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Seeking book1 unread / 1stellarexplorer, May 2017
What Are You Reading3 unread / 3daschaich, April 2017
how many physicists?10 unread / 10JamesSobek, July 2015
Gravitons and curved space33 unread / 33richardbsmith, May 2014
Is space time smooth? A tale of 3 photons4 unread / 4richardbsmith, September 2012
Mapping Dark Matter4 unread / 4daschaich, January 2012
Simultaneity is relative.4 unread / 4daschaich, December 2011
Looking for SCIRP Books Distribution2 unread / 2theapparatus, October 2011
Neutrino and Einsteinian Relativity3 unread / 3daschaich, September 2011
Symmetry and Unification5 unread / 5richardbsmith, March 2010
Photons, mass, and gravity4 unread / 4daschaich, January 2010
Cavendish calculations of earth density1 unread / 1richardbsmith, July 2009
Large Hadron Collider humour7 unread / 7daschaich, February 2009
variational principles in physics2 unread / 2daschaich, October 2008
QFT5 unread / 5daschaich, March 2008
Monopole? Nuts!8 unread / 8drbubbles, February 2008
Physics for Undergrads3 unread / 3colinflipper, November 2007
Physics! Message Board4 unread / 4Miro, October 2006
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