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On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

The Rival Queens: A Novel of Murder in Eighteenth-Century London by Fidelis Morgan

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland

Saints (Boxers & Saints) by Gene Luen Yang

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog: A Mystery by Boris Akunin

Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters

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In a human-potential story you are told to imagine yourself walking down a road by the sea when you come upon a drowning man. Because you don't know how to swim, you can deal with the problem in one of three ways:
1. Sympathy: You jump in the river and drown with him.
2. Empathy: You sit down and moan and cry about him drowning.
3. Compassion: You do something about it. Throw him a rope or run and find someone who knows how to swim.
- Dick Sutphen in "The Oracle Within"
I got The Red Necklace because of your suggestion! Recieved it the other day from PBS. Am excited to read it...if I ever get time. :o) Just finished reading Midnight Never Come and it was a good book. I loved the writing style...was a touch disappointed with the plot though. I havent read Poison Study...although I have it here. I had forgotten I even had it til I was going through some books the other day. My library is a disorganized mess!! Right now I am reading Cinderella...I think its by Carolyn Turgeon? I cant quite remember if that is right, the book is downstairs. :o) Hope all is well with you!!
We do! :D
I'm not sure why we haven't come across each other either, but let's get that fixed! I just started following your blog, which is really great by the way! I look forward to perusing it. I really enjoyed Behold, Here's Poison - the main character just cracked me up with his remarks!

So sorry for not sending you a message before- I did indeed receive the Tory Widow and can't wait to start reading it. Thanks so much for sending it, and again apologies for not confirming receipt earlier!
Thanks for the good wishes! We aren't targeting anything specific. Just lots and lots of books. We have an estimated inventory at the moment of between 15,000 and 20,000 books. The store is called "Never Without A Book Ltd." *giggle* I never thought that name would live to take on a life of it's own when I dreamed it up for LibraryThing! As soon as our sign is up, I'm planning to replace my profile pic with one of the store. :) If you're ever in the Edmonton area, please stop in and say Hi!
Thanks! And yes, the fainting and the bit where Bella's heart literally stops. . . good grief! The drama does, indeed, abound.
The "Enchantress of Florence" is on the way. Hope you enjoy it!

No, I haven't read it--but I sell books online so I've gotten fairly well acquainted with ways to find books (so I can compare prices with whatever I have to sell). I automatically go looking whenever anyone says they are having trouble finding a book.

I have to admit, though, that I'm intrigued by the idea of reading fiction set in a place one is going to visit--what a great way to enhance the experience.


I saw on the thread about historical fiction set in France that you were looking for Druon's The Iron King. There do seem to be some very high priced copies out there, but try searching on least expensive copy they list is $19.32 from Amazon in the UK--though I didn't go to that site to check the condition. Some others in the $20-@30 range, also.

good luck!


I'm finished with "The Enchantress of Florence" if you'd still like to read it.

Please send your address by private message and I'll mail it next week.

Special doesn't describe how I feel :) SMOOCHES!
You're giving PBS'ers a bad name ;)
You need to come join the PBS Bookers blogring too!!!!
Love your review of The Secret River, beautifully captured!
Yes, I just received it the other day - thank you so much - I have just been so busy I haven't had a chance to post until now...


I'd be happy to send you the Rushdie book. I very rarely keep books, unless I know I'll reread it someday. Once I'm done I'll send you an e-mail so I can get your address.

I do enjoy books about history, both fiction and nonfiction. I'm about ready to start Outwitting History by Aaron Lansky, "the amazing adventures of a man who rescued a million Yiddish books."

Did Simon and schuster ever add you to their advisory board? I just read your comment on the Early Reviewers board. I have tried e-mailing them as well, so let's see!
Ack. I know I owe you an email! Everything is going well, just busy. I am trying to read more and spend less time is coming together nicely. Holidays were real stressful....but thankfully over! I promise you a long email soon!!! Take Care
aarti, I finished the book on Christmas Day and all I will say is ultimately I was disappointed with the last third of the book. Still, you are a different reader than I and may have an entirely different response. We'll talk again after you've read it:-) Best, Lois
aarti, I am more than half way now and the book is delightfully entertaining. It is only the narrator that reminds me of Crimson Petal (and I have a suspicion about this narrator...). I would say that there is no one thing that is especially original in the book but it is the way he combines all these elements. Now that I am further in I can also say that the likeness to movies was only superficial in that the two main character (Moon & the Somnabulist) work as magicians to pay the bills, so to speak. Great fun! I look forward to finishing it soon (maybe before the kids arrive!). Best, Lois
aarti, I happened to see in 'conversations' that you are getting "The Somnambulist" as an early reviewer. I am reading it now over the holiday weekend. I was given an ARC some months ago by a former boss at the bookstore I used to work at, it's been languishing on a TBR shelf for all this time. I thought I'd sneak it in during the holidays (I have a lot of 'required' reading these days). I'm maybe a third of the way in but your observation is on the mark, imo. The narrator is reminiscent of the narrator in "The Crimson Petal & the White" which also attempts to emulate those of 19th century novels. One immediately thinks of the movies, "The Prestige" and "The Illusionist" (sorry, haven't read the corresponding books there) but also add a dash of Conan Doyle and gothic horror. It's an easy and entertaining read thus far. Do let me know what you think when you start reading it. Best, Lois
It's stressful! I have to find a job, that's the main thing. It is just weird that people are going back to school next month and I am not!

And, welcome back!

Empress Orchid was very good. I plan on doing a review for it in the next week. I really enjoyed it and so did the other members of my book club. It's a fast read if you have the time (which I haven't I have Tipperary to read also and just don't feel the push to start it. The hubby and I are going away for a little r and r this weekend so maybe then!

Emily :)
Aarti, so glad to see you are alive! lol Are you back in North America or still off on your adventures?

My blog has been inactive for about two months also. My grandma's been in the hospital and I've been dealing with some health problems myself so blogging was really the last thing on my mind! Right now I'm reading Empress Orchid by Anchee Min which is extremely well written. I'm enjoying it very much and just wish I could find the time to finish it soon!!
Hi Aarti,

We are both members of the historical fiction forum and I read your blog. I just thought I'd stop by and say hi and see what types of books you have in your library. I'm working on getting mine updated and have a few more books to enter and then need to work on tags :)
I've started a group thats dedicated just to discussing HP and the Deathly Hallows. its called HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS ONLY. We could all post about the last book there so that is will be contained and we won;t have to worry as much aobut spoilers. Join when you finish the book.
Hey there! I heard someone compare R. Scott Bakker to GRRM. Have you ever read any of him? I might give him a try...
Hi Aarti
JUst left a post on Reading Globally about The Colour. It's a good novel, so don't believe the bad press. I've looked at our books in common and that also tells me that you would like it.
Hey Aarti! Guess what? I am about a third of the way through The Curse of Chalion and really loving it! It reminds me of GRRM in the writing in some areas. I like the characters a lot...but am still not sure what to make of the plot. Its still early, I think. I am definitly enjoying the reading so far! I just had to tell you! I finished up another of your recommendations...The Mercy of Thin Air. I loved that one too. As well as another Diana Wynne Jones. May not have a high quantity of reading these days, but the quality is excellent!!!! Take Care!
Hey! Its been a long time. I havent been ignoring you. I have been shut out of my email account for almost two weeks! Its driving me insane! I am still in the process of trying to get yahoo to let me back in. Grrr. In any case, hope all is well with you! I just finished reading Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones...its an absolute MUST read!!! I loved it! Now I just started The Mercy of Thin Air on your recommendation. A hundred pages in and I am loving it! Hope all is well! Take Care! Nichole
Hey, Aarti! Good to see you here. Had to know that if you guys kept yakking about this site long enough I'd show up eventually. LOL I still have a ton of books to enter--ones that I've read but traded off, or returned to the library--and I know when I'm done, we'll probably have a lot more books in common than the 108 we already share. :)

It is truly a small world! I met both Kelly and Marg on Oprah's website, in the book groups! I checked out the historical fiction site, and decided I just didn't have the time to keep track of all the books! I should have known you'd be a member there as well. Kelly and I are going to be reading The Crimson Petal and the White together starting in January. Have you read that one already? Actually, we have a list of 6 that we are going to read, starting at the first of the year. You are more than welcomed to join us!

Hey Aarti! I didn't know YOU and Kelly knew each other either! It truly is a small world....especially for "book people"! I "met" Kelly through a completely different book board! We seem to have similar tastes (imagine that!) Do you know Marg as well?

You know, looking at your ratings, we are pretty comparable, so I am just going to trade this book in for something else. I have too many books I want to read to waste it on draggy books. And, I am thinking we should start emailing each other instead of replying back and forth on librarything. haha. I am about to switch the link on my blog links to your new blog. So glad you decided to join in the fun!
Hey Aarti! I have the whole series by Williams, but I have yet to read it. I have heard really good things, but sometimes books that are great for others do not work at ALL for me! Not to mention the size. I have little time as it is! I should really read more of my big books... but we will see!
Hi Aarti!! Yes, it looks like fantasy and historical fiction will definitely be a common link! As you can tell, I have been listing them as I come to them. Kind of random at this point. I still have a ton left to list!! We'll see how it all plays out in the end.

Aarti, I've been on a non-fiction jag for a while and just read both Our Tempestuous Day: A History of Regency England by Carolly Erickson and Beau Brummell by Ian Kelly. I see you have the Kelly bio in your catalog. I thought it was well done. Did you? The Erickson book is very good background for reading Heyer if you want to know how spot-on historically she is. (I've also just read Royal Panoply: Brief Lives of the English Monarchs by Erickson; she is very readable.) However, this dip into history has just led me to the odd conclusion that Heyer's books are fantasy, just as much as, say, a Mercedes Lackey book. And I still have some of your books on my "to find and read" list.
Hey Aarti. We now share a 154 books! I just input another stack of recent books into here and had to come and check out the numbers! We are looking pretty good!
Wow, we share a lot of books. 134. No wonder I always like your reviews. :)
I'm not really into "steampunk". (Thanks for introducing me to the term). The Necromancer is not my usual type of read, but I was so entranced with the book that I slowed down my reading speed to make it last as long as I could. If you read it let me know what you think because I still wonder if the book was that good or if I was just in the right mood to appreciate that type of read.
Aarti, I think you will love Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells. It fits all your top tags and its a great read.
A Place of Greater Safety is on the pile! It's probably next after the Plaidy.
Thanks for telling me your final opinion of A Place of Greater Safety. It's high up on my list now!
I'll definitely give [A Place of Greater Safety] a try, then!
Thanks for stopping by, Aarti! I noticed that you said on another forum that you were reading A Place of Greater Safety. Coincidentally, the copy I had on hold just arrived at the library--trying to decide whether I want to dig into it now! I'll be interested in hearing what you think.
Yes, I am looking forward to reading His Majesty's Dragon. I put aside Child of Saturn to read A Fistful of Charms. I wasnt that far in the book. So, after Charms I will read Child of Saturn and then His Majesty's Dragon. I am really looking forward to it.

How long is King Tut's exhibit going to be there? I kept forgetting that everyone was telling me about it. I hope I have time enough to make my way over there and check it out. Amelia know I love her. But she doesnt take place in ancient egypt, if that is what you are looking for. She takes place around the turn of the century. Still, very highly recommended. I actually bought to Egypt books when I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday. One is The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun by Paul Doherty. The second one is a book called Popular Stories of Ancient Egypt by Maspero. Looks interesting, but footnotes up the wazoo. I also have a tag on my shelf for egypt if you want to take a look. I seem to have packed a bit of my egypt books away in storage. Which isnt surprising...most of the ones I packed away were non-fiction ones that I had read, I think. Judging by what I know I have and isnt on my shelf.
I know what you mean. I am, as you may have heard me profess historically challenged, I really never found it very interesting in school, maybe I just had bad teachers. My husband however is a serious history buff and constantly watching historical documentaries and I usually find them pretty interesting.. The only thing I find uninteresting is battles fought in any of the wars.. probably because war repulses and scares me... I find people interest me more than particular time periods.. I am all about the people really.. But I am discovering time periods that I want to know more about, things I can't beleive I don't know.. This is all thanks to Nichole, she has turned me onto some good stuff and got me started reading a little historical fiction.. I don't consider myself to be a big fan of the genre yet.. but what I have read has sent me searching for more by certain authors and about certain time periods..

I have not read Remains of the Day and am anxious too since reading Never Let Me Go. I loved that book...Ishiguro is brilliant he takes this story that is just so gentle and slow and melodic and comes out of nowhere with something sinister and evil. When I got to the climax of NLMG, and discovered the purpose of the school and the students... I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach... So I am very eager to read anything else by him.. I also have one called When We Were Orphans by him.. Anyway, Remains of the Day might be a good co-read.. I am going to read Fistful of Charms next I think, Nichole is reading it now and I am almost done with the book I am on and would love to read it at the same time.. So after that I will be free to read whatever... So let me know when and if you'd like to do a co-read.
Hey, Aarti. Just had to let you know that I found an excuse to go to B&N today and on your recommendation picked up His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik! Looks good!
I saw Good Night and Good Luck, I liked it a lot more than I anticipated.

The show I saw was on our local public television station called American Masters and this one was on Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan. They'd been close friends, Kazan was a fellow filmmaker and one of Marilyn Monroe's lovers and he first introduced her to Miller. This was when Miller was still married and before Monroe married Dimagio. Kazan was called before the committiee for unamerican activities and caved in giving them names of all the people who were in his old communist group, he was no longer a communist at the time but that didn't matter. He turned these people in to save his career, he was the It guy in Hollywood at the time. But after he gave up the names everyone turned on him, including Miller and his career went down the tubes anyway. It was a really interesting program, some of the actors and actresses that were blacklisted were interviewed. Some didn't work for a decade after they were blacklisted and others never worked again. Something else I didn't realize is that Richard Nixon was on the first committiee for unamerican activities..
Hey Aarti,
We've got 52 in common now. Mostly historical fiction, alot of which was passed on to me via Nichole. But we've got a lot of classics in common too. I think you, Nichole and I ought to do a classic co-read sometime.. well sometime in the future I am not in the position to do one at the moment, too busy, but keep it in mind for the near future..
I was just watching a documentary the other night that went into the political statements Arthur Miller was trying to make when writing of The Crucible, very interesting.. evidently he was using the Salem witch trials in comparison with the Hollywood blacklist of the 50's.. All the actors who starred in the original play got blacklisted simply for being in it!
Talk to you soon,
Hey Aarti!
No...I am not done putting all my books in here. I still have all those boxes in storage and some stacks around the house that I havent quite gotten to. The majority of the ones at the house are in. I maybe have a hundred or so that aren't in around here. I havent listed the ones on pbs that I have or the ones that I know I am getting rid of.

I am loving The Book Thief! I am so glad that you recommended it to me! I am about halfway through with it right now. It is definitly a top ten contender!

I think that SKP for our next buddy read sounds great! I am in the mood for a nice fat historical fiction!

Take Care
Within 24 hours I read Throne of Jade AND Black Powder War and now it seems that I have to wait for another one! I wonder how many there'll be.
Aarti, I just saw your comment (been on vacation). I don't have a tag for read or unread. :( I will now tag myself as frivolous. If it's fiction, you can figure I've read it. The nonfiction is not a sure thing. I buy books when I see them, especially the ones about Indians, since I figure I may never see them again. I've just read A Scholar of Magics (from the library so it's not in LT) and just today I got my hands on Throne of Jade, the second Novik book, so now I can read that one and the third one. I've been sitting on the third one. However, first I have to finish the books currently checked out of the library so I'm trying to exercise self-control. Too many books! I have 9 books and 5 magazines that I just purchased sitting on the counter waiting for attention. I did read 1491 and thought it was very good. That one I broke down and bought after checking out the library's copy several times.
Oooh - Evelina is a personal favorite! :) Oh, do read Udolpho. And then (re)read Northanger Abbey.

I bought the 19th century shoplifting book for a class on consumerism. A bunch of my books were either required for courses...or were shelved next to the books for those courses, and I couldn't resist. But "immersion value" is a good term. Yes, I think that I'm with you on that one. I really do believe (well, maybe not really but hopefully) that owning a bunch of books on a subject will subsequently force the contents to miraculously "osmose" into my grey matter. Yeah - doesn't really work most of the time. But you and I - we could have worse vices... :)
Thanks for pointing out my tbr is out of control. lol. Its bigger then I thought it was. But I dont let it stress me out. I like to have a lot of options. :o) I keep saying that this might get me to stop buying books...but I just dont see that happening any time soon! I still have a hundred or so to enter here at the house and then I will just have my books that are in storage. It will be really nice when I get them all on here!! Its been fun entering them though. I sure have found a lot of treasures! A lot of junk too...;o)
Well I just finished entering my extensive collection of classics, and I really don't feel any smarter LOL actually I feel kind of dumb because most of them have been sitting on the shelf for years.. Even Dracula, which I really wanted to read when I got it.. and still do.. I did move it to the front of the shelf.. We'll see if that helps..
No, I haven't read The Glass Castle yet, but I am eager to do so soon.. I have heard a lot of good buzz about it.. I have been inputting all my books, a little at a time, I had all my vampire books, I finally got through all my chick lit, part of my literary fiction and just started on Fantasy and Sci-fi.. In the course of things, I have been finding books that just got shoved in with other genre's or misfiled.. etc.. I am astonished at the number of memoirs I have.. I never really got into memoirs before but there are so many good ones out right now.. Like Glass Castle when I first read the synopsis I just had to have it.. it sounded just like something I would like.. about the same time another one came out called Jesus Land the authors last name is Scheere and I got that one.. it sounds really good too.. its about a girl who grew up in the south (I think) with an adopted brother who was african american.. it sounds like a really moving story, but I know it's going to be really sad, so I have to wait for a very chipper mood to read it..

I have Pullman's 2nd Dark Materials somewhere around here too, i have 4 more stacks of sci-fi and fantasy still to put on here and I am sure some of them got put in with my Horror books.. I do that all the time.. because I am not always sure..
Heck I found romance in with my sci-fi and fantasy.. ;-/

I can't wait to get all my books on here and see which genre i have the most of.. I do hope it's not chick lit LOL I really don't want to be defined by that.. I am thinking I have ALOT more Literary Fiction, than chick lit.. even women's fiction.. LOL

I bet we'll have a few more in common before it's over.. I looked on my profile and I have 113 books in common with one person.. I guess it's not that strange but I only have about 450 books on here so far and someone has almost 1/4 of the exact same books.. I can't wait to see if anyone has more, as I log more in.. I just love this site.
Well that accounts for the three chick lits on your shelf LOL I guess I was right, you really aren't a chick lit reader.. Sheesh.. Sometimes I wish I wasn't.. I have been running into WAY more bad chick lit than good lately..
As for Babyville, its one of the few Jane Green's I haven't read.. mostly because I am not into the whole "baby thing" but I have enjoyed most of her other books, though some are much more what I would classify romance than chick lit.
Hey Aarti!
I had to come and check out your shelf and Nicholes too.. I was really surprised to find some chick lit books we have in common.. I didn't think you went in for that stuff.. You;ve got some interesting stuff..
Saw the post earlier about you reading Never Let Me Go.. that one is near the top of my best of for 2006 and maybe even #1.. Not sure yet.. lot of the year yet to go..
Happy logging and reading
Lisa (Bookworms anonymous)
I haven't read 'American Gods' yet, but I absolutely loved 'Neverwhere' and 'Good Omens' (co-written with Terry Pratchett). 'Stardust' was quite good as well.

I'm glad you liked Bookwormz and that you found a store and added one! Thanks!
Just checked out your book blog and saw you've recently read and enjoyed 'Never Let me Go' - I've had that on my shelf for awhile, and have heard a lot of people praise it lately, so I think I may have to bump that up my 'to read' pile.
Hey Aarti,

Nice to meet you! Nope, I haven't made it to Hay on Wye yet. I keep trying to persuade my Fiancé but I'm not getting very far. I'm in two minds about going - I desperately want to go and spend a few days just drinking in all the books (and buying them, obviously!) but I don't know that my credit card could take the considerable strain. :-( I think I may have to learn how to shoplift VERY well before going :-)

Can I just say - you have a fantastic library! I've just spent an age going through it and I know we're going to end up sharing even more books because I kept seeing ones I KNOW I have in some pile, somewhere!

I'm off to look at your library some more and try to work up a plan to get to Hay on Wye.
Hey Aarti, just thought I'd say hi.
Hi. Is 18th-19th Century Britain set to 'only selected members' or is my inability to join an LT issue? ;-)
Hi Aarti! I am on Historical Fiction as well! Looking forward to looking through your catalogue a bit more!
I see that we share a great assortment of historical fiction! I'm always happy to see another Philippa Gregory and Sandra Gulland fan.
I was interested in the book by Lian Hearn (whom I've never heard of) and you have a book by Kay I missed plus co-authored books by Wrede and Stevermer. Plus the Teresa Edgerton titles you mentioned. I think I've only read one of hers. I need to keep an eye on her titles for the library I work at. I ordered the new book on Beau Brummel for the library too and will be reading that as soon as it's processed. Indeliby marked by Georgette Heyer, that's me!
Aarti, have you read A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer? Looking at your books, I think you might like it. What did you think of His Majesty's Dragon? I've just looked through your catalog and spotted an author or two I need to try. :)
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