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1953 Ionian Earthquake

2008 global recession

33rd Acqui Infantry Division Massacre

Afghan Civil War

Afghanistan War

Allied Occupation of Japan

American Civil War

Anglo-French War


Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Leon Trotsky

Battle of Breitenfeld

Battle of Britain

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Fleurus

Battle of Freiburg

Battle of Jankau

Battle of Lens

Battle of Lutter

Battle of Lützen

Battle of Mergentheim

Battle of Nomonhan

Battle of Prague

Battle of Rheinfelden

Battle of Rocroi

Battle of Stadtlohn

Battle of Stralsund

Battle of the Alte Veste

Battle of Tuttlingen

Battle of Waterloo

Battle of White Mountain

Battle of Wimpfen

Battle of Wittstock

Battle of Wolgast

Battle of Zusmarshausen

The Big Bang

Black Death

The Blitz

Bloody Sunday

Bonus Army Riots, Washington D.C.

British Association for the Advancement of Science - founding and early years

California Gold Rush

Chicago World's Fair

Council of Nicaea

Council of Trent

Crimean War


Cultural Revolution

The Death

Defenestration of Prague

Destruction of Earth

Detroit Riot

Discovery of the source of the Nile River

Discovery of Uranus - 1781

Dreyfus Affair

Elizabethan Era

End of the World

End of Time

Expedition of the Thousand

Extinction of Homo sapiens

Fall of Constantinople

Fall of France

February Revolution

First Battle of Breitenfeld

First Battle of Nördlingen

First Hot Air Balloon Flights

flu pandemic

Franco-Prussian War

Frankenstein - writing of

French Revolution

Gallipoli Campaign

German occupation of Italy

Gold Rush

Great Depression

Great Fire of Smyrna

Great Frost

Great Leap Forward

Greco-Turkish War

Greek Cilvil War

Haitian Revolution

Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany



House Committee on Un-American Activities, trials

Hundred Years' War

Indian Mutiny

Influenza pandemic

Invention of Miner's Safety Lamp - 1816

Iraqi war

Irish Civil War

Italian Risorgimento

Japanese-American Internment

The July Revolution

the killing of Danny Hansford

Korean War

Louisiana Purchase

Mexican Revolution


Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

The Murder of Saville Kent

Murder of St. Thomas à Becket

Napoleonic Wars

Night of the Long Knives

Nineteen Year Winter

October Revolution

Operation Barbarossa

Operation Enduring Freedom

Paris Commune

Peace of Augsburg

Peace of Prague

Peace of Westphalia

Petit's walk on a wire strung between the World Trade Center Towers, Aug 7, 1974.

Polish–Swedish War

Prague Spring

Prohibition in the United States

Quantum Theory

Restoration of the Monarchy

Sack of Magdeburg

Second Battle of Breitenfeld

Second Battle of Nördlingen

September 11 Attacks

Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom

Siege of Breda

Siege of Heidelberg

Siege of Jülich

Siege of Nuremberg

Siege of Rheinfelden

Siege of Saint-Martin-de-Ré

Slow Food Movement

Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

Soviet-Afghan War

Spanish Civil War

Spring Offensive

St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre

Taxil Hoax

Thirty Years' War

Treaty of Stettin

Treaty of Tours

Treaty of Troyes

The Troubles

Trujillo dictatorship

United States occupation of Veracruz

Vietnam War

Virginia Woolf's suicide

Voyage of the HMS Endeavor

War of the Mantuan Succession

World War I

World War II

World War II, British Home Front

World War II, Eastern Front

World War II, German Occupation of France

World War II, Pacific Theater

World War III

World's Columbian Exposition

Yom Kippur War

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