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Welcome to LibraryThing!

A group for new members to introduce themselves, ask questions and learn about everything the LibraryThing community and site have to offer.

LibraryThing is a rich site, with a number of different communities and projects going on. It can also be a complex site—powerful but sometimes daunting to newcomers. This group is a friendly place for new members, and the experienced members who can help them make the most of it. Most questions and introductions are answered within minutes.

Group norms:

  • There are no wrong questions or unwelcome members.

  • LibraryThing values conversation, not advertising or meanness. Rules against spam, personal attacks and so forth still apply (see here).

Other resources:

  • HelpThing. Member-written help, available on every page

  • Standing Groups has a number of popular site groups, for bugs, feature requests, general chatter and so forth.

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ISBN exists but not found 9lorannen, Thursday 12:29pmignore
Moon Girl Series Weirdness 4Zoes_Human, September 6ignore
Creating a personalized/local "series"? 6CapitolHillChorale, August 30ignore
new membership payment not in effect 7CaroleBarron, August 27ignore
Fee 3DrEJGoodwin, August 27ignore
Introduction 2norabelle414, August 27ignore
Self Introduction 2MarthaJeanne, August 17ignore
Self promoting etiquette 5GuillermoStitch, August 4ignore
How to add "author" to Profile 2MarthaJeanne, July 31ignore
Seeking science & children's book group in LT or other site 1Cathie_Currie, July 21ignore
Mass import of books in East Asian Languages from a CSV file 9lorannen, July 19ignore
Publisher waiting for membership approval 7KasvaPress, July 17ignore
New to the group 5Tanith1120, July 16ignore
Oh my goodness, this is fun! 4Tanith1120, July 16ignore
Transferring between Collections 7RebeccaRoberts, July 2ignore
I'm looking for a book that I don't remember the title to 5jjwilson61, June 12ignore
Scanning ISBN's 10RobertDay, June 11ignore
I Agree? 11bnielsen, June 6ignore
email address 1susan594, May 26ignore
why is my display style showing fields I don't want when I'm not signed in 20jjwilson61, May 26ignore
How Do I Let People Know About My Library(Thing)? 3boyerjh, May 24ignore
Adding Books 18Bipin10, May 23ignore
I am new here 2Jarandel, May 21ignore
Looking for a book from Jr High 3clipping_photos, May 21ignore
ISBN to Dewey Decimal 22Hope_H, May 20ignore
Inventory 11kristilabrie, May 9ignore
printing call numbers 13divinenanny, May 5ignore
Recent convert from goodreads 28Yaaresse, April 29ignore
Collections and Tags 3JenniSmallshaw, April 28ignore
Cataloguing books with Two authors 2MarthaJeanne, April 27ignore
Personal vs Volunteer 8kristilabrie, April 20ignore
Add image to a post 3robertajl, April 12ignore
LibraryThing for things that aren't books 18norabelle414, April 3ignore
group work 4.Monkey., April 1ignore
Errors alphabetizing titles containing initial articles (a, an, the) 7.Monkey., March 29ignore
New! Looking for tips on adding tags. 8cambridgehealthatl, March 21ignore
HI! New member here Easton Press question 4Sheila_A, March 20ignore
Melville question from new user 6switzr1, March 16ignore
How can I stop everyone seeing my library? 7norabelle414, March 7ignore
Just joined looking forward to learning the system. 4davidgn, March 6ignore
Book with the same name but a different book anyway 3MrAndrew, March 5ignore
Finding the genre of books 7gilroy, February 22ignore
New to the group. Looking for reviewers. 3BrettSchultzWrites, February 21ignore
books tracking 2.Monkey., February 19ignore
How do I use "@" 12Guanhumara, February 16ignore
Mass-changing barcode 2kristilabrie, January 29ignore
New interface help. 13octhill, January 28ignore
Introducing myself 10Liam_Mullen, January 23ignore
How to find out who requested my book after a giveaway? 5lilithcat, January 19ignore
How to rotate a picture 10WholeHouseLibrary, January 5ignore
LT URL 5MarthaJeanne, January 5ignore
e-Book Versions 20reading_fox, January 1ignore
Photo in Talk posts 4MarthaJeanne, December 2017ignore
How do I add editions? 5BookstoogeLT, December 2017ignore
Help with profile 12sfaith113, December 2017ignore
Name that book help! Non-fiction, "worst people in the world"? 3mfigroid, November 2017ignore
Tags - own v. other people's 8adam.currey, November 2017ignore
How to record who recommended a book to me 7MarthaJeanne, November 2017ignore
Safari bookmark to add a book to LibraryThing 1robinia99, November 2017ignore
Books on philosophy 2lilithcat, November 2017ignore
Author-to-author relationships 8anamorfo, November 2017ignore
Newbie with a dumb question: LibraryThing vs Goodreads? 41zappa, November 2017ignore
How to update a location? 8lorannen, November 2017ignore
Volume # in Book Title 4MarthaJeanne, October 2017ignore
Read Book or Lent out box to keep track 3kristilabrie, October 2017ignore
HELP PLEASE LOOKING FOR THE NAME OF A BOOK 4Taphophile13, October 2017ignore
Adding the original publication date 3MarthaJeanne, October 2017ignore
Is LT a good choice for my small school library? 2lorannen, October 2017ignore
Book reviewers 2MarthaJeanne, October 2017ignore
Greetings from Ohio 22wonderY, October 2017ignore
Adding book not found by book search 3chlorine, September 2017ignore
localized versions of the site 7.mau., September 2017ignore
Hi from Oklahoma! 3bluepiano, September 2017ignore
hello from The Urban Library 1The_Urban_Library, September 2017ignore
adding a LibraryThing user created? item to my library 3lilithcat, September 2017ignore
Translated book doesn't connect to discussions of the original 5De.Selby, August 2017ignore
Popularity field 3SamHobbs, August 2017ignore
Hello from Colorado! 4amysisson, August 2017ignore
Specific Group Membership? 4David.Russell, August 2017ignore
Using Help Thing to learn how to print a book list 8MarthaJeanne, July 2017ignore
Hello from New Zealand 2Taphophile13, July 2017ignore
Forgot my login name 4GirlFromIpanema, July 2017ignore
Adding a series/periodical as a single listing? 7davidgn, July 2017ignore
Adding a title 2davidgn, July 2017ignore
Are a short story and a collection of the same title containing this story considered the same work? 7norabelle414, July 2017ignore
Setting Collections for Add Book on iOS 8rosalita, July 2017ignore
More newbie questions - sorry! ;-) 5MarthaJeanne, July 2017ignore
Adding Common Knowledge when adding a book? 2MarthaJeanne, July 2017ignore
Hello from New Jersey 3rosalita, July 2017ignore
Getting started guidance? 3MarthaJeanne, July 2017ignore
Ensuring my views are "private" 3AnnieMod, July 2017ignore
Hello from the Rocky Mountains 6jjwilson61, June 2017ignore
multi-user access to library 8jjwilson61, June 2017ignore
Hiding a Collection/Tag 1Teacup_, June 2017ignore
Why does an added book which created a new work record doesn't appear on author's page? 6MarthaJeanne, June 2017ignore
Add a duplicate book to my library...how? 6kinetachien, June 2017ignore
Adding Books and Cleaning Author Profile? 4David.Russell, June 2017ignore
Correct ISBN number does not find book 6MarthaJeanne, June 2017ignore
ICU 5ConlayPikamor, May 2017ignore

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