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1,742 members

Readers and book owners interested in Christianity, theology, the Bible, etc...

Happy Heathens

1,149 members

Welcome to what we think (humbly of course) is one of the best groups on LibraryThing. You may not always agree with everyone here, but you will find serious, lively debate and some decidedly silly…


1,986 members

Tea drinkers everywhere, unite!

Cats, books, life is good.

578 members

For book-loving ailurophiles and cat-loving bibliophiles.


1,276 members

If the first thing you did, when you heard about LibraryThing, was blog about it, then this is your place. Share your blog or discuss books about blogs, blogs about books, or any blog you just might…

Canadian Bookworms

504 members

A place for book-aholics from across Canada to talk about book related topics.

Feminist Theory

951 members

From Mary Wollstonecraft and Simone de Beauvoir to Judith Butler and bell hooks: a group for people who like thinking about the history, philosophy and politics of what it means to 'be' a 'woman'.

Australian LibraryThingers

944 members

A group for everyone who connects with Australia (residents, expats, lovers of Australian literature) and who are part of the LibraryThing collective.

Graduate Students

1,307 members

For all those in that peculiar and often endless limbo known as graduate or professional school.


1,049 members

For everyone who can also be found in LJ

Japanese Culture

752 members

For those who appreciate Japanese culture, arts, and language. If you'd like to swap information on books about Japan, please do! My own enthusiasms include the Way of Tea (a.k.a. Chanoyu or "tea…


377 members

For residents of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It's a LondonThing

425 members

For LibraryThing'ers living in, visiting, or interested in, London.

50-Something Library Thingers

239 members

For those of us in the second half of our first centuries.


371 members

A group for BookCrossers / BookCrossing.


363 members

Boston is LibraryThing's second home...


176 members

For folks living in Seattle.

Lesbian Bookworms

294 members

I think the name says it all!


244 members

"Satan to newcomer, with discontent: 'The trouble with you Chicago people is that you think you are the best in Hell -- whereas you are merely the most numerous.'" - Mark Twain


239 members

For those who live in Oregon, love Oregon, or left their heart there... And those who just appreciate a rainy day to curl up with a good book.

Book Collectors

229 members

A group for book collectors. A place to share tips, post want lists, talk about what you're collecting and why you're collecting it . . . oh the possibilities.

Missouri Readers

124 members

Anyone is welcome, especially those from the Show-Me state!!! Come and discuss current reads and possible selections for a book to read together.

Gay Men

482 members

You're here, you're queer, and, yes, you've got the books and battle scars to prove it. Welcome to the warm embraces of the gay male LibraryThing community. Won't you stay awhile? This group is for,…

New Zealand Thingamabrarians

196 members

For Kiwis who participate in and adore LibraryThing!

40-Something Library Thingers

191 members

This is a group for "40 something" readers, writers, bibliophiles and collectors to meet, discuss and debate about their favorite and not-so-favorite texts, authors, music..and whatever else is on…

Jewish Bibliophiles

174 members

Book-loving is a veritable Jewish pastime. A group for Jews, or people who like Jews, to discuss all things Jewish, literary, or both.

Teachers who LibraryThing

368 members

For those wonderful educators who either teach young students just learning how to read or older students exploring more advanced genres. Let this be a group where we can give each other teaching…


331 members

Gender and Sexuality.

All Things New England

130 members

For those of us born, bred or live in the six US states which comprise "New England." And for those of you who are from "away" and love New England also.

The Witches of LibraryThing

282 members

Wiccans or Non-Wiccans. Covened or Solitaries. Christo-Pagans, Folk Catholics, Spiritual Workers. Hoodoos, Rootworkers, Conjure Men and Women. Feri Witches and Folk Magicians. If you practice…

New Yorkers City

254 members

For residents of the most populous metropolitan area in the United States.

Homeschool Home Libraries

237 members

A group for persons with homes that feel (and may look) like a children’s library! Do you collect children's series or certian topics or wonderful living literature? Are you trying to preserve the…

SF Bay Area Librarythingers

202 members

Live somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area? Join in!

Irish Librarythingers

207 members

For the Irish here. Relating to all things Irish and of Ireland. I couldn't resist the Dolmen picture from Gov.ie. Though speaking of politics please steer clear!

Alternative Sexuality

189 members

For people into BDSM, kink, fetishes, polyamory, or other "alternative" forms of sexuality. Also for the people who read books about said topics and people, whether for pleasure or academic…


190 members

This is the online teen book club initiated by the San Jose Public Library. We exchange information about the books we read, the books we love and the ones we hate. All teens are welcome to join and…


176 members

LibraryThing Florida - books and their lovers in America's most tropical state!

North Carolina LT Group

181 members

For book lovers in North Carolina.


147 members

LibraryThing is headquartered in the West End in Portland. Are you from Maine too?

Los Angeles Loves Librarything

136 members

A group for Thingamabrarians who live in the City of Angels.


118 members

Are you the only employee in a small, dusty shop, or are you one of many in a huge chain store? Do you find it to be a dangerous occupation, based on the number of books you bring home regularly?…

South Africa

104 members

South African writing - and South African members of LibraryThing

Cheeseheads of Wisconsin (COW)

92 members

COW is for anyone living in, born in, or just fond of our quirky Midwestern state! Do you drink "soda" or know what a "bubbler" is? If so, you probably belong here. :) Wisconsin-based books and…

Connecticut Nutmeggers

79 members

For Connecticut Book Lovers!


68 members

For readers who live in or around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

West Virginians

53 members

A group for West Virginians, current and former.


57 members

For folks who live in Washington State.


14 members

A group for past, current and future residents of Kentucky. Talk about books, authors and other issues of interest to the locale.

Utah Thing

37 members

For residents of the Beehive state (or just those who love it) to discuss Library Thing things, Utah authors, books about Utah, jello recipes, or whatever else crosses our minds: Edward Abbey to…

20-Something LibraryThingers (Dormant)

596 members

This is a group for young readers, writers, bibliophiles and collectors to meet, discuss and debate about their favorite and not-so-favorite texts.

Vegetarians and vegans (Dormant)

329 members

Like to eat your veggies, fruits, beans and grains and things? Let's get together and share ideas on surviving in a meat-centered world, favorite cookbooks, as well as favorite recipes.

French Connection (Dormant)

466 members

For those of us who speak French, read French or just love the French language no matter where we are in the world. Pour les francophones et francophiles des quatre coins du monde.

Queer and Trans Lit (Dormant)

455 members

A group for those interested in Queer, Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay (GLBTQ) literatures and writers. Related Groups: African/African American Literature, Arab, North African, and Middle…

PinoyThing! (Dormant)

194 members

Pinoy readers and readers of Pinoy books are welcome to come in, have a cup of barako, and talk about their favorite Filipino books and authors. All discussions welcome, whether the topic's Bob Ong…

MyPeopleConnection Book Clubs (Dormant)

406 members

Meet new friends over coffee, tea, and good books. Looking for a book club? Want to promote your book club? Our goal is to get more people reading by promoting great existing book clubs around the…

San Diego Bibliophiles (Dormant)

168 members

This is a general discussion forum in relation to books and reading for anyone in the San Diego County area. So, please join and make this group flourish!

Myers-Briggs: All Types (Dormant)

133 members

Have you been typed using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (e.g., ENTP, ISFP, ESTJ)? Are you curious about the inner processes and outward behaviors of people quite unlike you? Do you find this kind…

Californians Who LT (Dormant)

173 members

LibraryThing's California delegation. Share info on California Book Fairs, books about California and make connections with other book lovers from the Golden State.

Archivists on LibraryThing (Dormant)

160 members

A place for archivists on LibraryThing.

Scottish LibraryThingers (Dormant)

145 members

A group for anyone from Scotland, whether you live here or not, and for discussion of books with a Scottish connection.

Mac Users at LibraryThing (Dormant)

139 members

LibraryThing needs a Mac users' group, no?

Lawyers (Dormant)

139 members

A place for lawyers (in the widest possible sense), law students and anyone interested in law books, or books about the law or legal practice.

30-something LibraryThingers (Dormant)

133 members

There is a group for the 20- and 40-somethings, so this group is for those of us in between. This is a group for 30-something readers, writers, bibliophiles and collectors to discuss and debate our…

Mitchell English 7 (Dormant)

123 members

Young Adults logging and discussing young adult books.

Washington, DC (Dormant)

111 members

Books and readers in our nation's capital.

Say Yes to Michigan (Dormant)

114 members

For residents or former residents or fans of the Great Lake State.

LibraryThing-ers Anonymous (Dormant)

121 members

Admit it...you’re addicted to LibraryThing. It’s okay, there is no shame in it, and admitting you have a problem is the fist step. Let this group unite LibraryThing addicts from around the globe…

Homeschoolers who LibraryThing (Dormant)

117 members

Discussions about home education resources, what we're reading for pleasure, book recommendations of all kinds, and notifications about great book deals and educator discounts at your local retail…

Texans Who LibraryThing (Dormant)

109 members

Just a place for Texans to get together and talk about their libraries.

Philadelphians (Dormant)

107 members

Southeastern PA* booklovers. * A very wide definition of the Philadelphia area/vicinity -- southern NJ/northern DE, even out to Lancaster is ok!

Wicca (Dormant)

96 members

A group for Wiccans, Pagans, and other people interested in Earth-centred spirituality.

Maryland Librarythingers (Dormant)

96 members

For those of the Old Line State. Stuck in the middle of the North and South, neither rebel nor yankee be. Come to discuss the books and other aspects of the 23 counties that make this a great place…

Austinites (Dormant)

85 members

A place for people from the Music Capital of the World to come together and enjoy their books.

College Students (Dormant)

82 members

Animal Lovers (Dormant)

89 members

A group for those interested in our furry, feathered, finned friends. Let's paws to discuss our favorite animal-themed books: pet care, animal welfare, fiction, and nonfiction.

Readers Under 30 (Dormant)

76 members

"Teen" groups are too young, but you want www-age input. Looking for discussion!

Single Booklovers (Dormant)

81 members

Even if you're not single, join this group and meet people the best way possible - by looking at what they read. Be respectful, but have fun too! Start a discussion about whether or not somebody's…

Bits for Brits (Dormant)

65 members

An interest group for British people.

Arizona Trading Post (Dormant)

69 members

Trading Post. All Arizona. Anything Arizona. Read Arizona. Explore Arizona. Share Arizona. Photos Arizona. Post anything Arizona. All Southwest topics welcomed.

Upstate New Yorkers (Dormant)

43 members

A group for LibraryThing users in Upstate New York!

FA Readers (Dormant)

124 members

A group for FA students (past and present) to share their interest in reading.

Free State Project (FSP) Readers (Dormant)

130 members

For members and supporters of the Free State Project, an effort to recruit and support Liberty-lovers in their move to New Hampshire. "Live Free or Die!" http://www.nhfree.com…

Facebook Users (Dormant)

99 members

For all of the users of LibraryThing.com who are on Facebook.

Portland Readers (Dormant)

73 members

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join this group if you live in the city of roses.

Pacific Northwest (Dormant)

68 members

Oregon, Washington, Idaho... If you hang your hat anywhere in the great Pacific Northwest!

Homeschoolers (Dormant)

68 members

Let's discuss the books we use in homeschooling.

Thingamabrarians That Flickr (Dormant)

64 members

Flickr Members post your LibraryThing related photos in our group on Flickr! Screenshots of your library, bookpiles, your home library, groups photos, even your local library, and don't forget all…

Rhode Islanders (Dormant)

52 members

Perhaps the littlest state has the biggest libraries! Related Links: Reading Across Rhode Island, Barrington Books, Books on the Square, Brown University Bookstore, Island Books, Other Tiger,…

Hoosier Bibliophiles (Dormant)

56 members

For residents, past and present, of the great state of Indiana.

Aussie librarians (Dormant)

62 members

A group started after the NLA's Innovative Ideas forum in 2007, at which the lovely Abby gave a presentation and got everyone all excited about LibraryThinging. There doesn't seem to be a group for…

Northern Virginia LibraryThingers (Dormant)

51 members

Because, you know, we really *do* have a separate identity from the Washingtonians and the rest of the Virginians.


53 members

Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Center for the Book, said that books can be "a common ground for discussion of our shared hopes for life in this Commonwealth ... ." In that…

Los Angeles Area Book Clubs & Booklovers (Dormant)

42 members

Are you in or around the Los Angeles area? Looking for a book club in L.A. or want to promote your book club? Love LibraryThing and want to meet others who do? We meet 5 times each month with…

The City That Reads (Baltimore. Yes, hon, Baltimore.) (Dormant)

41 members

This was once Baltimore's city motto. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltimore. All residents and friends of Charm City are welcome.

Crescent City Connection (Dormant)

48 members

This group is for New Orleans and Louisiana LTers, whether at home or dispersed, and for those for whom New Orleans is a 2nd home, and for those who love it, warts and all, especially those who are…

Central Virginians (Dormant)

41 members

You live or maintain roots in Richmond, Charlottesville, Petersburg, Williamsburg, Farmville, or in one of the spaces in between. Let's talk local events, local authors, favorite places for book…

Midwestern Readers (Dormant)

34 members

A group for people living in the Midwest who love to read!

MinnesotaThings (Dormant)

35 members

For Minnesotan and for discussing books by Minnesota authors or set in Minnesota.

Nebraskans who LibraryThing (Dormant)

35 members

Hawaii (Dormant)

31 members

LibraryThing users in Hawaii.

Oakland! (Dormant)

30 members

For Oakland based Library Thingers. I'm guessing we all own Story of a City. Let's see what else we have in common.

Canada (Dormant)

34 members

All things Canadian.

Twin Cities Reads (Dormant)

25 members

Saint Paul Public Library started this group in December 2008 as a part of the Winter Jackets adult reading program sponsored by Twin Cities metro area public libraries in January and February 2008.…

Exclusive Africa (Dormant)

19 members

A home for readers in Africa, readers on Africa, Exclusive Book fans, Seattle coffee drinkers, Boekehuis afficianados Johannesburg and Cape Town insomniacs, "Nice" Books (and coffee) the culturally…

Hong Kong Bookies (Dormant)

19 members

A place for Hong Kong-based ex-pats DESPERATE for literature but faced with the ever-diminishing supply of English language books - share what you've read lately (hopefully not the usual glossy…

Birmingham Alabama (Dormant)

20 members

For those interested in books about Birmingham, Alabama. Likely a rather select group, but I'd like to be able to get you all together if possible. This group officially supports local independent…

Cap City, Ohio (Dormant)

16 members

Come on, there have to be a few people in Columbus who know how to read...

Rose Polytechnic Institute (Dormant)

1 member

Are there any of you left out there?

Twin cities Books (Dormant)

16 members

Minneapolis & St. Paul readers discuss books.


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