 15ignore
Possibly a Wodehouse set in New York - penthouse apartment, literary policeman 3Oandthegang, February 15ignore
Older children's novel with Bight of Benin riddle 6bluepiano, February 14ignore
Looking for a book 2TheoClarke, February 14ignore
Teen romance fiction set in South Africa 3OpieH, February 14ignore
Young Adult novel: Trying to find book about a young girl whos brother dies.. 2bookel, February 13ignore
Non-fiction search 1SPLWylie, February 13ignore
Harlequin. Lost book, unknown title unknown authro 1hope82, February 13ignore
Please help me locate this book! 7Jenni_Canuck, February 13ignore
Pre-90s YA/Juv Fic - Girl hides under front porch (might be historical fic) 1SJaneDoe, February 13ignore
M. Lackey with dragon(s) and library 4MmeRose, February 13ignore
YA children's sci-fi mystery ghost poem series - Icelandic circus boy lost in space with a woman's garden 6TheoClarke, February 13ignore
Junior. Boy cannot sleep, counts sheep that turn to dragons 3Katealayne, February 13ignore
Young Adult, young African American girl, a dancer, sent to live with her grandmother 1lovefromangela, February 13ignore
mining story, main character is Crystal, published mid-1990's 1slsmitty25, February 12ignore
Children's 1980's? Storybook 2SylviaC, February 11ignore
fiction,romance, from the 80s 3kenzd07, February 11ignore
looking for lost book for grandmother 5ahellman, February 11ignore
Looking for the title of a historical / romance book 6RowanTribe, February 11ignore
romance novel, 80s, follows a sword 1mlscasey, February 10ignore
Romance novel blind male patient falling in love with ginger haired nurse 10VanDavid, February 10ignore
Gold train robbery 3memccauley6, February 10ignore
romance historical fiction novel- woman time travels to Louisiana 1rudimaize, February 10ignore
aliens invade earth 1invaderjill, February 10ignore
book about a young girl and her life in poverty 1Sophie_p, February 9ignore
historical romance-hero leads double life as sea captain, possibly goes by the raven 3BookLizard, February 9ignore
YA romance - maybe from the 90's 3MyriadBooks, February 9ignore
Romantic Suspense H thinks he's in love with OW but he's with h (pregnant) 3Nerilka, February 8ignore
YA, late 2000s, teen girl artist in New York area 5weener, February 7ignore
SF Short Story 4MarthaJeanne, February 7ignore
Dark Romances, Humor 1CallUpDemBackUp, February 7ignore
Romance novel from 80s-90s with heroine Eden or Eve 1Kristin1973, February 7ignore
90's Fiction English sisters running a china factory in WWII 2ressa6778, February 7ignore
Horse Romance Novel 5teg0_0, February 6ignore
Children's novel about hardships 1maggiemae09, February 6ignore
Historical Romance 1shayleeshy, February 6ignore
YA - set in England, similar to "mixed up files ... Frankweiler" 1tjsjohanna, February 6ignore

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