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Beginning October 2013, LibraryThing is sponsoring a new reading group, inspired by "One City, One Book" and "The Big Read," and designed to bring LibraryThing together as a community to read and talk about one book a month: fiction, non-fiction, new books and classics.

Here was the introductory post on the Blog. Other One LT, One Book posts can be found here.

How will this work? Who knows. We're still talking about it. See the Future Suggestions thread to weigh in.

Our selection for March 2017 is Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies. See the blog post for details.

Preliminary discussion for Interpreter of Maladies will begin March 1st. We ask that members refrain from creating new discussion topics until then. We'll be dividing the book up into three sections, of three short stories each:

March 8th Stories 1-3
March 15th Stores 4-6
March 22nd Stories 7-9

By March 22nd, everyone should have finished the book.

When starting a new thread, please make your title in the following format "Interpreter of Maladies: [Thread Subject]".

Thinking about joining us for this group read? Say hi in the "Introduce Yourself" thread, and feel free to post as you're reading in "First Impressions".

To help things along, we've added the ability to hide spoilers within Talk. You can hide spoiler-y text in your posts by using the "spoiler" tag. See the blog post for more details.

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Interpreter of Maladies: The Treatment of Bibi Haldar 3Diane-bpcb, April 28ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: The Third and Final Continent 5Diane-bpcb, April 28ignore
What's next? 8iamFOXFIRE, April 3ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: This Blessed House 3Ling.Lass, April 1ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Mrs. Sen's 5Ling.Lass, April 1ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Sexy 6Ling.Lass, March 29ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine 13GwenH, March 26ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: A Real Durwan 10Ling.Lass, March 23ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Finished 12jennybhatt, March 23ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Introduce yourself! 47lorannen, March 22ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: First impressions 27lorannen, March 22ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Miscommunication 1lorannen, March 22ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Love and marriage 9jennybhatt, March 17ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Rituals and routines 2jennybhatt, March 16ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Interpreter of Maladies 14pbirch01, March 15ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: A Temporary Matter 20GwenH, March 13ignore
Interpreter of Maladies: Spoilers 1lorannen, March 1ignore
Slade House: Mitchell's other work 7jonathankws, January 2016ignore
Slade House: For those who've finished reading 23LucindaLibri, December 2015ignore
Slade House: Lingering questions 7Ling.Lass, December 2015ignore
Slade House: The ending 9KymmAC, December 2015ignore
Slade House: Favorite lines/scenes 5kristilabrie, December 2015ignore
Slade House: Favorite character(s) 11kristilabrie, December 2015ignore
Slade House: The Map 6LynnB, December 2015ignore
Slade House: First Impressions 36jeshakespeare, November 2015ignore
Slade House: Interview with David Mitchell 2TooBusyReading, November 2015ignore
Slade House: Narrative structure 4TooBusyReading, November 2015ignore
Slade House: Introduce Yourself! 39Niafer, November 2015ignore
Slade House: Haunted houses 3kristilabrie, November 2015ignore
Hello 1MarcusH, November 2015ignore
Introduction 1atilio, October 2015ignore
Night Watch: Reading in Chunks 14LucindaLibri, August 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Timeline 8booklovers2, August 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Duncan and Mr. Mundy 7booklovers2, August 2015ignore
The Night Watch: The end/beginning 8LynnB, July 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Who do you relate to? 5LynnB, July 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Your favorites/least favorites 4elizajanecurtis, July 2015ignore
The Night Watch: First Impressions 24imyril, July 2015ignore
The Night Watch: 1944 Chapters 4 and 5 3Ling.Lass, July 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Duncan's hobby 11piemouth, June 2015ignore
The Author Sarah Waters 3imyril, June 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Introduce yourself! 53meghanj10, June 2015ignore
The Night Watch: 1944 section open thread 4LynnB, June 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Which character do you relate to? 8kgriffith, June 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Helen's emotions 10HunyBadger, June 2015ignore
The Night Watch: Vivian & Kay 5LynnB, June 2015ignore
The Night Watch: 1940s vocabulary 10TimSharrock, June 2015ignore
Hi. 2mckait, May 2015ignore
The Circle: The Future 164PhaedraB, February 2015ignore
The Circle: Theological undertones in "The Circle" 15vwinsloe, January 2015ignore
Future suggestions 30LucindaLibri, September 2014ignore
The Circle: Anyone else late in getting the book and is reading it now? 10asm198, August 2014ignore
American Gods: Which edition are you reading? 25krazy4katz, July 2014ignore
Vote for your favorite picks for June 20leigonj, July 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: A Cyclops extra 1LucindaLibri, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: The chorus of 12 young women 26Felurian, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Do you think Penelope is a reliable narrator? 17LucindaLibri, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Which Odyssey translation? 12kiparsky, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Framing 9JDHomrighausen, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: First Impressions 36JDHomrighausen, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Where's Argos? (and is it important?) 7IreneF, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Legendary heroes 10streamsong, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Modernizing The Odyssey? 5Felurian, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Your opinions of characters 5Felurian, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: Introduce Yourself 74sparemethecensor, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: A satire? 7medmond77, June 2014ignore
The Penelopiad: An Odyssey primer 2matthewmason, June 2014ignore
I'd like to see this group read the runner-ups to The Penelopiad. 15Morphidae, May 2014ignore
Are we going to do this again? 12_Zoe_, April 2014ignore
American Gods: Why is Shadow not alive? 10Thespian1, March 2014ignore
American Gods: Women warriors 9Thespian1, March 2014ignore
American Gods: What's American about it? 11Thespian1, March 2014ignore
American Gods: Settings 11Thespian1, March 2014ignore
American Gods : Sacrifice 10Thespian1, March 2014ignore
American Gods: Gods missing in action 4Thespian1, March 2014ignore
American Gods: Gods in disguise 17Thespian1, March 2014ignore
American Gods: First impressions 47jjwilson61, March 2014ignore
Coming up next 1lorannen, March 2014ignore
American Gods: Is Shadow supposed to be an American God? 2lorannen, March 2014ignore
American Gods: Introduce Yourself 60benitastrnad, March 2014ignore
American Gods: What is belief? 9zjakkelien, March 2014ignore
American Gods: The forgotten god 2MrsLee, March 2014ignore
American Gods: Are we living in a material world? 1lorannen, March 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: Influence 6cpg, March 2014ignore
Reading Break : Jason and the Argonauts 1LucindaLibri, March 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: Discussion topics? 43LoisB, March 2014ignore
Standing group? 8_Zoe_, March 2014ignore
The Circle: Anonymity vs. Transparency 42reading_fox, March 2014ignore
The Circle: Characters 50lorannen, March 2014ignore
The Circle: Introduce Yourself! 95reading_fox, March 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: Favorite one-liners? 25dltucker, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: The Ending 19LenitaSheridan, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: It Doesn't Horrify Me 15Davros-10, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: Dorian = Faust? 3TheoClarke, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: First impressions 58Devanna, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: Homoerotic subtext 20LolaWalser, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: How does Dorian stack up against Wilde's other work? 5LenitaSheridan, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: hunting scene 3LolaWalser, February 2014ignore
Dorian Gray: Characters 6musecure, February 2014ignore

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