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Group tag: religion



1,905 members

Readers and book owners interested in Christianity, theology, the Bible, etc...

Happy Heathens

1,201 members

Welcome to what we think (humbly of course) is one of the best groups on LibraryThing. You may not always agree with everyone here, but you will find serious, lively debate and some decidedly silly…

Pro and Con

424 members

Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together. Simple rules:…

Catholic Tradition

552 members

For LT'ers of any religion/denomination who love reading/collecting books on Catholicism, The Tradition, Catholic Apologetics, the Magisterium, Popes past and present, etc. Please remember to respect…

Let's Talk Religion

276 members

Feel free to discuss openly any topics related to religion and to agnostic and atheistic perspectives. All positions and topics are open. I would like to learn about religious issues, non Western…

Church Libraries

398 members

For those who are interested in putting small church libraries on Library Thing

Christian Worship and Liturgy

127 members

Discussion about books and other resources supporting Christian Worship. Worship planning, theology and ecclesiology of worship, liturgical calender, and whatnot... Let's share about the work of…

Unitarian Universalist Readers

177 members

A you a Unitarian Universalist? Use this group to connect with others, and to recommend reading that you have found to be pertinent to your faith journey. Also a good place to recommend authors who…

Catholic Apologetics

86 members

Group for people who read books about defending the Faith. That is, for people who read books that defend the statement that The Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

Monks, Monasteries and Monasticism

74 members

A group for discussing all things monastic: fictional or historical. Whether your penchant is for curling up with Cadfael or careering round a Carthusian monastery this group is for you.

Catholic Science Fiction

26 members

This is a group for Catholics (and other friendly and interested folk) to discuss books from the science fiction and fantasy genres. The group is not meant to be solely focused on science fiction and…


56 members

For LTers interested in Taoism from a scholarly or spiritual perspective. Or any perspective, really.

Manna Christian Fellowship

27 members

A Pearl of Wisdom and Enlightenment (Dormant)

1,036 members

What is Wisdom? Enlightenment? Mysticism? Beauty? Self-Knowledge? Truth? Perennial Philosophy? Love? Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it. André Gide. And resting in the…

Buddhism (Dormant)

347 members

This group is for people interested in enlightenment and the Buddhist tradition, whether they are seekers or long-time practitioners.

World Religions (Dormant)

145 members

A group for those interested in the study of religion globally, primarily with a historical perspective. Included would be early ritual evidence from Neolithic Peoples, tribal ceremonies, Aboriginal…

Reformed Theology (Dormant)

387 members

For those who enjoy studying Reformed Theology. We welcome dissenters...

Faith and Reason (Dormant)

178 members

Here's a place to discuss the history of theology and science. Augustine, to Galileo, to Voltaire, to Papal Encyclicals. Biblical textual analysis, historical viewpoints on natural phenomena,…

The Witches of LibraryThing (Dormant)

301 members

Wiccans or Non-Wiccans. Covened or Solitaries. Christo-Pagans, Folk Catholics, Spiritual Workers. Hoodoos, Rootworkers, Conjure Men and Women. Feri Witches and Folk Magicians. If you practice…

Mythology (Dormant)

285 members

This will enhance anyone's understanding and knowledge of mythology through different user's imaginations in the subjects by having group discussions. Great for anyone who loves mythology or wants to…

Progressive Christianity (Dormant)

128 members

Are you interested in the writings of progressive Christian authors? Would you like to discuss the writings of Marcus Borg, Walter Wink, Brian McLaren, John Shelby Spong, John Dominic Crossan, and…

Atheism and humanism (Dormant)

136 members

A place to discuss ractional views of society and the universe free of the fractitious interventions of any deities.

Biblical History (Dormant)

253 members

Discuss historical Biblical research, Hebrew Bible, Gospels, Biblical Archaeology, etc. Manuscripts, textual analysis, Nag Hammadi, Book of J, Gilgamesh, etc. Books like "The Historical Jesus" by…

ISLAM (Dormant)

71 members

Group of ISLAM related books readers.

Religion Studies (Dormant)

66 members

A group for people with an interest in religious studies. Primarily focused towards college courses and university study, but all topics/books etc. are more than welcome. The goals of the group are…

Books and Mormons (Dormant)

95 members

For LDS Thingamabrarians, those interested in Mormon Studies, or anyone with Mormon neighbors.

Bookshelf of the Damned (Dormant)

184 members

From Charles Fort to Whitley Streiber, Yuri Gellar to James Randi, Montague Summers to Katharine Briggs, Ivan T. Sanderson to Erik von Daniken - ufology, alchemy, cryptozoology, parapsychology,…

Gospel Talk (Dormant)

29 members

This is a group for those wishing to discuss any aspect of the Christian Gospels. Devotional, worship, scholarship, canonical, extra canonical - all approaches are welcome. I generally comment from…

The Island - Books from Lost (Dormant)

37 members

This group is dedicated to discussing books from the TV series, Lost. We are also working on cataloging all of the books found on the island. These books can be found in the library of user…

Pagan Knowledge (Dormant)

146 members

This group is for the sharing of ancient and modern Pagan knowledge and wisdom. The Pagan contributions to our modern world have long been ignored; this group will focus on making connections to our…

Desiring God (Dormant)

124 members

This is a group for all Christian Hedonists, who understand that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

Zen (Dormant)

66 members

Zen, both in the East and in the West.

Emerging Church (Dormant)

62 members

This is a group for Library thing users who identify in some way with, or have an interest in, the new, post-modern influenced stream of Christianity often referred to as the "emerging church."…

Pastoring in the 21st Century (Dormant)

37 members

All Christian pastors/ministers/priests are welcome to join this group to share challenges and joys and books to take our ministries beyond Sunday morning.

Christianity and Science (Dormant)

10 members

Christian Homeschool Library Thingers (Dormant)

57 members

For those who are Christian Homeschoolers and have specific interests in God honoring materials.

Isaiah (Dormant)

11 members

For those interested in studying and discussing the book of Isaiah. The initial plan was to have a discussion thread through the summer, hoping to cover a chapter a week. Appropriate topics include…

Orthodox Readers (Dormant)

48 members

Orthodox Christians

Church History (Dormant)

40 members

A group that shares its best reading on church history

Christian Apologetics (Dormant)

36 members

Dedicated to the pooling of apologetic materials in the attempt to make a defense for the Christian faith with gentleness and reverence, sanctifying Christ as Lord in the heart.

Gnosticism (Dormant)

29 members

This group is for students of modern and classical Gnosticism. Interests may range from historical, to philosophical, to religious. If you have a passion for Gnostic thought, be it ancient or modern,…

Episcopalians (Dormant)

34 members

A group for Episcopalians to talk about books important to them, church stuff in general,and other things related to being an Episcopalian.

Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft (Dormant)

35 members

Anyone interested in Paganism, Wicca or Witchcraft. Seasoned, new or just interested. Ask questions and get information.

Pantheists (Dormant)

32 members

This is a group for pantheists - including pantheists, panenetheists, religious naturalists, naturalist unitarian universalists, etc. Pantheism is any doctrine, philosophy, or religious practice that…

Feminist Theology (Dormant)

28 members

This group is for LibraryThing folks interested in feminist theology (primarily but not exclusively Judeo-Christian).

Christian Mysticism (Dormant)

31 members

For those drawn to a deeper connection with God through mysticism in the Christian tradition; following the writings of Meister Eckard, Thomas Merton, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St.…

Radical Reformation (Dormant)

17 members

Dedicated to conversation about those lesser-known children of the reformation that birthed the believers churches: from Mennonite to Amish, from Brethren to Quaker. Old literature in this area is…

Pastors And The People Who Love Them (Dormant)

25 members

Christians ministers who read in order to find meaning and to nourish their faith. Group is also open to those who simply are interested in whatever we're reading at this time.

Pastafarians (Dormant)

18 members

A group for those who have been touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Zoroastrianism (Dormant)

14 members

Interested in Zoroastrianism?

Creation vs Evolution (Dormant)

12 members

For saints who are concerned with the overriding issue - the authority of God's Word versus man's opinions, as taught and believed in most educational establishments.

Pilgrims and Puritans (Dormant)

14 members

A discussion of the books about the life and times of our early New England settlers. Including topics such as their ways of life, the differences between separatists and puritans, the religious…

Christian Readers Who Write (Dormant)

14 members

I searched and can not find a group that is for Christian Readers who also write. There are plenty of Christian groups, but I want to address the challenges of being a Christian writer. What books…

exmormon (Dormant)

10 members

A group for exmormons and nonmormons who have an interest in mormonism, because of its colorful history.

My Christian Library (Dormant)

6 members

A gathering place for people with primarily Christian libraries where folks can discuss and recommend books, post prayer and praise, and generally share their faith. If you have a Bible you already…

Dogmatism And Fundamentalism (Dormant)

9 members

A group to examine the psychological phenomenon of "strong belief" without evidence, intellectual xenophobia, warfare toward other dogmas, and the expressions thereof on Librarything and elsewhere.…

Seventh-Day Adventists and Books (Dormant)

7 members

This is a discussion group for those interested in the writings of Ellen G. White and/or the SDA church and the problems facing the remnant.

MOOCing (Dormant)

7 members

It seemed time to have a group that focuses on the continuing and free opportunity to further learning that is provided by the MOOC offerings. MOOC means massive open online course. There are several…

Christian teen girls LIVING FOR HIM (Dormant)

5 members

I was looking through all of the groups and I couldn't find any christian groups for teen girls. Romans 12:2 says we should be set apart from the world so even though I often read regular fiction I…

Historic Peace Churches (Dormant)

9 members

For Mennonites, Brethren, Friends, and anyone interested in the historic peace churches. Share your favorite books and authors, ask a question about non-violence and pacifism, or discuss Anabaptists…

Vedanta: for the Western World. (Dormant)

9 members

"Vedanta philosophy is a three-fold concept: first, the real nature of Man is divine; second, the aim of human life is to realize this divine nature; and, third, all religions are essentially in…

100 Best Spiritual Books of the Century (Dormant)

2 members

I am working on reading the HarperCollins 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Century. Here we can discuss the list and what we get from reading these gems. There is no race or time limit to get though…

P.A.T.H. (Pentecostal Apologetics, Theology, & History) (Dormant)

2 members

Description: This group is designed to discuss all aspects of written works concerning Pentecostal Apologetics, Theology & History - pro and con!

Faith through Fiction (Dormant)

3 members

A book discussion group of the Roxbury (Connecticut) United Church of Christ

The Unexplained Dark Daughters and Sons. (Dormant)

2 members

We are a group in-which we honar the great Godess Nyx,every ful moon we have a Ritual to also honar the full moon.Hope u well join. Silver raven

OSCproject (Dormant)

1 member

The Open Source Classification Project at the LibraryThing is the lead discussion for generating an open source classification system. The project is lead by Professor Lunaphiles claiming to have…

Spiritist books (Dormant)

1 member

Dear friends, I had the idea to create this group with the sole purpose of sharing Spiritist books for the ones interested in the subject. If you don't know the word Spiritism, please check this link…

Bahai-skrifter (Dormant)

1 member

En grupp för dig som har ett bahá'í-bibliotek, som studerar bahá'í-tron och vill dela med dig av nya insikter inom en mängd områden.

Seventh-day Adventist (Dormant)

3 members

School libraries, librarians, churches, Pastoral staff, educators, anyone Adventist!

Hellenismos (Dormant)

2 members

A group for practitioners of Hellenismos, or Hellenic Polytheistic Reconstructionism, to discuss the religion, myths, practices, ancient works, philosophy, theology, modern works, etc. Everyone is…

Centre For Inquiry (CFI) Regina Library Group (Dormant)

3 members

The group for CFI LibraryThing members.

Fellowship of Isis members (Dormant)

4 members

from the FOI Manifesto: "Growing numbers of people are rediscovering their love for the Goddess. At first, this love may seem to be no more than an inner feeling. But soon it develops; it becomes a…

21st Century Network (Dormant)

10 members

The is a library of ideas and books for those who are concerned about life in the 21st century and the diverse world we live in. It is a group for those who believe that we need to develop a new form…

Sacramento Friends Library (Dormant)

1 member

(This is a demo) The Sacramento Friends Library is housed at the Sacramento Friends Meeting House. The Sacramento Society of Friends is associated with the Pacific Yearly Meeting. We welcome all…

Catholic Seminarians (Dormant)

3 members

Zion and Jerusalem (Dormant)

8 members

What is Going on in Israel - Why should i care History of terrorism and islam - I have spent much of My life studying islam and Jewish history and middle-eastern studies and the bible I also am…

United Methodists (Dormant)

8 members

Looking for a group to see and discuss what other United Methodists are reading? Come and join or start a discussion here. United Mthodists are a traditionally diverse group ranging from the far left…

Religious Vocations and the Priesthood. (Dormant)

2 members

For all those who have felt a calling towards the Catholic priesthood or the religious life. For those that are monks, hermits, brothers, apostolate and all type of religious orders that serve for…

Oxford Methodist Circuit (Dormant)

1 member

This group is for members of the Oxford Methodist Circuit to review, recommend and discuss books!

Revolution of Joy (Dormant)

3 members

Christian Revolution is not burning down buildings, but its effects are more enduring and world-changing. This is a revolution of joy that begins deep in the heart, not in superficial environment…

Pro and Con (Religion and Gay People) (Dormant)

4 members

Southeast Michigan Theological Library (Dormant)

2 members

SMTL is a virtual group designed to connect and share resources between members. Our basis is primarily in Metro Detroit, and it is our goal to connect seminarians, ministers, academics, and lay…

kingdom builders (Dormant)

1 member

it will take the positive greatest ideas and use the to build the kingdom of God universally.

ParentsClassSuggestions (Dormant)

1 member

Suggested books mentioned during Sunday School. Follow the link for the "ParentsClass" member to see the books.

the three brothers (Dormant)

1 member

we hornar the full moon and the Great Godess of Night(NXY)


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