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Kronenstraße 22, Ettlingen, Baden-Württemberg 76275 Germany
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6029 Rossmore Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20814
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5324 McKinley Street, Bethesda, Maryland 20814
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3 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8 Canada

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1720 Pleasant St., Boulder, CO 80309

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630 W. 5th St. 90071 United States, Los Angeles,, CA 90071
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150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN United Kingdom

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Preschool Storytime
Join us for stories, music, and activities for 3-5 year olds (chinatowne)
Vivien Johnson In conversation with Raewyn Connell
Gleebooks, Tuesday, October 6 at 7pm
Gender is not a Genre: Growing Up Geek
Variant Edition Comics and Culture, Saturday, October 10 at 7pm
We are proud to present Growing Up Geek - featuring women of many different generations and backgrounds talking about their experiences with pop culture and genre in a male-dominated society. This is a discussion that we feel is very important for the industry to have, taking a view at the past, present, and future in order to build a pop culture landscape that is far more welcoming to all those who wish to partake. Panelist members will be announced in the days to come so keep an eye on this space, and our social media accounts to learn more as we near the event date. (tardis)… (more)
Arnie Kozak: Mindfulness A to Z (Burlington)
Phoenix Books Burlington, Thursday, November 5 at 7pm
Join Arnie Kozak, PhD, for a book talk about his new title, Mindfulness A to Z., a field guide to the practice of mindfulness.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Arnie Kozak is the founder of Exquisite Mind, a consultation service for individuals (in the form of mindfulness-based psychotherapy), as well as for the community, healthcare and other professionals, and corporations. Exquisite Mind teaches mindfulness, the art and skill of living in the present, as a vehicle for managing stress and enhancing quality of life. He was also a Clinical Fellow in Psychology at the Harvard Medical School, where he completed his doctoral training. He lives in Burlington, Vermont.

ABOUT THE BOOK: From Acceptance to Zafu, Mindfulness A to Z offers a wealth of inspirational advice and practical instruction on how to bring mindfulness fully into your life. In each entry, Dr. Kozak combines his personal insights and expert guidance on all aspects of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness A to Z presents a multifaceted look at living mindfully in our hectic world, whether dealing with internal conflict, such as fear of missing out, technical problems, such as how to meditate comfortably, or everyday joys such as finding your smile.
Whether you devour the whole book in one sitting, or read an entry a day, Mindfulness A to Z will be a great resource for building better practices in your daily life.

DATE: Thursday, November 5th at 7pm

LOCATION: Phoenix Books Burlington

ADMISSION: Tickets are $3 per person, and include a coupon for $5 off a book by Arnie Kozak! Coupons expire at closing the evening of the event. Seating is limited. (phoenixbooksvt)
… (more)
From Tea Party to Lexington and Concord: The Missing 16 Months
The David Library of the American Revolution, Wednesday, October 7 at 7:30pm
Marie Raphael Ray Raphael

Wednesday, October 7 at 7:30 PM: "From Tea Party to Lexington and Concord: The Missing 16 Months," a lecture by Ray and Marie Raphael, authors of The Spirit of '74: How the American Revolution Began.

Americans know about the Boston Tea Party and "the shot heard round the world," but sixteen months divided these two iconic events, a period nearly lost to history. In their new book, The Spirit of '74. Ray and Marie Raphael explore this gap in our nation's founding narrative, showing how in these mislaid months, step by step, Massachusetts patriots seized control of their province and prepared to defend themselves from the British counter-revolution they knew would come.

Ray Raphael's seventeen books include A People's History of the American Revolution, The First American Revolution, Founders, Mr. President, Constitutional Myths, and Founding Myths. He is currently a senior research fellow at Humboldt State University and associate editor of Journal of the American Revolution. Marie Raphael, author of two historical novels, has taught literature and writing at Boston University, College of the Redwoods, and Humboldt State University. The Raphaels live in Northern California. (twp77)
… (more)
Local Authors Salon
The Book Garden, Saturday, October 10 at 5pm
Come meet authors in the neighborhood. Hear their story. Share yours.

Saturday, Oct. 10 starting at 5pm. Refreshments will be provided by our favorite olive oil and specialty shop, Olive With a Twist and The Book Garden

Here is our guest list of authors so far and you never know who else might stop in for a glass of wine and a little conversation!

Kimberly Borin is an author, counselor, retreat leader, and yoga teacher. She believes that we all have stories to tell and when we share them, we inspire countless others. She is the author of the three Laughter Salad books and the Angel Pages series of books.

Jacqui Boulter lives in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, with her husband David and their three children. She has a passion for horses and loves riding carousels, old and new. She never forgot the magic of catching her first brass ring at The Flying Horses Carousel on Martha’s Vineyard years ago, and that experience inspired her book, Where Horses Fly.

Denny Daikeler is a retired Interior Designer and an ordained Interfaith Minister. She is the author of What Color is Your Slipcover and Messages. She also was the designer on AM Philadelphia from 1980-1985. She lives in Milford, NJ.

Rick Epstein, who has lived in Frenchtown since 1977, is the author of Rookie Dad and The Right Number of Kids. His funny-dad column has appeared in 179 publications in 46 states, Canada and Australia. He was editor of Frenchtown’s Delaware Valley News, and managing editor of the Hunterdon County Democrat.

Seth A. Grossman teaches about partnership governance and community development/management at Rutgers University-The State University of New Jersey, and established a community and business development and management company. He also is a jazz, blues and folk singer. The Neologist: On the Edge of Droxis is his first novel.

Therése Halscheid is author of five poetry collections, including Uncommon Geography and Frozen Latitudes. Her poetry and essays have appeared in many journals. An itinerant writer, she writes on the road and has taught in unusual locales including the far north of Alaska where she lived with an Eskimo tribe.

Roberta Kroll is the author of First Friends and Queen of Sheba which is part of the: Bridle Path Farm Horse Lover’s Series. Roberta was raised in a loving family in Lahaska and Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. She was an only child but was never bored or looking for ways to spend time. Her mother, Bernice Smith, did the daily farm chores of the family farm, which was located in what is now known as Peddlers Village. The original house and barn, where Roberta’s grandparents lived, still stands today.

Mark Lyons will read from his short story collection, Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines, recently published by Wild River Books. Mark is also author of Espejos y Ventanas/Mirrors and Windows, Oral Histories of Mexican Farmworkers and Their Families. He is director of the Philadelphia Storytelling Project.

Kimberly Nagy is a poet, professional writer, and dedicated reader who has interviewed a number of leading thinkers, including Academy-Award winning filmmaker, Pamela Tanner Boll, playwright Emily Mann, and biologist and novelist, Sunetra Gupta. She is cofounder of Wild River Review. She will read a piece from her forthcoming book: Triple Quest (Known as Triple Goddess Trials in the Chapters on Wild River Review).

Tommy Reynolds’ debut novel The Game: Baseball and America Grown’ Up Together, follows the Miller family as they chase the American dream from the green fields of Ireland to the heartland of America. Reynolds is an active racquetball player, runner and softball player, who resides in Clinton, NJ.

Val Sivilli is an accomplished artist who makes her home just north of Frenchtown. She is the author and illustrator of a semibiographical series about the wild beast that lives within including The Wild Boar (bore). She completed her graduate work at Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Stacey Wolf is the author of Never Throw Rice at a Pisces, the first wedding planning guide for brides who like astrology, and four other titles. A professional psychic-medium and astrologer, she has been featured in major magazines and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including The View, Beyond with James Van Praagh, Late Night with David Letterman, The Other Half, and ABC’s World News. (twp77)
… (more)
Bobby Hackney: Rock 'n' Roll Victims, The Story of a Band Called Death (Burlington)
Phoenix Books Burlington, Wednesday, November 4 at 7pm
Join Bobby Hackney for a talk, Q&A, and book signing for his new book, Rock 'n' Roll Victims, The Story of a Band Called Death. If you've seen the documentary A Band Called Death, you'll love going deeper into the inspiring three-decade-long journey of the band that was playing Punk music five years before the term became associated with Rock 'n' Roll.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bobby Hackney is the youngest of the three Hackney brothers who formed the Rock-N-Roll band Death in Detroit during the early seventies. Bassist, lyricist, songwriter, and lead singer for the band Death, Bobby began writing poetry, song lyrics, and short stories from an early age while growing up in Detroit. Graduating from Detroit’s Southeastern High School in 1975, and continuing his education at the University of Vermont in business and music during the eighties, Bobby has carefully and skillfully woven the details of his memory into the story that has become “Rock-N-Roll Victims The Story Of A Band Called Death.” Bobby continues to write, perform, and produce recordings. Look for more of Bobby Hackney’s writing, songs, and poetry coming in the near future.

ABOUT THE BOOK: This autobiography is a book about Rock-N-Roll, family, and the determination of three young blood brothers to simply exist as a band. This book will motivate you, give you a blast into the past, and give you an insight into what it is like to be a part of a diligent group of young men who had a focus and followed it as a unified family. This book will tap into your emotions and have you laughing, crying, thinking and relishing on great Rock music memories. The book is a wonderful complement to the film/documentary A Band Called Death. If you love Rock-N-Roll, the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and what we now call the millennium, you will absolutely love Rock-N-Roll Victims, The Story Of A Band Called Death.

DATE: Wednesday, November 4th at 7pm

LOCATION: Phoenix Books Burlington

ADMISSION: Tickets are $3 per person, and include a coupon for $5 off the featured book. Coupons expire at closing the evening of the event. Seating is limited. (phoenixbooksvt)
… (more)
Farley's Bookclub
Farley's Bookshop, Tuesday, October 20 at 7pm
Our bookclub meets every month on the third Tuesday at 7pm in the back of the bookshop. For this month we will be reading The Sun Gods by Jay Rubin. Light refreshments will be provided.

Event date:
Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

The Sun Gods (Paperback)

By Jay Rubin
ISBN: 9781634059503
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Chin Music - June 9th, 2015

Arriving in Seattle on the eve of World War II, Japanese-born Mitsuko falls for Tom, a widowed pastor, and becomes surrogate mother to his fair-haired American toddler, Bill. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor strains the newly formed family as U.S. government mandates and Tom s growing discomfort with all things Japanese force Mitsuko and young Bill to leave Seattle and Tom behind for the Minidoka Internment Camp, unsure if they will ever return.

Two decades later, memories of Minidoka and long-lost Mitsuko haunt Bill, sparking an arduous journey that leads him from Seattle s International District to newly reconstructed Japan to find his Japanese mother and learn the truth about their shared past.

Jay Rubin is one of the foremost English-language translators of Japanese literature. He is best known for his numerous translations of works by Haruki Murakami, Japan s leading contemporary novelist, and the study Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words. Most recently, he has translated the first two books of Murakami s bestselling novel, 1Q84. In addition, Rubin s Making Sense of Japanese remains one the widely used guides to Japanese language studies.

Jay Rubin received his PhD in Japanese literature from the University of Chicago and taught at Harvard University and the University of Washington. He lives near Seattle with his wife. (twp77)… (more)
Untitled event
Farley's Bookshop, Tuesday, October 6 at 7pm
季刊『考える人』(新潮社)秋号刊行記念トークイベント 最新の宇宙を考える-星空浴から地球外生命体まで-
渡部 潤一(国立天文台副台長)
聞き手:河野 通和(『考える人』編集長)​ (6dts)

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