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Group of ISLAM related books readers.

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Quran Translations31 unread / 31mukhtarkiani, December 2015
Islamic books20 unread / 20chriswcornell, February 2013
Best books about Muslim reverts/converts?4 unread / 4mujahid7ia, September 2012
OT: Has anyone seen the Arrivals?5 unread / 5iftyzaidi, August 2011
Books on Palestine26 unread / 26Fullmoonblue, February 2009
Hadith collections4 unread / 4Essa, February 2009
New Group...1 unread / 1Jesse_wiedinmyer, October 2008
Quran translations: Separate works8 unread / 8GirlFromIpanema, July 2008
Polygyny Memoir by Muslim, Female Convert1 unread / 1poly_blessings, February 2008
Good Introduction/Overview Books?8 unread / 8Mybooks219, November 2007
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