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58 Works Popularity 55,342 (49 Members) 132 Books 1 Review 3.9
The Golden Ratio: The Mathematical Language of Beauty by Fernando Corbalan 8 copies, 1 review1
Prime Numbers: A Long Road to Infinity by Enrique Gracián 40 copies3
When Straight Lines Become Curves: Non-Euclidean Geometry by Joan Gómez Urgellés 2 copies4
La secta de los números: El teorema de Pitágoras (Spanish Edition) by Claudi Alsina 25 copies5
Secrets of Pi: Why is it impossible to Square the Circle? by Joaquin Navarro 1 copy6
Fermat's Enigma: Three Centuries of Mathematical Challenge by Albert Violant i Holz 1 copy7
Prisoners with dilemmas and dominant strategies - game theory by Jordi Deulofeu 2 copies8
A New Way of Seeing the World: Fractal Geometry by Maria Isabel Binimelis Bassa 1 copy9
Underground Maps and Neural Networks: The Theory of Graphs by Claudia Alsina 1 copy10
The Fourth Dimension by Raul Ibanez 2 copies11
Harmony is Numerical: Music and Mathematics by Javier Arbones 1 copy12
Absolute certainty and other fictions : the secrets of statistics by Pere Grima 1 copy13
Everything Is Mathematical Series Book Collection - Issue 14: Absolute Certainty and other fiction by Pere Grima 1 copy14
The Truth is at the Limit: Infinitesimal Calculus by Antonio J. Duran Guardeno 1 copy14
From the abacus to the digital revolution by Vincenc Torra 1 copy15
FROM THE ABACUS TO THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION Counting and Computation by Torra Vicenc 1 copy15
Playing with the Senses: Art Through Mathematical Eyes by Francisco Martin Casalderrey 1 copy16
On the Other Side of the Mirror: Symmetry in Mathematics by Joaquin Navarro 1 copy17
An Endless Discovery: Mathematical Infinity by Enrique Gracian 1 copy18
Mortgages and Equations: Mathematics of the Economy by Lluis Artal 1 copy19
Creativity in Mathematics: How A Marvellous Mind Works by Miquel Alberti 1 copy20
Notable Numbers: 0, 666 and Other Numerical Beasts by Lamberto Garcia del Cid 1 copy21
The Dream of Reason: Mathematical Logic and its Paradoxes by Javier Fresan 1 copy22
The Thousand Faces of Geometric Beauty: The Polyhedra by Claudia Alsina 1 copy23
The Conquest of Chance: Probability Theory by Fernando Corbalan 1 copy24
Fleeting Ideas, Eternal Theorems: Great Problems in Mathematics by Joaquin Navarro 1 copy25
The Dream of the Perfect Map: Cartography and Mathematics by Raul Ibanez 1 copy26
The poetry of numbers by Antonio J Duran 2 copies27
The Mathematics of Life: Numbers in Biology and Ecology by Rafael Lahoz-Beltra 1 copy28
Curious Curves: Ellipses, Hyperbolae and other Geometric Wonders by Josep Sales 1 copy29
Cosmic Calculations: Astronomy and Mathematics by Rosa Maria Ros 1 copy30
The Secret Life of Numbers: Mathematical Curiosities by Jaoquin Navarro 1 copy31
The Butterfly and the Tornado: Chaos Theory and Climate Change by Carlos Madrid 1 copy32
The Art of Counting: Enumeration and Combinatorics by Juanjo Rue 1 copy33
Until Algebra Do Us Part: Group Theory and its Applications by Javier Fresan 1 copy34
Distorting and Transforming Shapes: Mathematical Topology by Vincente Munoz 1 copy35
Women in Mathematics: From Hypatia to Emmy Noether by Jaoquin Navarro 1 copy36
Minds, Machines and Mathematics: Artificial Intelligence and its Challenges by Ignasi Belda 1 copy37
Mathematical Bits: Data Theory and Communications by Ignasi Belda 1 copy38
Mathematical Network: International Groups and Congresses by Guillermo Curbera 1 copy39
Planet Mathematics: A Numerical Journey Around the World by Miquel Alberti 1 copy40
The Sphere That Wanted to be Infinite: The Paradoxes of Measurement by Gustavo Pineiro 1 copy41
All Tied Up: Introduction to Knot Theory by Alberto Gavira Romero 1 copy42
Living in a Small World: The Mathematics of Social Networks by Clara Grima 1 copy43
The Story of an Imaginary Number: The Square Root of -1 by Gustavo Ernesto PINEIRO 1 copy44
Catastrophe Theory: Between Equilibrium and Change by Alberto Marquez 1 copy45
The Secret of Good Organisation: Logistics and Mathematics by Carmen Gale Pola 1 copy46
Any More Bids? The Mathematics of Auctions by Enrique F. Borja 1 copy47
Bayes' Theorem: Targeting the Truth by Pedro Castro Ortega 1 copy48
Observations, Measures and Models: The Mathematics Behind Scientific Experiments by Clara Grima 1 copy49
Geometry at Close Quarters: The Mathematics of Everyday Life by Fernando Corbalan 1 copy50
Getting the Measure of the World: Calendars, Lengths and Mathematics by Iolanda Guevara 1 copy51
e for Extraordinary: The History and Applications of the Constant e by Gustavo Pineiro 1 copy52
Endless Mosaics: Tessellations and Drawings on the Plane by Miquel Alberti 1 copy53
When Mathematics Goes to the Polls: Decision Processes by Vincenc Torra 1 copy54
Easy or Difficult: Learning and Teaching Mathematics by Miquel Alberti 1 copy55
A Mathematical Journey from the Particle to Everything: The Mathematics of Gases by Eduardo Arroyo 1 copy56
Unsolvable Problems - Do They Exist? Mathematics, Complexity and Computing by Luis Fernando Arean 1 copy57


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