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Publisher Series Heyne


The Quest for Merlin by Nikolai Tolstoy 237 copies, 1 review38
Der programmierte Wal : Science-fiction-Roman by Ian Watson 0 copies06/69
Colt of the Alcan Road by Bertrand Shurtleff 6 copies156
Dickie gibt kein Fersengeld : Kriminalsatire by Rolf Becker 1 copy251
Freiheit, die ich fürchte by Ulrich Wickert 3 copies271
Zwei Töchter und drei Hunde by Hans G. Bentz 8 copies494
Exodus by Leon Uris 3,576 copies, 53 reviews566
Trozas by B. Traven 98 copies687
Lerche und Löwe. by Sandra Paretti 4 copies965
Spiel mit oder stirb by Gil Brewer 1 copy1195
One Lonely Night by Mickey Spillane 205 copies, 4 reviews1228
Velocity by Dean Koontz 3,641 copies, 82 reviews02035
Flucht in den Tod. by Meriol Trevor 1 copy2044
Die entführte Leiche/Tage der Angst/Die schwarze Wespe by Thomas Chastain 1 copy2178
A Fistful of Digits by Christopher Hodder-Williams 39 copies, 1 review3289
Flug nach Murdstone by Wulf H. Bergner 3 copies3337
Conan: The Sword of Skelos by Andrew Offutt 206 copies, 1 review3941
Conan and the Sorcerer by Andrew J. Offutt 98 copies4006
Conan The Mercenary by Andrew J. Offutt 112 copies, 1 review4020
The Best Science Fiction of the Year #10 by Terry Carr 101 copies4021
Conan the Rebel by Poul Anderson 260 copies4037
Das Taschenbuch des Pfeifenrauchers unterhaltsame Lektion über d. Umgang mit Pfeife u. Tabak, e. prakt. Wegweiser zum 7. Raucherhimmel. 4313 : Prakt. Reihe by Helmut Hochrain 1 copy4313
The Bishop's Heir by Katherine Kurtz 1,133 copies, 7 reviews4561
The King's Justice by Katherine Kurtz 1,058 copies, 6 reviews4562
The Deryni Archives by Katherine Kurtz 743 copies4564
The Quest for Saint Camber by Katherine Kurtz 1,048 copies, 6 reviews4564
The Copper Crown by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison 598 copies, 6 reviews4622
Blue Magic by Jo Clayton 167 copies, 1 review4648
A Gathering of Stones by Jo Clayton 146 copies, 1 review4649
A Blackbird in Silver by Freda Warrington 100 copies4796
A Blackbird in Darkness by Freda Warrington 64 copies4797
Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett 11,662 copies, 177 reviews4805
Peony by Pearl S. Buck 729 copies, 16 reviews5082
Conan der Angreifer by Leonard Carpenter 4 copies5143
Das kleine Land I. Das verborgene Volk. by Charles de Lint 13 copies5237
The Venetian Affair by Helen MacInnes 316 copies, 2 reviews5271
Message From Málaga by Helen MacInnes 304 copies, 2 reviews5319
Mensch, Gustav : Roman by Henry Jaeger 3 copiesNr. 5328
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer 1,554 copies, 33 reviews5408
Danger from Deer by Vicki Baum 25 copies, 1 review5660
Stuka by Valentin Mikula 6 copies5661
Decision at Delphi by Helen MacInnes 264 copies, 10 reviews5677
Deus X by Norman Spinrad 157 copies, 2 reviews5917
The Exile by Pearl S. Buck 238 copies, 5 reviews6043
Prelude to Terror by Helen MacInnes 291 copies, 2 reviews6058
Flutwelle by Utta Danella 8 copies6204
Superman III by William Kotzwinkle 73 copies6334
Eine Heimat hat der Mensch: Roman (German Edition) by Utta Danella 6 copies6344
Contes fantastiques by E. T. A. Hoffmann 116 copies01/6560
Phantastische Erzählungen(3 Bände) by Nikolaj Gogol 3 copies01/6574
Small World by Tabitha King 202 copies, 1 review6625
Das Buch Avalon by Manfred Kluge 15 copies6649
Phantoms by Dean Koontz 3,025 copies, 40 reviews01/6667
Unheimliche Geschichten 1 - 3 - Komplett in 3 Bänden und im Originalkarton by Robert Louis Stevenson 5 copies01/6671
Monk's Hood by Ellis Peters 1,969 copies, 39 reviews6702
Julia by Peter Straub 425 copies, 7 reviews6724
Under Venus by Peter Straub 49 copies01/6781
Sensei 1. Der Triumph der Shogun by David Charney 1 copy01/6879
Jubal Sackett by Louis L'Amour 916 copies, 17 reviews6921
Das Buch Merlin. Mythen, Legenden und Dichtungen um den Zauberer Merlin. by Manfred Kluge 6 copies6975
Stillwatch by Mary Higgins Clark 1,507 copies, 13 reviews01/7602
Pet Sematary by Stephen King 10,938 copies, 185 reviews01/7627
Sensei 2. Der Meister des Schwerts by David Charney 1 copy01/7631
Castle Terror by Marion Zimmer Bradley 19 copies7712
The Palermo Ambush by Colin Forbes 68 copies, 1 review7788
Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine 734 copies, 30 reviews7854
Das Buch vom Gral. Mythen, Legenden und Dichtungen um das größte Geheimnis des mittelalterlichen Abendlandes by Bertram Kircher 4 copies7880
C'est beau une ville la nuit by Richard Bohringer 54 copies7988
The Tommyknockers by Stephen King 7,596 copies, 68 reviews01/7995
All the Sweet Tomorrows by Bertrice Small 241 copies, 4 reviews8107
Anna's Book by Fynn 119 copies01/8120
Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies 1,198 copies, 25 reviews8170
Misery by Stephen King 11,810 copies, 167 reviews8293
The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris 10,136 copies, 112 reviewsNr. 01/8294
Sensei 3. Der Sieg des Samurai by David Charney 1 copy01/8308
Different Seasons by Stephen King 7,391 copies, 113 reviews8403
While My Pretty One Sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark 1,615 copies, 9 reviews8434
Cabal by Clive Barker 1,484 copies, 12 reviews01/8464
Salem's Lot by Stephen King 12,677 copies, 255 reviews01/8513
A Time to Kill by John Grisham 10,330 copies, 126 reviews8615
Silence in Hanover Close by Anne Perry 670 copies, 7 reviews8743
The Heretic's Apprentice by Ellis Peters 1,374 copies, 22 reviews8803
Creature by John Saul 733 copies, 5 reviews8934
Toguras Rückkehr by Hugh Cook 4 copies9016
Flint by Louis L'Amour 704 copies, 10 reviews9113
The Serpent by Jane Gaskell 249 copies, 7 reviews9121
Teppiche von den Anfängen der Teppichkunst bis heute by Karin Adrian 1 copy08/9312
Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson 2,035 copies, 14 reviews9373
The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton 1,946 copies, 20 reviews9374
Dark Apprentice by Kevin J. Anderson 1,891 copies, 10 reviews9375
Das Druidentor. by Wolfgang Hohlbein 207 copies, 2 reviews9536
Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King 6,783 copies, 48 reviews9572
All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat by Suzy Becker 632 copies, 12 reviews9727
The List of Seven by Mark Frost 946 copies, 13 reviews9777
The Complete Incense Book by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi 41 copies9796
Der Windglockentempel. by Sigrid Heuck 6 copies9929
Hot Ice by Nora Roberts 1,159 copies, 14 reviews10013
The Eye of God by C. L. Grace 87 copies, 2 reviews10078
Der Club der grünen Witwen. by Marte Cormann 2 copies10081
Red Dragon by Thomas Harris 8,181 copies, 80 reviews10171
Insomnia by Stephen King 8,653 copies, 103 reviews10280
The Rainmaker by John Grisham 8,735 copies, 57 reviews10300
The Pelican Brief by John Grisham 9,437 copies, 65 reviews10382
A Heart So White by Javier Marías 1,518 copies, 44 reviews10486
Dragons on the Sea of Night by Eric Lustbader 74 copies10573
The Runaway Jury by John Grisham 8,746 copies, 58 reviews10600
The Groaning Board (Smith and Wetzon Mysteries) by Annette Meyers 32 copies10611
Die Safranhändlerin by Helga Glaesener 41 copies, 2 reviews10641
The Diary of Mattie Spenser by Sandra Dallas 666 copies, 23 reviews10749
Stallion Gate by Martin Cruz Smith 545 copies, 10 reviews10768
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams 31,870 copies, 603 reviews10822
Die profanen Stunden des Glücks by Renate Feyl 42 copies, 1 review10890
Am Anfang war der Seitensprung by Amelie Fried 21 copies10996
The Chamber by John Grisham 7,519 copies, 51 reviews11508
The Firm by John Grisham 9,894 copies, 94 reviews12582
The One Thing More by Anne Perry 75 copies, 3 reviews13060
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess 21,522 copies, 334 reviews13079
Ashworth Hall by Anne Perry 640 copies, 9 reviews13109
Homeport by Nora Roberts 1,525 copies, 12 reviews13122
Hidden Riches by Nora Roberts 1,154 copies, 15 reviews13220
Free Love (Olivia Brown Mysteries) by Annette Meyers 70 copies, 2 reviews13264
The Testament by John Grisham 8,484 copies, 79 reviews13300
Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes 2,043 copies, 32 reviews13323
Murder on Gramercy Park by Victoria Thompson 461 copies, 16 reviews13482
Frau aus Glas. Ein Pia-Petry-Roman by Petra Würth 2 copies13487
She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb 11,440 copies, 196 reviews13498
Ancestral Vices by Tom Sharpe 599 copies, 4 reviews13517
The Crediton Killings by Michael Jecks 268 copies, 3 reviews13572
Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes 2,742 copies, 34 reviews13575
On the Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark 2,142 copies, 27 reviews13699
Jennifer Government by Max Barry 2,825 copies, 97 reviews13758
The Summons by John Grisham 6,981 copies, 63 reviews13800
Skipping Christmas by John Grisham 5,457 copies, 132 reviews13861
A Painted House by John Grisham 7,926 copies, 101 reviews13924
Lancelot Du Lethe by J. Robert King 136 copies, 1 review13927
The Gunslinger by Stephen King 18,390 copies, 409 reviews13951
Fear Itself by Jonathan Nasaw 209 copies, 2 reviews13963
You Belong To Me by Mary Higgins Clark 1,880 copies, 16 reviews16079
Liegen lernen by Frank Goosen 95 copies, 2 reviews21224
Tea Time for the Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith 2,148 copies, 72 reviews26570
Olaf, der Elch. Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte by Volker Kriegel 34 copies40106
Night Swimming by Laura Moore 35 copies, 1 review40147
Venus allein zu Haus: Roman by Jana Voosen 10 copies40466
Lutetia by Pierre Assouline 78 copies, 4 reviews40532
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield 15,304 copies, 852 reviews40549
Spider by Michael Morley 66 copies, 2 reviews40610
Drive by James Sallis 527 copies, 24 reviews40626
Playing for Pizza by John Grisham 3,868 copies, 115 reviews40628
The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Croissant by Pablo Tusset 386 copies, 10 reviews40694
Vision in White by Nora Roberts 2,421 copies, 96 reviews40742
Der lange Schatten by Alexandra von Grote 2 copies40833
The Confession: A Novel by John Grisham 3,465 copies, 129 reviews40949
Tanz unter Sternen by Titus Müller 12 copies, 1 review40997
Erwin, Mord & Ente by Thomas Krüger 20 copies, 4 reviews41152
Fiercombe Manor by Kate Riordan 237 copies, 23 reviews41799
The Hummingbird by Kati Hiekkapelto 106 copies, 10 reviews41912
The Second Time Around: A Novel by Mary Higgins Clark 1,656 copies, 9 reviews43008
Sympathy Between Humans by Jodi Compton 187 copies, 3 reviews43035
The Janson Directive by Robert Ludlum 1,671 copies, 11 reviews43105
Pandemic by Daniel Kalla 258 copies, 10 reviews43134
Nighttime Is My Time: A Novel by Mary Higgins Clark 1,748 copies, 22 reviews43152
The Broker by John Grisham 7,750 copies, 101 reviews43197
Without Mercy by Jack Higgins 493 copies, 6 reviews43219
Resistance by Daniel Kalla 88 copies, 1 review43232
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson 36,188 copies, 1,619 reviews43245
Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris 3,721 copies, 80 reviews43264
Pleading Guilty by Scott Turow 1,521 copies, 16 reviews43268
Het grote spel by Claude Cueni 88 copies, 5 reviews43277
The Closers by Michael Connelly 4,141 copies, 76 reviews43281
Der Rumpf by Akif Pirinçci 60 copies43296
Blood Lies by Daniel Kalla 132 copies, 2 reviews43313
The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson 25,599 copies, 861 reviews43317
Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn 1,837 copies, 34 reviews43368
I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark 1,893 copies, 18 reviews43374
The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall 925 copies, 72 reviews43416
Gehet hin und tötet by Claude Cueni 20 copies43446
Micro by Michael Crichton 1,673 copies, 62 reviews43663
Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy 5,611 copies, 51 reviews43672
The Litigators by John Grisham 3,056 copies, 103 reviews43784
Bone Walker by Kathleen O'Neal Gear 221 copies, 3 reviews47006
Blutiger Frühling : Roman by Barbara von Bellingen 3 copies47020
Der Kopf des Löwen : Roman by François de Gourcez 1 copy47092
Sword and Scimitar by Simon Scarrow 107 copies, 4 reviews47127
Dragonsblood by Todd McCaffrey 1,459 copies, 25 reviews52131
Elfenlicht by Bernhard Hennen 177 copies, 5 reviews52218
Spektrum by Sergej Lukianenko 157 copies, 2 reviews52233
Ewige Liebe by J. R. Ward 94 copies52302
Scattered Suns by Kevin J. Anderson 773 copies, 7 reviews52368
Elfenlied by Bernhard Hennen 68 copies, 1 review52422
The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett 3,064 copies, 172 reviews52476
The Battle of Corrin by Brian Herbert 1,847 copies, 18 reviews52503
The Difference Engine by William Gibson 5,150 copies, 77 reviews52672
Les guerriers du silence by Pierre Bordage 136 copies, 1 review52897
The Elven by Bernhard Hennen 389 copies, 9 reviews53001
Schattenjagd by Wolfgang Hohlbein 75 copies, 1 review53005
Abarat by Clive Barker 3,435 copies, 79 reviews53225
Die Trolle by Christoph Hardebusch 67 copies, 1 review53237
Das Buch by Wolfgang Hohlbein 121 copies, 4 reviews53276
Vampirherz by J. R. Ward 73 copies53292
Äon by Andreas Brandhorst 21 copies53295
Elfenkönigin: Roman by Bernhard Hennen 94 copies, 2 reviews53340
Racheengel by J. R. Ward 53 copies53349
Die Hexen: Roman by Lea Nicolai 4 copies53389
On Demand (Black Lace) by Justine Elyot 12 copies, 1 review54542
Cell by Stephen King 9,812 copies, 245 reviews56509
The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes 2,143 copies, 28 reviews58019
Bis hier und weiter by Bruno Jonas 1 copy60072
Nineteen Seventy-Seven by David Peace 571 copies, 11 reviews67509
Punk Rock: An Oral History by John Robb 83 copies67550
Resurrection Dreams by Richard Laymon 258 copies, 7 reviews67555
The Client by John Grisham 9,015 copies, 62 reviews72090
Der Leibarzt. by Ralf Günther 20 copies72152
Fatherland by Robert Harris 3,979 copies, 90 reviews72180
Scimitar SL-2 by Patrick Robinson 257 copies, 3 reviews81075
Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays by David Sedaris 5,010 copies, 62 reviews81082
The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons 663 copies, 46 reviews81173
The Innocent Man by John Grisham 6,528 copies, 143 reviews81174
Der Fönig: Ein Moerschen by Walter Moers 68 copies87398
The Sigma Protocol by Robert Ludlum 1,797 copies, 14 reviews87776
Ein Netz so fein gesponnen. by Barbara von Bellingen 8 copies87783
Ilium by Dan Simmons 3,606 copies, 52 reviews87898

Collections and Selections

The First Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny 960 copies, 23 reviews4275
The Soul Drinker by Jo Clayton 67 copies4647
Der Brand der Cheopspyramide / Die Macht der Drei / Das Erbe der Uraniden. Drei Science Fiction Romane in einem Band. by Hans Dominik 8 copies4677
Flinx' Abenteuer. Sonderausgabe by Alan Dean Foster 14 copies4948
From the Two Rivers by Robert Jordan 696 copies, 10 reviews5026
To the Blight by Robert Jordan 570 copies, 5 reviews5027
The Hunt Begins by Robert Jordan 273 copies, 2 reviews5028
New Threads in the Pattern by Robert Jordan 235 copies, 1 review5029
The Dragon Reborn (Book 1 of 2) by Robert Jordan 155 copies, 1 review5030
The Road of Spears by Robert Jordan 166 copies, 1 review5031
The Shadow Rising (Book 1 of 3) by Robert Jordan 78 copies5032
The Shadow Rising (Book 2 of 3) by Robert Jordan 76 copies, 1 review5033
The Shadow Rising (book 3 of 3) by Robert Jordan 80 copies, 1 review5034
The Fires of Heaven (Book 1 of 3) by Robert Jordan 68 copies, 1 review5035
The Fires of Heaven (Book 2 of 3) by Robert Jordan 64 copies5036
The Fires of Heaven (Book 3 of 3) by Robert Jordan 69 copies5037
Lord of Chaos (Book 1 of 4) by Robert Jordan 39 copies5521
Lord of Chaos (Book 2 of 4) by Robert Jordan 35 copies5522
Lord of Chaos (Book 3 of 4) by Robert Jordan 38 copies5523
Lord of Chaos (Book 4 of 4) by Robert Jordan 37 copies5524
A Crown of Swords (Book 1 of 4) by Robert Jordan 36 copies5525
A Crown of Swords (Book 2 of 4) by Robert Jordan 37 copies5526
A Crown of Swords (Book 3 of 4) by Robert Jordan 34 copies5527
A Crown of Swords (Book 4 of 4) by Robert Jordan 34 copies5528
The Path of Daggers (Book 1 of 3) by Robert Jordan 33 copies5529
The Path of Daggers (Book 2 of 3) by Robert Jordan 33 copies5530
The Path of Daggers (Book 3 of 3) by Robert Jordan 34 copies5531
Roadwork by Stephen King 1,511 copies, 19 reviews01/6762
If the Old Could by Doris Lessing 74 copies8125
The Diary of a Good neighbour by Doris Lessing 71 copies8212
Nirgendwo in Afrika / Irgendwo in Deutschland. by Stefanie Zweig 26 copies, 2 reviews13078
Der siebte Schrein. by Robert Silverberg 13 copies13166
The Power of the Unicorn by Tanith Lee 16 copies13639
Idoru-Trilogie: Drei Romane in einem Band by William Gibson 18 copies52673


"legal(1,382) 20th century(1,181) adult(735) American(773) audiobook(1,046) British(788) chick lit(829) crime(4,195) crime fiction(1,541) Dark Tower(921) detective(772) Discworld(1,456) dystopia(1,162) ebook(2,098) England(868) fantasy(9,702) favorites(729) fiction(42,356) goodreads(974) hardcover(1,323) historical fiction(1,455) horror(12,256) humor(4,970) John Grisham(786) Kindle(1,214) law(958) legal thriller(1,877) literature(1,076) murder(1,347) mystery(11,705) non-fiction(778) novel(4,975) own(2,004) owned(982) paperback(1,736) read(6,689) Roman(894) romance(1,087) satire(743) science fiction(11,309) series(1,762) sf(1,437) short stories(1,193) Star Wars(1,440) Stephen King(1,966) suspense(4,010) Sweden(2,406) thriller(9,439) to-read(12,045) unread(1,688)

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