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101 adventures that got me absolutely nowhere by Phil O'Brien
The 2003 Rarities Sale : To be Held on Wednesday, 22nd October 2003 ... by Millennium Philatelic Auctions
22 Days in Australia: The Itinerary Planner (Jmp Travel) by John Gottberg
Aboriginal artists of the western desert : a biographical dictionary by Vivien Johnson
Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (Inc.) Vol. 2 Report to the Western Australian Government on the Implimena by Aboriginal Legal Service Western Australia (Inc.)
Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (Inc.) Vol.1 Report to the Western Australian Government on the Implemenat by Aboriginal Legal Service Western Australia (Inc.)
Above Australia: A Salute to Our Cities
The Absolute Sandman Volume Two by Neil Gaiman
The Accomplice by Kathryn Heyman
An account of a West Australian expedition from King George Sound in December 1829 by John Kent
Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip by Jim Rogers
Always Was, Always Will Be: The Old Swan Brewery Dispute. The Sacred Grounds of the Waugal, Kings Park, Perth, W.A. by Martha Ansara
Analyses of Western Australian rocks, meteorites, and natural waters by Edward S. Simpson
Australia twice traversed : the romance of exploration : being a narrative compiled from the journals of five exploring by Ernest Giles
Australia's west by Richard Woldendorp
Australia's western third: A history of Western Australia from the first settlements to modern times by F. K. Crowley
The Australian colonies stamp catalogue : a priced and illustrated catalogue of the postage stamps issued by the pre-Federation colonies of Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia) by John Higgs
The Australian Fiance by Simone Lazaroo
An Australian parsonage : or, The settler and the savage in Western Australia by Mrs Edward Millett
A Baker's Dozen by Dorothy Hewett
Barefoot kids by Stephen Hawke
Birding sites around Perth by Ron Van Delft
The birds of Broome : an annotated list by Peter Collins
Birds of Western Australia by D. L. Serventy
The blue feather by Gary Crew
Bony and the Mouse by Arthur Upfield
The Brand on his coat : biographies of some Western Australian convicts by Rica Erickson
Breath by Tim Winton
British Empire and Commonwealth Games Perth Western Austria November 22 - December 1 1962
Broken Lives by Estelle Blackburn
Broometime by Anne Coombs
Bush Bashin' by N.J. Nielsen
the business of government: western australia 1983-90 by Allan Peachment
C.Y. O'Connor by Alexandra Hasluck
Cake in the Hatbox by Arthur Upfield
Campus at Crawley : a narrative and critical appreciation of the first fifty years of the University of Western Australia by Fred Alexander
Careless by Deborah Robertson
Charles Darwin in Western Australia : a young scientist's perception of an environment by Patrick Armstrong
The chief, C.Y. O'Connor by Merab Tauman
Chocolate Nipples and Other Delights by Michele Phillips
A city and its setting : images of Perth, Western Australia by George Seddon
Cleared Out: First Contact in the Western Desert by Sue Davenport
Cloudstreet by Tim Winton
The colonial eye : a topographical and artistic record of the life and landscape of Western Australia, 1798-1914 by Barbara Chapman
The colony of Western Australia : a manual for emigrants, 1839 by Nathaniel Ogle
Colourful Australia by Ted Smart
The Company by Arabella Edge
The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio
Convict Fremantle: A Place Of Promise And Punishment by Michal Bosworth
Criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia : cases and commentary by Eric Colvin
A Descriptive Catalogue of West Australian Plants by J. S. Beard
The Devil's Own by Deborah Lisson
Dictionary of Western Australians, 1829-1914. Volume 1. Early settlers, 1829-1850 by Pamela Statham-Drew
Dictionary of Western Australians, 1829-1914. Volume 3. Free, 1850-1868 by Rica Erickson
The Dinosaur Dealers: Mission: To Uncover International Fossil Smuggling by John Long
Dirt Music by Tim Winton
Discover Western Australia
The Divine Wind by Garry Disher
Dolly pot by Peter J. Bridge
Dreaming of the Desert: Aboriginal dot paintings of the Western Desert by Vivien Johnson
The Drowner by Robert Drewe
An Easeful Death by Felicity Young
Embellishing the Landscape : The Images of Amy Heap and Fred Flood 1920-1940 by C. T. Stannage
The end of innocence : the remarkable true story of one woman's fight for justice by Estelle Blackburn
Eucalypts of the Western Australian goldfields: (and the adjacent wheatbelt) by George McCartney Chippendale
European-Aboriginal relations in Western Australian history by R. H. W. Reece
The executive state : WA Inc. & the constitution by Patrick O'Brien
Explorations in Australia : I.- Explorations in search of Dr. Leichardt and party. II. - From Perth to Adelaide, around by Sir John Forrest
Failure is not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond by Eugene Kranz
Family walks in Perth outdoors by David Gough
Far from Home: Aboriginal Prisoners of Rottnest Island (Dictionary of Western Australians, 10) by Neville Green
Field Guide to the Birds of Western Australia by Glen Storr
Floodtide by Judy Nunn
Follow the Blue by Brigid Lowry
For their own good : aborigines and government in the southwest of Western Australia, 1900-1940 by Anna Haebich
A Fortunate Life by A. B. Facey
Fortuyn's ghost by Mark Greenwood
The foundations of Fremantle : exploring the early history of Western Australia's port city by Deborah Tout-Smith
Four bishops and their see: Perth, Western Australia, 1857-1957 by Fred Alexandergoldfields
France Australe : a study of French explorations and attempts to found a penal colony and strategic base in south western Australia, 1503-1826 by Leslie Ronald Marchant
Fred Williams: Infinite Horizons by Deborah Hart
Fremantle sketchbook by Bernard Kirwan Ward
Fremantle walks by D. E. Hutchison
Fremantle's secret fleets : allied submarines based in Western Australia during World War II by Lynne Cairns
A Frenchman's walk across the Nullarbor : Henri Gilbert's diary, Perth to Brisbane 1897-1899 by Henri Gilbert
Freo by Stan Gervas
Frogs of Western Australia by Carolyn Thomson-Dans
From the Ground Up: Bristile, Whittakers and Metro Brick in Western Australian History by Bryce Moore
Gambling on the First Race: a comment on Racism and Talk-Back Radio - 6PR , the TAB, and the WA Government by Steve Mickler
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story by Ben Carson
Gilgamesh: A Novel by Joan London
Glint of gold : a story of the goldfields of Western Australia and the men who found them, especially the prospectors, a by Malcolm Uren
The godfather : the life of Brian Burke by Quentin Beresford
The Good Parents: A Novel by Joan London
Grace by Robert Drewe
Growing locals : gardening with local plants in Perth by Robert Powell
A guide to sources for the history of South Western Australia by Ronald Richards
Guitar Highway Rose by Brigid Lowry
A Handbook of the Birds of Western Australia: (With the Exception of the Kimberley Division) by D. L. Serventy
Hark, hark my soul by V. M. Shipley
Harum Scarum by Felicity Young
The hermit of Hyde Park by John A. Long
How to know Western Australian wildflowers Part 1 by William E. Blackall
Hunter by Campbell Jefferys
Images of Power: Aboriginal Art of the Kimberley by Judith Ryan
Insight Guides Australia by Jeffrey Pike
Introduced birds and mammals in Western Australia (Technical series / Agriculture Protection Board of Western Australia) by J. L Long
James Stirling : admiral and founding governor of Western Australia by Pamela Statham-Drew
Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance by Howard Pedersen
Janet Holmes a Court by Patricia Edgar
Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Australia, and Overland from Adelaide to King George's Sound, in the Y by Edward John Eyre
Journals of two Expeditions of Discovery in North West and Western Australia, during the years 1837, 38, and 39. With observations on the moral and physical character of the aboriginal inhabitants. by Sir George Grey
Journey across the western interior of Australia by Peter Egerton Warburton
Journey through a landscape : Richard Woldendorp's Australia by Richard Woldendorp
Keepers of the secrets : Aboriginal art from Arnhemland in the collection of the Art Gallery of Western Australia by Michael A. O'Ferrall
Land looking west : the story of Governor James Stirling in Western Australia by Malcolm Uren
Land's edge by Tim Winton
Landscapes of Western Australia by John A. Scott
The legend of Moondyne Joe by Mark Greenwood
Linkletter down under by Art Linkletter
Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists by Vivien Johnson
Living in Between by Anglican Diocese of Perth
Lonely Planet Australia by Paul Smitz
Lonely Planet Perth & Western Australia by Terry Carter
Lonely Planet Western Australia by Jeff Williams
Lord Forrest centenary booklet, 1847-1947
Lost World of the Kimberley: Extraordinary New Glimpses of Australia's Ice Age Ancestors by Ian Wilson
Love thy land : a study of the Shire of Albany, Western Australia by Les Johnson
The Lucy family alphabet by Judith Lucy
Manic Streets of Perth by Dave Franklin
Martuthunira: A language of the Pilbara region of Western Australia (Pacific linguistics. Series C) by Alan Charles Dench
The Master Pearler's Daughter: Memories of My Broome Childhood by Rosemary Hemphill
Mates and gold : reminiscences of early Westralian goldfields, 1890-1896 by N. K Sligo
The merchant princes of Fremantle : the rise and decline of a colonial elite 1870-1900 by Patricia M. Brown
The Millendon memoirs : George Fletcher Moore's Western Australian diaries and letters, 1830-1841 by George Fletcher Moore
Minerals of Western Australia, volume 3 by Edward S. Simpson
Miners by Wayne Mansfield
The Moonraker Mutiny by Antony Trew
More family walks in Perth outdoors by Rhianna Mooney
More lonely graves of Western Australia by Yvonne Coate
Mr. Jelly's business by Arthur William Upfield
The Murchison Murders by Arthur William Upfield
My Place by Sally Morgan
National Parks of Western Australia & the Northern Territory by Reader's Digest
The Nature of Ice by Robyn Mundy
The New Arcadia: Poems by John Kinsella
A New history of Western Australia by C. T. Stannage
Nhanda: An Aboriginal Language of Western Australia (Oceanic Linguistics Special Publications) by Juliette Blevins
Official year book of Western Australia 1960: No. 2 (New Series) by R. J. Little
One wet season by Ion L. Idriess
An Open Swimmer by Tim Winton
Papunya painting : out of the desert by Vivien Johnson
Pearl Coast Zoo, Broome, Western Australia by Max Lawrence
Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World by Harry Thompson
The people of Perth : a social history of Western Australia's capital city by Tom Stannage
The Persimmon Tree by Bryce Courtenay
Perth -- and all this! : a story about a city by Victor Courtney
Perth and Fremantle Past and Present by Simon J. Nevill
Perth and the South-West: A Panoramic Gift Book by Steve Parish
Perth for Kids by Kate Shepherd
Perth outdoors : a guide to natural recreation areas in and around Perth by David Gough
Perth plants : a field guide to the bushland and coastal flora of Kings Park and Bold Park, Perth, Western Australi by R. L. Barrett
Perth rock climbing guide by Ross Weiter
Perth Sketchbook by Edward Bernard Kirwan Ward
Perth, Western Australia
Perth, Western Australia by Alan Stephens
Perth--the building challenge by Ian Hocking
Perth; a city of light by Ivan O'Riley
A place of consequence : a pictorial history of Fremantle by R. H. W. Reece
Port of Pearls by Hugh Edwards
Portrait of Perth by Kirwan Wand
Reading labels on jam tins : living through difficult times by Bill Bunbury
Red Dog by Louis de Bernières
Religion and society in Western Australia by John Tonkin
Rhythms of the Kimberley: A Seasonal Journey Through Australia's North by Russell Gueho
The Roaring Nineties by Katharine Susannah Prichard
Russian Jack by Peter J. Bridge
Shallows by Tim Winton
The Shape Of A Man 4: Overland And Outback by Wayne Mansfield
The Shark Net: Memories and Murder by Robert Drewe
A short history of Western Australia by F. K. Crowley
Skins by Sarah Hay
Sons in the saddle by Mary Durack
Sorry by Gail Jones
Spinifex and sand : a narrative of five years' pioneering and exploration in Western Australia by David W. Carnegie
St. Catherine's College : from dream to reality, 1928-1978 by Noel Stewart
Steam around Perth
Stolen by Lucy Christopher
A Story of a hundred years : Western Australia, 1829-1929 by Sir Harry Pateshall Colebatch
Strange Objects by Gary Crew
The streets of old Perth by Tom Austen
Suburban freak show by Julia Lawrinson
Supplement to Dictionary of Western Australians, 1829-1914. Volume 1. Early settlers, 1829-1850 by Pamela Statham
Swan River mania : a colonial history of Western Australia by George Russo
Swan song : reflections on Perth and Western Australia, 1956-1995 by George Seddon
Swimming With Crocodiles: A True Story of Adventure and Survival by Will Chaffey
Take out by Felicity Young
That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott
That Eye, the Sky by Tim Winton
Thomas Peel of Swan River by Alexandra Hasluck
Threatened & rare birds of Western Australia by John Blyth
Tim Blain: A collection of his writing by Tim Blain
Tjarany Roughtail: The Dreaming of the Roughtail Lizard and Other Stories told by the Kukatja by Gracie Green
To be heirs forever by Mary Durack
Tracing your family history in Australia : a national guide to sources by N. J. Vine Hall
Traveller's Atlas of Western Australia
Travels in Western Australia : being a description of the various cities and towns, goldfields, and agricultural distric by May Vivienne
True Country by Kim Scott
Tuart dwellers by Jan Ramage
The Turning: Stories by Tim Winton
Twenty bushwalks near Perth by Lou Murray
UBD street directory Perth by Universal Business Directories
Ubd Street Directory: Perth: 1999 (UBD Street Directories)
The Unbearable Lightness of Scones by Alexander McCall Smith
Unfinished Voyages: Western Australian Shipwrecks 1622-1850 by Graeme Henderson
Unfinished Voyages: Western Australian Shipwrecks 1881-1900 (Unfinished Voyages Series) by Lynne Cairns
Unfinished voyages: Western Australian shipwrecks, 1851-1880 by Graeme Henderson
Unity is strength : a history of the Australian Labor Party and the Trades and Labor Council in Western Australia, by Bobbie Oliver
The veterans : a history of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia, 1850-1880 by F. H. Broomhall
Voyage of discovery to Terra Australis by Willem de Vlamingh in 1696-97 by Phillip E. Playford
W.A.G.R. Steam Locomotives in Preservation by Steve McNicol
Wandering Girl by Glenyse Ward
War and Peace in Western Australia: Social and Political Impact of the Great War 1914-1926 by Bobbie Oliver
War's End by Victoria Bowen
The Warrigal by Deborah Lisson
West of the Bight by Basil Fuller
Western Australia : a history from its discovery to the inauguration of the Commonwealth by J. S. Battye
Western Australia : its early vicissitudes, romantic awakening, development, and progress
Western Australia Country Road Atlas (UBD Street & Travel Directory) by UBD
Western Australia in the 20th century by Patrick Cornish
Western Australia in the making by Cyril P. Bryan
Western Australia looking west by Richard Woldendorp
Western Australia's other history : a short guide by Duncan Graham
Western Australia, 1829-1900 by George Finkel
Western Australian art and artists, 1900-1950 by Janda Gooding
The Western Australian flora : a descriptive catalogue by Grazyna Paczkowska
Western Australian writing, a bibliography by Bruce Bennett
The western gateway : a history of Fremantle by John K. Ewers
Western images : Western Australia in pictures from the colonial era to the present by Tom Austen
Where to find birds in Western Australia by Noela Marr
The white divers of Broome : the true story of a fatal experiment by John Bailey
The Widows of Broome by Arthur Upfield
Wild places, quiet places by Rod Annear
Wildflowers of the west, Western Australia. by Rosalie Trower
Wildflowers of Western Australia by C. A. Gardner
The Will of the Tribe by Arthur William Upfield
Winjans people: The story of the South-West Australian Aborigines by J[esse] E. Hammond (1858-?)
The Wishing Well by Anna Jacobs
The Wollaston Legacy by Brian Kyme
The Wreck Of The Zuytdorp On The Western Australian Coast In 1712 by Phillip E. Playford
Être enfant et devenir chrétien by Claire Vandercam

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