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Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together.

Simple rules: attack ideas, not people. Be honest. Let others be honest. Be a gracious guest. Try to learn something. Be informative. Don't jerk your knees. Assume that the people who disagree with you are intelligent, but they just need more information to be Truly Enlightened.

If you want to know how to do things like post pictures or links, see the Nuts and Bolts thread here. Feel free to contribute to that.

And have fun.

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The Gutting of the Affordable Care Act 91sturlington, Today 6:33pmignore
Best and worst: The media on science 25Tid, Today 6:25pmignore
Trump's Nominees 60Taphophile13, Today 4:43pmignore
Scandal Watch 116margd, Today 2:42pmignore
'Mansplaininig' feminism 33RickHarsch, Today 11:49amignore
Black in America, III 9southernbooklady, Today 10:39amignore
State of the Nation 86margd, Today 9:05amignore
"Information" in the Time of Trump 111margd, Today 8:45amignore
Given: That Donald Trump Is mentally Ill 143sturlington, Yesterday 5:17pmignore
The (further) Nazification of America 160sturlington, Yesterday 12:54pmignore
The Blame Thread II 126RickHarsch, Yesterday 12:29pmignore
Who Assassinated Olof Palme? 18RickHarsch, Yesterday 7:46amignore
Tell us again the one about Trump the peacemaker 85RickHarsch, Yesterday 7:42amignore
Statement from LibraryThing’s Employees on Trump’s Recent Executive Order -- Discussion 61RickHarsch, Wednesday 7:12pmignore
Because you can't fix stupid !!! Part deux 91rastaphrog, Wednesday 8:33amignore
Sacrificing biota for special interests 2margd, Tuesday 4:10pmignore
Humor from both sides of the aisle 52wonderY, Tuesday 11:59amignore
Making America Great part 2 84Tid, Tuesday 11:31amignore
"Too Fat" Part Two!... 153margd, Tuesday 9:40amignore
Trump's 60-day net approval rating 1Molly3028, Monday 3:09pmignore
Trump screws his base--#1 and counting 7Marissa_Doyle, Sunday 6:07pmignore
US Election Unleashes Bigots & Bullies 180margd, Sunday 7:03amignore
Guns for People on Terrorist Watch List 197LolaWalser, Friday 12:47pmignore
The GOP today 1Molly3028, March 16ignore
2020 138margd, March 16ignore
Breitbart Watch 522wonderY, March 15ignore
Anyone can grow up to be president! 1Molly3028, March 15ignore
Human rights abuses 19RickHarsch, March 15ignore
Whither Scotland, to what effect? 95reading_fox, March 15ignore
Argentina putting limits on immigration 109Carnophile, March 13ignore
Australia's Catholic church in crisis, Rome continues to decline 454johnthefireman, March 12ignore
Trump is going to lose, badly (Part 2) 264margd, March 12ignore
Post-Antibiotic Era—the Antibiotic Apocalypse--is Upon Us? 39margd, March 11ignore
Trump continuing Obama's dirty work in Yemen 9lriley, March 11ignore
Free speech. What is it ? 20RickHarsch, March 10ignore
If I did a tenth—a tenth—of what she did, I would be in jail today. LOCK HER UP! 113LolaWalser, March 10ignore
KellyAnne Conway 15RickHarsch, March 9ignore
Trump and gold prices 40DugsBooks, March 6ignore
Meltdown # 1 ~ 6 weeks down/202 to go! 3faceinbook, March 6ignore
Trump speech 2/28/17 to Congress 262wonderY, March 3ignore
Bill introduced to ban Howard Zinn books from Arkansas schools 11alco261, March 3ignore
Trump War on Science? 16margd, March 3ignore
"Surprise"! Yes, Virginia, our national electoral politics _are_ rigged! 2proximity1, February 24ignore
Study: Conservatives better looking than liberals 19DugsBooks, February 23ignore
Making America GREAT again! 212Tid, February 22ignore
Which allies has Trump insulted and alienated? 31sturlington, February 20ignore
Posting outside America 32johnthefireman, February 18ignore
Deportation of illegals by other presidents 2barney67, February 18ignore
What is Brexit? Part 2 140johnthefireman, February 15ignore
"She was warned... given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted" 38margd, February 13ignore
Article 58 : "Insanity" ( "NPD" ) as a political offense 1proximity1, February 13ignore
A meaningful democracy _is_ a "social compact" 15proximity1, February 13ignore
Quotations 132Kuiperdolin, February 13ignore
Syria: Refugees and Intervention 17barney67, February 7ignore
Trump's war on women 7margd, February 3ignore
Terrorist Attack in Nice, 84 Dead 40Carnophile, February 1ignore
Post-election hate incidents - True and False 60Limelite, January 31ignore
Inauguration boycott 88RickHarsch, January 26ignore
Trump's Inaugural Address 25proximity1, January 23ignore
Thumb in the eye from Apple 4davidgn, January 22ignore
With What Book Will You Resist/Boycott the Inauguration? 24davidgn, January 21ignore
ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US 14lriley, January 21ignore
Should we clone extinct humans? 94stellarexplorer, January 20ignore
The Blame Thread 533timspalding, January 19ignore
Trump Transition 1632wonderY, January 17ignore
Trump, or better or for worse, a rare chance to learn something about democracy's value 6DugsBooks, January 16ignore
On their fitness for the office of Pres. of the U.S. : Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. Donald John Trump 365proximity1, January 16ignore
Russia, the U.S. and elections 7proximity1, January 13ignore
So much for the predictive wizardry of Nate Silver and Five Thirty-Eight's "83% chance" of a Clinton victory 46proximity1, January 10ignore
Conservative socialism? 7lriley, January 9ignore
Was it white, rural, fundamentalist America to blame, all along? 88barney67, January 8ignore
Turkey and ISIS war? 101davidgn, January 8ignore
We lost, therefore we shall destroy 39barney67, January 6ignore
random events of habit so empire? Nixon anticipates Reagan. 2lriley, January 2ignore
North Carolina Can No Longer Be Considered a Democracy 43StormRaven, December 26, 2016ignore
ROOT PROBLEMS of American democracy (3) : "Sitting ducks" 5proximity1, December 2016ignore
Aspects of civility 39RickHarsch, December 2016ignore
Rex Tillerson spells trouble--and for the same reasons that Robert Rubin spelt trouble 2proximity1, December 2016ignore
Fidel Castro is dead 53RickHarsch, December 2016ignore
ROOT PROBLEMS in American politics (2): The computer-devasted "Patience Quotient": an existential threat to democracy 48proximity1, December 2016ignore
You will be assimilated 5timspalding, December 2016ignore
Record temperatures at North Pole 3RickHarsch, December 2016ignore
ROOT PROBLEMS in American politics : (4) Left Unchallenged :"The Dem. Party moved/is moving 'too far to the Left' " 32proximity1, December 2016ignore
Who said Romney was racist? 40StormRaven, December 2016ignore
ROOT PROBLEMS in American politics : (5) The Electoral college system is undemocratic 1proximity1, December 2016ignore
A box labelled "To be opened November 9th," signed, "from Pandora" -- 59proximity1, December 2016ignore
"Post-Truth" society : a fatuous 'meme' which telegraphy the idiotic arrogance of the self-satisfied 21Tid, November 2016ignore
First President to Settle a Multimillion Dollar Fraud Lawsuit 10faceinbook, November 2016ignore
Video of Bill Clinton groping a stewardess between her legs 34faceinbook, November 2016ignore
Define "racism", "racist," & then defend your view that Trump is "racist." 80jjwilson61, November 2016ignore
Ten Recommendations to understand What Happens and Why 1barney67, November 2016ignore
What's the Biggest Lesson You Learned from This Election? 102StormRaven, November 2016ignore
Calling All Trump Voters! 6lriley, November 2016ignore
Calling All Trump Voters! II: Dismantling the CFPB 2BruceCoulson, November 2016ignore
To Veterans 14alco261, November 2016ignore
"For the Record" (November 2016) 6proximity1, November 2016ignore
Electoral fraud 2016 71Carnophile, November 2016ignore
November 8, 2016 5Carnophile, November 2016ignore
Are you nervous? 101artturnerjr, November 2016ignore

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