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Librarians who LibraryThing

9,745 members

librarians, catalogers, archivists, students... or anyone else who wants to talk about metadata, tagging, FRBR, library 2.0, social software, cataloging, and, of course, LibraryThing!


1,438 members

For readers of popular (and not-so-popular) science books -- Anthropology to Zoology.

History: On learning from and writing history

758 members

Each written history has its own viewpoint, but which is correct and why? Is it the big men that make the big movements of history or the other way around? Are those who don't learn from history…

I Survived the Great Vowel Shift

1,137 members

A group for linguists, armchair linguists, would-be linguists, budding linguists, linguists-in-training, linguistic anthropologists, and/or anybody interested in the scientific study of languages.

Military History

657 members

A place to discuss books on military history and related topics.

History at 30,000 feet: The Big Picture

410 members

A place for discussing history in general. Why do you read history? What does it mean to you? How do you approach various interpretations of the past? What are the limits in trying to understand past…

American History

499 members

A group for those who dig American History. From colonial to Vietnam.


858 members

All language lovers are welcome.

Second World War History

433 members

Group for discussion of books on World War II. All facets of the conflict are fair game. The causes of the war, military strategy, social history, the Holocaust and outcomes.

American Civil War

413 members

For those studying the great American Civil War that tested whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. Welcome Rebels and Yankees, bluebellies and graybacks!…

Purely Programmers

796 members

A group for programmers, software developers and those interested in computer languages. Or just those who have books on the subject.


304 members

Mostly about books on the environment, ecology and sustainable living. But it is also about... antiglobalization, biocentrism, biodiversity, cultural imperialism, culture, david suzuki, deep ecology,…


461 members

For mathematicians, lovers of math, and hangers on.

Teachers who LibraryThing

393 members

For those wonderful educators who either teach young students just learning how to read or older students exploring more advanced genres. Let this be a group where we can give each other teaching…


260 members

For anyone interested in the discpline of psychology and psychotherapy (also counseling). Includes all disciplines within the field (applied, abnormal, social, bio, personality, transpersonal,…


217 members

For all fans of the most fundamental natural science!


126 members

For economists of all shapes: the Friedmanities, the Galbraithians, von Misesians, and the Keynesians.


124 members

Are you the only employee in a small, dusty shop, or are you one of many in a huge chain store? Do you find it to be a dangerous occupation, based on the number of books you bring home regularly?…

Build the Open Shelves Classification (Dormant)

592 members

I hereby invite you to join the Open Shelves Classification (OSC), a free, "humble," modern, open-source, crowd-sourced replacement for the Dewey Decimal System. Much of the work here is being done…

History Readers: Clio's (Pleasure?) Palace (Dormant)

179 members

Inspired by the Muse of History? Join us. For an initiation rite, how about each of suggest one recently read history title that we recommend to the rest?

Evolve! (Dormant)

339 members

For readers interested in natural history, evolution, biology, or any of the life-sciences. Visit and get ideas for titles that might educate or inspire, then come back to discuss or debate any…

Lingua Latina (Dormant)

295 members

For anyone who enjoys Latin, the language of the Romans, the western Church, and -- until recently -- academics of all stripes. This group also serves as the discussion forum for the translation of…

Philosophy of Science (Dormant)

252 members

For casual or serious readers of philosophy of science broadly construed. Potential subjects range from methodological works and problems (e.g. induction, explanation, confirmation), to…

Biblical History (Dormant)

244 members

Discuss historical Biblical research, Hebrew Bible, Gospels, Biblical Archaeology, etc. Manuscripts, textual analysis, Nag Hammadi, Book of J, Gilgamesh, etc. Books like "The Historical Jesus" by…

Archaeology (Dormant)

233 members

A place for arm-chair archaeologists ... although we'd be happy to welcome the field workers who actually have to deal with heat, dust, locals, and diminished access to cold beverages!

Astronomy & Astrophysics (Dormant)

197 members

For people who are interested in the universe, how it works and the books that explore it.

Medicine (Dormant)

158 members

A group for Librarything users with an interest in books pertaining to medicine and medical science. Potential members might include doctors, medical students, nurses and other health professionals…

Archivists on LibraryThing (Dormant)

164 members

A place for archivists on LibraryThing.

Ecology and the environment (Dormant)

161 members

Nature, natural history and ecology; practical environmental techniques, habitat management. What are your favourite books for identifying animals, plants, birds, insects, fungi, etc.? What are your…

Amateur Historians (Dormant)

145 members

History is not only a discipline to be carried out in formal academic circles. It is a discipline widely relevant to every day life and interesting to people of all sorts of different vocations. This…

Lawyers (Dormant)

140 members

A place for lawyers (in the widest possible sense), law students and anyone interested in law books, or books about the law or legal practice.

English majors! (Dormant)

139 members

Can't get enough discussion in your seminars? No one else understands the beauty of a particular device or turn of phrase? Come chat here!

Geology (Dormant)

111 members

This group is open to all that are interested in discussing anything and everything related to the study of solid earth or other solid bodies.

Native/First Nations Literatures & Studies (Dormant)

119 members

A group for Indigenous people and our allies interested in Native American/ American Indian/ First Nations/ Indigenous/ Pueblos Originarios/ Amérindiennes/ Aboriginal writings, literatures, and…

Treehuggers (Dormant)

91 members

For environmentalists and conservationists.

Social science (Dormant)

259 members

For those with specialist or professional interests in anthropology, demography, economics, linguistics, geography, political science, psychology, and/or sociology, as well as cognitive science,…

SCA (Dormant)

236 members

The Society for Creative Anachronism is dedicated to pre-17th-century research and re-creation of the arts and skills of Europe. Our "Known World" consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members…

the electronic services (From librarians point of view) (Dormant)

213 members

In the new world of e-services we talk in this groub about new developments in electronic services and how to delivery electronc services to user any time any place

Architext (Dormant)

147 members

For the architecturally interested. From text book to novel to manual to manifesto - all patterns of architecture writing welcome.

Cognitive Science (Dormant)

136 members

For all those interested in how minds and brains work. Potential topics of discussion range over issues in all the sub-disciplines of cognitive science: anthropology, computer science, linguistics,…

Teachers (Dormant)

96 members

For teachers of all stripes (elementary, high school, college, university).

Kingdom of Atlantia (Dormant)

90 members

This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia. Note: This group is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc or the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA Inc. It is…

Archaeologists (Dormant)

75 members

For everyone - whether you consider yourself an archaeologist or not - who reads the professional literature of archaeology: prehistoric, historical, classical, and all other kinds.

Booksellers who LibraryThing (Dormant)

60 members

Swimming in advanced copies you just know you'll get to soon. Unable to convince a customer that Daniel Handler really is Lemony Snicket. Adept at reading the spines of books from dozes of feet away.…

Sociologically Obsessed (Dormant)

47 members

For the sociology addict perpetually drawn to analyzing societies, social stuctures, and people. Share your social science book recommendations and make your case for the best sociology book of all…

Kingdom of Northshield (Dormant)

27 members

This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of Northshield. Note: This group is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc or the Kingdom of Northshield, SCA Inc.…

SCA Embroiderers and Needleworkers (Dormant)

19 members

This group is for those who study pre-1600 embroidery and needlework techniques in the SCA and in other living history groups. Please tag your books- SCA, pre-1600 embroidery or pre-1600 needlework…

ITCanon (Dormant)

5 members

As suggested by http://theotherthomasotter.wordpress.com/2006/11/14/a-new-canon-understanding-it/ this is a listing of the The best books to read in IT

SCA - Trinovantia Nova (Dormant)

4 members

Shire of Trinovantia Nova, Kingdom of Ealdormere - the Society for Creative Anachronism, (London/St. Thomas & Surrounding areas, Ontario)

Northshield Heralds (Dormant)

1 member

A place for Northshield's heralds to share their libraries so we can see who has what books.

Kingdom of Ansteorra (Dormant)

7 members

A group for members of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, a region of the Society of Creative Anachronism, a non-profit medieval re-creation group. Share the books you use in researching your participation.

Kingdom of AEthelmearc (Dormant)

5 members

This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Note: This group is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc or the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, SCA Inc.…

Barony of Calafia - SCA - (Dormant)

1 member

For members of the SCA in the Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid. Barony members and friends are invited to join. **unofficial group** Calafia is one of the founding baronies in Kingdom of Caid…


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