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Group tag: history


Ancient History

2,062 members

Group for talking about ancient history, particularly Greek and Roman, but also including that of other ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern peoples.

Historical Fiction

4,075 members

For those that love to delve into the past and get lost in a saga about a past era.

Medieval Europe

1,450 members

A group for those with an interest in medieval history, art, music, literature, philosophy, theology, language, warfare - in short, any aspect of medieval culture.

History at 30,000 feet: The Big Picture

433 members

A place for discussing history in general. Why do you read history? What does it mean to you? How do you approach various interpretations of the past? What are the limits in trying to understand past…

Non-Fiction Readers

3,317 members

Devoted to those who enjoy reading non-fiction, even when they don't have to.

History Fans

718 members

For all you self-proclaimed historians and history-buffs out there, who don't necessarily like or read historical fiction. Want to get a new book, not sure if the author was accurate or it's worth…

Military History

695 members

A place to discuss books on military history and related topics.

American History

542 members

A group for those who dig American History. From colonial to Vietnam.

Le Salon Littéraire du Peuple pour le Peuple

350 members

I Survived the Great Vowel Shift

1,157 members

A group for linguists, armchair linguists, would-be linguists, budding linguists, linguists-in-training, linguistic anthropologists, and/or anybody interested in the scientific study of languages.

Legacy Libraries

702 members

A group for those interested and involved in entering the personal libraries of famous readers into LibraryThing as Legacy Libraries. For discussions of the libraries of those still among the living,…

Second World War History

460 members

Group for discussion of books on World War II. All facets of the conflict are fair game. The causes of the war, military strategy, social history, the Holocaust and outcomes.

The Prizes

389 members

Pulitzer, Booker, Nobel, Orange, PEN-Faulkner, Booker International, Whitbread, Hugo, Edgar, Nebula, etc. A place to discuss the merits and failures of the choices made for literary prizes and…

Reading Through Time

156 members

Come and jump through history with us. This is a group for anyone who loves to read about history. We have monthly themes chosen and hosted by our members as well as a separate quarterly time period…

US Presidents Challenge (USPC)

138 members

Reading about all the former presidents will show what has lead up to the historical events that are being made in 2009. My sister and I are both members here and have an interest in history. We…

Ancient Egypt

167 members

For lovers of things to do with Ancient Egypt, specifically (Hieroglyphs, etc).

Readers Over Sixty

114 members

Any member who wants to talk about books, people, events that happened that long ago. What were you reading 50+ years ago? In elementary school? In high school? In college and/or while you did other…

Maps and Atlases

194 members

For those of us interested in maps, atlases, and books about cartography.

Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts

393 members

For anyone interested in ancient and medieval manuscripts, the history of books and related subjects. Topics of interest include the Dead Sea scrolls, Egyptian papyri, Biblical manuscripts,…


169 members

A group for those interested in the history, culture, religion, art, science, economics and politics of Byzantium and the Byzantine Empire. Common Tags: Byzantium, Byzantine, Constantinople Other Key…


242 members

A place for arm-chair archaeologists ... although we'd be happy to welcome the field workers who actually have to deal with heat, dust, locals, and diminished access to cold beverages!

Arthurian Legends

232 members

For those who dig Arthurian texts and novels. Discuss King Arthur, Camelot, the Knights, Avalon, etc.

Faith and Reason

179 members

Here's a place to discuss the history of theology and science. Augustine, to Galileo, to Voltaire, to Papal Encyclicals. Biblical textual analysis, historical viewpoints on natural phenomena,…

Librarything Railroad (The LTR)

78 members

All Aboard! This group is for the discussion of trains, railroads and railways, their equipment, function, books about railroad (and railways), railroads and railways from books, movies, and TV…

The Turk's Head

45 members

Samuel Johnson and his circle met there regularly and called themselves the Club. Walter Jackson Bate described it as 'the most remarkable assemblage of diverse talents that has ever met so…


40 members

Founded in 1748 (according to the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue), this ultra-secret society has finally resurfaced to reclaim our proper position in high society! Huzzah!

Roman and Dark Ages Britain

30 members

For discussion of the history and archaeology of Roman and "Dark Ages" Britain, and of historical fiction set in that period. Authors are allowed to mention and discuss their own books as long as (1)…

Kingdom of Atlantia

90 members

This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of Atlantia. Note: This group is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc or the Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA Inc. It is…

Church History

40 members

A group that shares its best reading on church history

World War One History

66 members

A group for the discussion of books about World War One. War memoirs, battles, strategy, tactics, biographies, war reasons, the peace conference, the home fronts, the wars in central and eastern…

Institute for the American Founding

27 members

A group for anyone interested in the roots, principles, men, and any other topics related to the American Founding. I define that as from 1763 (end of the French and Indian War) to 1799 (G.…

African Literature, History and Politics

14 members

A group for those with an interest in reading about all aspects of Africa.

Bryn Gwlad

14 members

Libraries of the people of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.


9 members

This library is for the study group, GenBuds, whose purpose is to support, learn, and share with others our family histories and research techniques, successes and challenges. It is by invitation…

History: On learning from and writing history (Dormant)

776 members

Each written history has its own viewpoint, but which is correct and why? Is it the big men that make the big movements of history or the other way around? Are those who don't learn from history…

American Civil War (Dormant)

443 members

For those studying the great American Civil War that tested whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. Welcome Rebels and Yankees, bluebellies and graybacks!…

Ancient China (Dormant)

184 members

All things Chinese before about 1000 years ago

History Readers: Clio's (Pleasure?) Palace (Dormant)

179 members

Inspired by the Muse of History? Join us. For an initiation rite, how about each of suggest one recently read history title that we recommend to the rest?

18th-19th Century Britain (Dormant)

464 members

A group for readers who enjoy British history set during the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly the Georgian and Regency eras.

Biblical History (Dormant)

254 members

Discuss historical Biblical research, Hebrew Bible, Gospels, Biblical Archaeology, etc. Manuscripts, textual analysis, Nag Hammadi, Book of J, Gilgamesh, etc. Books like "The Historical Jesus" by…

American Revolution & Founding Fathers History (Dormant)

241 members

American Revolution & Founding Fathers History

Elizabethan England (Dormant)

196 members

For those who are interested in the history and culture of Elizabethan England.

World History (Dormant)

121 members

A group for people who are interested in a wide spectrum of world history from the earliest civilizations to the present.

GLBT History (Dormant)

190 members

From Sappho to ACT UP and after.

Evolve! (Dormant)

338 members

For readers interested in natural history, evolution, biology, or any of the life-sciences. Visit and get ideas for titles that might educate or inspire, then come back to discuss or debate any…

Steampunk (Dormant)

340 members

This is a group dedicated to exploring all things "steampunk". From Jules Verne to "The Difference Engine" to various roleplaying games, if you're interested in any variation on the steampunk theme,…

Radical History (Dormant)

291 members

Scholars, students, and enthusiasts of the history of radical and popular movements: Black Panthers, anarchism, labor history, Wobblies, Marxism, Communism, etc.

Amateur Historians (Dormant)

142 members

History is not only a discipline to be carried out in formal academic circles. It is a discipline widely relevant to every day life and interesting to people of all sorts of different vocations. This…

Homer, the Trojan war, and pre-classical Greece (Dormant)

139 members

A group for anyone interested in what historical reality may lie behind the legend of the Trojan war, in how and over what period the Iliad and the Odyssey were composed, and anyone interested in the…

Food History (Dormant)

239 members

How many cookbooks do you have? How many centuries do they span? This group is for people interested in culinary history, from theoretical discussions to hands on recipies and redactions.

All Books Africa (Dormant)

201 members

A group for people that like to read about Africa. Fiction, travel, history, or other material centered on Africa, from Egypt to South Africa, Senegal to Kenya

Naval History and Fiction (Dormant)

165 members

A group for those with an interest in naval history, naval fiction and tales of sailing.

World Religions (Dormant)

146 members

A group for those interested in the study of religion globally, primarily with a historical perspective. Included would be early ritual evidence from Neolithic Peoples, tribal ceremonies, Aboriginal…

English History - Tudor through Edwardian (Dormant)

189 members

The cast of characters is so fascinating and the books so entertaining, I feel there is no need to read historical fiction in this genre! I got started years ago with Antonia Frasier's Mary Queen of…

Texas History (Dormant)

59 members

For everyone interested in Texas history.

Richard III (Dormant)

109 members

For those who study the life and times of King Richard III, last of the medieval English kings (2 October 1452 – 22 August 1485); he was King of England from 1483 until his death at the Battle of…

Aerial Warfare (Dormant)

85 members

Book and general discussion about air combat, from Eindeckers to Raptors, Zeppelins to Spirits; fiction and non-fiction.

Marxist & Socialist (Dormant)

86 members

A group to gather together those who want to discuss Marxist and/or socialist topics and hopefully also discuss different Marxist/socialist literature.

DimSum Thing (Dormant)

73 members

For those who are, or who love, Chinese, or anything connected to Chinese - history, literature, cuisine, stories, people, or just Things... If your interests lie in Chinese, especially the Overseas…

Commodity Histories & Micro-Histories (Dormant)

36 members

Did you like reading about Cod, Oyster, Salt, Diamond, Coal, and maybe even Opium? If you're really addicted to those one-word titles that delve deeply into a single esoteric subject, this is the…

Abraham Lincoln & Lincolniana (Dormant)

71 members

This is the place for readers who enjoy the study of Abraham Lincoln and the era in which he lived. NOT just the Civil War - though that's ok too - true Lincoln devotees are interested in every facet…

Jewish History (Dormant)

80 members

From biblical history to the arab-Israeli conflict and everything in between. Recommendations and discussions welcome.

Knights Galore (Dormant)

62 members

Discussions about books that are about, or have anything to do with knights. As long as there's some form of knight-yes, even Jedi knight-we'll have a message board for it!

SCA (Dormant)

249 members

The Society for Creative Anachronism is dedicated to pre-17th-century research and re-creation of the arts and skills of Europe. Our "Known World" consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members…

Indigenous Peoples (Dormant)

22 members

We read and discuss books about indigenous peoples (First Nations, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Pacific Islanders, Maori people, Indigenous Australians, and all these folks). Fiction,…

Reformation Historians (Dormant)

81 members

For those interested in Reformation history (English and European)

Medieval Warfare (Dormant)

40 members

Group dedicated to those who enjoy the study of how war was waged between 1000 A.D. to 1550. Should include (but not exculsive to) theory, strategy, battle study, technical aspects, arms and armour,…

Spanish Civil War (Dormant)

39 members

Spain, now and in the past.

Alexander the Great (Dormant)

54 members

Books and talk about Alexander of Macedon, the most important figure of ancient history... dammit.

Judaica (Dormant)

109 members

Collectors of Jewish-themed/Judaica books.

The Winston Churchill Discussion Group (Dormant)

30 members

A group dedicated to the discussion of Winston Churchill: The man, his life, his politics, his books, his impact on world history; infact, anything at least remotely connected with Sir Winston is…

Medieval manuscripts (Dormant)

99 members

Books about medieval mansucripts: new books, recommended older ones, ones to avoid, ones to re-read ...

Reading the World (Dormant)

22 members

This is a group for those of us who want to explore the world through non-fiction; history, biography, natural history, as long as it isn't fiction it's fair game! (See the active Reading Globally…

From Avalon to Tir Na Nog (Dormant)

79 members

This group is to discuss "the matter of Britain" -Arthurian literature and Celtic mythology in both fiction and non-fiction formats. From the well-known The Mists of Avalon to the lesser-known The…

Historical Biography (Dormant)

36 members

For those of us who love reading about other, dead, people's lives.

Mahābhārata Anyone? (Dormant)

17 members

For those interested in reading the [Mahābhārata] and exploring the vast array of secondary material on the work (including, but not limited to, discussions of best translations, shorter versions…

Book History / Histoire du Livre (Dormant)

56 members

You'd pick Robert Darnton, Nicolas Barker, and Roger Chartier for your fantasy baseball team? You can fold your own quires and operate an iron handpress? You lie awake at night thinking about…

Annus mirabilis (Dormant)

25 members

1666 and all that: Pepys, Newton, Dryden, Wren, Charles II, the Restoration, Restoration Theater, the Great Fire... By extension, the 17th century in general.

Edward De Vere and The Shakespeare Authorship Mystery (Dormant)

13 members

A group to share research, theories and maybe books about the Authorship of the Shakespeare plays. Focus on Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

The Scepter'd Isle, medieval history of England, 500 to 1500 AD (Dormant)

59 members

From the Fall of the Roman Empire to the 17th century. The everlasting effect of British history on the rest of the world.

History of Science/Technology/Medicine (Dormant)

56 members

A group for those who want to discuss issues in the field of HSTM studies, especially current and classic works in this burgeoning field.

Hellas (Dormant)

41 members

A group for people who like the literature and language of Ancient Greece. Tragedy, epic, linguistics, everything is up for discussion.

Druidry (Dormant)

43 members

For those interested in Druidry, Druidism and the historical Druids, Celtic mythology, culture and metaphysics...

Norse (Dormant)

49 members

A group for people who like reading Norse mythology, history, fiction, whatever!

The People of World War II (Dormant)

47 members

Group for those interested in books about the people of world war II and the History of what life was like at that time. People who were in concentration camps. People who were part of the…

Late Roman (Dormant)

32 members

Hundred Years War (Dormant)

17 members

For those interested in books and things to do with the Hundred Years War period of Anglo-French History

Social history (Dormant)

35 members

A group for readers who are less interested in the dates, kings, wars etc, and more interested in how granny did her washing, what life was like for prisoners etc. Mainly applicable to non-fiction…

Bibliophiles of the Kingdom of Northshield (Dormant)

30 members

This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of Northshield. Note: This group is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc or the Kingdom of Northshield, SCA Inc.…

Holocaust and genocide (Dormant)

26 members

For all books and discussions about the Holocaust, other past or ongoing genocides and gross human rights violations. This is a group (as one of our members said)a group to promote the triumphant…

Modernist elusions: madeleines for Sweeney (Dormant)

35 members

Modernism, Imagism, Symbolism, Bolshevism, Realism, Futurism, Surrealism, Objectivism and a host of other "movements" in the arts and literature defined the first half of the twentieth century as a…

Presidential Literature (Dormant)

33 members

Examines, analyzes, and discusses presidental autobiographies, biographies, historical and other writings by and about presidents.

History of technology (Dormant)

35 members

This group is for historians of technology and the books they read. Tag books with "history of technology"

Gnosticism (Dormant)

29 members

This group is for students of modern and classical Gnosticism. Interests may range from historical, to philosophical, to religious. If you have a passion for Gnostic thought, be it ancient or modern,…

New Model Army (Dormant)

17 members

Godly, Seekers, Ranters, Quakers, General Baptists, Particular Baptists, Fifth Monarchy Men, even Muggletonians, Agitators, Levellers, Diggers, Bunyan, Milton, Ireton, Rainsborough, Winstanley,…

Norse sagas (Dormant)

36 members

If you love Icelandic and other norse sagas, join up!

French Revolution Lit (Dormant)

14 members

Open to fans of the French Revolution in history and fiction. Want to talk about a terrific historical novel or nonfiction history book on the period? Share thoughts? Make suggestions? See who has…

SCA Embroiderers and Needleworkers (Dormant)

19 members

This group is for those who study pre-1600 embroidery and needlework techniques in the SCA and in other living history groups. Please tag your books- SCA, pre-1600 embroidery or pre-1600 needlework…

Medieval Philosophy (Dormant)

17 members

This is a group for anyone working on medieval philosophy.

Knights Templar (Dormant)

22 members

A group for those interested in the history and legends of the Knights Templar.

Central/Eastern European History (Dormant)

22 members

For people who care about Central/Eastern European history. A place to discuss books on the area, or even authors from the area. I felt the need for this group given the fact that most people don't…

History, Revised (Dormant)

9 members

Dedicated to picking out long-standing errors, confusions, mysteries, and controversies; revisionist histories. A place to discuss Richard III; the historical Arthur; Shakespeare; historical Jesus;…

Black Theology & Religious Studies (Dormant)

22 members

If you've got some good titles or want to know more about Black Theology & Religious Studies, join up! (Cornel West, James Cone, Albert Raboteau, Gayraude Wilmore, Delores Williams, Deotis Roberts,…

Voices of the People's History (Dormant)

11 members

A group for people who are Howard Zinn fans and fans of history from the perspective of everyday people rather than rulers, leaders, presidents, big wigs, "The Man," or others in powerful positions…

Syriac: ܠܫܢܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ (Dormant)

25 members

A discussion group for any interested in Syriac language, literature and history, whether you read Syriac, are learning or are just interested.

Harlem Renaissance (Dormant)

24 members

This is a group for those who are interested in the literary and cultural movment known as the Harlem Renaissance, circa 1920-30; in particular writers, artists, thinkers, and musicians from the HR;…

Naval warfare (Dormant)

24 members

Eighteenth and nineteenth century naval warfare is the group's main topic. Aubrey-Maturin, Lord Horatio Nelson, even Jack Sparrow.

The Hellenistic World (Dormant)

12 members

From Alexander to Cleopatra

History and Nonfiction Readers (Dormant)

13 members

I recently received a wonderful recommendation for a book in a LT conversation to the nonfiction book, River of Doubt. I thought this could be a place for more wonderful recommendations and an…

Radical Reformation (Dormant)

16 members

Dedicated to conversation about those lesser-known children of the reformation that birthed the believers churches: from Mennonite to Amish, from Brethren to Quaker. Old literature in this area is…

GalootThing (Dormant)

15 members

On the topics of early trades, tools, industries, crafts, foot/steam/water powered machinery, hobbies, etc. Not limited to any particular genre, rather expansively inclusive of wood, metal, leather,…

Pilgrims and Puritans (Dormant)

14 members

A discussion of the books about the life and times of our early New England settlers. Including topics such as their ways of life, the differences between separatists and puritans, the religious…

CC China (Dormant)

4 members

Contemporary Communist China For anyone interested to discuss contemporary¹ communist China, it is inspired by Chinapol without knowing much about it, a design for the group is to *not* stir shit to…

Alaska History Books (Dormant)

9 members

Discussion of books that have to do with Alaskan History.

Genetic Genealogy and DNA testing (Dormant)

5 members

A group for anyone interested in using Y chomosome or mitochondrial DNA testing in genealogy. May also discuss autosomal DNA, CODIS testing, and other genealogical uses of DNA.

The Great War (Dormant)

8 members

A group for anyone interested in discussing the various aspect of World War I, including how it was fought, the politics before, during, and after the war, as well as the geopolitical and social…

AP World History Books For Students (Dormant)

6 members

Textbooks, primary source readers, supplemental reading. This is the place to discuss and share books for the student of AP World History. Teachers and students welcome.

Great Depression Book Club (Dormant)

9 members

This is a group for people who are interested in reading in all things dealing with the Great Depression.

Diplomatic History (Dormant)

8 members

A group covering the history of Diplomacy and International Relations.

Chinese American History (Dormant)

5 members

People interested in Chinese American history and immigration.

Indian History (Dormant)

9 members

A place for people to discuss the history of the Indian subcontinent from earliest times to the present.

Maryland History (Dormant)

8 members

A place to talk about any aspect of the history of Maryland, from pre-colonial times down to the present. Do you research or write about Maryland? Just enjoy reading about the state? Join us and…

O Pioneers! (Dormant)

4 members

Calling all covered wagon, hardtack, sod shanty, and wagon train enthusiasts.

SCA - Trinovantia Nova (Dormant)

4 members

Shire of Trinovantia Nova, Kingdom of Ealdormere - the Society for Creative Anachronism, (London/St. Thomas & Surrounding areas, Ontario)

Stalinism and the Literature of Totalitarian Regimes (Dormant)

4 members

A group to connect students and scholars interested in Stalinism, totalitarian regimes, cults of personality, etc. Suggested readings, reviews and resources are most welcome.

Native American History (Dormant)

3 members

Native American, Indian, First Nations, Alaskan Native history from prehistoric migrations to modern tribal sovereignty, archaeology, anthropology, ethnohistory, cultural studies, demography,…

Quebec, Quebec 1608 - 2008 (Dormant)

1 member

Tous amis, residents et visiteurs de la ville de Quebec; all friends, residents and visitors of Quebec City are welcome here to celebrate books, authors, bookshops, drama, literary and artistic…

Canadian History (Dormant)

1 member

A place to discuss non-fiction books about the history of Canada independent of time period

Western Massachusetts History (Dormant)

5 members

For people interested in the history of western Massachusetts -- Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire counties.

Geschiedenis van Europa (Dormant)

1 member

Over de geschiedenis van Europese naties, culturen en tradities

Traditionalists and Reactionaries (Dormant)

2 members

A group for the reactionary, neophyte or seasoned. A modern primer: https://www.amazon.com/Reactionary-Mind-Conservatism-Edmund-Burke/dp/0199959110

Juggernaut Club (Dormant)

1 member

Students and Scholars of History at Loughborough University

AP World History teachers: what we read (Dormant)

8 members

For teachers of AP World History to talk about books WE read (or want to read). NOT necessarily the books we assign the kiddies. Give yourself a break from them for a little while and relax with us!…

History of the Novel (Dormant)

2 members

Post recommendations and reflections on the history of the novel, in British, European, American, and World literature. Where did the novel come from, and why? What are the best novels of the past…

Great Sea Stories (Dormant)

0 members

Anyone who is fascinated by, has been to sea or dreamt of going to sea will enjoy this resource group. Please recommend authors who've written sea stories or books. That includes naval or war battles…

Suriname (Dormant)

1 member

It would be great to have an overview of people with collections, books and other things about Suriname, especially about genealogy, history and ... Testing the grounds and Work in Progress...

Historical Non-fiction (Dormant)

8 members

There are historical groups and non-fiction groups, but I can't seem to find one group that combines both of these genres. If you love delving into a real story that takes place 100+ years ago,…

18th Century New World. (Dormant)

1 member

The study of colonial New World lifestyles from 1680 to 1760, through Living History, Experimental Archaeology, primary documents, period books, diaries and letters and other primary information…

Arkansas History (Dormant)

7 members

A group for discussing books on Arkansas history books and Arkansas history

historical scientific fiction (Dormant)

4 members

Like Noah Gordan's THE PHYSICIAN

Kingdom of Ansteorra (Dormant)

8 members

A group for members of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, a region of the Society of Creative Anachronism, a non-profit medieval re-creation group. Share the books you use in researching your participation.

Barony of Calafia - SCA - (Dormant)

1 member

For members of the SCA in the Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid. Barony members and friends are invited to join. **unofficial group** Calafia is one of the founding baronies in Kingdom of Caid…

Great Society (Dormant)

2 members

Business history (Dormant)

7 members

This group is for business historians and the books they read. Tag books with "business history."

Da Arts (and such) (Dormant)

5 members

For those reading visual art history, theory, practice, biography, etc . . . Let's talk!

Northshield Heralds (Dormant)

1 member

A place for Northshield's heralds to share their libraries so we can see who has what books.

Biblical Archaeology Society (Dormant)

14 members

Subscribers, readers, members and fans of The Biblical Archaeology Society and the Biblical Archaeology Review, Bible Review and Archaeology Odyssey magazines.

80 below booklist: memoirs, biographies about Alaska (Dormant)

3 members

Group of library folks in Alaska who are comprising a list of biographies, memoirs about Alaska. Preliminary criteria discussed at AkLA Conference (February 2007): quality, regional balance,…

Kingdom of AEthelmearc (Dormant)

5 members

This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Note: This group is not sponsored by nor affiliated with the SCA, Inc or the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, SCA Inc.…


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