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Books shared with exactly one member

1in12Library shares Room at the bottom

1in12Library shares Spitalfields: A Battle for Land

1in12Library shares Statewatching the New Europe: Handbook on the European State

1in12Library shares The Wilhelmshaven revolt: A chapter of the revolutionary movement in the German Navy 1918-1919

1in12Library shares Revolutionary Syndicalism

1in12Library shares Workers' City: Real Glasgow Stands Up

1in12Library shares Cold catches fire: Essays, poems & stories against climate catastrophe

abecedary shares Watch Out Kids

abecedary shares Dario Fo and Franca Rame: Harlequins of the Revolution (Plays & Playwrights)

andre.p shares The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day

andre.p shares Deptford Fun City

Angelicant shares Chartists, The (Then & There S.)

ArjanDeRooy shares Cry For War

Ashers-Books shares Revenge of the troublemaker! How to make trouble and influence people part 3

Attica shares German Guerrilla: Terror, Reaction and Resistance

bookunin shares Anti-fascist Action - an Anarchist Perspective: By an Ex-liverpool AFA Member (Anarchist Library)

CameronAllen shares Reformist Anarchism: A Study on the Feasibility of Anarchism

CameronAllen shares The Island of Anarchy

Casseur shares Everyone To The Streets: Texts and Communiques from the Greek Uprising

cfls shares Racism, Resistance and Revolution

cisindia shares Incommunicado Reader

cowleylibrary shares The exploding prison: Prison riots and the case of Hull

cowleylibrary shares Rape of Reason: Corruption of the Polytechnic of North London

cowleylibrary shares Born to Fail? (The National Children's Bureau reports on striking differences in the lives of British children)

craigmorrison shares Selected Writings: Essays, 1649-50

craigmorrison shares Racism, the City and the State

dutchviceroy shares The East Is Black

ehetzner shares The Unknown Deserter

eromsted shares Images of Chartism

feministlibrary shares I Want to Write It Down: Writing by Women in Peckham

Ffred_Clegg shares The General Strike of 1926: The Economic, Political and Social Causes (Historical Perspectives)

Fotoflow shares King Size: A project about Tags, DIY-Craft & Subcultural Globalisation

GAGVLibrary shares Abortion: the International Agenda Feminist Review No.29 Spring 1988

GAGVLibrary shares We Shall Not Be Moved: Posters and the Fight Against Displacement in L.A.s Figueroa Corridor (PM Press)

GPpkc3 shares Highland Clearances (Then & There)

hay123 shares A Textbook of Marxist Philosophy

haymarketcafe shares A Commune in Chiapas?: Mexico and the Zapatista Rebellion

Hodekin shares The H blocks: An indictment of British prison policy in the North of Ireland

inaudible shares Endnotes 1: Preliminary Materials for a Balance Sheet of the Twentieth Century

indoorfireworks shares The realization and suppression of religion

Interfaith shares Earth First! Direct Action manual: Uncompromising Nonviolent Resistance in Defense of Mother Earth!

irtf.cleveland shares Sugar: Crisis in the Third World

j2.0 shares Real Education: Varieties of Freedom

jgsgblib shares Everything Happens in Cable Street

JimPratt shares Black Paper Two

kayaress shares The Achilles Heel Reader (Routledge Revivals): Men, Sexual Politics and Socialism

Kebele shares Class Myths and Culture

KXF shares Culture: The human way

LondonTransportMus shares Alice from Tooting: 1879-1977 Working Class Autobiography (Ordinary Lives)

lycanthropist shares Working class autonomy and the crisis : Italian Marxist texts of the theory and practice of a class movement, 1964-79

mandyl shares History Workshop: a journal of socialist historians issue 3

mandyl shares History Workshop: a journal of socialist historians issue 1

mandyl shares History Workshop: a journal of socialist historians issue 6

mandyl shares History Workshop: a journal of socialist historians issue 5

mandyl shares History Workshop: a journal of socialist historians issue 8

mandyl shares At dusk: The Situationist movement in historical perspective

mayleaves shares Women Who Do and Women Who Don't: Join the Women's Movement

mute shares All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal: Reading History From Below

Nevertype shares To Pay or Not to Pay: What Happens if You Don't Pay the Poll Tax

ohclibrary shares Property Before People: The Management of Twentieth Century Council Housing

oldhippy shares How to enjoy reality

placebased shares Local Studies and the History of Education

plutopsyche shares S11: Truth and Consequences - Radical Perspectives on September 11

pudda shares Counting the Cost: Family in the Miners' Strike

pudda shares Tell Us Lies About the Miners: Role of the Media in the Great Coal Strike of 1984-85

readalot shares No Way Out: Battered Women Who Killed

referencelibrary shares Our Story: The Rossport 5

scotus shares Housing, for people or for profit?

secretlondon shares South London Record No 3

secretlondon shares South London Record No 2

stevieb50 shares Behind the Lines: East London Labour, 1914-19

thebigidea shares The Occupation Cookbook: Or the Model of the Occupation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb

theonawaytrust shares Wollaston - People Resisting Genocide

tonyshaw14 shares The life and times of Thomas Spence

uisdean shares Edith and Stepney: 60 Years of Education, Politics and Social Change - Life of Edith Ramsay, 1920-79


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