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This is an off-topic, "foo" group for unfocused or general discussion without any necessary connection to books, authors or anything else LibraryThing-ish. Go crazy here, and don't go crazy elsewhere.

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TPBM 102: One past the Worst Thing in the World 361PhaedraB, Yesterday 10:03pmignore
Mister Rogers 3PatriceWilliamsMarks, August 7ignore
Bad data, it's everywhere! 1rastaphrog, August 2ignore
TPBM 101: Introduction to TPBM 428abbottthomas, July 4ignore
A different kind of "Honey" 1rastaphrog, May 23ignore
A different spin on goodreads? 1indiana_lewis, May 2ignore
TPBM -- Lucky #100. Ten Plus Years of 'The Person Below Me 400SomeGuyInVirginia, April 4ignore
TPBM #99 - A good number, one less than one hundred 400WholeHouseLibrary, January 10ignore
How bad is Amazon? 2Taphophile13, December 2017ignore
End of the year! Almost Santa thing time again?! 21mellymel171328, November 2017ignore
A Library in an unlikely place 2PeeledCaps, October 2017ignore
TPBM #98 - XCVIII 399karenmarie, October 2017ignore
TPBM #97 - A Prime Number 400karenmarie, July 2017ignore
TPBM #94 - Haydn's Surprise Symphony 421AnnaWallace, June 2017ignore
TPBM #95 - Luther, the theses, the girl and everything 422AnnaWallace, June 2017ignore
Nice dress 3PhaedraB, May 2017ignore
Second - hand bookstore social project ideas 6m.belljackson, May 2017ignore
May I introduce myself? 2Taphophile13, April 2017ignore
TPBM #96 - Curium and Messier 96, or the natural number following 95 and preceding 97. 400John_Vaughan, April 2017ignore
Spring Reading Challenge on Bookmooch begins soon! Win a free book! 3SDaisy, March 2017ignore
Recent advances in dispute resolution 6bnielsen, January 2017ignore
A New Year's sundry observations 1proximity1, January 2017ignore
Google translate and language 2bnielsen, December 2016ignore
Do you knick knack? (Collectors Discussions) 18mellymel171328, December 2016ignore
Hello? Amazon? Is it me? 2lorannen, December 2016ignore
Christmas Music 6Carnophile, December 2016ignore
Melissa'a 2016 Movie Watching 62Kassilem, November 2016ignore
Books flying out the window 72wonderY, November 2016ignore
Hi all. 9gilroy, October 2016ignore
TPBM #93 - Hello in Theleminese 409morningwalker, September 2016ignore
TPBM 92 - A handy number to know if you ever want to call someone in Pakistan 400karenmarie, July 2016ignore
Hello :D 4nyakaoi, June 2016ignore
Kiva and Kiva Zip 23Cynfelyn, May 2016ignore
Austrian Election 6Taphophile13, May 2016ignore
RIP? 10.Monkey., May 2016ignore
Online Games for iPad 11.Monkey., May 2016ignore
TPBM 91 - The sum of (one each) of our coins (of less than a dollar) 402AnnaClaire, April 2016ignore
Friend/leader at church blocked me on Facebook 1galeckifan, March 2016ignore
advertising 5jenniebooks, February 2016ignore
TPBM 90 - If this was degrees, everything would be south of here 408abbottthomas, February 2016ignore
Literary-themed valentines from Badly Drawn Authors 1LibraryPerilous, February 2016ignore
Happy 2016 8MrAndrew, January 2016ignore
Melissa's 2015 Movie Watching 177Kassilem, December 2015ignore
Created a new group! Check it out and start posting if you feel like its your jam. 1VenkiPhy6, December 2015ignore
I write like... (WARNING: sexplicit language, plus crimes against it!) 14Marissa_Doyle, December 2015ignore
Kindle or hold a real book in your hands 13WholeHouseLibrary, December 2015ignore
The Holdiays are here 22wonderY, December 2015ignore
TPBM 89 - The ISBN group identifier for books published in Korea 404WholeHouseLibrary, December 2015ignore
Black Forest Cake 12MarthaJeanne, October 2015ignore
Purposely bans book 2morningwalker, October 2015ignore
LTers going to Bouchercon? 1mysterymax, September 2015ignore
Flash-bulb memories? 24MarthaJeanne, September 2015ignore
TPBM 88, Luck, Fortune and Glory 405abbottthomas, September 2015ignore
Sail-powered walking mechs 2bernsad, July 2015ignore
Bloom County Is back! 6LolaWalser, July 2015ignore
Neil DeGrasse Tyson "lecture" last night in Houston 7nhlsecord, June 2015ignore
TPBM 87, Oneness 404SomeGuyInVirginia, May 2015ignore
Suggestions for "What Women Want from Men" reading project for men 11bluesalamanders, May 2015ignore
Tim on vacation 14MarthaJeanne, March 2015ignore
Jane Austin's glass eye 16ericbishoppotter, March 2015ignore
What color is this dress? 25qebo, March 2015ignore
TPBM 86, These Charming People 201xorscape, February 2015ignore
Something that's always bugged me about stories with different races as different species of anthopomorphic animals 3MrAndrew, February 2015ignore
Am I crazy? 3Collectorator, January 2015ignore
First LT Talk post 8Jenni_Canuck, January 2015ignore
TPBM 85, the speed at which it starts to get interesting 397SomeGuyInVirginia, January 2015ignore
Building a home library 13ulmannc, December 2014ignore
Merry Christmas! 7ulmannc, December 2014ignore
Down for me? 17timspalding, December 2014ignore
Test Your Knowledge : You Know The Facts? 1razzamajazz, December 2014ignore
How To Spot Any Fake Book Review on ......... 1razzamajazz, November 2014ignore
The Passing of One of The Greatest Mystery Writers 2PhaedraB, November 2014ignore
Has The World Go Berserk With Random Headings? 1razzamajazz, November 2014ignore
Will You Judge This As A Good Coaching? 1razzamajazz, November 2014ignore
Why does many book recommended consumer prices end in.99 ? 6razzamajazz, November 2014ignore
Sock Puppet Book Reviews: How Is It Possible To Tell Sock Puppet Reviews From Actual Ones? 1razzamajazz, November 2014ignore
SNOW! 22wonderY, November 2014ignore
Modern Music: Do the modern music lacks the finesse of the past song composers of past decades 34razzamajazz, November 2014ignore
Book of the month club 2 (BOMC2) Changeover 1shieldwolf, November 2014ignore
Misogamy: Not Well Received Socially 1razzamajazz, November 2014ignore
LibraryThing's Database: Contains More Than Book Titles 12PhaedraB, November 2014ignore
Mathematical Puzzles: Can You Solve It? 4razzamajazz, October 2014ignore
LibraryThing Book Club 4razzamajazz, October 2014ignore
Searching for volunteers to discuss about Public Library and Academic Library 1kamaliah, October 2014ignore
New ABC For Senior Citizens Around The Globe 1razzamajazz, October 2014ignore
Doing a Flash Mob Singlehandedly 5razzamajazz, October 2014ignore
Jesus v Janson 7ericbishoppotter, October 2014ignore
Smoking 29bluepiano, October 2014ignore
It's not unusual to be duplicated by anyone! [River Out of Eden] [Richard Dawkins] 2lilithcat, September 2014ignore
TPBM 84 ..... Charing Cross Road 404SomeGuyInVirginia, September 2014ignore
The best headlines ever! 12wonderY, September 2014ignore
Religion 4razzamajazz, September 2014ignore
CAUTION - wacky one inside 9observing, August 2014ignore
Home library 172wonderY, August 2014ignore
TPBM 83 - It’s PRIME anyway you look at it. 404PhaedraB, June 2014ignore
Bizarre bookmarks 6Felurian, June 2014ignore
Got towel? 3Felurian, June 2014ignore
What is the most durable medium? 23thejazzmonger, June 2014ignore
Amazon web site is slow 18CarolO, June 2014ignore

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