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A group for new members to introduce themselves, ask questions and learn about everything the LibraryThing community and site have to offer.

LibraryThing is a rich site, with a number of different communities and projects going on. It can also be a complex site—powerful but sometimes daunting to newcomers. This group is a friendly place for new members, and the experienced members who can help them make the most of it. Most questions and introductions are answered within minutes.

Group norms:

  • There are no wrong questions or unwelcome members.
  • LibraryThing values conversation, not advertising or meanness. Rules against spam, personal attacks and so forth still apply (see here).

Other resources:

  • HelpThing. Member-written help, available on every page
  • Standing Groups has a number of popular site groups, for bugs, feature requests, general chatter and so forth.

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Forgot my login name 4GirlFromIpanema, Friday 8:43amignore
Specific Group Membership? 3MarthaJeanne, Wednesday 3:39pmignore
Adding a series/periodical as a single listing? 7davidgn, July 10ignore
Adding a title 2davidgn, July 9ignore
Are a short story and a collection of the same title containing this story considered the same work? 7norabelle414, July 5ignore
Setting Collections for Add Book on iOS 8rosalita, July 3ignore
More newbie questions - sorry! ;-) 5MarthaJeanne, July 2ignore
Adding Common Knowledge when adding a book? 2MarthaJeanne, July 2ignore
Hello from New Jersey 3rosalita, July 1ignore
Getting started guidance? 3MarthaJeanne, July 1ignore
Ensuring my views are "private" 3AnnieMod, July 1ignore
Hello from the Rocky Mountains 6jjwilson61, June 30ignore
e-Book Versions 17AmishTechie, June 28ignore
multi-user access to library 8jjwilson61, June 26ignore
Hiding a Collection/Tag 1Teacup_, June 25ignore
Why does an added book which created a new work record doesn't appear on author's page? 6MarthaJeanne, June 22ignore
Add a duplicate book to my library...how? 6kinetachien, June 18ignore
ISBN to Dewey Decimal 7davidgn, June 16ignore
Adding Books and Cleaning Author Profile? 4David.Russell, June 16ignore
Correct ISBN number does not find book 6MarthaJeanne, June 15ignore
ICU 5ConlayPikamor, May 26ignore
Where do you place your own barcodes in LibraryThing? 5divinenanny, May 24ignore
Want to Create Author Site, but Cannot Find My Books on LibraryThing 4Lyndatrue, May 21ignore
Inventory 6ulmannc, April 25ignore
Introducing myself 7lilithcat, April 24ignore
Looking for a book, don't know which forum to ask--- 22wonderY, April 3ignore
new member clarification 8MarthaJeanne, March 30ignore
New Around Here 4reconditereader, March 23ignore
Syncing 6MarthaJeanne, February 27ignore
cant see text! 4cindydavid4, February 21ignore
Review Stars 9Sheila.L, February 19ignore
duplicate books and bar codes 3HolyTrinityDallas, February 12ignore
Placing books of a series in order 6reading_fox, January 31ignore
I'm a newbie here 3Taphophile13, January 27ignore
Just joined 2AnnieMod, January 27ignore
Any true life "James Bond" books 1CressyMt, January 19ignore
mobile LT for android 2.Monkey., January 16ignore
Librarything isn't helping us anymore 46jjwilson61, January 7ignore
Help finding anew old book 3MrAndrew, December 2016ignore
Looking for out of print book banned in Brazil in the 60's 1William.Morgenstein, December 2016ignore
Hi everyone, I'm a new member 4hailelib, December 2016ignore
Imported CSV list shows all books as eBooks 4RussellCross, December 2016ignore
Periodicals 12lilithcat, December 2016ignore
New interface help. 5reading_fox, December 2016ignore
tags deleted from a book? 7LibraryCin, December 2016ignore
Adding From Kindle for PC 6AnnieMod, November 2016ignore
Import/Export - newbie Qs 7bnielsen, November 2016ignore
Hello from Erie 5Cmatha, November 2016ignore
Hello everyone :D 8thorold, November 2016ignore
Wordpress Widget Not Working? 5Teacup_, October 2016ignore
How Do You Organize Your Books? 57Diane-bpcb, October 2016ignore
Importing with barcodes? 3ArgoLib, October 2016ignore
Can two users add books to the same library? 34greeneggs, October 2016ignore
Just Joined Today 62wonderY, September 2016ignore
Warmest welcome ever 7MrAndrew, September 2016ignore
Importing from excel (csv) without ISBN Number 4lorannen, August 2016ignore
Importing a CSV file 10lorannen, August 2016ignore
Just joined. Excited to be here. 8gilroy, August 2016ignore
Hi Everyone 5bernsad, August 2016ignore
export as Excell won't load 7Lisa2013, August 2016ignore
Hello! 15AnnieMod, August 2016ignore
A question I'm sorry to have to be asking 3terriks, August 2016ignore
ISBN exists but not found 7lesmel, August 2016ignore
things like publication date and publication info 20jjwilson61, August 2016ignore
scanning 3davidgn, August 2016ignore
sorting LoC call numbers with decimals 3jandrew76, August 2016ignore
I don't understand editions? Or Adding new books. And multi-formats 4elenchus, August 2016ignore
View my review on the book work page? 5MrsJoseph, August 2016ignore
Seeking reccomendations 5Moeen, August 2016ignore
New Author 3Lyndatrue, July 2016ignore
Header & Privacy in TinyCat 2lorannen, July 2016ignore
Uploading own covers 13amarie, July 2016ignore
How does "subject" work? Why can't I edit it? 9CPI, July 2016ignore
Hello from Toronto! 7SylviaC, July 2016ignore
Hello! 4Christine1113, July 2016ignore
Newbie 6SqueakyChu, June 2016ignore
Ignore this topic 7Foghorn-Leghorn, June 2016ignore
member give away e books. 3Pamalama13, June 2016ignore
newbie 13XoVictoryXo, June 2016ignore
Talk lists no longer in chronological order. 8MarthaJeanne, June 2016ignore
Good Afternoon 3elisa.saphier, June 2016ignore
Ignorant newbie 4gilroy, May 2016ignore
Genre - Visible on iPhone App and Tiny Cat, Not Library Thing 2rosalita, May 2016ignore
Newbie with a dumb question: LibraryThing vs Goodreads? 40Mitty_Walters, May 2016ignore
Setting Date Acquired for Multiple Books 1kennethb97, May 2016ignore
Returning to LibraryThing 19MerryMary, May 2016ignore
ciao 6Collectorator, May 2016ignore
Sharing the Library 5jjwilson61, May 2016ignore
Text Encoding Problems 3mjpenton, May 2016ignore
Hello 42wonderY, April 2016ignore
Finding the right group/groups 2lilithcat, April 2016ignore
Joining a group 5Rawhide1, March 2016ignore
Just joined 7Vincent282, March 2016ignore
Search on Date fields - Date Added, Date Started, Date Completed 2.Monkey., March 2016ignore
Assigning a disambiguated author to a book 42omargosh, March 2016ignore
missing enhancement tab in my librarything account 4kgriffith, March 2016ignore
Changing a book over to a different work 28Booklover889, February 2016ignore
Hello! 2reconditereader, February 2016ignore
Saying Hi! 3konallis, February 2016ignore

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