Publisher SeriesDen svarte serie


Funeral in Berlin by Len Deighton 679 copies, 8 reviews1
The Two Faces of January by Patricia Highsmith 350 copies, 12 reviews2
The Light of Day by Eric Ambler 493 copies, 10 reviews3
Roseanna by Maj Sjöwall 1,826 copies, 71 reviews4
The Glass Cell by Patricia Highsmith 288 copies, 7 reviews5
The Ipcress File by Len Deighton 1,076 copies, 24 reviews6
The Kremlin letter by Noel Behn 76 copies, 2 reviews7
Svart sommar by Maria Lang 28 copies, 1 review8
The 9th Directive by Adam Hall 157 copies, 3 reviews9
Punahilkan hautakirjoitus by Helle Stangerup 14 copies, 2 reviews10
The Far Side of the Dollar by Ross Macdonald 421 copies, 6 reviews11
The Paw in the Bottle by James Hadley Chase 36 copies, 1 review12
Billion Dollar Brain by Len Deighton 467 copies, 7 reviews13
His Own Appointed Day by D. M. Devine 14 copies14
The Dolly Dolly Spy by Adam Diment 39 copies15
Polly Put the Kettle On by Joan Fleming 3 copies16
Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith 1,867 copies, 62 reviews17
Think of a number by Anders Bodelsen 47 copies, 5 reviews18
The Ballad of the Running Man by Shelley Smith 26 copies19
The Man on the Balcony by Maj Sjöwall 1,115 copies, 33 reviews20
Sherlock Holmes : syv hendelser fra hans liv og virke by Arthur Conan Doyle 3 copies22
Sleep Long, My Love by Hillary Waugh 38 copies, 1 review23
Meet Me at the Morgue by Ross Macdonald 246 copies, 2 reviews24
The Fifth Cord by Dominic Devine 3 copies25
River Girl by Charles Williams 84 copies, 2 reviews26
Sherlock Holmes vender tilbake : Syv mysterier fra hans saksarkiver by Arthur Conan Doyle 4 copies27
The Laughing Policeman by Maj Sjöwall 1,534 copies, 55 reviews28
Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl 1,339 copies, 16 reviews29
My Brother's Killer by D. M. Devine 32 copies30
The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett 7,612 copies, 230 reviews31
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 11,663 copies, 241 reviews32
The Vulture Is a Patient Bird by James Hadley Chase 54 copies33
Dead Cert by Dick Francis 1,117 copies, 18 reviews34
A Touch of Death by Charles Williams 285 copies, 8 reviews35
De manglede en sangfugl i himlen by Vera Rohde 4 copies36
The Sign of the Four by Arthur Conan Doyle 3,887 copies, 128 reviews37
Someone Like You by Roald Dahl 1,117 copies, 16 reviews38
For Kicks by Dick Francis 1,072 copies, 18 reviews39
The Case of the Constant Suicides by John Dickson Carr 311 copies, 8 reviews40
The Fire Engine That Disappeared by Maj Sjöwall 954 copies, 24 reviews41
The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith 4,910 copies, 149 reviews42
Dead trouble by Dominic Devine 10 copies43
Trent's Last Case by E. C. Bentley 761 copies, 23 reviews44
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson 13,677 copies, 261 reviews45
The Murder League by Robert L. Pike 33 copies, 1 review46
The Shadow Guest by Hillary Waugh 32 copies, 2 reviews47
Murder at the Savoy by Maj Sjöwall 914 copies, 20 reviews48
Etterforskning pågår by David Torjussen 1 copy49
Mitt navn er Knoph by Olaf Bull 6 copies, 1 review51
Nerve by Dick Francis 1,001 copies, 20 reviews52
Three Green Bottles by Dominic Devine 7 copies53
The Three Coffins by John Dickson Carr 640 copies, 22 reviews54
Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout 1,524 copies, 54 reviews55
The League of Frightened Men by Rex Stout 860 copies, 22 reviews56
The Blunderer by Patricia Highsmith 360 copies, 16 reviews57
The Abominable Man by Maj Sjöwall 899 copies, 18 reviews58
Too Many Cooks by Rex Stout 818 copies, 16 reviews59
Skjult mønster by Bernhard Borge 21 copies, 1 review60
Kriminalpolitiet etterlyser / Tor Edvin Dahl by David Torjussen 2 copies61
The Man Who Went up in Smoke by Maj Sjöwall 1,163 copies, 35 reviews62
Mange om liket by Richard Macker 2 copies63
The Drowning Pool by Ross Macdonald 709 copies, 12 reviews64
Illegal Tender by Dominic Devine 5 copies65
Forfeit by Dick Francis 914 copies, 15 reviews66
A Kiss before Dying by Ira Levin 1,060 copies, 27 reviews67
The Benson Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine 234 copies, 9 reviews68
Slay Ride by Dick Francis 902 copies, 14 reviews69
Liket i skogen by David Torjussen 5 copies70
The Locked Room by Maj Sjöwall 973 copies, 22 reviews71
The Goodbye Look by Ross Macdonald 471 copies, 4 reviews72
Avdøde ønsket ikke blomster by Gerd Nyquist 22 copies, 1 review73
Break In by Dick Francis 1,259 copies, 16 reviews74
Perdido, Perdido- by Olav Angell 3 copies75
Rygg i rand, to i spann by Gunnar Staalesen 10 copies76
Hevnen by Anker Rogstad 4 copies77
Cop Killer by Maj Sjöwall 800 copies, 14 reviews78
Ung pike funnet død : en kriminalroman by David Torjussen 1 copy79
Doctors also die by D. M. Devine 7 copies80
Enquiry by Dick Francis 941 copies, 11 reviews81
"Bergenstoget plyndret i natt!" by Jonathan Jerv 10 copies82
Like Love by Ed McBain 235 copies, 5 reviews83
An Unsuccessful Man by Torben Nielsen 10 copies, 1 review84
Den drukner ei som henges skal by Jon Michelet 14 copies85
The Murders in the Rue Morgue and other stories by Edgar Allan Poe 354 copies, 5 reviews86
Sist sett søndag ettermiddag by David Torjussen 4 copies87
The Terrorists by Maj Sjöwall 788 copies, 18 reviews88
The Royston Affair by Dominic Devine 6 copies89
Flying Finish by Dick Francis 930 copies, 10 reviews90
The Chill by Ross Macdonald 610 copies, 18 reviews91
Mellom barken og veden : en roman om supermaktspionasje i Norge by Jon Michelet 8 copies92
Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers 3,041 copies, 77 reviews93
The Red Box by Rex Stout 662 copies, 15 reviews94
The Judas Window by Carter Dickson 239 copies, 7 reviews95
The Galton Case by Ross Macdonald 540 copies, 14 reviews96
The Pusher by Ed McBain 365 copies, 11 reviews97
Bonecrack by Dick Francis 966 copies, 8 reviews98
The Silent Speaker by Rex Stout 836 copies, 14 reviews99
Morderen fra mørket by Stein Riverton 11 copies100
Mannen med tusen jern i ilden by Stein Riverton 4 copies101
Muren by Torolf Elster 10 copies102
Mannen som hatet julenisser by Gunnar Staalesen 10 copies103
Beleiring by David Torjussen 3 copies104
Devil at your elbow, by Dominic Devine 7 copies105
Ripley Under Ground by Patricia Highsmith 1,150 copies, 23 reviews106
Death Cuts the Deck by Robert L. Pike 7 copies, 1 review107
The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley 433 copies, 23 reviews108
The High Window by Raymond Chandler 2,268 copies, 38 reviews109
Den hvite kineser by Pio Larsen 4 copies110
Lansen by Anker Rogstad 11 copies111
Last Seen Wearing... by Hillary Waugh 131 copies, 5 reviews112
Rat Race by Dick Francis 939 copies, 15 reviews113
The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler 2,688 copies, 52 reviews114
A Family Affair by Rex Stout 546 copies, 11 reviews115
The Zebra-Striped Hearse by Ross Macdonald 438 copies, 6 reviews116
Lady Killer by Ed McBain 286 copies, 8 reviews117
The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler 1,997 copies, 45 reviews118
Plot It Yourself by Rex Stout 654 copies, 13 reviews119
King's Ransom by Ed McBain 262 copies, 9 reviews120
Taxi nach Leipzig by Friedhelm Werremeier 4 copies121
The Instant Enemy by Ross Macdonald 331 copies, 8 reviews122
Knock Down by Dick Francis 862 copies, 8 reviews123
The Iron Chariot by Stein Riverton 79 copies, 2 reviews124
Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith 472 copies, 14 reviews125
The Canary Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine 251 copies, 8 reviews126
Der Richter in Weiß by Friedhelm Werremeier 3 copies127
Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler 3,745 copies, 82 reviews128
High Stakes by Dick Francis 1,001 copies, 18 reviews129
Den som graver en grav - by Friedhelm Werremeier 2 copies130
Calamity Town by Ellery Queen 263 copies, 6 reviews131
A Suspension of Mercy by Patricia Highsmith 420 copies, 7 reviews132
See Them Die by Ed McBain 218 copies, 7 reviews133
The Second Confession by Rex Stout 788 copies, 12 reviews134
Enkelstöten : psykologisk thriller by Tomas Arvidsson 22 copies135
The evidence you will hear (Perennial mystery library) by Hamilton Jobson 6 copies, 1 review136
Dubbelstöten : psykologisk thriller by Tomas Arvidsson 17 copies137
In the Frame by Dick Francis 1,010 copies, 21 reviews138
Ein EKG für Trimmel. by Friedhelm Werremeier 4 copies139
The Glass Village by Ellery Queen 151 copies140
A Person Shouldn't Die Like That by Arthur D. Goldstein 12 copies141
Den femte passasjeren by Gunnar Staalesen 5 copies142
Mordet på maskinbygger Roolfsen : kriminalanekdote fra Kongsberg by Maurits Hansen 5 copies143
Last Bus to Woodstock by Colin Dexter 1,219 copies, 38 reviews144
The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler 4,351 copies, 90 reviews145
The Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett 1,716 copies, 37 reviews146
The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne 1,234 copies, 58 reviews147
Hazell Plays Solomon by P. B. Yuill 23 copies148
He Who Hesitates by Ed McBain 242 copies, 8 reviews149
The Golden Spiders by Rex Stout 857 copies, 14 reviews150
Kidnapperen by Anker Rogstad 4 copies151
You're Never too Old to Die by Arthur D. Goldstein 5 copies152
Bortreist på ubestemt tid by Sigrun Karin Christiansen 11 copies153
Holmgren-saken by Arthur Omre 4 copies154
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers 2,571 copies, 70 reviews155
The man without a name by Martin James Russell 7 copies, 1 review156
Platzverweis für Trimmel Kriminalroman by Friedhelm Werremeier 5 copies157
Fuzz by Ed McBain 286 copies, 4 reviews158
Table D'Hote by Douglas Clark 22 copies159
13 norske kriminalnoveller 4 copies160
Operasjon by Helge Riisøen 3 copies161
Edens marker by Michael T. Hinkemeyer 7 copies162
Last Seen Wearing by Colin Dexter 990 copies, 28 reviews163
Ten Plus One by Ed McBain 246 copies, 3 reviews164
The Reader is Warned by Carter Dickson 115 copies, 2 reviews165
Sommarmord by Lars Molin 15 copies166
A Private Venus by Giorgio Scerbanenco 187 copies, 7 reviews167
Hazell and the Three Card Trick by P. B. Yuill 17 copies, 1 review168
Shotgun by Ed McBain 222 copies, 3 reviews169
Find a Victim: A Lew Archer Novel by Ross Macdonald 357 copies, 9 reviews170
Nobody's sorry he got killed by Arthur D. Goldstein 2 copies171
The Man from Nowhere by Stanley Ellin 27 copies172
Finish Me Off by Hillary Waugh 9 copies173
Devil Take the Blue-Tail Fly by John Franklin Bardin 93 copies, 2 reviews174
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler 8,429 copies, 238 reviews175
Wild Turkey by Roger L. Simon 40 copies, 1 review176
The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B. Parker 1,424 copies, 34 reviews177
The Gimmel Flask (Murder Ink. Mystery) by Douglas Clark 35 copies178
The Murderer Is a Fox by Ellery Queen 168 copies, 3 reviews179
The Ferguson Affair by Ross Macdonald 185 copies, 2 reviews181
Peking Duck by Roger L. Simon 49 copies182
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn by Colin Dexter 839 copies, 26 reviews183
The Judge and His Hangman by Friedrich Dürrenmatt 1,443 copies, 17 reviews184
Risk by Dick Francis 922 copies, 8 reviews185
The Eighth Circle by Stanley Ellin 98 copies, 3 reviews186
Betrayal by Giorgio Scerbanenco 128 copies, 4 reviews187
Lord of the Sorcerers by Carter Dickson 187 copies, 2 reviews188
Tornerose sov i hundre år by Gunnar Staalesen 84 copies, 3 reviews189
Malice Aforethought by Francis Iles 301 copies, 12 reviews190
Whip Hand by Dick Francis 1,159 copies, 16 reviews191
Night at the Mocking Widow by Carter Dickson 131 copies, 1 review192
The Chelsea Murders by Lionel Davidson 98 copies, 2 reviews193
Mouche by Alain Demouzon 12 copies194
The Mother Hunt by Rex Stout 745 copies, 13 reviews195
Hvit løgn by Helge Riisøen 3 copies196
Yours until Death by Gunnar Staalesen 163 copies, 5 reviews197
Heat Wave by Elleston Trevor 7 copies198
Hazell and the Menacing Jester by P. B. Yuill 19 copies199
Gatewood- mysteriet og andre noveller by Dashiell Hammett 2 copies200
Black Money by Ross Macdonald 459 copies, 9 reviews201
The Late Mrs. D. by Hillary Waugh 21 copies202
Warrant for X by Philip MacDonald 118 copies, 3 reviews203
Bomben by Lars Molin 9 copies204
The specialty of the house and other stories: The complete mystery tales, 1948-1978 by Stanley Ellin 117 copies, 1 review205
Service of All the Dead by Colin Dexter 858 copies, 22 reviews206
Ghosts by Ed McBain 309 copies, 6 reviews207
Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout 1,018 copies, 24 reviews208
La donna nel frigo by Gunnar Staalesen 111 copies, 4 reviews209
Morderens ansikt by David Torjussen 3 copies210
Reflex by Dick Francis 1,209 copies, 32 reviews211
The Way Some People Die by Ross Macdonald 407 copies, 9 reviews212
29 Herriott Street by John Hutton 6 copies213
A Matter of Conviction by Ed McBain 26 copies, 1 review214
That Night It Rained by Hillary Waugh 16 copies215
The Babysitter by Andrew Coburn 38 copies216
The Blue Hammer by Ross Macdonald 555 copies, 13 reviews217
Gambit by Rex Stout 574 copies, 7 reviews218
Det store bankranet by Dashiell Hammett 2 copies219
The Boy Who Followed Ripley by Patricia Highsmith 826 copies, 17 reviews220
Loser's Blues by Paula Gosling 39 copies, 1 review221
The Dead of Jericho by Colin Dexter 923 copies, 15 reviews222
Mystery In Kensington Gore by Philip MacDonald 17 copies, 1 review223
Avgjørelsens øyeblikk - og andre noveller by Stanley Ellin 1 copy224
Bakstöten : psykologisk thriller by Tomas Arvidsson 12 copies225
Goldilocks by Ed McBain 194 copies, 5 reviews226
Le Loup dans la bergerie by Gunnar Staalesen 104 copies, 2 reviews227
The Cry of the Owl by Patricia Highsmith 507 copies, 14 reviews228
Twice Shy by Dick Francis 1,060 copies, 16 reviews229
So Long as You Both Shall Live by Ed McBain 206 copies, 3 reviews230
The Lime Pit by Jonathan Valin 62 copies, 1 review231
Utanförskapet : en thriller i livets utkant by Tomas Arvidsson 12 copies232
Hvit som snø by Jon Michelet 36 copies233
Heat by Ed McBain 298 copies, 2 reviews234
The Doorbell Rang by Rex Stout 1,153 copies, 23 reviews235
A lonely place to die: A novel of suspense by Wessel Ebersohn 22 copies, 1 review236
The Outside Man by Richard North Patterson 286 copies, 6 reviews237
Final Notice by Jonathan Valin 55 copies238
Jakt på skygger by David Torjussen 3 copies239
Morder! Morder! by Uno Palmström 7 copies240
Trouble Is My Business by Raymond Chandler 1,518 copies, 18 reviews241
So Young to Die by Geoffrey Tree 9 copies, 1 review242
This is Your Death by Dominic Devine 7 copies243
Guest in the House by Philip MacDonald 23 copies244
Missing Persons by Jack Olsen 5 copies245
Där kanonen blommar by Uno Palmström 5 copies246
Korset by Lars Molin 13 copies247
Dead Letter by Jonathan Valin 46 copies248
Døden i telefonen by David Torjussen 1 copy249
Datadyrkarna : [thriller] by Jan-Jöran Stenhagen 21 copies, 1 review250
La Marea Roja (Spanish Edition) by Cornell Woolrich 26 copies251
Indemnity Only by Sara Paretsky 1,300 copies, 35 reviews252
Curtains for Three by Rex Stout 492 copies, 5 reviews253
Divide the Night by Wessel Ebersohn 27 copies, 1 review254
Day of Wrath by Jonathan Valin 41 copies255
Stalking horse by Collin Wilcox 8 copies256
Woodrow Wilsons slips og andre historier by Patricia Highsmith 1 copy257
Gjemt i mur by David Torjussen 1 copy258
The Riddle of the Third Mile by Colin Dexter 837 copies, 24 reviews259
The Religious Body by Catherine Aird 355 copies, 14 reviews260
The Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa by Martin Page 41 copies261
Lightning by Ed McBain 293 copies, 1 review262
Black Orchids by Rex Stout 962 copies, 13 reviews263
Maratonmannen by Uno Palmström 8 copies264
A time to reap : an Emil Whippletree mystery by Michael T. Hinkemeyer 3 copies265
Jumping Jenny by Anthony Berkeley 69 copies, 2 reviews266
The Twelfth Juror by B. M. Gill 67 copies267
Razor Game by James Grady 16 copies268
The Final Deduction by Rex Stout 562 copies, 7 reviews269
The First Directive by Joseph D. McNamara 28 copies270
Unntakstilstanden by Jean-François Vilar 2 copies271
Patterns in the Dust by Lesley Grant-Adamson 34 copies, 1 review272

Collections and Selections

Red Wind by Raymond Chandler 52 copies, 1 review180


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