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The War Of Don Emanuel's Nether Parts by Louis de Bernieres

Nonsense Novels by Stephen Leacock

Bullwhip Days: The Slaves Remember: An Oral History by James Mellon

Brilliance of the Moon (Tales of the Otori 3) by Lian Hearn

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

The Opposite House by Helen Oyeyemi

Library: An Unquiet History by Matthew Battles

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*giggles* That works even better! ^-^ It'll be interesting to read your thoughts on it too. I loved what she did with the mythosphere, but I also feel there was a lot more potential there than was shown.

But still!
Yay! "The Game"! I read that earlier this year. ^-^ It was fun.

(Useful comment is useful, I know.)
It pleases me too!
OMG you got Mare's War :D :D It's SUCH a good book, Ana!! It's a favorite of mine :) Think you'll love that one.
I'm so excited to have added Animal Vegetable Miracle to your library :D And I love all of these new boys reading books you added!!! You have to tell me if any of them are good!
Aww. *offers hug* It's only the Forster I loathe really. (I must have been reading a different book from the critics/the rest of the world.)

I'd have liked the Danticat a lot more if I'd had some warning about its content, I think. ^-^ (Well, no, I probably wouldn't have liked it more, but I would've been more able to appreciate what she's doing in it which in terms of stars amounts to the same thing for me.) It's a quite beautiful book in many ways, but circumstances did conspire against it, poor thing.
1. Mastering Systems Analysis Design sounds like the most boring book ever :/ 2. Aside from that, it sounds like you got some of the most amazing Christmas gifts EVER!!!!!! I'm guessing the aforementioned book is a textbook and not a christmas gift :p
Oooh. I actually bought them in a boxset, so I have Lirael. I shall have to keep that in mind for later! Thankees, sweetie. ^-^
*offers handkerchief for tears* It may just be a timing issue, to be fair, but I clicked with neither the prose nor the characters in what I did read. *sad noise* So I put it down. Maybe someday I'll try the book again and get along with it better. ^-^ It took me almost half my life to get along with the Discworld books, after all!

I'm happy to take suggestions on other Garth Nix books that you think might be better starting places, though I can't make promises I'll get to them.
I would give it no stars if LT differentiated between that and 'unrated'. T-T At least the other C.S. Lewis I have to read isn't that bad. Yet.
Oh yay :D You read Whose Body and gave it 4 stars :D Did you start Cloud of Witness yet?? I have that one up next!! I may make it my next read!
I just ordered Passion before you've even posted your review :p Just read all about it and it sounds incredible!!!
I really enjoyed North and South when I read it a couple of years ago, though the dialects were a bit of a challenge at first.
Hey Nymeth... I think you should read _Forever_... just because it's such a teen classic.

Also, check out _Does my head look big in this?_ - I just read it for my multicultural class and thought it raised some great issues while also being a fun read.

And _Atonement_... it's one of my favorites :)

Hi Nymeth, IMHO you should read:

"The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" which will then make you want to read "The Weed that Strings..." I guarantee it!

Also "The Eyre Affair" which will then make you want to read the rest of them! These are some of my most loved books, I re-read the whole series probably too often. As a reader, I know you'll just adore them!

Finally, "Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story" and "Tigana" just because I have had both on my TBR for ages and if you like them, maybe I'll dig them out :)
Hello Nymeth! I think The Three Musketeers is the perfect summer read...completely over the top. PS, I sent you a friend request...I'm Mumsy :P
As for reading plans, as LT would undoubtedly eat up my comment if made too long. (I, er, do hope you've comment notification turned on. ^-^; )

I do have some plans for the summer actually, but I try to be flexible. I got stuck on books to read a while back, so compiled a random list of books that has become my 'go to' list if nothing strikes my fancy in general. I'm hoping to get a fair chunk of the 20 read over the summer, but it's not a list set in stone. I won't beat myself up about it if I decide I want to read something else or if I find myself suddenly in September and still with 15 items on the list. About half of them are series, I think, since I made it a point to include books in series I'd started and hadn't continued in for any reason. ^-^

(My reading slows too in summer, by the by.)

And since I just got a comment from you in my inbox... You do make sense. ^-^ In an "I can't really word it differently, but I think I get it' kind of way. Sorry, my brain is a little fuzzy since it's spent most of the past few days reading non-fiction. In my case 'books I can't find over here' would amount to 'pretty much all the books on my TBR pile'. ^-~ Well, if we take the internet out of the equation, anyway. Otherwise the answer is 'none, as long as it's still in print and even then...' ^-~

I think all of them are going to be fairly easy to get your hands on, but I'd imagine that goes for most all the books. You'd have to stick to those you know have/are smaller print runs and/or difficult to get, period, no?

(Blogger is mean to me. I sulk at it. *nods* That'll teach it!) I hope you'll enjoy the books you end up reading in the coming two months and that you get more reading than you'd anticipated done!
*waves* 'ello! I am sort-of stalking you from your blog right now to look at your unread books. (Blogger hates my comments, unfortunately, and I blame some of my lack of commenting on blogs on the disheartening occurance of writing a long reply to something only to find Blogger eating it or refusing to post it no matter what I do.)

Anyway! Books I'd recommend, for lack of a better word, from your TBR pile: V for Vendetta for the social commentary (although all right actually right before you go to the UK might not be the best time to read it, I suppose), Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan. One, you love her. Two, I know you're better at short stories than I and I'd love to hear your perspective on those stories. ^-^ Both as a friend and as someone with more experiences with Lanagan's work. Kindred by Octavia Butler. It's heavy thematically, but it is so beautiful (and scary).

You have too many books I want your opinion on on that list... I'd love to hear your thoughts on Moonheart and Tigana, the latter of which I desperately need to get around to rereading. *sigh*

There's more I'd love to get your opinion on eventually, but I tried to leave out books I'm curious about but are easier to find in the UK. Why read those now when you can find them with relative ease there and read them later? There's bound to be a library you can use, right?
I'll just have to add both to my wishlist, and see which one comes up on Bookmooch first! :)
Someone got a new Persephone :p
The only problem with "The Library at Night" is that you will be very jealous of Manguel's library! Hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year!

The user I mooched from is still active so I think I'll wait until I get her reply. If she did forget to send it, I'll just wait until she actually does send it so I can ship all your books in one go. If she has already sent it, I'll just kind of assume it was lost (although I won't mark it for awhile, just in case) and send the two books I currently have your way. If Postcards ever comes, I'll ship that one separately.

I feel bad this is all taking so long :( Hopefully, you'll get at least some of your books soon!
Very, very lucky. ^-^ I loved it. (Obviously or I wouldn't be giving it five stars.)

I'd try to gush at you without gushing some more, but... That would probably be horribly cruel. (I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it, though!)
Angel Update:

I don't know if you remember (it's been awhile) but I'm angeling three books for you: Fat Kid Rules the World, Dark Dude, and Postcards from No Man's Land. I've received the first two but Postcards has been marked as "sent" for about two months now and I'm a little worried it's been lost. I've emailed the owner to verify that the book was actually sent and not just marked and then forgotten. As for the other two books, I'm willing to send them to you now and if Postcards does show up later, I can send it in a separate box. I also don't mind holding on to them. I won't mark Postcards as lost for at least a few more months (sometimes Media Mail can be...odd). Anyways, please let me know what you'd like me to do! Thanks!

Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary arrived today in beautiful condition. I've reserved it under your name on BookMooch.
I've mooched it for you. I'll let you know as soon as it gets to me.
No problem. And it will be fun to send a book to Portugal, of which I have fond memories--I spent a week in the Algarve. We ended up driving inland everyday to get away from the resorts, but loved the villages and cork forests.
She has it reserved for you. If you have her change her reservation to "kayhardtmann", I would be glad to mooch it for you.
Hi! Thanks for being friends! You have some great books, I've been checking out!

We have absolutely fantastic books in common :-)

Was wondering if you'd be interested in reviewing my new novel and posting your comments here as well as a few other book-related sites. Saw you liked Tideland, and I thought you might like my novel since it's also southern and a bit dark. I could e-mail you the novel in an e-book format if you'd like. Let me know if you're interested. Here's a link to a summary in case you're interested:


It's listed; mooch away!
aha ah yeah,I liked it and must read it again before bringing it back!
You know, yesterday I was in another charity shop (I shouldn't even be allowed in...) feeling lucky, and I saw Looking for Alaska AND Neverwhere on the shelf for only 50 cent each! I almost feel guilty because I'm not giving anything to the writers (except possibly glowing reviews), but I couldn't resist not getting them!!!
Hi Ana,

I just wanted to let you know that The Innkeeper's Song arrived today and it looks like it's in great condition! I've reserved it for you on bookmooch (my userid on BM is also beautifulmuse). However, because of my work schedule right now it will be a little less than 2 weeks before I'm able to send it. I hope that's ok =)

- Cynthia
Hiya, Gormenghast arrived today - it's in lovely condition. Will relist now as an unexpiring reservation for you so you can mooch at your leisure.
Hiya, Just to let you know, I've had an email saying that Gormenghast has been sent and should be with me in a couple of days. I'll let you know when it arrives and put it up on BM on a non-expiring reservation for you so you can mooch at your leisure..
No problem Ana, will let you know as soon as I get it!
Are you the Nymeth that comments over at Quixotical, by any chance? :)
Hi Nymeth,
How nice to have another way of staying in contact with you while you're busy with school! Happy reading!
Sorry it took me so long to accept your invitation, Nymeth! I just plain forget to come here at times.

Hope your move is going well and I also hope you won't be away too long! I miss you already!

So glad that I can see more of your books now that you have a lifetime account ;) It's horrible how much of a book voyeur I can be!
Hey Nymeth, I won a free lifetime membership to LIbrarything but am already a member. You fancy it? It means you can add more of your books than if you are on a free account. Would be good to see the rest of your library.
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