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This is a group for LibraryThing staff to announce and discuss new features and other improvements with members. Unlike every other group, we discourage starting new topics, unless you've actually developed a new feature (with or without our help). But anyone can—and should—post replies.

Brainstorming and feature recommendations take place in the recommended site improvements group.

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Comment-notification email changed 7_Zoe_, Yesterday 1:33pmignore
Colored checkmarks 239MarthaJeanne, Monday 3:45pmignore
New work search? Try it out. 71MarthaJeanne, June 17ignore
New Touchstones? Try it out. 75norabelle414, June 8ignore
The LibraryThing iPhone App has arrived! 100ArmyAngel1986, May 31ignore
New Feature: True Excel Export 92t.sebesta, May 30ignore
BOOM! Add Books Adds 749 Library Sources, 38 New Countries 55jjwilson61, May 27ignore
TinyCat is here! 7kristilabrie, May 22ignore
"Don't panic!" is dead 12staffordcastle, May 14ignore
Lending (a.k.a. “Circulation”) 231Collectorator, May 5ignore
Nationalities graph, part 2 80yue, April 29ignore
The LibraryThing iPhone App has arrived! 228Keeline, March 17ignore
New Feature: Barcode support 83lindamathews, March 9ignore
HTTPS across all LT domains 16jjwilson61, February 28ignore
LibraryThing book id and work id fields 45lorannen, February 21ignore
Cover flagging live 182FAMeulstee, February 15ignore
Small combining changes 50PhaedraB, January 1ignore
More small combining changes 6timspalding, December 2016ignore
Change to "Recent Member-uploaded Covers for Your Books" 20timspalding, December 2016ignore
ASIN, UPC and EAN added 43jjwilson61, December 2016ignore
MARC import improvement: 590$a 27lorannen, November 2016ignore
Introducing Dewmoji 109casvelyn, October 2016ignore
Your Call Number System 85MarthaJeanne, September 2016ignore
Five new "voting" badges 44battlinjack, August 2016ignore
Music and movie cataloging on LibraryThing! 190K.J., August 2016ignore
Trouble Exporting to Excel 2AndreasJ, August 2016ignore
Better sharing, part I (main discussion) 209gilroy, August 2016ignore
Help put used bookstores on LibraryThing 272davidgn, August 2016ignore
Introducing the "Melvil Decimal System" 124davidgn, July 2016ignore
Leafmarks import 14threadnsong, June 2016ignore
Free Books? 4MarthaJeanne, June 2016ignore
FB Sharing 3.Monkey., April 2016ignore
New Feature: Take Inventory 111StJosephIssaquah, March 2016ignore
Added "Cover Flaggers" badges 52bnielsen, February 2016ignore
Add events to LT Local, LT donates to needy readers 107timspalding, February 2016ignore
Mark spam works 160norabelle414, February 2016ignore
LibraryThing's First Norwegian Public Library in "Add Books" Sources 12anglemark, January 2016ignore
Format changes I, cont'd: Media source 39kristilabrie, January 2016ignore
LibraryThing Holiday Card Exchange is live! 173MarthaJeanne, December 2015ignore
Spoilers! 173MrAndrew, December 2015ignore
Power Edit grows up a little… 10timspalding, November 2015ignore
Turn off Amazon covers 17MarthaJeanne, November 2015ignore
LibraryThing adds SSL 13CIELVIU, October 2015ignore
Movies are now in CK 132Katya0133, October 2015ignore
Edit and reorder sources in Add Books 152gilroy, October 2015ignore
Format changes I: See and change your formats 317lorannen, September 2015ignore
Power edit tags / alphabetize tags 81al.vick, September 2015ignore
Goodreads Import fixed 3timspalding, September 2015ignore
Music 3elenchus, September 2015ignore
Big cover change, part 2 17MsMaryAnn, September 2015ignore
Meme/stats book covers 3Sassipo, September 2015ignore
Format changes I: See and change your formats (PART 2) 99aulsmith, August 2015ignore
New Feature: MARC Import 30ccatalfo, August 2015ignore
`Source` and `Reviewer` Autocompletion for Published Reviews 7kristilabrie, August 2015ignore
Add books: See large cover image 18anglemark, August 2015ignore
Improved UPC scanning / Mass-market UPC warning 12johnnyapollo, August 2015ignore
All-the-data in Add books 19shikari, August 2015ignore
Many edition changes 8jjwilson61, July 2015ignore
Helpers: Cover flags update 31timspalding, July 2015ignore
Better “Your Books” searching 40MarthaJeanne, July 2015ignore
Site search now has Your Books 14Collectorator, July 2015ignore
Catalog-searching tweak 15StJosephIssaquah, July 2015ignore
Format changes I, cont'd: Power Edit 20birder4106, July 2015ignore
Format changes I, cont'd: Disable other levels 11gilroy, July 2015ignore
Barcodes added to Add books 18timspalding, July 2015ignore
Better covers I, Testing 32norabelle414, July 2015ignore
Filter your events 26jasbro, May 2015ignore
Advanced Search form 16MarthaJeanne, May 2015ignore
Faster is a feature, right? 15elenchus, May 2015ignore
Drag and drop catalog style editing 88birder4106, May 2015ignore
Cataloging improvement III: Better "Sort character" support 78prosfilaes, May 2015ignore
Added: Number of tags field 24AndreasJ, May 2015ignore
Cataloging improvement I: Better export 59CarolO, April 2015ignore
Search your library with a CueCat 22jjmcgaffey, April 2015ignore
Quick Links, Edit Quick Links, All Sources 24MsMaryAnn, April 2015ignore
Revamp of "default style for visitors" 26Vivl, March 2015ignore
Updating library data base 4PhaedraB, March 2015ignore
New Comments System 332kristilabrie, March 2015ignore
New "Your Books" search (beta) 222kristilabrie, March 2015ignore
New drop-down menu by the title? 3Kuiperdolin, February 2015ignore
Subject headings 5bernsad, February 2015ignore
Date-read improvements, part 1 195_Zoe_, February 2015ignore
More non-English covers around the site 7birder4106, February 2015ignore
Better recommendations: Display 101birder4106, February 2015ignore
Improved Work Section Reordering Module 43jjmcgaffey, February 2015ignore
Tag autocompletion 169PhaedraB, January 2015ignore
Your LibraryThing Authors 52lquilter, January 2015ignore
Holiday Store: New Swag! Everything on sale! 35bnielsen, December 2014ignore
Augmented reality for LibraryThing Local 14Mrdrewk, December 2014ignore
Cataloging improvement II: Date selectors 15Keeline, December 2014ignore
Lexile Measures Added to Catalog 124libraian, October 2014ignore
October catalog improvements 49jjmcgaffey, October 2014ignore
Suggestion: Folders in Groups 3Her_Royal_Orangeness, October 2014ignore
Escape from touchstones! 15jjmcgaffey, September 2014ignore
Rate Recommendations 100Mantzikert, September 2014ignore
Specify quality in "Recent Member-uploaded Covers for Your Books" 58PhaedraB, September 2014ignore
new groups gone from Groups page? 3Mr.Durick, August 2014ignore
Happy Thingaversaries 207sjmccreary, August 2014ignore
Lists, stage 2 (Part II) 30.Monkey., August 2014ignore

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