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Series Pendle Hill Pamphlets

469 Works Popularity 6,903 (1,037 Members) 14,940 Books 1,270 Reviews 3.8
Cooperation and coercion as methods of social change by Vincent D. Nicholson 12 copies, 3 reviews1
A Religious Solution to the Social Problem by Howard H. Brinton 14 copies, 2 reviews2
The value of voluntary simplicity by Richard B. Gregg 17 copies, 1 review3
The totalitarian claim of the Gospels by Dora Willson 15 copies, 1 review4
Pacifist program in time of war, threatened war, or fascism by Richard Bartlett Gregg 16 copies, 2 reviews5
Functional Poverty by Mildred Binns Young 13 copies, 2 reviews6
A Quaker mutation by Gerald Heard 24 copies, 2 reviews7
Rethinking Quaker principles by Rufus M. Jones 21 copies, 2 reviews8
Quaker Education in Theory and Practice by Howard H. Brinton 51 copies, 1 review9
Community and worship by Douglas V. Steere 25 copies, 1 review10
A discipline for non-violence by Richard Bartlett Gregg 18 copies, 1 review11
A Standard of Living by Mildred Binns Young 23 copies, 1 review12
The World Task of Pacifism by A. J. Muste 18 copies, 1 review13
Religion and politics by F. W. Sollmann 20 copies, 1 review14
War is the enemy by A. J. Muste 16 copies, 1 review15
Peacemakers' dilemma : plea for a modus vivendi in the peace movement by Bertram Pickard 14 copies, 1 review16
New nations for old by Kenneth Boulding 14 copies17
Anthology with comments by Elizabeth Gray Vining 26 copies, 2 reviews18
Participation in rural life by Mildred Binns Young 15 copies, 1 review19
Guide to Quaker practice by Howard H. Brinton 139 copies, 10 reviews20
Reality of the spiritual world by Thomas R. Kelly 49 copies, 3 reviews21
Relief and reconstruction; notes on principles involved in Quaker relief service by Roger Wilson 18 copies, 2 reviews22
Clash by night by Wallace Hamilton 17 copies, 2 reviews23
We are accountable : a view of mental institutions by Leonard Edelstein 11 copies, 1 review24
Militarism for America by Grover L. Hartman 10 copies25
The Quaker meeting : a personal experience and method described and analysed by Howard E. Collier 38 copies, 3 reviews26
Sources of the Quaker Peace Testimony by Howard H. Brinton 23 copies, 1 review27
Barclay in Brief by Robert Barclay 64 copies, 4 reviews28
The inward journey of Isaac Penington : an abbreviation of Penington's works by Isaac Penington 47 copies, 4 reviews29
No Cross, No Crown by Anna Cox Brinton 2 copies30
William Penn's No cross, no crown by William Penn 4 copies30
Quakerism and India by Horace Gundry Alexander 13 copies, 1 review31
Our hearts are restless by Gilbert Kilpack 15 copies, 1 review32
Quaker anecdotes by Irvin C. Poley 20 copies, 2 reviews33
Contributions of the Quakers by Elizabeth Gray Vining 36 copies, 2 reviews34
The self to the self by Dora Willson 16 copies, 2 reviews35
Martha and Mary : a woman's relationship to her home by Josephine Moffett Benton 21 copies, 4 reviews36
Are your meetings held in the life by Margaret M. Cary 20 copies, 2 reviews37
Wide horizon by Anna Cox Brinton 13 copies, 1 review38
Christianity and civilisation : being the Burge memorial lecture for the year 1940, delivered in the Sheldonian theatre, Oxford, 23 May by Arnold Joseph Toynbee 18 copies, 2 reviews39
The Quaker message; extracts from Quaker writings showing the belief and practice of Quakers and the present significance of their underlying principles by Sidney Lucas 34 copies40
Studies in Christian enthusiasm : illustrated from early Quakerism by Geoffrey F. Nuttall 32 copies41
The discipline of prayer by Frederick J. Tritton 14 copies, 1 review42
Standards of success by Teresina Rowell Havens 13 copies, 1 review43
The Quaker Doctrine of Inward Peace by Howard H. Brinton 41 copies, 3 reviews44
Zwischen krieg und frieden : fragen zur verst©Þndigung und Vers©œhnung by Wilhelm Sollmann 2 copies45
The faith of an ex-agnostic by Carol R. Murphy 20 copies, 2 reviews46
The nature of Quakerism by Howard H. Brinton 24 copies, 2 reviews47
The Society of Friends by Howard H. Brinton 28 copies, 3 reviews48
Christ in catastrophe : an inward record by Emil Fuchs who found serenity through suffering by Emil Fuchs 43 copies, 3 reviews49
Self-deceit : A comedy on lies; a way of overcoming them by Frederick William Faber 11 copies, 2 reviews50
Worship by John Woolman 19 copies, 2 reviews51
Search : a personal journey through chaos by Ruth Domino 14 copies, 3 reviews52
The power of truth by Herrymon Maurer 19 copies, 1 review53
Prophetic ministry by Howard H. Brinton 29 copies, 4 reviews54
The Pendle Hill Idea by Howard H. Brinton 30 copies, 2 reviews55
Toward Pacifism, #56 by Gunnar Sundberg 12 copies56
Atomic Peace: The Chain Reaction of Good by Harold Clarke Goddard 13 copies, 2 reviews57
Ten questions on prayer by Gerald Heard 27 copies, 2 reviews58
Quaker Strongholds by Caroline Emelia Stephen 138 copies, 5 reviews59
Promise of deliverance : [the assurance that there is a power by which disaster can be abolished forever] by Dan Wilson 27 copies, 2 reviews60
Guilt by Gerhard Ockel 18 copies, 2 reviews61
Toward undiscovered ends. [Friends and Russia for 300 years] by Anna Cox Brinton 23 copies, 3 reviews62
Ninth hour by Gilbert Kilpack 26 copies, 2 reviews63
Of holy disobedience by A. J. Muste 50 copies, 4 reviews64
Reaching Decisions by Howard H. Brinton 28 copies, 4 reviews65
The world in tune by Elizabeth Gray Vining 114 copies, 4 reviews66
The ministry of counseling by Carol R. Murphy 18 copies, 1 review67
Art and faith by Fritz Eichenberg 39 copies, 4 reviews68
Experiment with a life by Howard E. Collier 35 copies, 2 reviews69
Science and the business of living by James G. Vail 22 copies, 2 reviews70
Let Your Lives Speak: A Key to Quaker Experience by Elfrida Vipont Foulds 50 copies, 3 reviews71
The Indian testimony by Amiya Chandra Chakravarty 18 copies, 1 review72
The inner islands by Winifred Rawlins 14 copies, 1 review73
Everyman's struggle for peace by Horace Gundry Alexander 22 copies, 3 reviews74
Puerto Rican neighbor by Roy Schuckman 19 copies, 2 reviews75
McCarthyism : the seed is in us by James E. Bristol 14 copies, 1 review76
Poets walk in by Anna Pettit Broomell 20 copies, 3 reviews77
Can Quakerism speak to the times? by John Henry Hobart 29 copies, 2 reviews78
A Sense of Living by Mildred Tonge 15 copies, 1 review79
Toward political responsibility by Cecil E. Hinshaw 27 copies, 2 reviews80
The personal relevance of truth by Thomas Shipley Brown 25 copies, 2 reviews81
Religion and mental illness by Carol R. Murphy 21 copies, 1 review82
The Use of Silence by Geoffrey Hoyland 22 copies, 2 reviews83
From where they sit by Dorothy H. Hutchinson 25 copies, 2 reviews84
The examined life by Carol R. Murphy 26 copies, 2 reviews85
Blake's fourfold vision by Harold Clarke Goddard 30 copies, 1 review86
A shelter from compassion by Ruth E. Durr 27 copies, 2 reviews87
Nonviolent resistance : a nation's way to peace by Cecil E. Hinshaw 22 copies88
Scruples by Gilbert Kilpack 25 copies, 2 reviews89
Insured by hope by Mildred Binns Young 31 copies, 2 reviews90
Iliad or the Poem of Force by Simone Weil 116 copies, 3 reviews91
An inward legacy : selections from Letters to his friends by Forbes Robinson 28 copies, 2 reviews92
Quakerism and other religions by Howard H. Brinton 25 copies, 3 reviews93
Loyalty by oath : an essay on the extortion of love by Hallock B. Hoffman 17 copies, 1 review94
Inner liberty : the stubborn grit in the machine by Peter Viereck 21 copies, 3 reviews95
John Woolman and the 20th century by Reginald Reynolds 26 copies, 1 review96
The human way out by Lewis Mumford 25 copies, 2 reviews97
In pursuit of Moby Dick : Melville's image of man by Gerhard Friedrich 22 copies, 1 review98
A deeper faith : the thought of Paul Tillich by Carol R. Murphy 22 copies, 1 review99
Gifts of the true love : based on the old carol the Twelve Days of Christmas by Elizabeth Yates 23 copies, 3 reviews100
To the refreshing of the children of light by Geoffrey F. Nuttall 22 copies, 2 reviews101
From one to another by Norma Jacob 31 copies, 2 reviews102
Psychoanalysis and religious mysticism by David C. McClelland 16 copies, 3 reviews104
Private testimony and public policy : an individual view of the international predicament by Phillips Ruopp 19 copies, 1 review105
The Way Of Man: According to the Teaching of Hasidism by Martin Buber 342 copies, 9 reviews106
Death and the Christian answer by Mary Ely Lyman 27 copies, 3 reviews107
A therapist's view of personal goals by Carl R. Rogers 41 copies, 2 reviews108
Another will gird you : a message to the Society of Friends by Mildred Binns Young 26 copies, 2 reviews109
The covenant of peace : a personal witness by Maurice S. Friedman 20 copies, 1 review110
Psychotherapy based on human longing by Robert C. Murphy 31 copies, 2 reviews111
Two trends in modern Quaker thought : a statement of belief by Albert Vann Fowler 18 copies, 2 reviews112
An opening way by Dan Wilson 32 copies, 2 reviews113
How They Became Friends by Howard H. Brinton 36 copies, 3 reviews114
Mysticism and the experience of love by Howard Thurman 54 copies, 4 reviews115
The candle, the lantern, the daylight by Mildred Binns Young 37 copies, 2 reviews116
Conscience by Wilhelm Mensching 27 copies, 3 reviews117
Visible witness : a testimony for radical peace action by Wilmer J. Young 20 copies, 2 reviews118
Stand fast in liberty by James E. Bristol 28 copies, 2 reviews119
Selections on the interior life by William Law 30 copies, 3 reviews120
Patterns of renewal by Laurens Van der Post 35 copies, 2 reviews121
Record of a Quaker conscience: Cyrus Pringles diary by Cyrus G. Pringle 40 copies, 2 reviews122
Prayer, the cornerstone by Helen G. Hole 38 copies, 2 reviews123
Saints for this age by A. J. Muste 32 copies, 3 reviews124
Children and solitude by Elise Boulding 49 copies, 3 reviews125
Readiness for religion by Harold Loukes 50 copies, 3 reviews126
Thou dost open up my life : selections from the Rufus Jones collection by Rufus Matthew Jones 35 copies, 3 reviews127
Encounters with art by Dorothea Blom 28 copies, 3 reviews128
Nonviolent action : how it works by George Lakey 32 copies, 3 reviews129
Poetry among friends by Dorothy Gilbert. Thorne 21 copies, 2 reviews130
The dilemmas of a reconciler by Richard K. Ullmann 24 copies, 2 reviews131
Obstacles to mystical experience by Scott Crom 21 copies, 3 reviews132
The eclipse of the historical Jesus by Henry J. Cadbury 35 copies, 4 reviews133
From convincement to conversion by Martin Cobin 33 copies, 3 reviews134
The spiritual legacy of the American Indian by Joseph Epes Brown 143 copies, 4 reviews135
The evolutionary potential of Quakerism by Kenneth E. Boulding 46 copies, 4 reviews136
Revelation and experience by Carol R. Murphy 26 copies, 1 review137
An apology for perfection by Cecil E. Hinshaw 26 copies, 1 review138
Three letters from Africa by Edgar Harry Brookes 33 copies, 3 reviews139
A joint and visible fellowship by Beatrice Saxon Snell 35 copies, 1 review140
The journal of a college student by Joseph Havens 28 copies, 3 reviews141
Dear Gift of Life by Bradford Smith 53 copies, 4 reviews142
Unless one is born anew by Dorothy Hutchinson 29 copies, 2 reviews143
Bethlehem revisited by Douglas V. Steere 27 copies, 2 reviews144
What doth the Lord require of thee? by Mildred Binns Young 32 copies, 2 reviews145
The wit and wisdom of William Bacon Evans by Anna Cox Brinton 34 copies, 3 reviews146
Walls by Robert E. Reuman 32 copies, 1 review147
The prophetic element in modern art by Dorothea Blom 31 copies, 3 reviews148
Experiments in community: Ephrata, the Amish, the Doukhobors, the Shakers, the Bruderhof [and] Monteverde by Norman J. Whitney 31 copies, 1 review149
Many religions, one God : toward a deeper dialogue by Carol R. Murphy 27 copies, 1 review150
On being present where you are by Douglas V. Steere 52 copies, 4 reviews151
Quakerism and Christianity by Edwin B. Bronner 23 copies, 1 review152
The Mayer/Boulding dialogue on peace research by Kenneth E. Boulding 24 copies, 1 review153
The reality of God : thoughts on the "death of God" controversy by Alexander Converse Purdy 34 copies, 2 reviews154
On being real : a quest for personal and religious wholeness by Scott Crom 29 copies, 2 reviews155
Ethical mysticism in the Society of Friends by Howard H. Brinton 41 copies, 3 reviews156
Facing and fulfilling the later years by Elsie Marion Andrews 34 copies, 3 reviews157
Man: the broken image by Carol R. Murphy 30 copies, 2 reviews158
America in travail by Edgar Harry Brookes 32 copies, 3 reviews159
Behind the Gospels by Henry J. Cadbury 36 copies, 4 reviews160
The Religion of George Fox by Howard H. Brinton 34 copies, 3 reviews161
Black city stage by Jack Shepherd 26 copies, 1 review162
The hardest journey by Douglas V. Steere 39 copies, 3 reviews163
Why a Friends school? by Douglas H. Heath 39 copies, 2 reviews164
Gandhi remembered by Horace Gundry Alexander 35 copies, 3 reviews165
The atonement of George Fox by Emilia Fogelklou 34 copies, 3 reviews166
William Penn: mystic, as reflected in his writings by Elizabeth Gray Vining 30 copies, 1 review167
The modern Promethean : a dialogue with today's youth by Maurice S. Friedman 25 copies, 2 reviews168
Holy morality : a religious approach to modern ethics by Carol R. Murphy 32 copies, 2 reviews169
Edward Hicks Primitive Quaker: His Religion in Relation to His Art by Eleanore Price Mather 32 copies, 2 reviews170
War resistance in historical perspective by Larry Gara 29 copies, 2 reviews171
Friends & the racial crisis by Richard K Taylor 29 copies, 1 review172
Evolution and the Inward Light by Howard H. Brinton 43 copies, 3 reviews173
Friends, let us pray by Elsie H. Landstrom 40 copies, 2 reviews174
Mutual irradiation : a Quaker view of ecumenism by Douglas V. Steere 40 copies, 2 reviews175
Anna Brinton : a study in Quaker character by Eleanore Price Mather 28 copies, 1 review176
Woolman and Blake: prophets for today by Mildred Binns Young 40 copies, 2 reviews177
Violence or aggressive nonviolent resistance? by Phillips P. Moulton 31 copies, 2 reviews178
Light and Life in the Fourth Gospel by Howard H. Brinton 38 copies, 3 reviews179
Apocalypso : revelations in theater by Jack Shepherd 22 copies, 3 reviews180
The Quaker message : a personal affirmation by L. Hugh Doncaster 38 copies, 1 review181
On speaking out of the silence; vocal ministry in the unprogrammed meeting for worship by Douglas V. Steere 64 copies, 6 reviews182
Art and the changing world : uncommon sense in the 20th century by Dorothea Blom 24 copies, 3 reviews183
The valley of the shadow by Carol R. Murphy 30 copies, 1 review184
Meeting house & farm house by Howard H. Brinton 31 copies, 3 reviews185
Words & testimonies : the Carey memorial lecture, Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 1971 by Thomas H Silcock 31 copies, 2 reviews186
The living witness of John Woolman by Phillips P. Moulton 27 copies, 2 reviews187
Hunger for community; an essay on experiential education for interpersonal living by J. Diedrick Snoek 32 copies, 2 reviews188
Simplicity : a rich Quaker's view by George Terhune Peck 35 copies, 3 reviews189
Memories and meditations of a workcamper by David S. Richie 36 copies, 2 reviews190
Feminine aspects of divinity by Erminie Huntress Lantero 35 copies, 1 review191
Dialogue with the other; Martin Buber and the Quaker experience by Janet E. Schroeder 30 copies, 2 reviews192
The available mind by Carol R. Murphy 32 copies, 2 reviews193
Quakerism of the future : mystical, prophetic & evangelical by John R. Yungblut 36 copies, 3 reviews194
Quaker worship and techniques of meditation by Scott Crom 25 copies, 2 reviews195
Women and Quakerism by Hope Elizabeth Luder 49 copies, 2 reviews196
Art responds to the Bible by Dorothea Johnson Blom 28 copies, 3 reviews197
Re-conciliation : the hidden hyphen by Mary Chase Morrison 34 copies, 2 reviews198
Contemplation and leisure by Douglas V. Steere 29 copies, 3 reviews199
Born remembering by Elise Boulding 35 copies, 4 reviews200
Psychology & silence by Stanislaw A. Zielinski 29 copies, 2 reviews201
Quaker poets : past & present by Mary Hoxie Jones 34 copies, 2 reviews202
Sex and the human psyche : toward a contemporary ethic by John R. Yungblut 22 copies, 1 review203
William Penn, 17th century founding father : selections from his political writings by William Penn 26 copies, 2 reviews204
Sound of Silence: Moving With T'Ai Chi (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 205) by Carol R. Murphy 31 copies, 2 reviews205
Margaret Fell Speaking by Hugh Barbour 40 copies, 3 reviews206
A Quaker looks at yoga by Dorothy Ackerman 31 copies, 3 reviews207
Rhythms of the ecosystem by Janette Shetter 26 copies, 2 reviews208
Philosophy of the inner light by Michael Marsh 27 copies, 2 reviews209
The psychology of a fairy tale by David L. Hart 28 copies, 3 reviews210
Seeking light in the darkness of the unconscious by John Yungblut 30 copies, 2 reviews211
A place called community by Parker J. Palmer 41 copies, 2 reviews212
The triple way : purgation, illumination, union by George Terhune Peck 39 copies, 2 reviews213
Art imagery and the mythic process by Dorothea Johnson Blom 24 copies, 3 reviews215
O inward traveller by Carol R. Murphy 30 copies, 2 reviews216
Wholesight : the spirit quest by A. F. Parker-Rhodes 31 copies, 2 reviews217
Another way to live : experiencing intentional community by James S. Best 32 copies, 3 reviews218
Approaching the Gospels by Mary Chase Morrison 24 copies, 2 reviews219
A fifth yoga : the way of relationships by Joseph Havens 22 copies, 1 review220
Harnessing Pegasus : inspiration and meditation by Elizabeth Gray Vining 28 copies, 2 reviews221
The family as a way into the future by Elise Boulding 36 copies, 3 reviews222
The roots of Pendle Hill by Carol R. Murphy 34 copies, 2 reviews223
In the belly of a paradox : a celebration of contradictions in the thought of Thomas Merton by Parker J. Palmer 37 copies, 4 reviews224
The peculiar mission of a Quaker school by Douglas H. Heath 35 copies, 3 reviews225
Homosexuality and the Bible : an interpretation by Walter Barnett 48 copies, 4 reviews226
Women ministers : a Quaker contribution by Robert J. Leach 41 copies, 2 reviews227
With thine adversary in the way : a Quaker witness for reconciliation by Margarethe Lachmund 32 copies, 2 reviews228
Henry Hodgkin: the road to Pendle Hill by Ormerod Greenwood 35 copies, 2 reviews229
The life of the spirit in women : a Jungian approach by Helen M. Luke 39 copies, 2 reviews230
Quaker testimonies & economic alternatives by Severyn Ten Haut Bruyn 33 copies, 2 reviews231
The life journey of a Quaker artist by Dorothea Johnson Blom 29 copies, 3 reviews232
Friends and the world of nature by Theodor Benfey 32 copies, 3 reviews233
Lucretia Mott speaking : excerpts from the sermons & speeches of a famous nineteenth century Quaker minister & reformer by Lucretia Mott 35 copies, 3 reviews234
A.J. Muste, Pacifist & Prophet: His Relation to the Society of Friends by Jo Ann Robinson 28 copies, 2 reviews235
Four women, four windows on light by Carol R. Murphy 32 copies, 1 review236
Reaching toward God by Michael Marsh 31 copies, 2 reviews237
Lawrie Tatum, Indian agent ; Quaker values and hard choices by Robert Hixson 37 copies, 2 reviews238
Growing old, a view from within by Norma Jacob 26 copies, 1 review239
Two moral essays : draft for a statement of human obligations and human personality by Simone Weil 29 copies, 1 review240
Quakers and the use of power by Paul A. Lacey 31 copies, 1 review241
The journal and the journey by Mary Chase Morrison 23 copies, 2 reviews242
Joel Litu, pioneer African Quaker by Rose Adede 37 copies, 3 reviews243
Reflections on simplicity by Elaine M. Prevallet 74 copies, 3 reviews244
Alternative Christianity by John Punshon 46 copies, 4 reviews245
A quest there is by Elizabeth Gray Vining 33 copies, 3 reviews246
The study of war as a contribution to peace by Wolf Mendl 36 copies, 2 reviews247
The Candle of the Lord by Elfrida Vipont Foulds 35 copies, 2 reviews248
Speaking as one Friend to another : on the mystical way forward by John R. Yungblut 36 copies, 2 reviews249
Jesus, Jefferson, and the task of Friends by Newton Garver 25 copies, 1 review250
Nurturing contemplation by Carol R. Murphy 26 copies, 2 reviews251
Holistic economics and social protest by John P. Powelson 28 copies, 2 reviews252
Tempted by happiness : Kazantzakis' post-Christian Christ by Peter Bien 30 copies, 3 reviews253
To Martin Luther King, with love : a southern Quaker's tribute by David W. Pitre 43 copies, 2 reviews254
Tending the light by Mary E. B. Feagins 29 copies, 2 reviews255
The prophetic stream by William P. Taber 51 copies, 4 reviews256
Artist on the witness stand by Fritz Eichenberg 32 copies, 2 reviews257
When silence becomes singing : a study in perception and parable by Helen Kylin 30 copies, 2 reviews258
Stewardship of wealth by Kingdon W Swayne 33 copies, 2 reviews259
The way of the cross : the Gospel record by Mary Chase Morrison 46 copies, 2 reviews260
Interconnections by Elaine M. Prevallet 38 copies, 2 reviews261
Bearing witness : Quaker process and a culture of peace by Gray Cox 35 copies, 2 reviews262
Replacing the Warrior: Cultural Ideals and Militarism by William A. Myers 30 copies, 1 review263
Leading and being led by Paul A. Lacey 48 copies, 2 reviews264
Thoughts are free : a Quaker youth group in Nazi Germany by Anna Sabine Halle 40 copies, 2 reviews265
Mending the world : Quaker insights on the social order by Kenneth E. Boulding 41 copies, 2 reviews266
Encounters with transcendence : confessions of a religious philosopher by Scott Crom 35 copies, 1 review267
In God we live by Warren Ostrom 36 copies, 2 reviews268
The seed and the tree : a reflection on nonviolence by Daniel A. Seeger 44 copies, 3 reviews269
The sanctuary church by Jim Corbett 42 copies, 2 reviews270
Practicing compassion for the stranger by Nancy C. Alexander 34 copies, 2 reviews271
Going back : a poet who was once a marine returns to Vietnam by W. D. Ehrhart 30 copies, 1 review272
Abraham Lincoln and the Quakers by Daniel Bassuk 31 copies, 3 reviews273
Nonviolence on trial by Robert W. Hillegass 31 copies, 1 review274
The needle's eye : a Philippine experience by Carol Reilley Urner 34 copies, 2 reviews275
Meditations on a D major scale by Bertha May Nicholson 27 copies, 1 review276
What is Quakerism? : a primer by George Terhune Peck 56 copies, 7 reviews277
Education and the inward teacher by Paul A. Lacey 34 copies, 2 reviews278
The apocalyptic witness : a radical calling for our own times by William R. Durland 35 copies, 1 review279
An attender at the altar : a sacramental Christian responds to silence by Jay C. Rochelle 34 copies, 1 review280
A Quaker theology of pastoral care : the art of the everyday by Zoe White 40 copies, 1 review281
Batter my heart by Gracia Fay Ellwood 29 copies, 2 reviews282
Sink down to the seed by Charlotte Lyman Fardelmann 37 copies, 2 reviews283
Thomas R. Kelly as I remember him by T. Canby Jones 35 copies, 3 reviews284
Letter to a universalist by John Punshon 37 copies, 3 reviews285
War taxes : experiences of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Quakers through the American Revolution by Elaine J. Crauderueff 28 copies, 2 reviews286
Milestone 70 by Carol R. Murphy 30 copies, 2 reviews287
Improvisation & spiritual disciplines : continuing the divine-human duet by Carol Conti-Entin 32 copies, 2 reviews288
To meet at the source : Hindus & Quakers by Martha Dart 28 copies, 2 reviews289
Quaker money by S. Francis Nicholson 27 copies, 2 reviews290
Prayer in the contemporary world by Douglas V. Steere 39 copies, 3 reviews291
On hallowing one's diminishments by John R. Yungblut 39 copies, 2 reviews292
The ministry of presence : without agenda in South Africa by Avis Crowe 27 copies, 1 review293
Women of power and presence : the spiritual formation of four Quaker women ministers by Maureen Graham 38 copies, 2 reviews294
Inward light and the new creation : a theological meditation upon the center and circumference of Quakerism by R. Melvin Keiser 33 copies, 1 review295
The testimony of integrity in the Religious Society of Friends by Wilmer A. Cooper 81 copies, 6 reviews296
Gospel order : a Quaker understanding of faithful church community by Sandra Lee Cronk 59 copies, 2 reviews297
The Psalms speak by George Terhune Peck 30 copies, 2 reviews298
Vistas from inner stillness by Richard L. Walker 32 copies, 2 reviews299
Therefore choose life : the spiritual challenge of the nuclear age by John Tallmadge 31 copies, 2 reviews300
Spiritual linkage with Russians : the story of a leading by Anthony Manousos 30 copies, 2 reviews301
A Zen Buddhist encounters Quakerism by Teruyasu Tamura 29 copies, 3 reviews302
Words, wordlessness, and the word : silence reconsidered from a literary point of view by Peter Bien 31 copies, 3 reviews303
Mind what stirs in your heart by Teresina R. Havens 32 copies, 2 reviews304
Spiritual discernment : the context and goal of clearness committees by Patricia Loring 92 copies, 6 reviews305
Four Doors to Meeting for Worship by William P. Taber 86 copies, 6 reviews306
Beyond consensus: Salvaging sense of the meeting (Pendle Hill pamphlet) by Barry Morley 102 copies, 9 reviews307
Marriage : a spiritual leading for lesbian, gay and straight couples by Leslie Hill 44 copies, 1 review308
Universalism and spirituality by Ralph Hetherington 22 copies, 1 review309
Findings : poets and the crisis of faith by John Lampen 31 copies, 1 review310
Without nightfall upon the spirit by Mary Chase Morrison 45 copies, 5 reviews311
Motions of love : Woolman as mystic and activist by Sterling Olmsted 37 copies, 2 reviews312
Friends and alcohol : recovering a forgotten testimony by Robert Levering 31 copies, 2 reviews313
Spiritual hospitality : a Quaker's understanding of outreach by Harvey Gillman 50 copies, 1 review314
Answering that of God in our children by Harriet Heath 38 copies, 1 review315
For that solitary individual : an octogenarian's counsel on living and dying by John R. Yungblut 29 copies, 2 reviews316
The kingdom and the way : meditations on the kingdom of God by Carol Reilley Urner 31 copies, 2 reviews317
Silence : our eye on eternity by Daniel A. Seeger 43 copies, 2 reviews318
Stories from Kenya by Tom Gates 26 copies, 2 reviews319
Leadership among Friends by Ron McDonald 28 copies, 3 reviews320
No royal road to reconciliation by Gene Knudsen-Hoffman 36 copies, 3 reviews321
Nonviolence and community : reflections on the Alternatives to Violence Project by Newton Garver 40 copies, 2 reviews322
An experiment in faith : Quaker women transcending differences by Margery Post Abbott 38 copies, 4 reviews323
Traveling in by Douglas V. Steere 35 copies, 4 reviews324
The unconscious by Robert C. Murphy 26 copies, 2 reviews325
Liberation theology for Quakers by Alice Lynd 26 copies, 3 reviews326
Depression and spiritual growth by Dimitri Mihalas 25 copies, 2 reviews327
The servant church by Ricardo Elford 34 copies, 2 reviews328
There is a fountain: A Quaker life in process by Helen Steere Horn 30 copies, 2 reviews329
Searching for the real Jesus by Roland L. Warren 26 copies, 4 reviews330
Communion for a Quaker by Nancy Bieber 26 copies, 3 reviews331
The burning one-ness binding everything : a spiritual journey by Bruce Birchard 34 copies, 5 reviews332
Walk with me : nonviolent accompaniment in Guatemala by Peg Morton 24 copies, 2 reviews333
The Bosnian Student Project : a response to genocide by C. Douglas Hostetter 27 copies, 2 reviews334
Come aside and rest awhile by Frances Irene Taber 29 copies, 5 reviews335
God's spirit in nature by Judith Reynolds Brown 24 copies, 2 reviews336
There is a spirit : the Nayler sonnets by Kenneth E. Boulding 131 copies, 8 reviews337
Touched by God in Quaker meeting by Kenneth Carroll 27 copies, 4 reviews338
Prayer : beginning again by Sheila Keane 33 copies, 2 reviews339
A song of death, our spiritual birth : a Quaker way of dying by Lucy Screechfield McIver 24 copies, 2 reviews340
Sickness, suffering, and healing : more stories from another place by Tom Gates 25 copies, 3 reviews341
Beyond the bars : a Quaker primer for prison visitors by Keith R Maddock 32 copies, 1 review342
Quakerism and science by Calvin W. Schwabe 23 copies, 2 reviews343
Dancing with God through the storm : mysticism and mental illness by Jennifer Elam 61 copies, 1 review344
More than equals : spiritual friendships by Trish Roberts 36 copies, 2 reviews345
Treasure in clay jars by Elizabeth Ostrander Sutton 24 copies, 2 reviews346
Tall poppies : supporting gifts of ministry and eldering in the Monthly Meeting / Martha Paxson Grundy by Martha Paxson Grundy 43 copies, 5 reviews347
Journey to Bosnia, return to self by Suzanne Hubbard O'Hatnick 28 copies, 2 reviews348
The radiance and risks of mythmaking by Gilbert Kilpack 20 copies, 3 reviews349
I have always wanted to be Jewish : and now, thanks to the Religious Society of Friends, I am by Claire Gorfinkel 17 copies, 2 reviews350
Jacob Boehme : insights into the challenge of evil by Ann Liem 48 copies, 6 reviews351
Navigating the living waters of the Gospel of John : on wading with children and swimming with elephants by Paul N. Anderson 29 copies, 5 reviews352
Letting that go, keeping this : the spiritual pilgrimage of Fritz Eichenberg by Philip Harnden 22 copies, 3 reviews353
Live the questions : write into the answers by Barbara E. Parsons 17 copies, 4 reviews354
In beauty : a Quaker approach to end-of-life care by Kirsten Backstrom 25 copies, 6 reviews355
Testimony : John Woolman on today's global economy by David E. Morse 28 copies, 3 reviews356
A plea for the poor by John Woolman 29 copies, 7 reviews357
Reflections from a Prayer Vigil for Peace by John Andrew Gallery 23 copies, 3 reviews358
The existential theology of Nikos Kazantzakis by Howard F. Dossor 23 copies, 4 reviews359
Quaker social testimony in our personal and corporate life by Jonathan Dale 21 copies, 3 reviews360
Journey through skepticism by Roland Leslie Warren 23 copies, 3 reviews361
Bringing God home : exploring family spirituality by Mary Kay Rehard 35 copies, 4 reviews362
Profession and practice : Quaker perspectives on healing as ministry by Maureen A. Flannery 26 copies, 3 reviews363
Gift of days : report on an illness by Mary C. Morrison 28 copies, 4 reviews364
"... the authority of our Meetings is the power of God" by Paul A. Lacey 39 copies, 4 reviews365
Invitation to a deeper communion by Marcelle Martin 35 copies, 5 reviews366
Quaker in Vietnam : Rick Thompson by Beth Taylor 28 copies, 3 reviews367
On retiring to Kendal (and beyond) : a literary excursion by Peter Bien 25 copies, 5 reviews368
Meditations on the Prayer of St. Francis by Anne Curo 30 copies, 3 reviews369
A Quaker in the zendo by Steve Smith 29 copies, 4 reviews370
"Members one of another" : the dynamics of membership in Quaker Meeting by Tom Gates 48 copies, 5 reviews371
Living the peace testimony : the legacy of Howard and Anna Brinton by Anthony Manousos 29 copies, 4 reviews372
Group spiritual nurture : the wisdom of spiritual listening by Daphne Clement 32 copies, 4 reviews373
The practice of the love of God by Kenneth Ewart Boulding 32 copies, 5 reviews374
Quaker views on mysticism by Margery Post Abbott 35 copies, 8 reviews375
Henry J. Cadbury : scholar, activist, disciple by Margaret Hope Bacon 34 copies, 7 reviews376
Creeds and Quakers : what's belief got to do with it? by Robert Griswold 41 copies, 4 reviews377
Living in virtue, declaring against war : the spiritual roots of the peace testimony by Steve Smith 28 copies, 4 reviews378
Living truth : a spiritual portrait of Pierre Ceresole, 1879-1945 by Keith R Maddock 28 copies, 4 reviews379
A very good week behind bars by Janeal Turnbull Ravndal 33 copies, 4 reviews380
Fire of the heart : Norman Morrison's legacy in Viet Nam and at home by Anne Morrison Welsh 33 copies, 4 reviews381
Holding one another in the light by Marcelle R. Martin 44 copies, 8 reviews382
Answering the call to heal the world by Patience A. Schenck 36 copies, 4 reviews383
The mystery of Quaker light by Peter Bien 32 copies, 6 reviews384
In God we die by Warren Ostrom 34 copies, 7 reviews385
The mindful Quaker : a brief introduction to Buddhist wisdom for Friends by Valerie Brown 30 copies, 3 reviews386
Turnaround : growing a twenty-first century Religious Society of Friends by Benjamin Lloyd 42 copies, 5 reviews387
Expectant listening : finding God's thread of guidance by Michael Wajda 42 copies, 6 reviews388
From West Point to Quakerism by Michael Alan Heller 28 copies, 3 reviews389
Special education as a spiritual journey by Michael Resman 30 copies, 3 reviews390
Getting rooted : living in the Cross, a path to joy and liberation by Brian Drayton 33 copies, 4 reviews391
Spirit-led eldering : integral to our faith and practice by Margery Larrabee 49 copies, 4 reviews392
Rebecca Janney Timbres Clark : turned in the hand of God by Lyndon S. Back 39 copies, 5 reviews393
God's healing grace : reflections on a journey with mental and spiritual illness by Mariellen Gilpin 35 copies, 5 reviews394
Walt Whitman's spiritual epic by Michael Robertson 28 copies, 3 reviews395
God raising us : parenting as a spiritual practice by Eileen Flanagan 33 copies, 4 reviews396
Quaker witness as sacrament by Daniel O. Snyder 45 copies, 4 reviews397
The messenger that goes before : reading Margaret Fell for spiritual nurture by Michael Lawrence Birkel 39 copies, 7 reviews398
Matthew 18 : wisdom for living in community by Connie McPeak Green 30 copies, 5 reviews399
Finding the taproot of simplicity : a movement between inner knowledge and outer action by Frances Irene Taber 40 copies, 6 reviews400
Three ravens and two widows : a perspective on controversy among Friends by Richard Macy Kelly 30 copies, 5 reviews401
Christianity and the inner life : twenty-first century reflections on the words of early Friends by Margery Post Abbott 46 copies, 7 reviews402
Integrity, ecology, and community : the motion of love by Jennie M. Ratcliffe 29 copies, 6 reviews403
Kindling a life of concern : spirit-led Quaker action by Jack Kirk 40 copies, 8 reviews404
Envisioning a moral economy by Tom Head 28 copies, 6 reviews405
The mind of Christ : Bill Taber on Meeting for Business by William P. Taber 34 copies, 7 reviews406
Living from the center : mindfulness meditation and centering for Friends by Valerie Brown 36 copies, 4 reviews407
An art of small resurrections : surviving the Texas death chamber by Walter Cromer Long 30 copies, 5 reviews408
Who do you say I am? by Lloyd Lee Wilson 35 copies, 6 reviews409
Confident Quakerism by Ben Pink Dandelion 42 copies, 4 reviews410
Plow up the fallow ground : a meditation in the company of early Friends by Lu Harper 32 copies, 3 reviews411
Answering the violence : encounters with perpetrators by John Lampen 36 copies, 6 reviews412
James Nayler speaking by Brian Drayton 34 copies, 5 reviews413
Seeking inner peace : presence, pain, and wholeness by Elizabeth De Sa 30 copies, 4 reviews414
Living our testimony on equality : a white Friend's experience by Patience A. Schenck 25 copies, 4 reviews415
Grief, forgiveness, and redemption as a way of transformation by Elaine Pryce 28 copies, 5 reviews416
John Yungblut : passing the mystical torch by Charles C. Finn 28 copies, 3 reviews417
Some thoughts on becoming eighty-five by William Z. Shetter 25 copies, 4 reviews418
Nurturing children's spiritual well-being by Margaret Crompton 32 copies, 3 reviews419
Nurturing Children’s Spiritual Well-being by Margaret Crompton 1 copy, 1 review419
Waging peace : discipline and practice by Pamela Haines 29 copies, 5 reviews420
Heartfulness : renewing heart, mind, and spirit on retreat and beyond by Valerie Brown 38 copies, 5 reviews421
Reclaiming the transcendent : God in process by Thomas Gates 30 copies, 4 reviews422
Queries as prayers by Ron B. Rembert 27 copies, 4 reviews423
Nonviolent direct action as a spiritual path by Richard K Taylor 29 copies, 5 reviews424
The light within : then and now by Rex Ambler 32 copies, 7 reviews425
But who do you say that I am? : Quakers and Christ today by Douglas Gwyn 46 copies, 3 reviews426
But Who Do You Say That I Am?: Quakers and Christ Today by Douglas Gwyn 1 copy, 1 review426
Radical hospitality by Lloyd Lee Wilson 27 copies, 4 reviews427
Spiritual accompaniment : an experience of two Friends traveling in the ministry by Cathy Walling 27 copies, 2 reviews428
What we stand on by Paul Christiansen 22 copies, 2 reviews429
The door in by Renee Crauder 25 copies, 3 reviews430
Revelation and revolution : answering the call to radical faithfulness by Steve Chase 26 copies, 1 review431
A death chosen, a life given by Hannah Russell 24 copies, 3 reviews432
Recovering Sacred Presence in a Disenchanted World by Mary Conrow Coelho 26 copies, 4 reviews433
A quietness within : the quiet way as faith and spirituality by Elaine Pryce 24 copies, 4 reviews434
"You are my witnesses" : witness and testimony in the Biblical and Quaker traditions by Tom Gates 28 copies, 3 reviews435
You Are My Witness: Witness and testimony in the Biblical and QUaker Traditions by Thomas Gates 1 copy, 1 review435
Spreading the fire : challenging and encouraging Friends through travel in the ministry by Debbie Humphries 31 copies, 4 reviews436
Metaphors of meaning by Linda Wilson 26 copies, 4 reviews437
A seal upon the heart : Quaker readings in the Song of Songs by Michael Birkel 23 copies, 4 reviews438
Marking the Quaker path : seven key words plus one by Robert Griswold 29 copies, 5 reviews439
Enlarging our circle of love by Margaret Fisher 26 copies, 4 reviews440
Making a portrait of Jesus by John Lampen 25 copies, 5 reviews441
Meeting at the center : living love and reconciling one with another by Bruce Birchard 22 copies, 5 reviews442
Individual spiritual discernment : receiving, testing, and implementing leadings from a Higher Power by Jerry Knutson 24 copies, 3 reviews443
The gathered meeting by Steven Davison 26 copies, 4 reviews444
Boycott, divestment, and sanctions? : a Quaker Zionist rethinks Palestinian rights by Steve Chase 21 copies, 2 reviews445
Coming to Light: Cultivating Spiritual Discernment through the Quaker Clearness Committee by Valerie Brown 21 copies, 4 reviews446
Living in Dark Times by Rex Ambler 28 copies, 6 reviews447
The Inner Guide versus the Inner Critic by Christine Wolff 20 copies, 2 reviews448
The Ecology of Quaker Meeting by James W. Hood 24 copies, 6 reviews449
Money and soul by Pamela Haines 23 copies, 5 reviews450
Humanity in the face of inhumanity by Sue Williams 22 copies, 3 reviews451
Art as Soul's Sanctuary: Meditations on Arts and Spirituality among Quakers and Beyond. Pendle Hill Pamphlet #452 by Jennifer Elam 18 copies, 2 reviews452
A practical mysticism : how Quaker process opens us to the promptings of the divine by Elizabeth Meyer 15 copies, 2 reviews453
The Healing Power of Stories by Michael Bischoff 21 copies, 4 reviews454
Trying to be truthful by Chel Avery 16 copies, 4 reviews455
#456 On the Spirituality of Lightheartedness by Helen Steere Horn 6 copies456
On the Spirit of Lightheartedness by Helen Steere Horn 0 copies456
On the Spirituality of Lightheartedness by Helen Steere Horn 9 copies, 2 reviews456
A natural unfolding by Donna Eder 16 copies, 3 reviews457
Building bridges, four stories from the Bible by Elizabeth O'sullivan 12 copies, 2 reviews458
Building Bridges: Four Stories from the Bible (Pendle Hill Pamphlets Book 458) by Elizabeth O'sullivan 1 copy458
On vocal ministry : nurturing the community through listening and faithfulness by Barry Crossno 14 copies, 2 reviewsPHP 460
A culture of faithfulness by Marcelle Martin 3 copies, 1 review462
Index of Pendle Hill pamphlets 1934-2018 by Pendle Hill 2 copiesIndex
Index of Pendle Hill pamphlets, 1934-1994 by Jerome Drost 14 copies, 1 reviewIndex
Kasturba : wife of Gandhi by Sushila Nayar 2 copies48b
A Quaker approach to the Bible by Henry J. Cadbury 23 copies, 1 review74b


"Since its founding in 1930, Pendle Hill has been a center where Quaker faith is expressed in education – the education of adults for spiritually motivated service. Because spiritual experience is essential to Quakerism, Pendle Hill’s education is experiential at its core. The Pendle Hill pamphlets have been an integral part of this educational vision since 1934. The pamphlets are written from the personal experience, study, and insights of the authors, concerning spiritual life, faith, and witness." -Pendle Hill http://www.pendlehill.org/learn/pamphlets-books/#.VgXOLpeTIg4 (English, Unclassified)


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