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Science Fiction Fans : April 2014 reading 58johnnyapollo, Today 6:00amignore
SF on TV 2014 {streaming also!} 14TLCrawford, Monday 3:18pmignore
SF Bookstores in Seattle? 1cosmicdolphin, Saturday 8:01pmignore
Writers of the Future 30th Anniversary Edition 2anglemark, April 8ignore
March 2014 reading 121artturnerjr, April 1ignore
The Sphere by Michael Crichton 16wifilibrarian, March 27ignore
Lucius Shepard 1947-2014 28dukedom_enough, March 23ignore
Post apocalyptic recommendations 134rgurskey, March 21ignore
Clarke Award shortlist posted 4andyl, March 20ignore
Google Glass precursors in SF 8paradoxosalpha, March 19ignore
Favourite SF book covers 83fuzzi, March 17ignore
My Debut Novel - The Celestial Hunt 2rdevikumar, March 15ignore
February 2014 reading 122johnnyapollo, March 13ignore
five hundred exoplanets - second stage 62stellarexplorer, March 12ignore
What's Your Favorite SF-Themed Music? 70elenchus, March 3ignore
'The Men Return' (again!). 14RobertDay, March 3ignore
Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie 29MartinWisse, March 1ignore
Probability Moon by Nancy Kress 4triciareads55, February 28ignore
Ender's Game movie 204DugsBooks, February 22ignore
Star Road - Costello/Hautala 1triciareads55, February 15ignore
Olaf Stapledon Question 11amysisson, February 14ignore
Interstellar themes in SF 28GeoKaras, February 13ignore
Interesting Web Pages, the new and improved 2013 version!!! 33lorax, February 12ignore
SF Movies in 2013.....discussions with spoilers 13Lynxear, February 10ignore
Advice on books by Frederik Pohl 22zjakkelien, February 9ignore
Best Science Fiction of 2013 28CBrachyrhynchos, February 6ignore
Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson 10triciareads55, February 6ignore
Free volume of stories by Campbell Award nominees 1TempleCat, February 3ignore
January 2014 reading 85brightcopy, February 2ignore
Anyone read Michael Bunker? 1pennwriter, February 1ignore
Does anyone like Piers Anthony? 63Kellswitch, January 28ignore
Brag: A Major Collection of Roger Zelazny Books 19fwbackus, January 28ignore
Submarines in speculative fiction 48Bryan_Romer, January 28ignore
Loncon 3 - This year's Worldcon 19anglemark, January 26ignore
Looking for specific book 3RobertDay, January 25ignore
Sci Fi readings for 2014 3Lynxear, January 25ignore
The Strain on TV 1trav, January 23ignore
Time travel story found by accident! 35Carnophile, January 17ignore
2013 PKD nominees announced 1AsYouKnow_Bob, January 11ignore
December 2013 Reading 122richardderus, December 2013ignore
The Culture group read 8kgodey, December 2013ignore
The SF Bargains Thread 7andyl, December 2013ignore
SF Movies in 2013.....Back to the Future {in prequels}? 185DugsBooks, December 2013ignore
Ensign Flandry series by Poul Anderson 15DugsBooks, December 2013ignore
November 2013 reading 86Petroglyph, December 2013ignore
Epic by Conor Kostick 2pwaites, November 2013ignore
What is Science Fiction? 632wonderY, November 2013ignore
Doris Lessing (1919–2013) 13paradoxosalpha, November 2013ignore
Looking for something interesting in Time Travel 69WildMaggie, November 2013ignore
Gaiman and Swanwick rarities 2RobertDay, November 2013ignore
Halloween SF 17RobertDay, November 2013ignore
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick 12triciareads55, November 2013ignore
Upcoming Book -- Disability in Science Fiction 28GwenH, November 2013ignore
October 2013 Reading 70richardderus, November 2013ignore
A question from a beginner of this group 24gilroy, October 2013ignore
Resistance if futile! All hail the Hypnotoad! SF on TV and streaming 2013 139whiten06, October 2013ignore
What would you recommend to new SF authors? 42marko_glusac, October 2013ignore
The Non-SF Reading Thread 63psybre, October 2013ignore
Human .4 by Mike A. Lancaster 2triciareads55, October 2013ignore
Tom Clancy died 17jmnlman, October 2013ignore
A Series Question for Charles Sheffield Fans 6TLCrawford, October 2013ignore
September 2013 Reading 103Lynxear, September 2013ignore
Online survey for a research study on LibraryThing and its role in communities 49adamworrall4, September 2013ignore
Now THIS is a Brag 2RobertDay, September 2013ignore
Limbo '90 16andyl, September 2013ignore
Gene Wolfe tribute anthology Shadows of the New Sun 5LamontCranston, September 2013ignore
Patricia Anthony 1947-2013 5ChrisRiesbeck, September 2013ignore
Anne Crispin has died 6rastaphrog, September 2013ignore
Insignia by S.J. Kincaid 1triciareads55, September 2013ignore
Gene Wolfe tribute anthology Shadows of the New Sun 1LamontCranston, September 2013ignore
Writers Month? 5majkia, September 2013ignore
Frederik Pohl 1919-2013 17Lynxear, September 2013ignore
WorldCon 2019 - Dublin, Ireland 11RobertDay, September 2013ignore
The voters have spoken 12amysisson, September 2013ignore
August 2013 Reading 70richardderus, September 2013ignore
Heads-up: Academic survey post coming soon 18adamworrall4, August 2013ignore
TOCs and covers for Dozois' Year's Best 1-29 3brightcopy, August 2013ignore
City architecture of aliens who can fly. 18HoldenCarver, August 2013ignore
Ray Bradbury Books-Cheap...August 10th Only! 6fuzzi, August 2013ignore
Red Mars 90guido47, August 2013ignore
Selling new and unread copy signed numbered copy of Fall of Hyperion from SubPress 1Goran, August 2013ignore
Sad news: Iain Banks Very Poorly 53AsYouKnow_Bob, August 2013ignore
true blood guide giveaway in august 3anglemark, August 2013ignore
July 2013 Reading 113guido47, August 2013ignore
Name that book, Female protagonist, AI, Robots evolving, Island, wealthy, eccentric man. 102Mas, July 2013ignore
Dystopia most relevant 55EnriqueFreeque, July 2013ignore
June 2013 Reading 79RBeffa, July 2013ignore
Dark science fiction for adults 26beniowa, July 2013ignore
Strong female leads? 102AlanPoulter, July 2013ignore
Visiting a place because you read about it. 45TLCrawford, July 2013ignore
Hugo nominations 23HoldenCarver, July 2013ignore
Richard Matheson (1926-2013) 6iansales, June 2013ignore
entry point for Neal Stephenson 34psybre, June 2013ignore
Last breakout novel? 17vwinsloe, June 2013ignore
Star Trek, Into Darkness discussion w/ spoilers 25BruceCoulson, June 2013ignore
What's up with the Campbell Awards 4anglemark, June 2013ignore
Sci-Fi Book Review Sites 4xitomatl, June 2013ignore
Remove this gruop's "join to post" requirement? 44dhtabor, June 2013ignore
May 2013 Reading 126pgmcc, June 2013ignore

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