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Pro and Con

Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together.

Simple rules: attack ideas, not people. Be honest. Let others be honest. Be a gracious guest. Try to learn something. Be informative. Don't jerk your knees. Assume that the people who disagree with you are intelligent, but they just need more information to be Truly Enlightened.

If you want to know how to do things like post pictures or links, see the Nuts and Bolts thread here. Feel free to contribute to that.

And have fun.

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The Kavanaugh circus 882wonderY, Today 3:27amignore
Stuff to ponder as Your World ™ continues to turn to Shit 14prosfilaes, Today 12:59amignore
Meet the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress 3rd district Illinois 17prosfilaes, Yesterday 9:09pmignore
Climate change issues, prevention, adaptation 3 91margd, Yesterday 9:03pmignore
Scandal Watch VI 119margd, Yesterday 3:49amignore
Sacrificing biota for special interests 41margd, Saturday 5:15amignore
#MeToo 74mamzel, Friday 4:07pmignore
NAFTA renegotiation (and other trade issues) #2 32margd, Friday 3:47pmignore
Aging while Female 3margd, Friday 1:26pmignore
How big of a federal deficit can the US afford? 25margd, Friday 6:06amignore
Mass Shootings...contd....of course (3) 126margd, Friday 5:31amignore
Black in America, III 862wonderY, Thursday 3:18pmignore
Finders keepers 1lriley, Thursday 10:44amignore
Campaign Slogans that Democrats Should Use 192wonderY, Thursday 8:42amignore
Gerrymandering and other voting rights issues 322wonderY, Wednesday 7:54amignore
Trump's Nominees & Hirees, contd. II 93margd, Tuesday 9:32amignore
Crafting Immigration Policy in America 122margd, Tuesday 5:54amignore
On Paul Manafort's flipping. 6DugsBooks, Monday 3:56pmignore
"Too Fat" Part Three!... 25margd, Monday 9:12amignore
Israel #2 10johnthefireman, Monday 2:51amignore
John McCain's tumor 96timspalding, Monday 2:12amignore
Whither Scotland, to what effect? 98margd, September 16ignore
Righteous Republicans 53lriley, September 16ignore
Hurricane Florence 19margd, September 16ignore
"Information" in the Time of Trump #3 72margd, September 15ignore
Big Pharma 28margd, September 14ignore
The Anonymous Neighbor 1barney67, September 13ignore
How the Irish are different from us 1barney67, September 13ignore
Russia: international moves, West responses, Putin's revenge & future 136margd, September 13ignore
"Take Back Amurika" with the Bundy Bunch 27prosfilaes, September 13ignore
Scott Pruitt's large and small sins 912wonderY, September 12ignore
Nix repeal--fix the Affordable Care Act? 82margd, September 12ignore
VP Michael Pence (He-who-would-be-king) 23johnthefireman, September 11ignore
Euro and Canadian politics 19margd, September 11ignore
Given: That Donald Trump Is mentally Ill # 3 78lriley, September 11ignore
Syria, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Kurds, Israel--war and refugees 4RickHarsch, September 10ignore
Syria: Was Trump right to attack Assad? 198lriley, September 10ignore
Trump the Nobel contender: North Korea 45margd, September 10ignore
2020, contd. (II) 88margd, September 7ignore
Quotations 2 11madpoet, September 5ignore
The Press, the Fourth Estate or Enemy of the People 3margd, September 5ignore
Wolffʻs [Fire and Fury]: Tragedy or Whistle-blowing? 152wonderY, September 5ignore
US Election Unleashes Bigots & Bullies (3) 142wonderY, September 4ignore
US Election Unleashes Bigots & Bullies (2) 1612wonderY, September 3ignore
Israel 188margd, September 3ignore
Now we depend on conservatives because Democrats are spineless suck-ups to corporate wealth and power 1proximity1, September 2ignore
The right wing and victimhood 13RickHarsch, September 2ignore
Immigration raids 18margd, September 1ignore
Trump screws his base--#1 and counting 118lriley, August 31ignore
Russia, the U.S. and elections 36proximity1, August 31ignore
Breitbart Watch 832wonderY, August 31ignore
professional journalism as purveyor of news has now morphed into pure propaganda 39proximity1, August 30ignore
Puerto Rico's territorial status 31margd, August 30ignore
Murmurs and rumblings of Civil War? 8margd, August 29ignore
Humor from both sides of the aisle 782wonderY, August 28ignore
Loony Left crapping their pants, Part 2 96proximity1, August 25ignore
Post-Irma Season: Jose, Maria, and Beyond (and politics thereof) 144RickHarsch, August 16ignore
Extinction countdown 17margd, August 16ignore
A leader peaking up about a very difficult topic... 110AsYouKnow_Bob, August 15ignore
The (further) Nazification of America, 2 34alco261, August 14ignore
Jumping Ship count 147margd, August 14ignore
NAFTA renegotiation 153margd, August 13ignore
Sanctions 11margd, August 13ignore
New York-27 6rastaphrog, August 12ignore
Apologia, bona fides, curriculum vitae? 37barney67, August 10ignore
People call Trump’s Court pick “racist”... before he makes it. 6Carnophile, August 9ignore
The Dem's "Russian Collusion" witch-hunt blows up in their faces & now reveals they were the ones colluding to defraud 132Carnophile, August 9ignore
Economic Equality Movement 50lriley, August 2ignore
Because you can't fix stupid !!! Part deux 95rastaphrog, August 1ignore
Speak Spanish, for crying out loud 4johnthefireman, August 1ignore
The new face of the Democratic (Socialist) Party 33prosfilaes, July 30ignore
Trump War on Science? 42prosfilaes, July 30ignore
The Sexual Harassment/Rape Party 55barney67, July 29ignore
Iran 3margd, July 28ignore
Sometimes it’s best to feed the trolls? 107margd, July 24ignore
Kennedy retiring from Supreme Court 34margd, July 22ignore
Supreme Court rules that Trump's travel ban is constitutional 34Kuiperdolin, July 16ignore
What is Brexit? Part 2 144margd, July 15ignore
Think of the Children 5pmackey, July 9ignore
Guide to Surviving an Authoritarian Regime (America's E European Friends) 7margd, July 9ignore
Nearly 40% of world's guns are in hands of US citizens 44rolandperkins, July 4ignore
Scandal Watch V 152margd, July 2ignore
No Shirt, No Shoes, or No Integrity - No Service 57madpoet, July 1ignore
MSNBC commentator calls Trump voters Nazis 88barney67, June 30ignore
Scarborough blames Hillary! 2pmackey, June 30ignore
America is waging two major wars 20johnthefireman, June 28ignore
2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey 94timspalding, June 28ignore
The Atlantic revisited 20johnthefireman, June 28ignore
Calling All Republicans! 155alco261, June 27ignore
It's Not Genocide When We Do It 30rolandperkins, June 27ignore
Excellent Pro and Con dream 10RickHarsch, June 26ignore
Drill Baby Drill! Spill Baby Spill! 114margd, June 22ignore
Social Security 16margd, June 22ignore
Tell us again the one about Trump the peacemaker 164margd, June 18ignore
Climate change issues, prevention, adaptation 2 1552wonderY, June 12ignore
Thin gruel : How dare he 'check out' like that?!? 6lriley, June 12ignore
Mass hysteria since the election 1barney67, June 12ignore
DeNiro wants to punch Trump 10RickHarsch, June 12ignore
No, the president cannot exercise his "pardoning" authority by applying it to himself-- 2lriley, June 10ignore

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