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A group for the discussion and recommendation of slashy books, media, etc - ie those with gay and lesbian subtext and/or text

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Revive12 unread / 12Charming2020, April 2013
freebie: The Vampire's Boy by Theda Black2 unread / 2Charming2020, April 2013
Slashy kids books7 unread / 7riani1, October 2011
Looking for Books!2 unread / 2zierli, August 2009
Fandoms/Pairings?8 unread / 8Charming2020, September 2013
Recs24 unread / 24aprillee, July 2009
Member Giveaways1 unread / 1blakefraina, March 2009
Paranormal1 unread / 1palominopup, January 2009
Trying to remember a book1 unread / 1Ryes, April 2008
New to Group - Writer of TV Slash1 unread / 1palominopup, January 2009
The Pagan series by Catherine Jinks1 unread / 1MaidMarianForever, August 2007
General Discussion etc1 unread / 1alasen, August 2006
A new organization for fanfic fans1 unread / 1melannen, June 2007
Pairings?3 unread / 3sharrow, October 2008
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