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Group tag: literature


Literary Snobs

929 members

There's a time and a place for badly-written populist mind-candy. This is neither. It is, however, the place to appreciate good writing - both past and present, genre or non-genre. No deathless…

Reading Globally

1,688 members

"Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere." ---Jean Rhys This group is for readers who, for whatever reason, endeavor to…

BBC Radio 3 Listeners

2,702 members

Radio 3 is known as the BBC’s classical music station, but that description sells it short. It provides just over 2 million people with programming that still, in some way, connects with the BBC's…

Le Salon Littéraire du Peuple pour le Peuple

350 members

I Love Jane Austen

699 members

A group for devotees of Jane Austen and her wonderful works.


825 members

For people who make an effort to read books by and/or about women. Whether it's sci-fi, social sciences or literature, we support female writers and positive representations of women. (yes, male…

Geeks who love the Classics

581 members

For those of us who like reading and discussing the classics.

Medieval Europe

1,449 members

A group for those with an interest in medieval history, art, music, literature, philosophy, theology, language, warfare - in short, any aspect of medieval culture.

The Chapel of the Abyss

458 members

Blessèd be thine hands, for they are unclean! At every joint lie secret sins unseen, Their white nails beneath the lamp Evoke hosts stolen beneath the white shadow of the lamp, And upon thy finger,…

Travel and Exploration literature

854 members

Travel literature, Outdoor literature, Nature literature, Exploration accounts .. this is a group for discussing far off places and exotic faces.

Gothic Literature

199 members

A place for devotees of Maturin and Le Fanu, Radcliffe and Lewis, Dacre and Walpole, Poe and Blackwood, Brown and Lovecraft, Machen and Bierce, Stoker, Beckford, Shelley, Jackson, the Bronte sisters,…

Deep South

417 members

For those believe the literature of the American South is worthy of deep discussion, and also for any who are interested in spending some time with those who do, welcome. Attempts to define or…

Literatura en Espanol

373 members

Para los amantes de los libros escritos en la lengua de Cervantes.

San Diego Bibliophiles

171 members

This is a general discussion forum in relation to books and reading for anyone in the San Diego County area. So, please join and make this group flourish!

African/African American Literature

292 members

The purpose of this group is to of course to share and discuss African/African American literature--both historical and contemporary books. All are invited to join.

Japanese Literature

279 members

Discussing fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction from Japan and about Japan.

Middle Eastern Literature

214 members

What the Dickens...?

209 members

This is a group for anyone interested in discussing the great 19th century English novelist, works by Dickens, biographies about him or people in his circle, critical works both contemporary and…

Canadian Literature

111 members

Is there anyone out there interested in talking about Canadian literature exclusively? If so, let's start a group. First item onthe agenda. What would you say is the greatest Canadian novel?


14 members

The idea behind Queery is simple: this is a group for discussing, promoting and recommending LGBT+ books (or books with LGBT+ characters) from all time periods and parts of the world. The focus here…

Dada & Surrealism

47 members

Poetry and literature from these two great 20th century movements

African Literature, History and Politics

14 members

A group for those with an interest in reading about all aspects of Africa.


7 members

It seemed time to have a group that focuses on the continuing and free opportunity to further learning that is provided by the MOOC offerings. MOOC means massive open online course. There are several…

Literatura y meteorología

1 member

Grupo de consultas, propuestas y reflexiones sobre las lecturas vinculadas a la literatura y la meteorología.

First Tuesdays

1 member

CACHE Explorers

1 member

We're a group of homeschooling moms training up disciples for the LORD Jesus Christ.


1 member

Group Reads - Literature (Dormant)

333 members

This is a "support group" of sorts for those of us reading some of the major works of literature. Come here to share your thoughts, struggles and triumphs about the current book. Quote of the month:…

Awful Lit. (Dormant)

629 members

Literature you can't stand, that was poorly written, that is all too cliche, that you hardly want to admit even touching...warn us before we make the same mistake! Or let's just create controversy.…

Art is Life (Dormant)

246 members

This group is about books. It is about art. This group is for people who see art as something that lives and breathes. The painter Mark Rothko said that a person looking at his paintings might gain…

Anglophiles (Dormant)

461 members

For everyone who is avid about English literature from all time periods. If your blood pulsates at the word "Bloomsbury" or if the name "Wickham" makes you hiss, if you can envision Pooter painting…

Trollope lovers unite or fight (Dormant)

145 members

This group is for Anthony Trollope fans to discuss their favorite books, their favorite and un-favorite characters, and their views on his style, his attitudes toward women , jews and foreigners…

South American Fiction-Argentine Writers (Dormant)

106 members

A group in which readers with an interest in South American writers can share their thoughts. In addition it would be nice to start some focused discussions on Borges and other Argentine writers.

In Translation (Dormant)

116 members

A group for making and getting recommendations on literature in translation, or discussing relevant issues. If this is a duplicate (rather than the flip side of In the Original), I apologize.

Existentialism (Dormant)

223 members

A group dedicated to that vague conglomerate of ideas and works, both philosophical and literary, which goes by the name "existentialism." "But the point is to live." -- Camus

All Books Africa (Dormant)

201 members

A group for people that like to read about Africa. Fiction, travel, history, or other material centered on Africa, from Egypt to South Africa, Senegal to Kenya

The Brontës (Dormant)

148 members

For all things Brontë - the original novels and poems, any modern novels, and so on.

Native/First Nations Literatures & Studies (Dormant)

120 members

A group for Indigenous people and our allies interested in Native American/ American Indian/ First Nations/ Indigenous/ Pueblos Originarios/ Amérindiennes/ Aboriginal writings, literatures, and…

Literary Centennials (Dormant)

49 members

Literary Centennials is a group for celebrating the 100th, 200th, etc. birthdays of major authors by reading their works together. We will also celebrate the anniversaries of major works of…

18th Century British Literature (Dormant)

85 members

For those interested in the works of Fielding, Smollett, Radcliffe, Pope, Swift, Richardson, DeFoe, Blake, Boswell, Addison & Steele, Burney, and Samuel Johnson, of course--as well many other…

DimSum Thing (Dormant)

73 members

For those who are, or who love, Chinese, or anything connected to Chinese - history, literature, cuisine, stories, people, or just Things... If your interests lie in Chinese, especially the Overseas…

Nobel Laureates in Literature (Dormant)

51 members

Since we're reading the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, let's talk about them!

The Island - Books from Lost (Dormant)

37 members

This group is dedicated to discussing books from the TV series, Lost. We are also working on cataloging all of the books found on the island. These books can be found in the library of user…

American Postmodernism (Dormant)

160 members

Thick books. Sprawling plots. Improbably named characters. Reclusive authors, and strange conspiracy theories about them. If you like writers like Thomas Pynchon, Donald Barthelme, William Gaddis,…

French literature, 19th & 20th century (Dormant)

70 members

Romanticism, realism, naturalism, symbolism, existentialism....and everything the -isms can't capture.

Famous voluminous novels (Dormant)

33 members

This group will concentrate on famous voluminous novels (classic and modern) and their authors, time, locations, characters etc.

Oulipo's Virtual Headquarters (Dormant)

33 members

We remember Perec and Calvino. We praise structure. We believe in constrains. We play the game. We combine. We mix. We explore.

Book Quotations (Dormant)

27 members

Quotations from good books that make you want to read the book or from author's that make you want to read them

Indian Authors (Dormant)

106 members

For fans of books by Indian Authors(Salman Rushdie, Hari Kunzru, R. K. Narayan, Ruskin Bond, Jhumpa Lahiri, Amitav Ghosh, Anita Desai to name a few).

Canuckistan (Dormant)

83 members

Books about Canada, Canadians about books and all about CanLit (Canadian Literature).

African-American Fiction/Nonfiction (Dormant)

84 members

For those individuals who really enjoy reading books that deal with the African American experience, whether they are fiction or non-fiction. Anyone who would like to discuss these books or get…

Alternative Fiction (Dormant)

71 members

All so known as Speculative Fiction. Includes science fiction, fantasy, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, alternate history, and magic realism. Welcome all to the group of "What if?"

Literature & Madness (Dormant)

41 members

Hello! This group is devoted to literary works in which mental illness plays a part. (Think less self-help instruction and more along the lines of literary portrayals of madness.) Discussion of…

Harlem Renaissance (Dormant)

24 members

This is a group for those who are interested in the literary and cultural movment known as the Harlem Renaissance, circa 1920-30; in particular writers, artists, thinkers, and musicians from the HR;…

Gothic Literature (Dormant)

40 members

A group for all those who enjoy gothic novels, from Ann Radcliffe and Horace Walpole to Bram Stoker and Anne Rice. An academic place to discuss why exactly we love and sometimes hate these novels and…

Wir Philologen (Dormant)

49 members

If you have or are working toward a degree in classics (classical studies, classical philology, Greek, Latin), this group is for you, especially if you're interested in the history of classical…

Beat Literature (Dormant)

27 members

I'd like to talk with other members who have an interest in Beat authors: poets, novelists, critical and biographical works relative to the Beat Generation.

Magical Realist and Fantastic Literature (Dormant)

35 members

For everyone who loves magical realist and fantastic literature

German literature and poetry (Dormant)

27 members

A group for those of us who love German literature and poetry. Self-explanatory, really.

Modernist elusions: madeleines for Sweeney (Dormant)

35 members

Modernism, Imagism, Symbolism, Bolshevism, Realism, Futurism, Surrealism, Objectivism and a host of other "movements" in the arts and literature defined the first half of the twentieth century as a…

Hebrew Literature (Dormant)

25 members

For discussion of any text written in Hebrew, from the Bible to the present.

Literature of Georgia (Sakartvelo) (Dormant)

19 members

Get to know more about the literary tradition of Georgia and its writers. The picture shows St. Georg killing the dragon.

Annus mirabilis (Dormant)

25 members

1666 and all that: Pepys, Newton, Dryden, Wren, Charles II, the Restoration, Restoration Theater, the Great Fire... By extension, the 17th century in general.

Lovers of NZ Literature (Dormant)

16 members

The title says it all. We love all things NZ including NZ literature. Some of us live abroad and want to be kept up to date on the NZ literature scene. Others live in the most wonderful country on…

Utopian Literature (Dormant)

12 members

A group designed to discuss books of the utopian nature, the ideas presented and the debates raised by them.

French Revolution Lit (Dormant)

14 members

Open to fans of the French Revolution in history and fiction. Want to talk about a terrific historical novel or nonfiction history book on the period? Share thoughts? Make suggestions? See who has…

CC China (Dormant)

4 members

Contemporary Communist China For anyone interested to discuss contemporary¹ communist China, it is inspired by Chinapol without knowing much about it, a design for the group is to *not* stir shit to…

Caribbean Literature in English (Dormant)

16 members

A group for informal discussion of Caribbean literature - from Cuba to Guyana - including (but not necessarily limited to) poetry, prose and drama. So if Brathwaite drives you bonkers, or if Walcott…

Literatura Peruana (Dormant)

9 members

Jose Maria Arguedas, Ciro Alegria, Alfredo Bryce Echenique, Jose Santos Chocano, Garcilazo de la Vega, Jose Maria Eguren, Francisco Garcia Calderon, Enrique Lopez Albujar, Gregorio Martinez, Mariano…

Psichologinė literatūra mėgėjams (Dormant)

9 members

Ši grupė skirta skaitytojams, mėgstantiems psichologinę literatūrą. Nebūsime profesionaliais psichologais, tačiau domėtis apie save, savo vaikus visada smagu. Rekomenduokime, aptarkime…

Newfoundland Literature (Dormant)

8 members

This is a place to discuss Newfoundland literature of all genres.

Books Around the World (Dormant)

7 members

Group created for those participating in my Books Around the World challenge over at adventurejournalist.com. In 2008 I took on a self-imposed literary challenge: to read at least one book set in or…

Italian Literature (Dormant)

5 members

Literatura Chilena (Dormant)

6 members

19th Century Decadent Literature (Dormant)

7 members

For francophiles, aesthetics, people who can't get out of the late 19th-century, and perverts alike.

Buchtipps, Rezensionen & Veranstaltungen (Dormant)

1 member

In dieser Gruppe können gerne Buchtipps und Rezensionen geteilt / gepostet werden. Freue mich auf einen interessanten Austausch.

Korean literature (Dormant)

1 member

For people who like reading or are interested in korean literature.

elementary teachers using canadian literature (Dormant)

2 members

A place for educators to recommend children's literature for others to use in classrooms from kindergarten to Grade 7 and how they use these books in their classrooms.

Venezuela Escribe (Dormant)

2 members

Grupo para leer y comentar, También para que escritores, aficionados, publico en general compartan los enlaces a sus trabajos, de TODOS los géneros, sin discriminación alguna. Siempre y cuando no…

ComunidadEducativaES2 (Dormant)

2 members

Alumnos y Docentes de la escuela secundaria 2

Telugu Literature (తెలుగు సాహిత్యం) (Dormant)

2 members

This Group is created by me for people who read / interested in Literature from TELUGU Language. (Mainly spoken at Andhra Pradesh,INDIA). If you know to read/write/talk TELUGU and wants to share…

Readers of Literature (Dormant)

4 members

The books to be discussed in this group are not page-turners. They are written in concise and sometimes elegant prose. They are a joy to read, and often give readers a different perspective on the…

Literature in Portuguese (Dormant)

96 members

For fans of authors from Portugal, Brazil and all other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Sentences and Style (Dormant)

3 members

This group studies and discusses great sentences. We try to define what makes a sentence good, just how the choice of words and their placement promote or enhance the thought expressed, just how…

History of the Novel (Dormant)

2 members

Post recommendations and reflections on the history of the novel, in British, European, American, and World literature. Where did the novel come from, and why? What are the best novels of the past…

Lit Lux (Dormant)

1 member

This group is about people who love reading books and who live in Luxembourg. All languages welcome: English, French, German, Luxemburgish, etc.


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