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current book I found at Costco - Contemporary San Fran - a new Grim Reaper is being trained. 3misterfive, Today 12:38pmignore
Paranormal novel from the 1930s (I think) 5SeattleMetaphysical, Today 12:03pmignore
Brothers & Anarchy 1oneofminy, Today 10:22amignore
YA Fiction Heavy-metal gang summer love tragedy 2murderedmymuse, Today 3:36amignore
Civil War romance 1usnavymom, Today 1:08amignore
70s (or earlier) time travel SF conservationism 6wo.vin42, Yesterday 2:45pmignore
Young adult book 3bookel, Yesterday 6:13amignore
Historical Romance , mistaken identity and revenge 4lunarblue1, Yesterday 4:16amignore
Older harlequin presents 1980 or 1981 2rarm, Wednesday 11:05pmignore
horror anthology 2.Monkey., Wednesday 11:43amignore
Christian: twins taken from loving stepmother by greedy grandparents 4diana.n, Wednesday 11:10amignore
Erotica : Foursome 1Tinaa99, Wednesday 6:02amignore
80s or 90s SF young urchin girl rescued by spacers 11beesocks, Tuesday 11:40pmignore
From Dog's perspective: racing group of dogs in swamp/woods 7DisassemblyOfReason, Tuesday 10:02pmignore
Romance novel 4alipage, Tuesday 6:49pmignore
1930's - 60's British man travels through Russia and Asia 1kimbatigger, Tuesday 4:22pmignore
paperback thriller/horror - New York City runners - blood for youth - powder blue track suits 4MyriadBooks, Tuesday 11:34amignore
gross out kids book -- probably from 80s -- read mid-90s -- barf scene? 4mattpermenter, Tuesday 9:38amignore
Fiction: Siblings kill girl in car crash 1meganlwoodruff, Monday 9:23pmignore
YA with a house that traps kids 3Jaikrowy, Monday 6:26pmignore
anthology of horror stories 6john257hopper, Monday 4:10pmignore
YA Book with a chaotic island 1Jaikrowy, Monday 2:28pmignore
Historical Romance: Forced to marry old man who dies on wedding night 25juels, Monday 1:46pmignore
YA 3 Book Series 82wonderY, Monday 8:28amignore
Romance Novel; woman gets fired from office job due to wrongful termination of the cookie lady. Was her bosses fault 1NicolaC93, Monday 6:32amignore
Historical Western Romance Emerald Green Cover 3wendyblack1, Monday 5:02amignore
Romance 3CurrerBell, Sunday 11:40pmignore
paranormal romance, woman vet that didn't know she was a werewolf 2MyriadBooks, Sunday 9:36pmignore
childhood book (from late 60's/early 70's) 5misterfive, Sunday 2:40pmignore
Realistic SciFi, probably YA, post-great vanishing 9DisassemblyOfReason, Saturday 11:24pmignore
YA post-apocalyptic sci-fi, living in a walled city with "breather" machines 16DisassemblyOfReason, Saturday 11:14pmignore
Heroine had sex in forest 1ct1215, Saturday 9:06pmignore
Poem motherhood war-torn country 6lesmel, October 2ignore
Romance book can't remember title or author 3lesmel, October 2ignore
SciFi--con man w/fluffy white dog that can count 6dukedom_enough, October 2ignore
Fiction YA girl meets family of boys, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John 3bookel, October 2ignore
paranormal romance, 3 short stories in 1 book 1JenJen35750, September 30ignore
Adult fiction mystery woman can sense how you died 3anners101, September 30ignore
Oversized Golden Book about scientists in history 14Parpar1836, September 30ignore
A small German book about ancient Greek vase paintings, 1960s 7Parpar1836, September 30ignore
Book search for possible historical romance published 1980s or 90s 1Anna_Alarcon, September 29ignore
Romance in Good Housekeeping - Blind Man hires a reader and eventually falls in love with her 5diana.n, September 29ignore
I need help finding this suspense novel?? 1lalii, September 29ignore
Faery v. Elizabeth I 6rockinrhombus, September 28ignore
Romance, scottish male character, midevil times, older book, set during a war, castle under attack 7lesmel, September 28ignore
Contemporary Western Romance 10ahellman, September 28ignore
Romance Novel Before 2000 1cancerbrat, September 27ignore
Children/YA: girl's mentally disabled sister is actually her mom? 1Savannah22, September 27ignore
romance novel 1Aleonora, September 27ignore
Early western romance 11lesmel, September 26ignore
Non-fiction book, Roman villa in England that burned, layers of archeological dig 4jjmcgaffey, September 25ignore
Trashy Teen Novels? 2rarm, September 24ignore
scifi book, old, possibly named "Top Cat" 12MyriadBooks, September 24ignore
contemparary western 2Limelite, September 24ignore
Help me be the hero please. 5Limelite, September 24ignore
Elderly woman, her caretaker, and the abandoned infant he finds 4Limelite, September 24ignore
children's book around 1975 3MarthaJeanne, September 24ignore
contemporary romance doctor heroine and accountant hero 3MyriadBooks, September 24ignore
Romance Novelist travels into her book /fantasy world she created 5MyriadBooks, September 24ignore
Suggestions needed: YA, CHICK-LIT, ROM-COM 8priyann, September 24ignore
Help! Historical western romance 3frenchvanilla0402, September 22ignore
Children's horror anthology, 1970's. Illustrated. 12elmer_mccurdy, September 22ignore
Suggestions needed: YA, chick-lit, rom-com 1TheJuniorRoyal, September 22ignore
dear John?? 4jayci79, September 21ignore
Fantasy, Supernatural, Historical Novel 3rarm, September 21ignore
Contemporary book 1kaos2405, September 20ignore
"half breed" romance novel 4ajconover, September 20ignore
Kidnapped Scottish girl, slave ship, boat builder, romance 5Love_my_books, September 20ignore
Historical romance. Can't remember the title 1Cris71, September 19ignore
Family-owned jewelry empire, daughter takes it over 4beichst, September 19ignore
romance novel 1ajconover, September 18ignore
YA Science Fiction: Boy fades out from our world. 5avatiakh, September 18ignore
1994 romance book 1jayci79, September 18ignore
Romance, Alaska,very sheltered girl 1cuddlebugx4, September 18ignore
Contemporary Romance 3979Amber936, September 17ignore
Fiction ~ romance 1Lizario55, September 17ignore
YA Fairytale with a Twist 9Spunkypineapple, September 16ignore
Romance 4Angela0018, September 16ignore
YA, 'true' ghost stories, Demon of Detroit? 8isabelx, September 16ignore
Historical Romance with Werewolves 4Heather02, September 16ignore
Sci-Fi Short Story Futuristic Setting Heist 4Amberfly, September 15ignore
Cold War spy/thriller; main character owns a castle 1Petroglyph, September 15ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 93LeeAnn725, September 15ignore
old Harlequin romamce 1catlove16, September 15ignore
MG book from probably the 90s, part of a series, 13Laina1312, September 15ignore
Magic sisters 1Krissy142, September 15ignore
Regency- girl bites man's tongue 1Krissy142, September 14ignore
deaf woman, dies too early, given choice of new body 3LindaEgdur, September 14ignore
a book on various disasters 42wonderY, September 14ignore
Girl on the run. Finds work on run down farm. 3J_Villa03, September 14ignore
YA SciFi Boy exploring old sections of his city discovers abandoned trains to other cities. 4skawt, September 14ignore
romance 1J_Villa03, September 14ignore
YA Victorian time travel house story 14jenrith, September 13ignore
YA African Girl Lost 3MissSquish, September 13ignore
YA Slave Girl/Spain 3rarm, September 13ignore
Name that book: gothic romance 1Neknylb, September 12ignore
YA Art College 2Amberfly, September 12ignore
Victory...possibly 2handncer, September 12ignore
Romance/Mills & Boon type thing 6alicemeow, September 12ignore

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