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The 2019 Pirate Treasure Hunt is over. Check back next year.

2019 Pirate Treasure Hunt

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! We’re having our annual Treasure Hunt, where we hide treasure around the site and you solve clues to find them.

  • Decipher the clues below and visit the corresponding LibraryThing pages to find the piece of treasure. Each clue points to a specific page right here on LibraryThing. Remember, they are not necessarily work pages!
  • If there's treasure buried on a page, you'll see a banner at the top of the page.
  • You have one week to find all the treasure pieces (until 5pm EDT, Tuesday Sept 24th).
  • Come boast of your findings (and get hints) on Talk.

Win prizes:

  • Any member who finds at least one piece of treasure will be awarded a treasure chest Badge ().
  • Any member who finds at least five pieces of treasure will get their account upgraded to a lifetime membership.
  • Members who find all 18 pieces of treasure will be entered into a drawing for one of five LibraryThing (or TinyCat) t-shirts, or the original of the bird painting on this page. We'll announce winners at the end of the treasure hunt.

You missed it

Chest 1

A watery geometrical figure with three sides
In the Caribbean it lies
And swallows those who go on boat rides.

Chest 2

These buccaneers from a valley hailed
An apple the logo of some
An M starts the name o' the other
Against them many have railed.

Chest 3

His other series is far more known:
Mice and abbeys and armies Salamandastron strong.
This series, however, is not nearly as long,
Though for this hunt it’s the one better shown.
A boy and his dog, such a timeless trope,
Walk through the ages wanting to help.
Having been kicked off of a famous ship
Dutch, green-lit, and forlorn of hope.

Chest 4

We all know the story, a shadow socked away in a drawer,
The clock ticking driving one mad.
A bit of dust and some happy thoughts,
And off you are away, you cad.
Now, who wrote it?

Chest 5

So now we branch out from our usual fare
All words words words with no pics.
Instead we board a ship in disguise
Drawn in this manga, up to tricks.
Come find the book at the end of this clue,
An example of the subgenre “shoujo.”

Chest 6

Better known for the raptor which opens doors,
Or a greek strain that might kill us all,
This author also penned something more—
Perpendicular Longitudes, but piratical.

Chest 7

The second volume in this series of Magical Shades
brings our favorite Grey bard of all trades
to a ship!
And to international intrigue, and to games
but the most important thing to proclaim–
a dream of piracy at last in her grip.

Chest 8

The Montagues go on a grand tour of the queerest sort;
hijinks ensue before they even make it to port.
We've got mystery and privateers,
and a sister--whose arrival here
hints at her own book to come.
[This line is a rhyme about rum.]
Flirting and banter deftly applied
give us this charming Guide.

Chest 9

In a chest sunken beneath waters calm
Lie the haunted pieces that give you qualm
Let them cross my palm,
30 Pieces or Ag!, all a-shiver.

Chest 10

Drop the moldy biscuits,
You don't want to risk it.
Eat your lemons, eat your limes
or death won't come just from crimes.

Chest 11

A restless babysitter brings his own rum
and then invites the rest of his pirate crew to come.
You may recognize the lovely illustrations scrawled
by a Sir best known for his collaborations with Dahl.

Chest 12

She came to Nassau from Ireland,
met Calico Jack, who was stunned.
Disguised as a man she joined the crew,
While her fame, it grew and grew.
Sent to prison, but there the history records froze–
Whether she died in captivity or escaped to the seas, no one knows.

Chest 13

You might not expect a book about pirates
to turn into a lesson in economics,
but this text gets to the guts
of how looting and plundering together really clicks--
and how mutual self-interest
creates a form of governance that even buccaneers trust.
Live by the hook, die by the hook,
it's a constitutional democracy! I'm shook.

Chest 14

If you know only one, you know of this guy.
Whose peg leg anchors him while the seas make him fly.
His parrot and demeanor fairly wrote the Ur-plot,
With grudges and scheming and X marks the spot.
He’s parodied, pilloried, reinterpreted much,
This character with the piratical touch.
(We drop clues like dubloons to make you a winner,
So now you must find our friend ____ ____ ______.)

Chest 15

The reason we’re all here,
To converse like one of these guys,
Where tenses sometimes gyrate.
What day is today or sometime near?
Try a dialect on for size:
On the day you talk like a ______!

Chest 16

Catch a falling Star and put it in your pocket,
Make a trailing series from a common tale.
First star to the left, but also a new voyage,
By another “Barrie” by ear but not by letters.
It won’t take a very astute Pearson to decipher this clue,
But maybe that person isn’t you.

Chest 17

There are many instructions on our site, that’s true.
Some technical-wikis, some Level 101 tomes.
But the book-answer to this well-timed clue,
Is the theme of this hunt, only “How To.”

Chest 18

We draw them with pirates,
(There’s one on the top of the page!)
But they have also shown us how
Animals can feel and show love hope and rage.
This 30 year adventure with Pepper and bird,
Written down for memory,
Prove that maybe pirates were right after all:
All animals have voices, and some can even be heard.