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Group tag: culture


The Green Dragon

3,976 members

Tolkien, Fantasy, SciFi, mythology - any and all books of wonder! Virtual ale & warm lively chat - join us in LibraryThing's best pub! This group is known as one of the busiest and most welcoming…

Name that Book

4,090 members

Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again. Start your book search by clicking on the Post a new topic option and... (1) Enter a helpful Subject…

Hogwarts Express

2,419 members

Welcome to the Hogwarts Express, where Harry Potter fans of all ages gather to discuss the series and, well, just about anything else! If you're joining us for the first time, welcome! We love…

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

4,128 members

For all of you who enjoy a good thriller, a mystery story, bloody or not :o) To share opinions and get to know new authors! I'm thinking James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark, Ruth Rendell, Ed McBain,…

BBC Radio 3 Listeners

2,682 members

Radio 3 is known as the BBC’s classical music station, but that description sells it short. It provides just over 2 million people with programming that still, in some way, connects with the BBC's…

Bug Collectors

900 members

This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.…

Pro and Con

424 members

Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together. Simple rules:…

Legacy Libraries

677 members

A group for those interested and involved in entering the personal libraries of famous readers into LibraryThing as Legacy Libraries. For discussions of the libraries of those still among the living,…

Let's Talk Religion

276 members

Feel free to discuss openly any topics related to religion and to agnostic and atheistic perspectives. All positions and topics are open. I would like to learn about religious issues, non Western…

Geeks who love the Classics

566 members

For those of us who like reading and discussing the classics.

Frequently Asked Questions

263 members

Frequently Asked Questions -- Ask, add and/or answer. This is an unofficial, informal group. For the Official FAQ, go here or click on the "About" tab. The FAQ is the 3rd link on the left hand side.

Baker Street and Beyond

434 members

For lovers of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, the various modern pastiches including Laurie King's Mary Russell series, and any offshoots thereof (such as Lord Peter Wimsey!).

Deep South

416 members

For those believe the literature of the American South is worthy of deep discussion, and also for any who are interested in spending some time with those who do, welcome. Attempts to define or…

Fifty States Fiction (or Nonfiction) Challenge

153 members

From sea to shining sea, from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans, white with foam, America offers something for everyone. Want to learn more about each state? This is the place to do it.…

Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts

365 members

For anyone interested in ancient and medieval manuscripts, the history of books and related subjects. Topics of interest include the Dead Sea scrolls, Egyptian papyri, Biblical manuscripts,…


142 members

Food is a magnet....It draws visitors to the kitchen, and readers to a book whether it is a cookbook with tremendous recipes, cozy mysteries with a talented cook, or a novel about a family eating in…

All Things New England

139 members

For those of us born, bred or live in the six US states which comprise "New England." And for those of you who are from "away" and love New England also.

Talk about LibraryThing

Standing group (no members)

General catch-all for LibraryThing related discussions

OZ VBB - The Australian Virtual Book Box

33 members

A Virtual Book Box for Australian Bookcrossing members. A list of available books can be found here (VBBOZ Books) and books that are in transit/owed are here (In Transit).

Other People's Libraries

84 members

The personal libraries of famous (or infamous) readers. This group is for The Living. Collections of books for readers who've passed to the library where there will be no late fees can be discussed…

New features

Standing group (no members)

This is a group for LibraryThing staff to announce and discuss new features and other improvements with members. Unlike every other group, we discourage starting new topics, unless you've actually…

Snooping through Shelves of Fictional Characters

26 members

Do you often wonder what the reading lists or libraries of certain fictional bookworms might be? Would you like to recommend books to your favorite or current-reading fictional characters (whether…

Author Chat

Standing group (no members)

Author Chat has scheduled discussions with authors. Each "chat" will be contained in one topic thread. So come up with your questions, and start asking! Authors who are interested in having their own…


10 members

A private group for our family members.

The Recipe Group

15 members

This is a group for everybody to share your favorite recipes, ask for recipes you're looking for, or post cultural recipes from other parts of the world. Suggested topics are by ingredient (such as…

Library Thing Friends!

5 members

It's were all of us can just chat with each other about anything! We can chat about homework and what answers we got, books (of course), and just any other topic you would like to bring up:) This…

The Biblio File podcast Hosted by Nigel Beale

3 members

The Biblio File is a podcast hosted by writer, broadcaster, bibliophile, Nigel Beale. Each program contains 20-60 minute interviews with accomplished authors, book collectors, booksellers,…

Robert Heinlein's Works

1 member

Discussion of the great author Robert Heinlein and books like "Past Through Tomorrow" and his extensive juvenile SF like "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel"

TLS 579-Dr. Leah Duran

1 member

This is an Annotated Bibliography about 25 amazing children's books that resembled with me during the semester in TLS 579.


1 member

Cambridgeshire Books

3 members

For people who like reading books about Cambridgeshire, or who write books about Cambridgeshire.

Oxford Humanists

1 member

Panther Book Reviews

1 member

Emerson Readers can share their book reviews here. See what others are reading and which books are the most popular.

Postcard Lovers

1 member

This is a group for all of us that love postcards! Let's exchange postcards and talk about them!

Soul Care Resource Centre Inc.

2 members

Welcome to Soul Care Resource Centre Library!

Cozy Mysteries

1 member

I would like to swap book titles of any cozy mysteries you have read and enjoyed. I just LOVE an awesome cozy mystery. Who doesn't?

Chronic Readers

1 member

A book discussion group focused on books that are of interest to people who are disabled by chronic illness or other conditions, including both physical and invisible disabilities. This group would…


1 member

Este grupo es esta conformado por los miembros del Comité de Tecnología de The Victoria School. También podran entrar a forma parte miembros de otros comités de tecnología de otros colegios…


13 members

Bücherliste der TE-M im Schuljahr 2013/2014.

Dark Warriors of the Night

1 member

For those who travels the Left Hand Path

Japanese Culture (Dormant)

761 members

For those who appreciate Japanese culture, arts, and language. If you'd like to swap information on books about Japan, please do! My own enthusiasms include the Way of Tea (a.k.a. Chanoyu or "tea…

999 Challenge (Dormant)

272 members

This group is to help you track your progress on the 999 challenge - 9 books in 9 different categories, all read in 2009. For an added challenge, try completing your books by 9/9/09! You pick the…

1010 Category Challenge (Dormant)

251 members

Welcome! This group is set up for those who want to read 10 categories in 2010. How many books you want to read in each category is ENTIRELY up to you. After a bit of discussion, some of us have…

Buddhism (Dormant)

347 members

This group is for people interested in enlightenment and the Buddhist tradition, whether they are seekers or long-time practitioners.

genderqueer (Dormant)

335 members

Gender and Sexuality.

Mystical & Spiritual (Dormant)

190 members

For any people who are interested in anything related to mystic, occult, esoteric like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry & other forms of Divination.

Hungarian - Magyar (Dormant)

144 members

Group for Hungarian users, those with Hungarian books, and anyone interested in Hungary, and Hungarian literature and culture. Magyar könyv, irodalom és kultúra csoportja.

DimSum Thing (Dormant)

74 members

For those who are, or who love, Chinese, or anything connected to Chinese - history, literature, cuisine, stories, people, or just Things... If your interests lie in Chinese, especially the Overseas…

I want to read that! (Dormant)

31 members

I wanted to create somewhere where I can keep a list of books that I hear about that I might be interested in reading. If you would like to join me, start a new thread with your name and start your…

Bibliomysteries (Dormant)

55 members

Collector or Avid Reader? Both? Great! What is a Bibliomystery? Read a good one lately? Do share...

Bohemia (Dormant)

44 members

For bohemians of the past, present, and future! This group is about discussing bohemian writers throughout history, as well as a community for those of us keeping the bohemian ethos alive today. We…

The SF&F Book Chat (Dormant)

17 members

The SF&F Book Chat have a meet-up in Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge in Dublin, Ireland on Thursdays at 6:15pm. A new book is discussed each week. No commitment to read all the books is necessary:…

Charity/Thrift Shop & Library Purchases (Dormant)

29 members

Charity/thrift shops and library sales are a great place to find books at a very reasonable price. This group is for anyone who would like to tell us what you find in your local charity/thrift shops…

technoculture (Dormant)

84 members

For readers who are interested in the social impact of technology. How are new information and communications technologies changing the way we live? The way we think? (It's a hard-to-define category,…

Francophiles (Dormant)

88 members

For those who appreciate French culture, food, arts, places, and language. If you'd like to swap information on books about France, please do!

Slipstream (Dormant)

70 members

A place to discuss the category of fiction termed 'slipstream' by SF author Bruce Sterling, a kind of fiction that makes you feel very strange. See slipstream tag info. See Sterling's and Person's…

1010-uitdaging (Dormant)

15 members

Welkom! Deze groep heb ik opgericht voor Nederlandstalige deelnemers aan de 1010-challenge. Ik vond het namelijk bij de 999-uitdaging erg prettig om mijn boeken ook in het Nederlands te kunnen…

Zhongwen Ban 中文版 (Dormant)

50 members

Books for students of Chinese -- testing the linguistic capabilities of LibraryThing! Chinese language learning is not just about textbooks -- it naturally opens up other questions about culture,…

Experimental Film and Video (Dormant)

63 members

For lovers of experimental cinema, underground film, video art, and other creatives uses of the moving image.

37 oldies in 2011 challenge (Dormant)

11 members

A group for all of us who buy more books than we have time to read. This is a challenge to read 37 books of those you already own. " I hereby promise to read 37 of all those books I already own and…

DataLounge (Dormant)

42 members

LibraryThing's celebration of 10 Years of Gay Gossip, Politics, Pointless Bitchery, and Book Loving.

Stone-Campbell / Restoration Movement (Dormant)

33 members

A group for individuals interested in the various topics and literature of the Stone-Campbell religious heritage, or the American "Restoration Movement" (Disciples of Christ, Christian Church, and…

Book Discussion - Plague Ship by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul (Dormant)

3 members

This is the group for the book discussion by the Mystery and Suspense Group of Plague Ship by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Beul, which is the fifth book in The Oregon Files Series. All are welcome to…

Get Organized (Dormant)

19 members

Clutter? Chaos? Home a mess? Join this informal group as we read and discuss home and life organizing books -- fiction, non-fiction, and how-to.

Harlem Renaissance (Dormant)

24 members

This is a group for those who are interested in the literary and cultural movment known as the Harlem Renaissance, circa 1920-30; in particular writers, artists, thinkers, and musicians from the HR;…

CC China (Dormant)

4 members

Contemporary Communist China For anyone interested to discuss contemporary¹ communist China, it is inspired by Chinapol without knowing much about it, a design for the group is to *not* stir shit to…

Montana Book Lovers (Dormant)

15 members

A group for book lovers in or from Montana. Talk about favorite reads, favorite bookstores, libraries and book sales.

Bibliophiles of Oklahoma (Dormant)

16 members

Looking for a book collectors’ society in the Oklahoma City metro area? Meet like minded collectors, rare book librarians, museum curators, printers, typophiles, Ex Libris lovers, and booksellers…

StormClan (Dormant)

6 members

I Invented A Clan Called StormClan, When SkyClan Was Exiled Stormthunder Decided To Spit The Clan And StormClan Survived While SkyClan Shattered...

The Rebellion book Club (Dormant)

9 members

Anyone can join who likes books that confront convention , challenge tradition and rip apart established norms ..................Writers like Huxley, Timothy Leary, Brett Easton Ellis, Sartre Camus ,…

Lone Star LibraryThing'rs (Dormant)

6 members

Just a place for LibraryThing'rs in the Lone Star State to talk about their libraries, and whatever ...


9 members

open to all who either write of their experiences in those mad years or who "were there" and for whom our works bring back memories,as well as those just interested in those days. Jocks, nerds,acid…

Psichologinė literatūra mėgėjams (Dormant)

9 members

Ši grupė skirta skaitytojams, mėgstantiems psichologinę literatūrą. Nebūsime profesionaliais psichologais, tačiau domėtis apie save, savo vaikus visada smagu. Rekomenduokime, aptarkime…

fiber arts book swap (Dormant)

7 members

1st thing to do is to create a book swap library and be willing to maintain it, then join. 2nd thing is to be good about answering requests for exchange. 3rd thing is to be righteous in your…

New to Paranormal Romance (Dormant)

5 members

This is for people who recently discovered the Paranomal romance books and series. Feel free to recommend books, authors etc.

Doctor Who (Dormant)

4 members

This is for everyone who is a fan of doctor who!

Fantasy Books (Dormant)

4 members

A group created for those who love fantasy books.....Mermaids, fairies, dragons, wizards, vampires, werewolves, elves....you name it!

Rare Books, Documents, Maps, and Ephemera (Dormant)

3 members

This group provides a forum to share stories and have discussions from Booksellers and Collectors of Rare Books, Documents, Maps, and Ephemera.

250 books for 2013 (Dormant)

3 members

For hardcore readers who want a challenge. Start January 1st and read 250 books in 2013. Keep track weekly or monthly as you wish.

Satire (Dormant)

3 members

Would like recommendations for satirical novels.

If You Like Then You Will Love (Dormant)

3 members

This is a group for people to make and find recommendations based on similar books and authors.

wunschliste frauen_bibliothek basel-stadt (Dormant)

1 member

buecherwunschliste der frauen_bibliothek basel-stadt. frauen_bibliothek basl im quartiertreff kleinhueningen kleinhueningerstr. 205 4057 basel http://feministbibliobs.tumblr.com/…

Nordisk LT-hjelp (Dormant)

2 members

Gruppen er satt opp for å se behovet for en gruppe hvor vi i Norden kan hjelpe hinannen med oppsett og bruk av Librarything. Der kan skrives dansk, svensk eller norsk i denne gruppe!

happy peole WITH WACKY STUFF (Dormant)

3 members


North Canterbury Book Club (Dormant)

2 members

Book lovers, conversation lovers, wine lovers living in the beautiful region of North Canterbuy, New Zealand.

Freemasonry Bookclub in Toronto (Dormant)

1 member

This group is created by a Toronto-based Freemason who facilitates a book club & discussion group on topics relating to Freemasonry. Part public out reach and part community of people who enjoy a…

Friends of EVN Reading Circle (Dormant)

1 member

Hello fellow students of EVN Studios! The Great Teacher is always pushing us to read so let's share and talk about what we're reading and encourage each other. Each book should have only one topic…

Teabaggers and Bushitters (Dormant)

1 member

Challenges for blogs (Dormant)

1 member

Mainly this is where challenges that can be posted on blogs are at. When posting, write the topic first (eg: Personal, Thinking etc) then the title of the challenge. Post your challenges and be…

Neuroscience (Dormant)

1 member

Books on the brain, especially since 1990.

Great books (Dormant)

1 member

So many books. So little time. "Don't just read good books. Read only the best,"

Gnostic Readers (Dormant)

4 members

This group is for those walking the path of Gnosis. Whether Christian, Hermetic, Pagan, etc., if you are interested in Gnosticism and Gnostic works, this is the place for you. Peace to you and your…

L3LM (Dormant)

1 member

Groupe des étudiants en L3 de Lettres Modernes de l'Université de Nantes

Ever After High (Dormant)

1 member

A group to talk about Ever After High. Please say if your post contains spoilers.

Book Club!!! (Dormant)

2 members

This group is for discussions on books, a different book will be read each month. You can discuss the book all month, but do warn people if your discussion has SPOILERS!!!! Different members can…

Queer People of Color (Dormant)

7 members

a space for queer people of color on librarything

Dsyfunctional childhood (Dormant)

1 member

To discuss the trauma that so many people have experienced

Houses of Suspense: Gothic novels and Romantic Suspense (Dormant)

2 members

Gothic horror novels have been around since the writing of the 1763 novel The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole, but with the addition of romance, stories such as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and…

BP oil spill (Dormant)

1 member

This may seem to be OT but there are already several books being written about it, some which will soon be in the bookstores.

Friends of Gladesville Library FOGL (Dormant)

1 member

We are a group of supporters of Gladesville Library part of Ryde Hunters-Hill Library Services. See our blogspot below---

Traditionalists and Reactionaries (Dormant)

2 members

A group for the reactionary, neophyte or seasoned. A modern primer: https://www.amazon.com/Reactionary-Mind-Conservatism-Edmund-Burke/dp/0199959110

Hunter S Thompson (Dormant)

9 members

Hunter Stockton Thompson (July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005) was an American journalist and author. He is credited as the creator of Gonzo journalism, a style of reporting in which the reporters…

CWU EDLM 436/536 - Summer 2017 (Dormant)

7 members

Sentences and Style (Dormant)

3 members

This group studies and discusses great sentences. We try to define what makes a sentence good, just how the choice of words and their placement promote or enhance the thought expressed, just how…

Christian Discipleship (Dormant)

3 members

A place for those who desire to read, learn, and discuss biblical discipleship, for the purpose of cultivating a true understanding of knowing God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sagan Libri (Dormant)

1 member

Group for people who like reading Carl Sagan books.

Children's Literature: Birth through Grade 6 (Dormant)

1 member

This group is created for Graduate "Reading and Literature" Class in 2014

Wando Reads (Dormant)

1 member

Wando students and teachers who would like to read Young Adult books

Copyright law : A Modern Disgrace (Dormant)

0 members

Forget Bleak House. Copyright law is now one of the so-called civilized world's most enduring monuments to legal power run amok. Example: eighty years after the death of A. Conan Doyle, the rights…

Children Love Reading (Dormant)

1 member

â��There are many little ways to enlarge your world. Love of books is the best of allâ�� -Jacqueline Kennedy. Reading in todayâ��s world is a necessity. To love reading is a gift, that…

Starry Wisdom (Dormant)

1 member

For anyone interested in the theory and practice of astrological magic and daemonic astrology, from Antiquity to the close of the Renaissance.

Three Rivers Bioneers (Dormant)

4 members

This a forum to share media resources relevant to solutions at the crossroads of ecological restoration and social justice. Feel free to join and share your inspirations.

And we Recommend... (Dormant)

0 members

This group is all about making recommendations to other members. There is no specific genre required just list a book you would highly recommend. If you read a book thats recommended respond and tell…

The Nerdfighting Book Club (...in your pants) (Dormant)

2 members

A group for connecting Nerdfighters on LibraryThing. Share your favorite books and let us know what you are reading. Stay in touch to see what nerdfighter challenges are running!

Arkham House (Dormant)

3 members

A prospective new group dedicated to the Publisher Arkham House of Sauk City, Wisconsin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkham_House With particular focus upon the 'Lovecraft Circle'; HP Lovecraft,…

Storytellers (Dormant)

4 members

A group for storytellers, and storytellers' organisations.

gamer books (Dormant)

1 member

any book fan of books based on video games or has video games as a key element

Trans* Inter* Queer (Dormant)

3 members

Adding the I to LGBT

Great Sea Stories (Dormant)

0 members

Anyone who is fascinated by, has been to sea or dreamt of going to sea will enjoy this resource group. Please recommend authors who've written sea stories or books. That includes naval or war battles…

Quilters (Dormant)

1 member

Those who love to quilt and read quilting books. Jelly rolls, charms, layer cakes, and fabric, fabric, fabric!! To finger, handle, drool over and adore. Come one, come all to the transcendent world…

Cultural Studies (Dormant)

1 member

The Cultural Studies Bookshelf of Leuven University

Which do you think are the most influential novels ever written? (Dormant)

1 member

Of course, a novel doesn't have to be influential to be great. However, some have had great influence. e.g. "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

R-Squared Conference (Dormant)

1 member

Faced with diminishing budgets, new technologies and changing customer needs, the traditional library faces extinction. We must adapt and innovate to transform from a quiet storehouse of books to a…

The Bulgarian Book Club (Dormant)

1 member

Geschiedenis van Europa (Dormant)

1 member

Over de geschiedenis van Europese naties, culturen en tradities

Mandurah Dharma Share Library (Dormant)

2 members

A peer share local library pool for Buddhist practioners and lay-Buddhist students to share the Dharma (i.e. The Buddha's teachings, Wisdom Teachings of great teachers). Including subjects of…

Türk Okuyucular (Dormant)

5 members

Türk okuyucular için LibraryThing grubu. Kitaplar hakkında fikir alış verişi yaparken, Türkçe yayınların düzenlenmesine de yardımda bulunabileceğiniz bir grup.

NL People to People Library (Dormant)

7 members

This group was created to help facilitating sharing and communication between the members of the People-to-People Library: A library of books belonging to people in Newfoundland and Labrador, to be…


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