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1980s kids book, kids visit mixed up farm 13eightsgr8, Today 8:21amignore
History/Archaeology/Biography 3cosmicdolphin, Today 7:24amignore
Historical Native American - Hero/Heroine Shooting Stars 1kpsrocks, Today 4:30amignore
Historic Romance/Native American/City 1Briegirlg1, Today 1:13amignore
picture book about animals having a sleepover/hearing noises 3Laina1312, Yesterday 9:09pmignore
Green eyed man with gift of sight. 1LadyD55, Yesterday 12:27amignore
Girl who really liked candles?? 1abigailol, Saturday 8:10pmignore
Looking for a book with a similar style to Lori Foster / Erin McCarthy 2lesmel, Saturday 8:07pmignore
SF-Short Story-Crashed Astronaut memory wiped by Alien Pre-1980 7beichst, Saturday 6:20pmignore
Low level British thief forced to join British Army as a spy during WWII - timid guy who likes to cook 6Jackisahorse, Saturday 11:50amignore
boy spending weekend with dad 3rosiewhibbles, Saturday 6:04amignore
Looking for a Harlequin book i read back in the 90's 2starlightgenie, Saturday 3:15amignore
Special ops romance 5JEM332, Friday 5:00pmignore
stop smoking alternative method 3thesilverfeather, Friday 12:26pmignore
Spy thriller from 70s, CIA leaves recalcitrant prisoners on a cannibal island 1Jackisahorse, Friday 10:53amignore
Rinpoche 7lesmel, Friday 9:20amignore
does anybody know the name? 10jenniebooks, Friday 7:42amignore
Fantasy novel about magic 5lesmel, Thursday 3:44pmignore
romance 3starlightgenie, Thursday 5:25amignore
Fictional novel of settlement in New England 1AlishaLT, Thursday 12:12amignore
Looking for a book anyone know the name? 2MyriadBooks, Wednesday 9:55pmignore
Time Travel Book 4weener, Wednesday 9:03pmignore
Historical romance 5MyriadBooks, Wednesday 8:19amignore
Western Romance 1CrimsonCallisto, Wednesday 12:45amignore
Children's chapter Book- Around 2005-ish 3Beckie_Ann, Tuesday 11:23pmignore
Historical Romance-Heroine is kidnapped by a bad lord in England. Father and servant save her and take her to America. 3Bandit2002, Tuesday 7:42pmignore
Time travel romance after accident 4g14lg, Tuesday 7:24pmignore
plain jane, disfigured man, romance/mystery,regency? 8Inishowen_Cailin, Tuesday 4:48pmignore
Childrens book about sisters 2fuzzi, Tuesday 8:25amignore
Looking for a book! 1shayanawiz, Monday 7:01amignore
Gothic Romance(1980ish), marriage after a night in cabin, mistress trying to break them up 1wunders, Monday 1:51amignore
Businessman is set up with a math teacher romance 5SilverKitty, March 22ignore
Highland Historical romance 1AprilFools, March 22ignore
English sister searching for her French sister 6starlightgenie, March 22ignore
Wild West Erotic Romance Fiction 1Nirah_of_the_People, March 21ignore
Lithuanians in Chicago - early 20th century?- fiction 15MarthaJeanne, March 21ignore
Historical romance, childhood friends/h loves H, elopement on h's wedding day 2fluke123, March 20ignore
rags to riches romance novel 5penelopesue, March 19ignore
Steampunk? Science Fiction 3bravetardis, March 19ignore
American daughter of Jewish deaf parents 3bookel, March 19ignore
Fiction romance/suspense about a girl who stops on the side of the road to help someone and gets kidnapped 6juels, March 19ignore
husband mistakes twin/look alike for his run away wife=read in the 80's 2djpatton, March 19ignore
Nonfiction Morals vs. Social norms 3weener, March 18ignore
There's not a lot to go on but if you can please help me find the titles 5lesmel, March 18ignore
Name of Book that is similar to I Capture the Castle? 4Cailiosa, March 18ignore
Fantasy or modernist novel, repeats phrase about Marie Antoinette 3Imprinted, March 18ignore
Short story: employees deliberately frustrate people as a game 3bluepiano, March 18ignore
Natural disaster books, 1980's ish... 1Gizik, March 17ignore
Romance series featuring women with troubled pasts owning a bar together 3CariCari, March 17ignore
SciFi Collection Bioweapon Baby, "What's the use?", etc. 10dukedom_enough, March 17ignore
Historical Regency British Agent plot 1CarolynLH, March 17ignore
children's book about ancient assyrians in modern NYC 1chrisklopp, March 16ignore
Romance Set in Wales/London 1DragonWolfFang, March 16ignore
World War II, Aviation, Pacific Region, Fiction 2rarm, March 16ignore
historical romance/set in England 3amau, March 15ignore
YA novel: girl dream job huge company 4tennis3hsoe, March 15ignore
Western Historical Romance 1diaz9933, March 12ignore
children's handbook for witches 7mccin68, March 12ignore
Near future techno-thriller, '90s, blue/green? cover with silver die-cut CD 8RowanTribe, March 12ignore
romance with strong hero and heroin 5MyriadBooks, March 12ignore
Children's short story about the Apple Family 5bookel, March 11ignore
Historical Romance with Horses 3dinavest, March 11ignore
Bitingly Witty Short Story -- city girls birding at summer camp 2MyriadBooks, March 10ignore
Witty Short Story -- city girls birding at summer camp 2MyriadBooks, March 10ignore
Looking for the title of a historical / romance book 11melodyschmitt, March 10ignore
Contemporary Romance Novel 1ppatell, March 10ignore
Mystery/love book 4Barkybean, March 8ignore
Contemporary romance on politics 1Zaib_Un_Nisa, March 8ignore
A Native American book 8jldarden, March 8ignore
A Quest for Lovers of Short Stories 1GailPW, March 8ignore
Looking for eighties novel about a teen's weird sexual experience 2MyriadBooks, March 7ignore
Retelling of Esther from the Bible 2rarm, March 6ignore
historical western romance about virgin prostitute who drugs the men so she can stay a virgin 2MyriadBooks, March 6ignore
western historical romance 2MyriadBooks, March 6ignore
Sci-Fi/Fantasty book with over 50 characters with a skull (?) on the cover 3ChadWS, March 6ignore
Children's book - Grandma tells stories about fabrics in quilt 8SilverKitty, March 5ignore
Time travel 4bluemama, March 4ignore
Norsemen, East Asian, College Lit 7lorax, March 4ignore
Paranormal/Ghost Scary Stories book 1Bammy, March 3ignore
romance novel, NA, Rockstars son, artist 5MyriadBooks, March 3ignore
1970’s American Literature 4Alexandria_annex, March 3ignore
Contemporary romance about estranged husband who fakes amnesia 2clarissarose, March 3ignore
Grandmother searches for lost granddaughter 1denise341, March 2ignore
Historical Romance 2Barkybean, March 2ignore
mistaken for boy 2misterfive, March 1ignore
Romance/ rockstars kids/ can't find, HELP PLEASE. 2MyriadBooks, March 1ignore
book to movie, contemporary romance, harlequin? 3Hinal23431, March 1ignore
Divorced lady sets out to find childhood small town of her dreams 1bravetardis, February 28ignore
1980s bodice ripper, not Harliquin 1mlscasey, February 28ignore
Time travel 3skullduggery, February 28ignore
Astronaut alien in children's picture book 4RowanTribe, February 27ignore
Disturbing novel about teen shocked when he finds his girl is a man 2MyriadBooks, February 27ignore
Novel about teen sexual confusion 3MyriadBooks, February 27ignore
Historical Romance 1db1988, February 26ignore
Thriller about a bomb threat to a hotel 1piemouth, February 26ignore
romance 4juels, February 26ignore
Fiction about 2 kids at zoo who go on adventure to meet magical creature 3WhizM013, February 25ignore
Book about a violinist who finds a Stradivarius and becomes obessed 3teagirl95, February 25ignore
Children's book about artist/clothes designer who disappears into the background 1kokipy, February 24ignore

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